FYR Macedonia: "Rusinka", Vlatko Ilievski - Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 2011 - BBC Three

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SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel: />LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to access Live TV and Box Sets: /> More information about this programme: /> Vlatko Ilievski sings "Rusinka" as FYR Macedonia's entry in the second semi-final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

Jose Uribe
chelsea boy
Rock Music
katerina Giuttari
M Sall
i rly dont believe that u are from Macedonia...
Louise Karlsson
i love this song. hard to belive it didn´t win...
makedonija :)
Tommy Renard
the girl in this song is very hot
@mstefanovski98 bulgaria ans serbia 4 ever? i dont care you re slavs created by tito in 1944
@AntonioPredator well this it the truth ...your poor government is telling you propaganda thru tv and school...you are not the first white ppl like in you tv told !...and so on :) you are bulgarskis
@Gerechtable lol dont give me fake history lessons
@AntonioPredator well the macedonians in ancient times were a greek tribe nothing to do with you serbo-bulgarian gypsys. dont you get it? YOU ARE -ROVSKIS and palovskis and so on you are SLAVS youre country was founded by TITO who wanted to have an anynoym state for bulgarian expands!!!
@HigghBitches well the macedonians in ancient times were a greek tribe nothing to do with you serbo-bulgarian gypsys. dont you get it? YOU ARE -ROVSKIS and palovskis and so on you are SLAVS youre country was founded by TITO who wanted to have an anynoym state for bulgarian expands!!!
@Th3LadyD well the macedonians in ancient times were a greek tribe nothing to do with you serbo-bulgarian gypsys. dont you get it? YOU ARE -ROVSKIS and palovskis and so on you are SLAVS youre country was founded by TITO who wanted to have an anynoym state for bulgarian expands!!!
@mstefanovski98 you are no greek you are bulgarian FANOVSKI
Çağatay Helvacı
Turkey loves Macedonia :D Greetings from Turkey
dobra pjesma makedonijo pozdra iz hrvatske
stupid song, and the fyromians should not be allowed to sing 'macedonian' when referring to themselves..
@aenaosdorieas What the fuck are you talking about? Macedonia (Filip II) conquered Greece. Alexander the Macedon just continued with what his father (our Filip) started. You Greeks were just used by Alexander so he can conquer more nations. Furthermore, don't flatter your self and stop writing political comments on music videos! I think you have bigger problems with your country now. LEAVE US ALONE! UNITED MACEDONIA FOREVER!!!
rachel z
competitive people, you don't go up to black guys and call them nigga because thats disrespectful. thats what your showing us personally i thought the greek song was amazing and im not against greeks even though im maco who gives a fuck about what happend years ago and move the fuck on. btw we use to be Yugoslavia and on the map if you see it says in little letters MACEDONIA ! not greece
I like the song,its kinda nice.Dont get it why everyone hate it so much :/ Serbia Thumbs up if u agree
@tim035 but its sooo simple,,, Macedonians speak GREEK,,,PERIOD !!!
oh shit,,,this is TORTURE,,,,a parrot singing in Bulgarian?? hihihihi
I levo the tetris :D XDD
The backround image is cooler then the music
@SanBeanzie u sad person, u must get out more often,, this is not a song but 1 big FYROMistani-ROW = CRAP!!! viva real Macedonia down with the MINARET-MAD jypsys
Scarecrow Yard
Zašto nisu pustili ovu pijesmu? :O Najbolja je bila! Pozdrav is Hrvatske:)
Kaiser Franz Joseph I
The song is good but the singer..
Leslie Green
No, Scott Mills who ever he is never sent me here but the girl with the lovey long hair did. Very pretty.
@Ind3pend3nc3 hear hear!!!
Scarecrow Yard
I hate that this song didn't won :(
Slav Stankov
I am from bulgarian and really think that this song was ..awesome....but politics,coruption and stuff didnt let it win.....i trully dont think that azerbeijan deserved to win....if not this song ..there were like 3 or 4 more that were much better than azerbeijan
@petdou1 Then they need a new professor, why choose retarded people to teach kids?
Darko Grncarov
This Performance Is So Fucking Great!!! But Politics made his own like 4 years in a row -.-.. Any way Your the best Vlatko Europe Love You <3
Petar Vidović
@mstefanovski98 Jao, jaro, izvini, molim te. Hvala VAM puno za 12 poena!!! Stvarno ste pravi komšije, a ne k'o oni šupci meraklije Hrvati. Inače, ova mi se pjesma jako sviđa. A tek ova gitara(Telecaster) što je Vlatko svira... Ja sam eto navikao da se prepirem sa ovim ostalima, pa eto... :( Izvini još jednom, i mnogo vam hvala, još jednom!
Stefan Krstic
I am from Macedonia and i honestly hate the song! It doesn't have lyrics. Vlatko Just says ,, Jas makedonec, a taa rusinka'' aka. ,,I am a Macedonian, but she is a russian. Thups Up if you agree
Petar Vidović
@mstefanovski98 A obe zajedno ne mogu se porediti sa Merlinovom!
@nikson04 Finally a Bulgarian that get's it. Well done sir. I like you ;)
@deftone19 Yeah, its kind of insulting when some one says FYROM, our county name is Republic of Macedonia nothing more nothing less.
@semprom13 yes type in google "macedonia eurovision 2011 lyrics english" and choose "2011 • 4LYRICS | The home of Eurovision lyrics" and then scroll down and click on Vlatko Ilievski's picture and then go to "Translation"
@deftone19 400 world famouse historians from world class universities such as Oxford , Cambridge , Yale are all protesting against the historical propaganda that is promoted in Fyrom(Former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia) Just read w w w . macedonia-evidence . org ( it is also published in a book) Everyone has a right to a national identity but no one has the right to base it on others peoples history and identit y(They have human rights to keep their history and identity)
@jk34695 By the way, Fyrom is not the short version as "USA" because you wont find "Fyrom" in the constitiution of Macedonia. Also noone but people that hate Macedonian and its people use that word. Diplomats use the whole name or only "Macedonia". The people in Macedonia also have Internet and Universitys and due to the fakt that i have family in Macedonia i know that they where not taught untruth. Please proof that.
@jk34695 It does not matter what a couple of people in macedonia think. Its written in the Constitution that there are no attempts to territorities fo Greece. You still couldt proof, that those territorial claims are tought in the macedonian schools. It is a right of every human to have a national identity. The macedonian people dont think that it was claimed of other poeople. They have very good arguments for that position. Why does it hurt you so much, that you hate a whole nation?
nice..... I think hes on drugs but ya nooooo!
Ian Hopkins
1:50 ;)
hahahaha :) scott mills
BBC RADIO 1 so this is who she snogged, errrr hes real nice.
Louis Boswelll
@TomoJohno lerr
Hannah C
LMAO! Not even the lead singer, the accordian player?
Tom Johnson
is right scotts mate
@deftone19 Just google "United Macedonia" and see endless of sites that claim Greek land and history. That is what your people are taught in Fyrom by historical propaganda. The government in Fyrom has falsified all its history. It is NOT a human right to claim others peoples history , identity and land when you don't have a single historical fact. Your people in Fyrom have a right to now about their real past(Bulgarian). By they way Fyrom is the short version in a similar way as USA is.
Kiko James
0:40 I am Macedonian !
74 people get drunk and clicked the dislike button by mistake -OR- 74 people are greeks or other haters of Macedonia!
@vantas16 Are you jealous of the song?
Don Necko
Bravo for Macedonia!!!!!!! Macedonia is one <3
@jk34695 The Official name ist not Fyrom. That is a shortcut for Former Yugoslavian Republic of MAcedonia. When you say, that the name ist Fyrom than you are lieing. It is not taught at school that 33% fo Greece belong to them. Please proove that. In Germanys we have a Word: The Parents Name the Baby, not the Neightbours. It is not uo to greece to tell the people of Macedonia who they are. It is non of your buisiness and its Rascist aswell.
@deftone19 I was just answering people that talk about a "United Macedonia". This is something people from Fyrom (The official name in Eu . Nato , EU , Euro vision etc) are taught in schools, that 33% of Greece belongs to them. The government have for years suppressed their real Bulgarian roots and replaced it with historical fabrication that they are related to ancient Macedonian Greeks. So it seems the racism is the opposite around? The Macedonians in Greece have no rights?
Nikogda Drums
I really liked this song. One of the best I think. Shouldve gotten into the final, at least!
@jk34695 Why is that so important? I really dont get it.
@jk34695 Why cant you concider that the macedonian people have an other interpreation? Why cant they have one? Why do you hate them for that? They dont threathen you. If you think that they live in a lie, then let them, if they are happy with it. Because of people like you, they make war. Macedonia is a little country and ot wont harm Greece at all. Leave them alone and stop FYROM them. This is so racsist of you. And i know what i talk about, i am from germany.
They should have gotten to the finals.
Robert Eriksson
wtf is this!
@saninova87 Of course not everyone has their own interpretation of history. If you look around the world in every university has a common definition of history - a collective research. So Tsar Samuil , kuber , Saint Naum are all Bulgarians Alexander is Greek So when one country try to do their own interpretation without any facts it is consider to be political propaganda. That is what is going on in Fyrom today
Macedonia 4ever!
@saninova87 Fyrom was part of the Turkish superpower for 520 years. History is documented by thousand of years of research. Everything from old inscriptions , old books, bibles , ancient remains. Thousand and thousands of historians from different countries. History is not a buffe where you pick and choose from to fulfill some need of history. It is about facts that can be traced back from generation to generation. If history is falsified people will go to war on fairy tales and myths
@saninova87 You can go to any encyclopedia and you will get the same facts. No difference
@saninova87 No matter what you feel historical facts will not change Tsar Samuil , Saint Naum . Clement , Kuber will always stay Bulgarians Alexander will always stat Greek I have no problem with you creating your own identity but you cant change historical facts. Imagine your children going to a university and learn real history. That would be an awful experience
Wikipedia: Saint Naum of Preslav (Bulgarian: Свети Наум Преславски [sveˈti na.ˈum preˈslavski]) (or also known as Saint Naum of Ohrid) (c. 830 – December 23, 910) was a medieval Bulgarian scholar, writer and teacher.[1][2][3][4] Information about his life before his return from Great Moravia to Bulgaria is scarce. According to the hagiography of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius by Saint Clement of Ohrid, Naum took part in their mission to Great Moravia and in 867 or 868 became a priest in Rome.
@saninova87 Wikipedia: "Saints Cyril and Methodius (Greek: Κύριλλος καὶ Μεθόδιος, Old Church Slavonic: Кѷриллъ и Меѳодїи[more]) were two Byzantine Greek brothers born in Thessaloniki in the 9th century.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][ They became missionaries of Christianity among the Slavic peoples of Bulgaria, Great Moravia and Pannonia. Through their work they influenced the cultural development of all Slavs" Slavs only in fyrom where history has been falsified to fit a new "Macedonian' identity
@saninova87 All your ancestors where Bulgarians. The problem is that communist in Yugoslavia renamed them to "ethnik Macedonians" when a new modern slavic Macedonian identity was created. Of course this is fraud and historical fabrication that have no place in a democratic world.
@saninova87 Tsar Samuil was the Bulgarian emperor of the Bulgarian empire He was the enemy of the Macedonia of that time. Lets repeat , Tsar Samuil was a Bulgarian and the enemy of Macedonia of that time. His enemy was Basil the second which had the nickname Bulgarslayer because of his victories over Tsar Samuil. Any reader can go to wikipedia and confirm this. Of course this does not fit your new identity
@TheDurtbird When Greeks take about Macedonia they dont mean Fyrom. They mean the real/original Macedonia that is within Greece boarders. Fyrom was never part of Macedonia. During ancient times fyroms territory was part of ancient Paeonia. During mideval times it was part of Bulgarian empire. Before 1944 it was called Vardarska. It was communist that renamed it to "Macedonia" Also remember Fyroms and its people were the longest under the Turkish rule in the world - 520 years
@saninova87 The "Macedonian' language was created 1944 in communist Yugoslavia based on a Bulgarian dialect. Your language is based on the alphabet the Greek monks Cyril and Metodius created for the slavs/Bulgarians. The Bulgarians Saint Naum and Clement are the ones that continued to spread this new Bulgarian/slavic alhabet. There has never existed a "Macedonian" language. That is why you have no books written in this Bulgarian dialect before 1944. Everything can be verified in Wikipedia
Kiko James
The name is Macedonia ! ! not F.Y.R Macedonia
Kiko James
@vantas16 budala
@petdou1 Go get a life... :/ MACEDONIA IS One, and for shure is not Greeks :)))) ;)
whoa, that song was lolbad
@petdou1 this is a song from the eurosong contest, why do you comment on it in this silly way?
mad guitar skills
Ice Micev
@jimpaoka sie mussen sich die geschichte lernen nicht die leute von MACEDONIEN , wir sind und wir wurden immer MACEDONIA FOREVER, UND FUHR GREEKS. bis zum 2013 und dann GRREKS can go where to Mars !!!!!!! :))) weil sie sind wie blode leute einfach soo blod GREEKS
@ coadsterlego RAKIJa is more harsh than Vodka :)))) you should try it somethimes :D
to G(ay)reekz : DONT YOU FYROM ME!!!! Gipsyz...... eat shit :***************: & to Germany: Scratch that FYR ://// 130 countries have recognized us as Macedonia! I dont feel bad if Greekz cant live with it , they are just one shity Country. We dont give a shit what u say or belive in. FUCK YOU ! UNITED MACEDONIA , [( for shure 2013 is near ;) ]
Sarnedhiel Belethiel
I love it!! Sorry you didn't get to the finals.... :-/
@index199 Dieses Land heisst nicht Macedonia sonder Vaedaraska oder Skopja!Aber es heisst nicht Macedonien! Du musst unbedingt Geschichte lernen!
@florinalovemc No, Macedonia joined the final and took the 7th place. Why are you sad?
pjesma je extra, bolje od večine tamo... žao mi je što nije prošla :((
This song is awesome :) 12 points from Germany ... goes to ... MACEDONIA :)
The guy looks like Ewan McGregor. A little.
Great song! You deserved to be in the final! Greatings from Bulgaria!
Lina Burve
Amazing song, I think that this year the best song wan't in final.. :( Greetings from Latvia :)
Lina Burve
This song is really great, I think that this year the best songs was not in the final... :(
Zarko Kosteski
pesnata za nikade e, nie od Makedonija imame i podobri vokali od ovoj sto vrska nema od peenje !
Jovan Drinic
braco moja ne znaju oni sta je Rakija, da znaju pesma bi pobedila.... :D
@petdou1 Top five ranked in misinformation? Time fixes everything and Greece's lies will be amended. Need a dollar ? Aww. :)
Was good. Until that guy started singing. :'c
epic harmonica guy