Ozora Fest 2011 in the air HD

The Ozora Fest pszycheledic, goa festival in Hungary. Track list: />

Immanuel Höllerl
i was there this year and it was mentioned that there were about 40.000 people. it was so amazing and a really great experience! you won´t find so much love and peace on other festivals and i have been on 6 this year. still after 6 days of dancing you wish it will never end :-)
Bálint Takács
alap, azok a fesztiválok eleve konzumidiótáknak szólnak, kordonokkal,coca-colával,meg red bull arenaval, reggeli másnapos döglődéssel.. :D ez itt viszont olyan szabadság, amit csak az tud igazán átérezni, aki ott volt! <3 love&light!
The captain is on Aciiiiddd!!! he he heehhehe
nagyon kemény
This video is one minute too long!
Daniel Brandao
Damn, the labyrinth looks totally different from my perception when I was there, so easy from up here!! :D
Christian Andersen
We argued that you was on acid up there! :D Roflcopter!
Good music, but you could have added danceflor to give the air above a
Great Vid dude! thnx a lot
Celso Borges
funtastic!!!! Beautifulllllll!!!!!
@mosbergerl Wrong. There were a total of 52.000 people that bought the entrance wristband during the 7 days of O.Z.O.R.A.
@sassosthedrifter yea pls answer some1. i want to know it also..
sassos pantelis
wich is the first track on the video?
In the green valley you'll find your luck.
Luís Miguel
wow . . . .
for this party we need a bike!
haha I swa you in the sky several times :D nice video!
cool......nicht schlecht...... !!!!!!!!!!
PPG yeah!
I can see my tent! \o/ =)
The Great Cornholio
Was that Raja ram flying that thing?
Emanuel Graf
niiiiiiiiiice man, thank's for everything you did
thanks for the great Video!!
@landexx same here ;-)
thank you so much for this video! amazing! love & light!
thanks for the video. finally made it this year. yeah!
wow you're amazing! and many thanks for the air report!!!
Ellen G
Thank you so much! Thought saw the hole place on the back of a scooter but I had no idea! Can I next year on your back ;-) ?
Róbert Varga
not my first, not my last, but the best! su next year! :)
djengis khan
thank you for this magic feeling of unity & harmony <3 ozora <3
can som1 post the list of tracks used? :)
good video man,the music also, is a shit.
Dušan V. :kompilacije
@krejzibijach pare bracala, pareee mi trebaju
Danilo L
im going next year
@Bellixo I already mentioned, track is Space Cat - Kreak Part 2 ;-)
ozora was awesome this year! never met so many awesome ppl at the same place, ozora is really like the woodstock of the 21th century! :D anyone know the name of the song that starts @3:12 ? :D
@brobee727 the last track is space cat - kreak part 2, dont know the others about labyrinth, it cannot be spoiled because in this video we can only see main roads of it, there are much more small ones ;-) see you next year at ozora
Janos Lampic
@wazuup123 and hei maan, you woke me up everyday, hahahaha ;) joke joke. but nice video
Janos Lampic
waaaaa hahahaha...yeees it was nice :) but from the air...waaa :D
thx for the video it was an awesome festival cu next year ;)
Dušan V. :kompilacije
Aaaaaaaaaaa, najveca zelja mi je da odem tamo!!!!
this is amazing!! we watched you from the ground, and you watched us from above <3
Veronica Schneider
GREAT VIDEO!!!!!! So many people :)
@cpu3d666 Ok :D!
Szabolcs Szalai
Nagy KIRÁLY vagy bátyó!
Mike cpunc
@Yantryman will be a different path next year. so no prob :)
Hazi Szilard
thank you man, amazing video :) best place on the earth in this few days, see next year guys at the dance floor :)
Ricardo Ragazza
Great video! Thank you very much for doing this. This really put things in perspective.
láttalak hátimotoros pajti!!! :) szééép !
i saw you and my idea was.. many people to lay on the ground and read the word LOVE in the gras ;) i think from the top , amazing ;))) next year i come, and i do.. i hope i can do, i hope i can come, it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing, it was my first :) and it was amazing !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !
greaat, I was hoping you were recording while you were flying above us :)
Viktória Kormos
ahhhhm <3
Hunter S. Thompson
Hey man, you were wakin me up with your motorized thingy, but that's not a problem anymore - THANX for the VIDEO :)
Barbara Bedenk
Waw!!! Thank you for the flying again! ;)
Paw Paw
Perfeeeeectoooo!!! :DD ThanXXX! Great video :D)))))
Wow, so many people...
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa dont spoil the labyrinth !!!!!!!! :)!
please share us the tracklist! Thanks!
Thank you for sharing. This is awesome. Have you got more?