Iron Maiden - Live in Hammersmith 1983/05/26

Iron Maiden - Live in Hammersmith, England - May 26, 1983 | Awesome show, often mislabelled as a soundboard recording. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:02:12 - Where Eagles Dare 00:08:11 - Wrathchild 00:11:14 - The Trooper 00:16:58 - Revelations 00:23:59 - Flight of Icarus 00:27:56 - Die With Your Boots On 00:33:58 - 22 Acacia Avenue 00:40:46 - The Number of the Beast 00:46:50 - Still Life 00:52:51 - To Tame a Land 01:05:28 - Phantom of the Opera 01:13:04 - Hallowed Be Thy Name 01:20:52 - Iron Maiden 01:25:48 - Band Introduction 01:27:19 - Run to the Hills 01:31:29 - Sanctuary 01:37:03 - The Drifter

Andy Thunders
This actually brought me out of a depression. Thanks
Jose García
fantastic...Bruce Dickinson is the greatest singer of Metal !
8 days before I saw them in Norway! I wasn´t even a heavy metal fan before that day. June 4th changed everything! :) Damn good sound for a bootleg!
Hayden Martin
Dickinson's voice on this is dynamite. Best version of Where Eagles Dare and Hallowed Be Thy Name is only second to Stuttgart 1982. Flight of Icarus is also tops.
Ricardo Langone
Fist year with Nicko.... He was in his best shape, playing welll. Replace the great Clive Burr was not an easy task.
Emiliano Represa
geeeeez, can´t get enough of this. how lucky are those who witnessed this, the boys are on fire and...gosh Dickinson and those screams. Special mention Mr McBrain who joined for this album and tour, having to replace the GREAT Clive. case of any doubts about his skills as a drummer filling Burr´s gap, the first song of the album (and tour) is "where eagles dare", with that powerful drums intro. just AMAZING. thank you for the bootleg, I listen to it studying, working, running...I AM NOT WORTH IT
lucifer lavey
Piece of Mind and Somewhere In Time will forever be my fav Maiden albums. Sadly, there doesn't exist an official live offering from either tour. :(
As guitarras de Adrian e Dave soando divinamente... 58:32 E Dave Murray e seu felling incomparável 1:00:14
I was at this gig . We were taping the FA Cup final replay Brighton vs Man Utd and Bruce gave away the score lol
Francesco Balletta
bruce dickinson favoloso
Fabrício Assis MG
It's Bruce Dickinson or Ian Gillan?... WOW man, i love it!
Rusty Kuntz
7 of the 9 tracks from Piece of Mind they play here, only "Quest for Fire" & "Sun & Steel" are not played. Were they ever played live at any point on this tour? I don't remember ever seeing those songs in any of they're set lists over the years.
Daniel Hernandez
Francesco Balletta
the voice of bruce is relaxed. the infinite dates of iron maiden's tours of these years was incredible. at the end of the tour Bruce was so tired
Luca P
One of the few live versions (I listened to at least 20) in which Bruce doesn't sign out of time Hallowed be thy name. I don't understand why Nicko&Co. play it so up tempo in the other concerts...
Neil Ballard
awesome video thanks for the upload...up the irons!!
Rômulo DarkElf
Nicko fails at the Phamton's end rsrsr
The Trooper
Thanks for this awesome upload man! Up the Irons!
2:53 wrong lyrics
tzrobert 1
FA Cup final.
Joseph Joestar
For some reason Bruce's banter during Drifter always gets me
Mark Sherrington
I was there, it was the Best Gig I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of great Gigs :)
George Johnson
I remember buying this bootleg for like 25 bucks in the mid-eighties. It's awesome to know it's still in circulation
Mike Skillings
idk it didn't say time just final song
saw this tour in portland. they opened with fastway;and aldo nova.
Francesco Balletta
bruce a questi livelli non teme alcun confronto
Mike Skillings
or Chicago 83 or Stockholm 83
ilya lead4blade
that scream!
Love this recording!!!
Macdonald English
Oh my god. I used to have this on vinyl and mini disk of all things. I subsequently lost and lamented the loss of this fantastic concert. Thank you so much!
Lew Lewis
Argos RULY
What is the name of the intro plz
Haunted Machine
Bruce Dickinson is on fire in that Day
matty boy walker
Maiden at their absolute peak
Tony Fischer
Is there a download for this somewhere?
maiden4 greece
what a amazing, maidenmagic...
Mike Skillings
you forgot the song Prowler it was last song after drifter
Von Puntart Hrodwulf
Tout simplement excellent...
Mike Skillings
I Thought Montreal 83 was Better
Lihaney Marinho
Rusty Kuntz
Smith or Murray on the guitar solo after Tame a Land?
Silvestris Zano
Bruce never sang to tame a land properly i guess