Thomas Rhett - Sixteen (Lyric Video)

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Greaser Girl
_When we were younger, we couldn't wait to grow up. And when we finally did, we regretted ever wishing to be older._
Bre Annie
you forgot the part about driving your siblings everywhere because you're the first to get your license
Why does everyone hate on country I love it
Omkar Salvi
This song's about being young wild and free when you're 16. I was pretty lame and dull when I was 16 and also I was under many restrictions . I'm 19 now and I'm still lame and under some restrictions lmao
The Destroyer
I’m 13 so I’m not wild and free yet lol. Anyone else under 16?
Kyle Dunn
Moral of the story: life is short kids, live it up and enjoy every moment you have. Say Yes to adventure.
Deep Music UK
*Who else reads comments while listening?* 🙌🔥
Mickey Van Gieson
Best line of the song: "open up a cold one and drink it legally"😂😂
Zachary Arnold
Best line by far is Being 18 and buzzin off that grizzly winter green Thomas Rhett gets it
Listening as a 16 year old... Anyone else??
Music City
Today is my 16th birthday! :)
Max Ellery
This was my mate Jack funeral song he took his own live on 10/10/17 R.I.P 💚Jack💚
Brianna Marie
this song highlights all the thoughts and things we couldn't wait for during youth. we all couldn't wait to drive, then turn 18 and go to college and be an "adult", then finally turn 21. I too now at 25 look back and laugh. we thought these were the most important milestones of our lives. and in some ways they were. but it's not what life is all about. everything all falls into place! as kids its all we can wait for. now i wish i could go back to 15 and be a kid again! my favorite song released so far. TR keep it up!!!
Kaley Pierson
Omg I just heard this song and I'm already addicted!!!
Who's under 1M club???
Emma Manser
I believe that this song is about him learning not to "wish away" the years. They're never as good as u imagine. My parent always told me to never wish away the time. Everything will happen in Gods perfect timing.
Nehemiah Snyder
Did you know that 16 minutes could save you 16 percent or more on car insurance?
Take a left here, boy, take it slow Don't get distracted by that radio" I just rolled my eyes and I said, "Daddy, I know I'm fifteen, I ain't green like some ol' ten year old" [Chorus 1] What I wouldn't give to be sixteen, wild and free Cruisin' up and down Main in my F-150 Roll the windows down, bass too loud from this burnt CD I'll be right where I wanna be when I'm sixteen, sixteen, yeah Sixteen [Verse 2] Now that I can drive, finally feel alive, but I got this curfew Sneakin' in late, smelling like my girlfriend's perfume People talkin' 'bout college and knowledge and that's alright But all I'm thinkin' 'bout is an unsupervised Saturday night [Chorus 2] What I wouldn't give to be eighteen, wild and free Buzzin' off a can of that Grizzly wintergreen Lookin' old enough to pull off this fake ID I'll be right where I wanna be when I'm eighteen, eighteen Eighteen, yeah [Bridge] I'm old enough to smoke, I'm old enough to vote But they turn me away when I go to the Cotton-Eyed Joe They say the grass is always greener, and I believe that's right But my friends are off to Vegas, and they're leavin' me behind [Chorus 3] What I wouldn't give to be twenty one, wild and free Open up a cold one and drink it legally Chase a bunch of girls, go see the world, let my wild streak run I'll be right where I wanna be when I'm twenty one, twenty one Woah, when I'm twenty one Yeah, when I'm twenty one, it'll be alright Yeah, it'll all be alright when I'm twenty one [Outro] Now I'm twenty five, and I'm drinkin' wine with my wife at home Got a couple dogs and a couple songs on the radio And we sit around, and we laugh about how we used to be When all we cared about was turning sixteen
The Savage
Reminds me of "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins. All you young 'uns still in highschool, enjoy it. Your teenage years are the funnest and least stressful of you're life.
Gulcan Hassan
So the message of the song is everyone wants to be older but we should enjoy each age
This is such a good song!! Supporting you all the way from saudi arabia 🙌🏼❤️
Bad Gyal
I hated being 16 I couldn't do shit. My parents are really strict. 16 is so overrated, especially for girls.
Chris Ruediger
Another good one! He is on a roll
Byaku Sharigan
So basically when you're young all you think about is growing up. But when you're finally a adult you think about how it was when you were young.
This is gonna blow up
Husky Microbe
But i just turned 17
Turning 16 today! 😄🎉
Basketball. Victoria
I’m definitely listening to this when I’m 16 😂😂😂
Nehemiah Snyder
I'm dying waiting for the rest of his album to be released
Jacob Graves
aww I love this song, he did a really good job on this
Jane Perry
literaly my favorite song and has been ever since 2017 when it came out!!
Kristen K.
We always wish to be older...until we are finally old and wish for our youth back. Enjoy it while you have it ❤️
Sajal Saun
Niiiiiiceeeee !!! I am 18 !!! But still under certain restrictions ! Lol ! 😆
Rachael Kelli Fan
when is there going to be an actual music video for this song?? ❤️
TinaKii LuEll
This makes me wanna build a time machine and fly back to my sweet 16
Sarah Bandy
2:05 is so me staying up studying and doing homework life of a college student lol
Samuel Junes
Who's here to give me likes on YouTube so I feel validated as a human being?
Susan Pushelberg
congrats on the baby girl Thomas & family she is very cute
People are supposed to be happy at 16??o.O im two weeks 16 and tired already lol
Hannah Garza
Omg i love you so much and hope u have ur kid soon!! I love!! U are sooo awesome sometimes when u post new things i want to meet u so bad i am a huge fan i love u!!
Barron Daly
When you're sixteen and also named Rhett.
abella gris
I can't stop from listening to this song it's so good!!!!
Autumn Mist
I really like Thomas Rhett, but all his sons sound
DstroLP The 1st
I was half asleep and heard a notification on my phone and was suddenly wide awake😂
Kailah Hernandez
OMG you're amazing Thomas I can't wait to see your daughter I'm sure she'll be beautiful good luck on parenthood and Congratulations❤😙
Devin washington
I MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG god bless you
Mitch Vamos
"Buzzin off a can of that grizzly wintergreen" best line ever
Just some guys
I ain't never heard this song in my life until recently. I turn 16 in 3 months.. It's got me thinkin about life.
Lindsey Hardin
Yeeeeeeeeessssss!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 This one is going places. I can see it now...👀👏👍🤗
Claire U
You forgot about sharing a car with your siblings and fighting over the keys.
❤This song is perfect for me ❤
Victoria Rodriguez
He's so perfect 😭😍
Tony Music
Will glass coffins be a sucess? Remains to be seen.
Emily Wurl
Nicole Loewen
The grass is always greener on the other side... or at a different age.
x. brooke
Love the new song! 1st BTW
Jess O'Neill
All of his song are AMAZING
Gracey Jones
this was my first time listening to this and it's already my fave❤❤ OBSESSED!! this is on replay now
Chris Vera
I love ur music so much
Layla Allen
Love this and Thomas Rhett so much 😍😘
MC Acoustic
man o man Thomas Rhett out did himself with this album. We covered like 5 songs on this cd and there all where so fun to cover. keep it man :)
ricki betts
I'm already in love with it ❤️ I love all of Thomas Rhett's songs tho ❤️❤️❤️
Sheree Ashley Arend
I hated being 16, my teenage years weren't all that great tbh because I was verbally bullied a lot throughout high school.
They play this all the time on THE BULL 101.7 RADIO
Gracie Mason
I love you so much. ❤️
Abigail Arenas
Omg❤❤❤ I love this song
Anna Stupalski
I'm second😅😁😍
Charis H.
Before 10,000 views!!!
Who's here while it's trending, under 1m views, and liked the song?! 🙋🏻‍♂️
vip youtube page
Love this track makes me wish I was 16 again
Jacqueline Ogle
no longer sixteen in a month so i thought why not give it a listen
s/o XVI aka hoe magnet
Ashley Hautala
I haven't loved every single song from an artist for a long time. Thomas Rett just seems to be exactly my type of music.
Mekiah Starr
I absolutely love this song!
Alain Bruno
I like this song 🎤 AMAZING lyrics !!
Misty Dobbins
This is one of my favorite song Thomas Rhett 🎶🎶🎶🎶👍
When you're 16 and you haven't moved out of your bed in 3 days
just me lol
I turn 16 this week & im really hopinggg my crush of 3 years will ask me out on a date 🥰🥰 UPDATE: I found out he was dating 3 different girls while talking to me. Looks like that’s not gonna happen. The trash took itself out.
Here before 400k!
Sadie Kampsula
how dare those 16 people who disliked this video
Emogirl XD
Thnks to my best frin, he has got me addicted to him and this song and craving u and sweetheart and marry me. God I love his songs!!
just Natalie
Eeeewww it's a ford lol ... I'm joking but really I'm not
marc bellavia
this like my fav song
Robert ceccarelli
What I would give to be 16 again
Jennifer James
Still my jam in 2018
irene Meier
another great song - you are the country we need
Music Journey
Time machine? Help?
I love how thomas rhett always changes his music up making it different from the last but it can always get you into it no matter what
Austin Webb
Man O Man, Thomas has been BLOWING UP LATLY & It's well deserved & about time. GREAT MUSIC BRO BRO. Keep the good music & the good vibes coming and I'll keep listining & keep showing my support. NOW I JUST WANT [THOMAS RHETTE, JAKE OWEN & COLE SWINDLE ] 2go on tour together & come visit us in LAS VEGAS & I'm there 4 sure bro.
Rebecca Munn
My 16th birthday is on Monday:))
Rebecca Vann
I am 10 but i love your songs are amazing keep up the good work
Egan Bar
This song was uploaded a day before my birthday, I found it in the trending topics of YT AND I LOVE IT, I FEEL LIKE THIS SONG IS FOR ME. Actually, that was my 16 birthday... Yeah, Coincidences:)
Durty Dan DaMan
I was feeling it until he said F-150... -Chevy Boy
Kassidy Campbell
My new favorite song
Abigail Fritz
Today is my 16th birthday! 😁
Big_ Daddy69
When he said drink one legally ...I think we all know he had already drunk before hand . Which is me tho
Brooke Trudeau
Trina Alexis
First is the worst second is the best
David Farris
Every time I listen to this song it brings me back to simple times when literary all I cared about was turning 16. Beautiful song!