The Omen Suite

Master composer Jerry Goldsmith's highly acclaimed horror masterpiece that earned him his sole Academy Award. Copyright goes to their respective owners. This video is not for profit.

rent a shill
i think my neighbours are thinking im having some sick rituals here
I want to play this at my wedding
I love the conductor.
Domingo Naranjo
Music is art, and Mr. Goldsmith was a genius.
Isu Keamanan
Sorry mom, no religious chant in my funeral. i want this!!
Fucking MASTERPIECE of a score, for a masterpiece of a film. BRILLIANT dark ART!!! Can you IMAGINE being IN this performance as an artist, or in that chorus! The sheer POWER of this piece is almost intoxicating. Beautiful recording and performance!
Meratius Loche
one of the biggest masterpieces scored in Cinema history 👍👍👍
David James
The conductor seems "possessed".
Chris Sorensen
There is no other soundtrack to match this one. Jerry brought out pure evil intentions of satan when he wrote this piece. It holds sheer terror, darkness,  despair, and potent cursed linguistics of his chorus line. It had to be the most influential soundtrack of its time, and Gregory Peck said that listening to such a nightmarish sound gave him goose bumps for three days.To this day no other music composer could ever match this unique tale of darkness. It the most powerful masterpiece ever created, which won an Oscar for the best original soundtrack, and well worth it. Absolute genius. Hats off to Jerry Goldsmith.
Steve VC
"Your Son Mr Thorn... The Son of the Devil. He's killed once, he'll kill again!"
Miguel Angel Martinez Orozco
Un robo a la carrera del maestro Goldsmith,solo 1 oscar con tantisimo talento mostrado en su haber,muy grande Jerry Goldsmith.
So good. So EPIC! Jerry Goldsmith was the man! This score is forever burned into my brain from when I was a kid. Haunted me but now I appreciate for its artistry.
edwAC edwAC
Qué buena música ... Lo más relajante para antes de dormir
3:23-3:33  The most beautifull  dissonance i have heard in my life...GOD I LOVE IT!!
Marcus Trancoso
The most spetacular score ever made.
Cassio Queiros
Jerry Goldsmith was a gifted musician. What a masterpiece. And, by the way, nice performance by the orchestra and chorus. Thanks for posting.
2:10 That feeling you get when you've summoned Satan.
Damn, evil sounds good!
Clarisa FB
Es uno d los mejores soundtracks de películas en general más que todo del género del terror
Movies nowadays don't have the good music or score to go with it . There's no imagination anymore . These old movies were great , that's why try to remake them but there never any good 👹
6Eighty6 Man
I tell you this much, this Orchestra nailed this movement.....absolutely outstanding work....
Matt Bottos
2:11 She felt a dark presence coming from the back of the choir
David James
Absolutely stunning piece. My favorite part is starting at 10:13. The energy level there seems to be climaxing.
fredi sandoval
Un 'temon' para una de mis favoritas peliculas clasicas de terror. Un maestro Mr Goldsmith.
Melvis Fernandez
I did not sleep for one week back in 1976,is a well deserved Oscar for best soundtrack.
Razor Steel
Some of the choir look nervous singing this; indeed the lady chorister @ 02.11 looks seriously spooked!
David James
7:08, blonde violinist looks back and makes eye contact and smiles, signaling Thank God, we made it past the scary part.
David James
9:03 reminds me of a delicate passage from Mahler. The transition at 9:11 is very nice. I love how the tension builds after that point.
I'd never heard this before, or seen the film, so I was rather curious why this sounded so familiar... As it turns out, Yasushi Ishii shamelessly ripped it off in the score for Hellsing. Anyway, incredible piece.
Laura Ilargia
Brillante!! el director espectacular...
ger sey
2:10 one of the girls saw something which scared the hell out of her
steven Ryan
Ritchilie Junes
Excelente!!!!! Asombroso!! Todo en perfecta armonía!, gracias por compartir!
David James
They "cut off" Jerry Goldsmith's name on the projection. How disrespectful. Didn't they test that before the concert? Jackasses! Can be seen at 4:13.
Man From Brazil
Jerry Goldsmith = Sensibility, genius. There is no monotonous part in this soundtrack! It was carefully composed by him.
Matthew Akisan
Nice. I really miss Jerry Goldsmith. 
Alexandra Zambrano Pérez
Amo la pasión del director, es sublime <3
the evilness...I love it
Double Ghod
The actual words: Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Ave! Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Ave! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave Satani! Ave! = Hail! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! = Hail! Hail the Antichrist! Ave Satani! = Hail Satan! Corpus Edimus. = The flesh we eat. Sanguis Bibimus. = The blood we drink. Satani! = Satan! Tolle Corpus Satani! = Raise the body of Satan!
Julio Aguilera
la mejor banda sonora de película de terror guaaaaaaaaa
Jorge Nieto Castellanos
Amazing fuckin´freek experience! best song horror movie ever!
Gato Brujo
"Pipers dream" in the middle was a like a breath of fresh air after all the pressure on the ambient since the suite began.
Kelvin Hampton
I have this on my phone as the personalised ringtone for my boss! 😏
Walid Soliman
Damn, the moment i started to listen to this piece of music, power went off and i am alone, it's creepy :)
Love the evil overtones in this song Ave Satani is a satanic version of a Gregorian chant I like this theme song over the Exorcist theme song
That's a fantastic song.
Jeffrey Kaufmann
Have no fear little one,I am here to protect thee!
Lisa Bathory
R. I.P. Jerry Goldsmith. This is freaking awesome. It is Art. What a beautiful orchestra performance !
Emperor Palpatine
6:66 best part
Dracapella de Pointe du Lac
This is one of My most favourite pieces of music ever.
harri hiltunen
fine classical music...
Fantastic but just wish the tempo on The Killer's Storm was the same as the film. Also, would have died and gone to Heaven (or Hell!) if they'd have performed The Demise of Mrs. Baylock!!! My favourite cue
ese director es el primer poseido....jajajajaja
Ligeia Poe
Demential Brilliant!!!!!
Chilling to the bone.
Love the Killer Storm Track
Paulo Cavalheiro
Ave, ave versus christus! Ave, ave versus christus! Ave, ave versus christus!
conde de laffayet
and jerry goldsmith is a genius!!! you can hear some elements of this score, already on the planet of apes 1968 and 1970, other wonderfull scores!
Vane Barboza
Ave exelso Satán
Adrian Ortiz
The Killer Storm part 5:30 is played a bit too fast. to be compared with the original The Omen (Soundtrack)
Joel Carrero
Love Jerry Goldsmith RIP you were one of the best ever. They did just a great job!!!
Miguel Gutiérrez
Lo Maximo tremendo TEMAA
Cleison Rodrigues
Extraordinary! This song is one of the greatest masterpieces I have ever heard. I still want to write something that has orchestrated this weight and this beauty.
I didn't know anything about this piece until I heard it just now, but to me the choir seemed a bit unprofessional. Some turned to watch the screen behind them, others looked down into their notes while singing, their mouths barely moving. Others were great though, but that doesn't really cut it for a choir.  It sounded pretty great though, and that conductor was awesome!
Alemaiades de la riva
ausgezeichnete Abschluss!!!!!!!
you tube 425
I love this piece. thank you.
Jerry Goldsmith had take some drugs to compose this music :) Masterpiece!!!!!!
Laura Gagliardi
Essa é uma das melhores trilhas dos ultimos seculos!
Bob Builder
9:53 is by far the best part for the director's movements alone
1.25 speed is what you are looking for.
● 5:28 6:21 9:12 good
Excellent musical suite. I love it. It's a masterpiece. The musicians are amazing. Great conductor. Thumbs up.
Ligia Orellana
❤❤❤❤ Me!
Hermoso, para escuchar con dos vinos a todo volumen... Ya lo hice antes en verdad😉 En ave satani, en la parte del piano , parece que Satan entrará de puntitas a la sala
Mark Smith
English translation from Latin repeated over and over throughout the score.  Ave Satani - Hail Satan.  Versus Christus - The True Christ.  Sanguis Bibimus - We Drink Blood.  Corpus Edimus - We Eat Flesh.
Erica Cristina
tio Luci curtiu essa
Will Telles
Que genialidad de melodía la forma en que la interpretan es espectacular son unos verdaderos artistas musicales. 👏👏👏👍
Nicolai Jerichau
Such beauty
le jo casH
IN @ THOUSAND [email protected] @ day IN @ day @ THousand [email protected] 1 800 THE LOST
Albert Ortega
Hail the dark lord and his representative on Earth.
Pizza The Hutt
pause at 3:39
Killer Storm is my favorite from this soundtrack. The remastered deluxe edition sounds superb!
David Gray
Goldsmith....a genius.
Soledad Luna
Tengo miedo :(
le jo casH
Bakura's Theme...IN STEREO!
David James
My favorite part starts around 10:00. I like the slight pause and how the percussion meshes well with that pause. Also how the "madness" / fear is portrayed in the strings at 10:13.
Pamela Maira
César Alcántara
it`s a great interpretation thanks for share!!!!
Jander Henrique
Truly masterful beyond explanation.
Mister Composer
The opening chord just kills me, in a good way. Though not as badly as being decapitated by flying glass.
Mario Toledo
7:00 New Ambassador best beatiful piece of the movie
Christopher Eichor
When the Lord of Gehenna calls your phone, this will play.
Bruno Neri
hahaha that girl at 2:06 though ..., she's scared to death!!