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Snazzy Snakes
His true name was timujin and he was named genghis khan that meant " universal ruler"
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the mongol throat singing gives me goose bumps
Raj p cheema
alexander was nothing infront of him
Frida Nyberg
Very rarely can I call myself "impressed" by a trailer, but I think this is one of those times. Will absolutely put this one on my list of historical movies.
Mr. James
Matsie Smith
I love this movie it reminds me of how spoilt I really am!  Such strong people with the will to survive!
Aegon Targaryen Changed The Rules
It's weird watching a trailer woth a narrator these days. 😂
My hero, inspiration for me to better myself. Temujin you are truly the great lord of history.
I hate the narrator.
John G
srsly narrating?
Azu !
I'm mongolian
Danyal Mal
This movie is truly awesome . Better than any lord of the cgi rings movie . I recommend anyone to watch this movie. It's a masterpiece !!
Nostaljik Anti Sosyal
Trailer Soundtrack music? :/
ManuRG Bloops
I know a friend who is mongol too, his name is jose
This Film was brilliant! Rumor as it they was making a follow up but they didnt have enough money to complete it!!!! Nooooooooooooo :'(
is there a chance that sergej bodrov will make a second and a third film? he said he wanted to make a trilogy ..but it's already 2016
Binyo S
There is no such thing "Turk". They are fictional people, invented nation. Those who say they are "Turks" - they lie. "Turk" - this is fiction.
Best trailer ever. My new motivational video. Guaranteed goosebumps every time! Time for a sequel. One of these tech billionaires needs to throw a pile of money at Sergei Bodrov.
Robert Jensen
Are the Mongols the cause of all Down's Syndrome?
ivan martin
got goosebumps, this is what you call history! I really like watching WAR films..
Teddy Mikos
This looks like great movie but i can already see a few things wrong just from the trailer. 1)Temujin's (Genghis Kahn) father died from poison not by a raid 2)While yes he was a slave he escaped as a boy not as an adult (they make it seem in the trailer he escaped when he was a man) 3)By 15ish he was already leading a small group of men/warriors I have seen parts of this movie and the gist of it seems historically right, but the fine details seem to be wrong. The true story of Genghis Kahn is so much more interesting than any bullshit the film industry could make up about him.
osmane latif
Calimac catalin....british got guns coz british don't have balls between there legs !
Vlad Dracula
Fuuuuuuuuck,that was intense.l think l have to kill someone right now.
Wasn't this supposed to be the first part of a trilogy? whatever happened to that? instead we got that atrocious Seventh Son, how disappointing
emre özdmr
here is the power of the turk
Kelly Angel Burn
and right now im supposed to be writing an essay for world history about the mongols -_-
Erdem Sahin
look and see Turk's power.
Flow Daddy
Turks are Mongol too
Jaroslaw Glowacz
I think chinese were the real "mongols", almost nobody lives in Mongolia, how did they got soldiers to occupy the biggest empire in history, only China had enough people to do that! And "mongolian" technology was actually advanced, not barbaric as you would think of nomads.
Maşallah Abi
There are Turks !!
This is such a good movie. People should see it to know the truth about Genghis Khan. What a life of perseverance.
It's crazy to think that even today most Eastern and Western Europeans have DNA from Central Asia simply because of this man and what he set out to achieve.
MOngols - Vikings of Asia.
Angel Raices
anyone know the song?
Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda
Genghis Khan was a powerful brown eyed Hindu conquer. As the moguls where not Islamic. Some Mongols converted 200 years later but the bloodlines are all still Hindu brown eyes!
ufuktan ahnas
amk yıllardir dombra diye yedirdiler
Silvo Broeks
wat stom hoor
Kuto29 Kzjeje
genghis khan is a TURK his mother name is börte and she is tatar.. Tatar =TURKS
Qasim Awan
Rukuudin babris defeated mongol in anil jaloot
Kenneth Luedi
Europe was trembling in fear back then when the mongols conquered Eastern Europe and were at the doorsteps of Germany ready to invade Central Europe to France. They were hungry as wolves !!
Wolk Martis
I love Mongols those are true people. Im lucky to have a good brother from. Cheers from Armenia
wic wong
Ghengis didn't rule the largest empire, that was left to his successors.
Khergit Khanate xD
Snow Rap
awesome movie
To all people here saying that British empire was bigger. I have to remind you one thing. British Empire took huge lands in America, Africa and Australia because there were not any equal power to stand against british army. You took huge lands from a bunch of indigeonus people with sticks. Same with Portuguese and Spanish empires. On the other hand mongols have destroyed entire nations with regular armies. Im european myself but lets just face the fact. Mongolian Empire is the strongest empire. P.S. Stupid turkroaches you have nothing to do with Mongolian Empire. Mongol tribes buttfucked turks thats why they joined Gengishs army. Learn some real history.
Murmad Man
1:57 shot always gets me
Robert Shrewsbury
I am a professional at mineral detection , water, tunnels and other values underground and underwater. It would be a desired challenge and labor of love and an honor to find the burial of Temujin. Perhaps someday this will all work out!? Robert [email protected]
Milton Monnin
Greatness finially the GREATEST of KHANS is represented in a way worthy of his greatness ! Had they not sinned greatly against TENGRI the great Khan of Khans would have never been sent to punish the wicked !
Why Not Anarchy
I am Belarusian but I have ancestory from all over eastern Europe and Central Asia from white Slavs to mixed Cossacks to Asian Tatars
Ignacio Olguín
Beware the Kara Khitai. They're without honor.
Melayu Deutero
their brought hell to the world but their descendant (after convert to islam) create heaven on earth TAJ MAHAL
Robert Jensen
Every time I watch this I am reminded of an old song by Devo.
Francisco Morales
Robert Jensen
They were a huge and powerful army. But, if you could magically just take 10 F16's back into time, you could wipe out this whole army in a few days.
Прокл Ричард
Eray Öztürk
genghis khan is turk or mongol ? i dont understand. he likes turks
Vano Sasuntsi
Great movie, a true leader in every sense, when you have a leader such as Timugin empires are created
Arbab Ali
Brutal Animal of a man.. and his followers.. mad killers and nothing else
Tekk Savvy
nancy Vega
Great film!
Made Wijaya Suryadinata
Genghis my hero!!
Sam Khan
The Great Khan
احمد ال شريف
egyptian army win mangol
Khengiz Khan is a turkic
Ivan Suvorov
Trailer & translator ->crap. Movie much better
F dL
Good movie.
@NLSJ: Sure, but I suppose that even the smallest tribes consisted of a couple of hundred people and so they should have used the theatrical method Branagh used in his Henry V, where he had some 200 actors but was able to make you believe that the French and English army where fighting each other with several thousand men by not showing any panorama pictures but focusing on close scenes.
Anudai Amgalan
Just for the record, the British colonized a far more weaker states than itself. What makes the Mongols so huge in comparison is that they were the underdogs, weaker in technology and men but won through wits and will. Not to mention majority of the states that surrendered to the British Empire did solely to benefit from their superiority.
I respect Genghis Khan. And His Life deserves a sit on the throne.
Let' me take a look at Genghis Khan's accomplishment. He was prohibited racial discrimination and marriage by capture. And He was abolished Caste System and guaranteed Freedom of Religion.
Calimac Catalin
Let's see how you would conquer half a world without guns.
Calimac Catalin
British had guns, Mongols had swords... so who's better?
Its racist but it is true lol But even on wikipedia it says that the Mongolian empire was the largest lol
"Wikipedia is written by white people" What a racist and untrue statement.
Anar Arnar
Ricardo Rolão
I just logged my account to put a like on you comment, im portugues and i prove you sr. ;)
The heavy metal music is not necessary....
Not bad, at least for a Russian movie about Genghis Khan, who was after all their very Nemesis; but still the Russians seem to have missed mostly the chief method of Mongol warfare, which is of course archery on horseback and the battle scenes are a bit too acrobatic and gory at times; and of course the romantic love tale could have been a lot less adventurous and Mongol tribes weren't that small or else Genghis Khan would have never been able to summon 200000 men for his mighty armies.
Henrique Faustino
I'm Portuguese and i agree. History normally doesnt speak too much about the portuguese history but if u search tehy might had the biggest empire ever senn, unfortunately, we are dumb and lazy (even today...). Alexander (Alexander the Great - Macedonian) had also a huge empire, bigger than the britain...
Britis Empire - 33,7 Million km2 Mongol Empire - 44 Million km2. Go google it. Mongol Empire was bigger see.
Pedro Godinho
i'm portuguese and i agree with you, our country had the biggest impire( india,africa coast, brasil and islands)
british empire was bigger than the mongol. British Empire - 33.6 million km² (under George V in 1922) Mongol Empire - 33.2 million km² (under Kublai Khan in 1268) But the portugueses empire would have been the biggest if they had the same resources as britain, since they were the biggest booster in sea discover and conolazation.
Just open the maps and compare it with your own eyes. Wikipedia is written by white people that only give honor to their own kind. You know that also. Even historians know the truth.
british was the largest but not the longest..u can check it on wikipedia bro
Imraan Shuaib
Turalina - u say thot so confidently lol...mongols are asian..they conquered and Influenced the so called turkik people...they practiced their own religions and not present time turkik people means mongolanized people..omg man...ur halarious...ur school system failed u
Mongols are Turkic you retard.
British was not the largest... Learn some history.
Darth Ren
The British empire was the largest maritime empire, the Monoglian empire was the largest contiguous empire in history.
The mongols make me happy
its about how he became the great khan. not his campaigns
The mongol empire was the largest empire at the time, the british didn't surpass them for about 600-500 years
umm..the largest empire was the british one.. anyways..i saw the comms below about the turks..guys..seltzuk turks were mongolians..from genghis khan..and ottoman turks..i dont know were were they from.. :P
err...actually not. Most of central Asia is Turkic speaking. When Genghis Khan conquered a nation (mostly in Central Asia) he absorbed them into his army. Tatarstan and Kyrgyzstan are great example of Turkic-Mongol nations that were created in the wake of Genghis Khan.
Imraan Shuaib
U know the American schooling system is failing when you have ppl mixing Mongols and Turks.....its like mixing indians and dude??? Ur embarassing urself
lol dumb asses..
Qless Sammo
I have always admired this Character
Art Leeuwonhoek
We finally encountered this on History Class.. I'm going to ace this pish.
Peter Timmermans
Lol! Don't even know what ID4, Sundance and Aliens is and I'm not going to google/bing it! If you just stick watching your movies and I stick watching mine? It's just my opinion that I find The Rock the best movie ever :) I doesn't seem like a big problem, you are the only making a scene. There is a reason why young and old people like different movies. It's called agedifference and the different environment where they grow up. My parents find The Rock a descent movie :)
My problem is with people born in the 90´s. They consider shallow movies like THE ROCK and ID4 to be classics when they are not even that old, but they get bored out of their minds when they watch real classic masterpieces like Sundance kid and Aliens. Your kind is the reason why the movieindustry is more retarded then ever and hack directors like Michael "mongoloid" Bay are so succesfull. Young people sucks
Irony!! I´m much older then you and no, i´m not looking for any attention. What a lame comment just because you dont like my opinions. Yes, 19 is very young and in my eyes you are still a kid.