Last To Remove Hand, Gets Lamborghini Challenge

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Madyson Mitchell
Curse: chandler will never win a challenge Hit this button to undo 👇🏼
racodeleon _
Jake : Ima win tis lambo Fly: Ima end this mans whole career
Unspeakable Unicorn
Chander’s dad: He better win this one! 7 months later: Chandler still hasn’t won a challenge
Vocal Heart
Chandler: im gonna quit Chandler’s dad: THINK ABOUT BROTHER BOBBY Chris: i wanna quit too Chandler’s dad: *WALK AWAY BRO*
Faariha Adnan
I don't care how many times Chandler loses he will always be my favorite Thanks for all the likes 😊👍😘 👇
If you're name is Chandler, you win. *Chandler still loses.*
TR Wavyy
No one: Absolutely no one: Chandler: cAn I tHrOw My PoOp
11 Inches Tall
Who else notices the nail polish on Chris
Hey its Grace
It’s awesome how much Chris thinks about his wife during challenges!👌👍
PoshYoshi Vids
I can’t say how mad I am at the way chandler was eliminated
Ghostkiller YT
Luck: Chandler will win the next challenge This will give him more luck 👇🏿
Riley G
Technically Jake won... there was a rule about no sitting down and Chris was eating while sitting so.....
The winner's decision . . . respect. That was a great thing he did with his prize. You could really see the others appreciated it.
Khánh Phạm
Chandler first time receiving money from a challenge🤣🤣
who thinks Chandler should put his hand back on?
Arianna Vielma
If Chris gave me that money I would buy Mr Beast merch
Kiwa 91
Mr. Beast: Last to remove hand gets the car! Nobody: Chandler: 💁‍♂️
Mech X Gaming
Mr. Beast: A Lamborghini because of a fly Avengers Endgame: Hold my rat
Nathan Esquivel
Technically Chris lost first because he sat down.
Jaydie Gacha
I honestly think that Chandler was treated unfairly
Grant Walton
(Jake) As long as we all have fun we’re all winners (Beast) No three of you will get literally NOTHING *Chris wins and splits the money with all 4 contestants*
A.I : Find what you're lookin' for
Jake: i will win this challenge Food: hmmm, hello jake remember to use both hands 😂😂😂
Luis Porras
Jake: I’m gonna win this! Fly: *Im about to end this mans whole career*
Anthony Labine
Chris is so freakin nice!👍Good job!
Simon Firth
damn, chandler deserved to put his hand back
Distinctive Aqua
{\/} (^-^)🍪 ( ) /🥛. Mmmm cookies and milk
purple gumfruit
Jake: farts Me: thinks I can smell it and then realizes I have really bad smell and it was just air
Griffin Blakley
Chandler is the first one out Faze Kay: BRO YOUR INSANE DUDE!!!
Sigua Kailyn
18:10 Jake: **is a viking** Also Jake: You’re so sweet, yay! (Soft baby voice)
Rocco Dutcher
When you realize the best paying job currently is being friends with mr beast...
Rough Woof
Lil Macaroni !!!
I just realized that Chris has his nails painted and I love it 🤣
Slicer-X !
Jane Kolovou
Is it weird that chandler reminds me of jet from Liza koshy
ProtoTag Teaching
The way Chandler lost really shouldn'tve counted.
*says with a straight face* "I almost swallowed a rubber band" Me:And how do you feel about that?
Little Potato chip #1
WHY!!!! Does Chandler keep loosing 😢
Cosmic Cucumber
Jake won because you said no sitting bit Chris was sitting while eating
I knew Garret was out first. I bet Chris or Jake is next
Alpha Raccoon15
Chandler: cAn I thROw mY pOOp? MrBeast: yes actually
Clark Zvonar
Jake technically won because Chris sat down to eat
QianaLikesKpop :D
No one: No one ever: Literally no one: Chris: I almost swallowed a rubber band
Blackout 88
Gf: How did u get that lambo??? Me: I'm Mr. Beasts friend.....
TikTokMeme Overlord
Why is everyone talking about chandler when Chris has his fingers painted
Lawson Stokes
Chandler got cheated. That’s BS and I’m actually mad
If you have the name Chandler, you win this challenge. Chandler: I changed my name 2 hours ago...
Jack Bennett
Chris has black nail varnish on 😂😂😂😂
Caleb Sills
Jimmy: hey Chandler, if you die at all in the next hundred years we will feed every child in Africa for a year! Chandler: Becomes a celestial and can never die
Evan Adkins
Actually Chris lost because he sat down before he swatted the fly
Pink Grapefruit
Honestly, the way Chandler got out was unfair. It was kinda the guy in the car’s fault 🚙 BUT CHRIS IS SO NICE
I Really Want a Valk
The Duck
MrBeast: last one to remove your hand wins a Lamborghini Chandler: takes hand off
gabriella lantigua
chandler is my all time favorite person ever
Alise Riboldi
"YOU WONT BELIEVE WHO WINS THE COMPETITION AND HOW THEY DO IT" I thought Chandler would finally win for once
Honestly.... Chandler shouldn’t have gotten out for that. The dude tapped his hand to have it moved...
Camilla Kiner Christiansen
why cant chandler just win!!! :(
Leonardo Maldonado
I started crying for Chandler
not feeling so good
let’s all appreciate Chris’ nails
yjasmina kreku
Wait but chris was siting down before jake swatted the fly
Mr. Wolf
Chandler Should've been able To Put His Hand Back
Ri Yah
*”can a throw mah poohp?”* - Chandler A quote to remember
Kathy Corlett
Jake won because Chris sat down when you have to stand up
Juno Star night
-every body- *be’s positive saying we r all winners* -jimmy (beast)- NO
Reyman Clair
Why are Chrisssessss nails painted by the end of the vidoe😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Slimeyslime 1960
Jake : ima win this car Fly : hold my beer ima bout’ to end this whole mans career
Angxiee x
Mr beast: last to remove your hand from the car wins the Lamborghini Chandler:
Giga Gamby
4 treadmills. 2 mph. You get off you lose.
kacang untung
16:04 ok so the "direct by Robert" meme song is already exist on 2018
Arnold Swaggerson
Jake: puts hand on car Fly: I'm gonna ruin this guys whole career
... i just noticed that Chris’s nails were painted, and honestly i love it.
Shandianz Z
*Mr.Beast:* how much your money? *Me:* What money?
Jessica Pemberton
I would actually give anything for Chandler to win 😂😂
Lil Kim
This wasn't fair for chandler
Jack Attack
Chris sat down so he lost and Jake should have been the winner
Queenie Avery
12:34 Chandler's dad: Think about your your eyelashes, boy they don't hurt Chandler: I cAn'T fEeL mY eYeLaShEs Chandler's dad: That's what I'm saying
Mr Beast: Creates challenge Chandler: *i'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move*
You need to buy a car for Chandler’a dad!!
Ester Castillo
Why does chris have painted nails
Lam Legends
Aaron Aguilar
Jake actually won because Chris was sitting down before jake was out
Mr.beast: No entertainment! Mr. beast later: Let’s play a game.
Jack G
I was really rooting for Chandler too lmao
Xc Shots
Shouldn’t Chris got out because during the montage Chris was sitting and u can’t sit
Gamer T
I watched to see chandler win but he didn’t
Nicole Momcilovic
Me: Hi Chris: Okaayyyyyyy
Tech And Taffy
Love the nail polish lol
Danny Mireles
Question why does mr beast always refer to his fans as Jake paupers and Logang
Jacqui Blomquist
Anyone else notice that chris had black nails????
Molly Graham
Jake technically got the car because Chris sat down🐙
Cohen Stanley
Wow chris is a good guy
Omg you can get another hand -Chandlers Dad 😂
Botond Kelemen
The day shall come......when Chandler wins
*Smol Pickle*
10:17 is that the rick and morty theme I hear??? :0
Arunvir Shergill
Chris and Jake take off their shirts Mr beast: Yea I was gonna take off my pants too!
Irma Saldana
Chandler's eyebrows are goals lol
The next challenge you should just replace chandler with chandler’s dad tbh thats a lot of likes owo
VideoGamer 123
Beast: Chandler what are you going to buy with the 45,00? Chandler:Food Beast:What are you going to spend the rest of the 44,990 on? Chandler:Lots of Gushers
Crazy Kate’s world
I think you should have gotten chandler anaother chance!
So bite your tounge And choke yourself to sleep
Chandler and that jacket tho is adorable