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Free Full Movies - Thriller / Drama " Intuition" - Free Wednesday Movies Intuition takes place with workaholic relationship therapist, Dr. David Francis, who tries to help Kenny deal with his trust issues. The Doctor fails to realize his patient is having an affair with his finance Karen. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: /> Maverick Entertainment Group Business Page: **********Follow us********** FACEBOOK: /> TWITTER: /> PINTEREST: /> INSTAGRAM: /> -------------------------------------------------------- FREE MOVIES: /> NEW RELEASES: /> BELOW A BUCK RENTALS: /> MAVERICK STAGE PLAYS: /> LGBT MOVIES: /> **********WATCH********** “Waters Rising”: /> “Love Ain’t Supposed To Hurt”: /> “Girls Like Us”: /> “Bad Reputation”: /> About Our Company: Maverick Entertainment Group, (MEG), established in 1997, is a leading digital and DVD distributor founded by Doug Schwab. Privately held and based in South Florida, Maverick has a solid reputation for consistently releasing niche genres that major studios overlook. As MEG enters into its’ 18th year, it maintains a library of over 900 films, specifically catering to the urban audience in action, comedy, drama, horror, thriller and Latino genres. Maverick’s direct relationships with Amazon, DirecTV, INDemand, Family Video, Netflix, Redbox, Walmart and its’ highly popular YouTube channel succeeding to bring independent filmmakers into the digital and traditional marketplace.

I dunno why i do this to myself. i always go down to the comments section to read before i watch the movie... I need to stop that. ughhhhhhhhhhh.
Essie Kigz
The written didn't elaborate it clear. It's abit confusing but enjoy it tho
1:24:49 scared the mess outta me Edit: idk understand this movie
Ginette Cruz
the therapist is the ONLY one in this movie that sucks as an actor.
Nubian Princess
Love the ending. Never judge because when you find yourself on the other side of the fence in the person's shoes, you will fully understand what they are going through and have been through. Sometimes we are so caught up in other people's world we forget to fix things in ours.
Drinda Scott
that was a great movie..Dr.sick... what comes around goes around
wait... im confused!!!
Ash 😊
i know sometimes she felt like calling him "Nate" lol only real fans will know #CloseFriends
Everyone got nice teeth in this movie 😆
forbidden Flavor
this was really a good movie , but the doctor was a horrible actor ~
Nwobi Chioma
Kenny is really handsome. the doctor should have arrived at a conclusion yet bout his wife.its not done DAT way,and as his wife he is supposed to know everything bout her, ha fmly and others .that was why he never really get to know she had an identical twin sis which was d main problem DAT caused everything
Shimmer Zine Fashion Faith Lifestyle
He's not really in a physical prison. He is in a prison in his mind. He has imprisoned himself with his own mistrust and pushed away everyone away and lost everything. He wasn't sleeping, narcissistic, dealing with a memory issue, wasn't paying attention to the everyday details, he was irritated with his own clients and taking medication and alcohol with the meds. He could have been suffering with paranoia schzophrenia. The night he came in he was drinking and possibly medicating. Wow! Great movie.
Guerlyne Bel
This was a good thriller movie worth watching... As for the Dr.He needed therapy himself.... he had some mental issues which took him to a place of self destruct.. and damaged lives.. That's why it's good to listen and pay attention and stop assuming... He reacted and lost everything yes Krama does come around.. that's why Cheating is not worth doing nor do i condomed it seriously. one night of passion can cause you a life time of pain... best line said from the movie thin life between love &hate...
I didn't expect it to end like that but karma is a BITCH! Best one I've watched so far!
Portia Qhina
Kenny is all sorts of Yummy 😋😋😍😍🤗🤗
Angle Salad
Who is watch this moive 2019
one of my favorite maverick movies, all the plot twists have you like "wtffff" lol.
Elizabeth Seguinot
The audio mixing is horrible, I had to keep turning my tv up and down.
Sendy-Love PF
David is a workaholic who doesn't give a damn about he's relationship or pay attention..Karen mentioned her sister will be living with them while her house is being renovating and David forget...Kenny went to the bar that's how he meant Karen twin sister Sweety, but he didn't know either if she was a the exhibit arts show Kenny though Karen was Sweety and still lead to believe... Kenny cousin also robbed David and his house when he ask to stay with him, Kenny told Sweety about the therapist he's being seeing ...David went back to his house and find Kenny and Sweety together in bed, though she was Karen.. David's in jail and Kenny told him about was a good movie and you'll get it if watch a 2nd time
Alonzo Clark
An underground film well written.
Indigenous Chieftess
Kenny is soo handsome
jay blaze
Great life lesson. But I thought he murked Kenny
Everytime I see Kenny I just want to sit on ...... a chair uhh that's right a chair and watch
Black movies are so dysfunctional when it comes to love and relationships. It's really sad.
Going through the comments before I watch lol
monique smith
I enjoy watching this movie is hope it help a lot of mens pay attention to your woman
Desean Thomas
This is a great movie it will actually teach you something about trust...Good movie seriously ✔
Blu Magnolia
*Presses Pause* Reading the comments.. 😁 Going to be another day of watching Mavericks Movies all day. *Presses Play*
sunflower power
The Dr.  violated Hippa  law by telling his fiancée that he is my patient. Where they do that at?
Anntonnette Burden
Good movie. Keep you in suspense at the end!!!
good movie with good lesson to be learn.
arian gibson
that's what I was confused about @MsOldSoul
Nissi V
Hes gonna always be Nate to me 😂😂😂😂 #CloseFriends Awesome movie
They acting skills a little off .. like the way they talk seem so rehearsed
Laylay G
Kenny is fine omg where can I find this man
Now I see why I've but waiting for Close Friends to return. Good Movie!!!
marion williams
The same counselling he gave he should be taking it for himself.
That ending though 🤔 Anytime a movie has me understanding but hella confused at the same damn time is a good movie to me 😁😁😁
Hlulani Mongwe
Kenny yall😍😍😍😍😍
Melissa Mark
Great movie but the end has me totally lost.... Was following the plot just fine then the end threw me way of
Good movie and Kenny is so sexy.
Em Press
Damn Kenny fine !! 😘
Aundrea Michelle
im so glad there playing this movie i been wanting to wacth it
Yeah Beautiful story line; for a relationship to function well we must learn to communicate and get help where necessary
Safiya Clarke
Good movie..but the ending is just so confusing/frustrating. If that was the fiancé sister, then we're exactly was his fiancé???
Mercedes Robinson
i watched it and it was good asl and i got the meaning to it and the ending made sense! good work!
Tiffany German
Clearly the good Doc has never met his sis-in-law. Otherwise he would have had a clue
Shawn Franklin
I do the same thing it helps me see what the movie about
Omg this was a really good movie!! That Kenny is something serious lol especially when he had on the all black at the art exhibit😍
Sherry Wallace
Coolin with Cali
#closefrieds comment i was soo happy to see "raheem" still kicking
Kyanna Hadley
I need some serious answers here, good movie but the ending though 🤔❓
Santana Hervey
first I wasn't understand the whole concept but the ending some up the whole thing great movie
Donnet Dawkins
Just watching it and am enjoying it
Lesson learned from this movie: stop, listen, and trust. because everything is not always as it seems.
Cynthia Anderson
just started watching wth is wrong with dude forehead 🤣😂🤔
Beautiful Bella Donna
Kenny was a MF!!😂😂😂😂 Loooved his character!!!
Alice Young
This was a great movie but the sad and low down thing was the patient was having a affair with the doctor girlfriend.
Julian Hanlan's eyes wooooord
Kyere David
Reading comments and watching makes it more enjoyable and interesting
Jesse Roberts
i gotta watch this it look like its a good film
Too Savage
Joana Tebogo Makhonco
I seriously dont understand why people say that the doctor is the worst actor! I got somebody i know who has the same charactor in real life What a great movie though🙂
Honey Queen
this movie is confusing just like the devil....
Dean Alston
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Cassandra Brentwood
Kenny is TOO fine lol
AfroCentrikBeautii 823
I hate how the doctor acts and look
Gail Wright
wow I had to watch this a second time around this was a good one! loved Kenny!
Dwight Golden
what the hell he in jail for maverick movies
Terresa Nash
I think this movie was good i think what they were trying to get across is that you can be a prisoner in your own mind if you don't pay attention to what going on in your life that just my take on the movie lol
Kimberly Williams
I'm guessing now David is in kennys shoes
Vernita Bryant
i love the fact that they nevered showed who the sister was (twin) sister
Michelle Mcadams
me too i read comments before watching also
Lillian Mbuba
'Sweetie' : "What's up?" Kenny: "You've been straight up with me from the jump.." Me: BRO BRO SHE NEVER TOLD YOU THAT SHE ENGAAAGGEDDD!!! LIKE SHE HAS A WHOLE FIANCEEE!? Edit: Well...just found out the wife to the doc is the twin of 'sweetie'....I've never been so confused in my life..
Akon gul
i love that cute guy thought he is calm Always i like him a lot
Keith Jones
Secretary he wants a three-way with another dude
Jessica Rabbit
Am I stupid? I'm confused but missed nothing. I kinda understand but I don't. Guess I'll have to watch it again...Rare when you have to put on your thinking cap to watch a movie. Nice.
Alma Carey
The film was a mesmerizing surprise! It was a complex script and story and I think it was well acted by everyone. The main lead had a difficult character to portray..all the actors were excellent..Good for everyone!!!
Sassy butSweet
the movie was straight....ok... da endin has me lost....sooo i decided 2 watch it again & im still confuse
nacey carlisle
I liked this lil movie close friends next
Rhonda Love
Great Movie... Keep Up The Good Work!!!
Cierria Tauyloré
David slept with Kenny's girlfriend &some sort David experience memory loss from what happened when he was sleeping around with Kenny's girlfriend. Wtbs to me CLEARLY it may have or may not have been a TWIN but I just don't think that it was because if Kenny KNEW from jump David underwent memory loss and trauma as his way to get back. Wasn't bad so for him to have input early on "I should have finished him off" and at the end "That was her decision to step outside the box" does not clarify that she had a TWIN! One she and her sister doesn't get along! & She didn't invite her parents to stay home with her ? Her and Kenny is together at the end! No mentions of a TWIN sister being dead ! David seen exactly what he seen! If there was a TWIN why in the world would they go to the extreme to get David locked up &cause all the unnecessary drama. Kenny researched David and his life and discovered he had a fiance and sense obviously David didn't even remember him sleeping with Kenny's ex Rebecca who in which Karen also REMEMBER! so this was just Karen and Kenny's revenge from the hurt that two experienced from what David's infidelity! They didn't have to play with his mind like that they could have just got together and that it's.
Derek Powell
I didn't get the ending...I thought he killed both of them. Maybe she had a twin sister could have explained the ending better. Good movie though.
Latoya Chanel
Kenny looks like a younger version of Duane Martin.
Talkabout breezy
This movie good but the ending hilarious 😂😂😂😂that was a crazy twist
beautiettes and glam
Kenny remind me of donell jones.he is sexy af💝💝💝💝💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍
Ralph Evans
awesome , great for anyone thats in love !!
Muzy Muzzi
1st mistake that the Dr did was to spend too mooch tym on his job and ddnt pay mooch att to tue wife 2nd he is bussy preaching abt communication bt him he is failing that to put it into practice with his wife Graet movie addmin keep it up
this was good👌💯
Victoria Hewitt
i liked it!
Queen L
The twin was dating Kenny not the wife even though the wife was cheating but not with him, the twin was when the girl had her hair up and when it was shorter and curled under more! That was the wife at the art gallery, that was the twin at the bar Kenny met her, that was the twin that picked him up from the Park, that was the twin getting a book late nite and that was the twin when he came in the house in the last part. Hope this helps anyone bc this is wat I summed up to make the most sense.
Chariah Moss
Kenny😍...I love him in close friends too
NapturaleeMe _
jamillah copes
even a Dr needs. to talk to a Dr
Juliet Katakanya
The so called twin same girl that's stupid. Ethics and individuals morals are different with professional ethical and morals codes
Mike Jarrell
I want to do things that know one else will do so much fun to watch I love YouTube videos you are a good service I agree with your terms I have some ideas for my movie you won't stop watching it Rxxx
kik abahir
Please anyone know Ashley😍Instagram...
Shatoya Parks
His Intuition got the best of him to the point of him loosing his mind seeing shit.... Really the first beginning tells u about the ending it's weird
esor val
Im a therapist and i couldnt help but cringe at every advice that came out that "therapist's" mouth 😂 he aint cut out for it but good movie though
Alice Young
It was a great movie but it said the patient was having a affair with the doctor girl friend, that was really low down