What is the difference between 3/4 and 6/8?

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MikeMan Iam
oh wow, I didnt know Michael from Vsauce played the drums!
What is the difference between 3/4 and 6/8? 3/4 - counts "1 2 3" 6/8 - counts "ONE two three FOUR five six" The underlying pulse is different Done ✔
And sitting behind the drum kit is for....???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
The most clear explanation I've ever been given! Extremely helpful :)
Big Thumbs down for that disappointment...
Adrian Villalobos
But aren't waltzes in 3/4 time? And they feel like ONE two three FOUR five six.
straight to the point. Cheers!
helpful, thank you
Beli D'Alessandro
Thank you so much! I was truggling with this one and you made it very clear :)
Daryl V
Awesome, straight to the point. Very helpful.
James C. Bridges
"3/4 is counted with accents on 1, 3 and 5"??? are you mental? you do understand there's no 5th beat in 3/4 right?
Very to the point. Would be great if you could speak more clearly, though!
Darien Lux
Pretty much the same.
Derrick Villanueva
Loved it thank you.
Dave Burgess
Take advice from me,don't concentrate to much on counting,,,just feel it,,,trust me it does work
If you watch the COUNT on Sesame Street you will at least learn 8/2 time when he sings 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9,10 LOL
João Gabriel Filgueiras
Excellent!!! Thank you, dude! Realy help me
Rock n Roll
im still confused 😁
Zohaib The Kappa
SaiSolomon R
This video was very helpful. Thank you for uploading it.
Henrik Zanardi
Simple and GOOD!
Short and informative. Thank you
Lewis Wray
The difference is on the ACCENTED note: 3/4 = ONE two THREE four FIVE six...using same rhythm as ONE two ONE two ONE two 6/8 = ONE two three FOUR five six.....Actually..to me..6/8 has more of a" Waltz" feel to it
Thanks, this helped a lot!
most clear explanation. thanks.
Todd Williams
Yes, It was very helpful. Thanks.
מיטב כהן
Can someone please give me a list of a few songs with 3/4 time signature? Still hearing the ONE two three FOUR five six in every song
Lawrence Abbott
So helpful, Im training in classical guitar right now and this rhythm explanation was golden. Thank you so much.
Water Boy
Uhh would of liked to heard it applied,but whatever..is that a 8x14 limited edition maple snare drum?.. How do you like it?.
David Rodgers
This is the kind of SIMPLE, TEACHING that I need. Thanks Bro. That ACCENT COUNT you gave solved my problem instantly!
red ruM
Thank you! Helps me explain myself to others. Very helpful video: concise and to the point.
Aries Galang
Came here for the drum playing sample 😁
Geofrey Sander
I found this very useful. Thanks
George Hristov Drums
nice drums :)))))))))