Israeli sniper killing wounded civilian

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UPDATED 22/7/14: The young man who was murdered in Shajiya after being wounded by an Israeli sniper, has been confirmed as Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly, 23-years-old, resident of Shajiya ( /> 20/7/14: International and Palestinian volunteers accompanied Civil Defense and other rescue crews, as well as family members, into Shajiya, in an attempt to locate survivors of overnight and ongoing shelling by the Israeli army. A young Palestinian man, in a green t-shirt, who hoped to reach his family's home, was shot by an Israeli soldier while crossing an alley between buildings. Two additional rounds struck him as he lay injured on the ground.

It's enough to read the comments of the pro-Israeli people. What a bunch of "nice" people you are...
Hereeee comes the paid zionists! They are about to say that this is "fake" or "israel is defending itself" lol 
This is even more fake than Allah. Go Israel!
Anne Marie
_(The catch is in the last lines, you impatient not-reading Google+-ers en YouTube-rs.)_ I suppose you could say that this young man might as well have been shot by a Hamas sniper, but they wouldn't have any interest in doing so. Also: reports of international journalists tell of Hamas fighters after the massive Israeli assault on Shujaiya (Gaza) just staying covered or point helpers at places with possible victims. They don't shoot at other Palestinians or journalists. I suppose you could say it could have been anyone with a gun. I don't know. I'm not war-wise enough to be able to recognise the different sounds of gunfire. But I doubt it. So what's left is Israeli gunfire. Now they, IDF-soldiers, appear to have a habit of randomly shooting missiles and bullets at Palestinian civilians. They are the most probable perpetrator. Their supporters would argue that Israel is defending itself. The video shows clearly that that argument is sheer nonsense. Watching this video my mind keeps blocking the question "Why?". This is so beyond the why-question. It's outrageously cruel, senseless, cynical and any other awful characterization suits to this event. It shouldn't have happened. And anyone willingly ignoring this is with the shooter. #gaza   #gazaunderattack   The Telegraph dit an item about the footage today. One of the witnesses explains what happened: 
There can be no more excuses from israel ever more. They are a terrorist state, engaging in terrorism against civilians. No more proof needed.
Djo aw
Man i'm glad for the internet and youtube. I'm not a big fan overall but it sure helps with spreading the truth. It also helps that the new generation doesnt watch a lot of tv but is on youtube and facebook. Thank god for the west creating social media even if it ended up inconvenient for them haha.
Ziv Namer
I am just curious...if a sniper targeted an innocent civilian and then shot again while he was on the floor...why were there 4 other individuals in the background just standing around as if they are not in any danger at all. Isn't that a bit odd?...If I saw someone shot, I wouldn't just stand around in plain site...i would take cover.
pallywood or maybe israel actually has developed a new bullet that immediately cauterizes wounds on contact no blood
why is this age restricted? nobody was shot nobody was killed ive seen worse on network tv poor arabs cant even afford to buy a squib and fake blood
**Please release 100% unedited footage of this video.** As the shot is fired the cameraman is within touching distance of the victim and standing between him and the aid workers. The next scene shows the victim is now in the middle, rather than the camera man, and is about 2 metres away. How did he manage to travel 2 metres towards the aid workers and then why did he lie on the ground unable to move from a hand injury? The camera man's reaction time to the gun shots is possible but very rare (0.16 of a second).  There seems to be no impact velocity on the victim during the second shot, and no visible injury afterwards. The third shot hits a rock behind him so that isn't what finishes him off, perhaps he doesn't die, or he dies from bleeding out? There are certainly consistencies in this video which indicate it is genuine, but there are some discrepancies in there due to editing.
Boondock Saint
"The last hour (judgement day) would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad tree would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews."  [Sahih Muslim] So how is that working out for you Hamas? Seems like your prophet lied to you
Pink Thimp
For those who think it's fake at 2:22; being sniped is *totally* not alarming, I mean it's the slightest cause for concern, definitely not enough to feel immediate threat to your own life and put the damn camera away in order to seek cover. If you're too disabled to understand; the guy turns it off so he could *properly* avoid the line of fire without having to fucking worry about recording, then turns the camera back on when he's at a "safe" distance away to fucking record the aftermath. Simple as that.
Hala Alhasan: You're a liar. This video is completely phony. They say the Israeli tanks are surrounding them. Israeli tanks are LOUD, yet, there is only silence in the background. You can even see the "wounded" (the only blood is on his hand?) man applying fake blood from a tube for crying out loud! That, and he's conveniently laying in the only cleared out spot in the rubble so we can clearly see his "wounds". They say "no injuries here". Why was the man in the beginning on the stretcher? Too lazy to walk? The sniper "shots" are firecrackers. Anyone who's ever heard a gun shot from a distance would immediately know that this sound was not a gunshot. You hear the "shot" and see the smoke at the exact same time. Did the Israeli "sniper" shoot him from 20 feet away? The HORRIBLE actress says "Tell them to stop. Tell them to stop." with no emotion whatsoever. It's entirely obvious that her lines are scripted. Baa haa haa haa haa haaaaaa! FAIL.
Rashed Kassem
So sad that almost every commenter that wrote this clip is fake also lost their humanity with the rest of the words they wrote. Have you seen the 100s of houses demolished and bombed by tones and tones of Israeli planes and artillery? Have you seen the 1000s of injured civilians with hands and legs lost and most with permanent disabilities? And above all, have you seen the 100s of civilians dead, children and women and elderly? I guess not. You know why! You are probably taken by the 0 israeli civilians dead. 0 civilians injured. 0 houses damaged. Or have you seen the siege since 6 years, the apartheid since 10, the assassinations since 10s of years, and have you seen a country called Palastine raped by zionist israelis 66 years ago? Take sides to humanity, not to this or that side. Take sides to humanity. If you know what it means.
abel mafiotu
It's staged. Hamas Propaganda! people speaking to each other in broken English. Target audience is the westerns Note: I support Palestinian cause for statehood
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to all the zionist, brainwashed people who say this cold blooded murder by the IDF is "fake" , the guy sniped to death is named Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly, 23-years-old and was a resident of Shajiya. Show that he is alive and i will give you 5$ million dollars.
This is so fake. There is another video of the same scene with commentary from a Pali 'activist'. He claims the young man says he has been shot in the hip and his blood is running everywhere (and thats why he cant move). But there is no blood or wound visible. Then the activist says the young man gets shot again, this time in the heart or near the heart. In the other video the young man gives a little farewell speech before he dies. There is STILL NO BLOOD OR WOUND VISIBLE. Paliwood at its amateur best.
Have you noticed how Zionazis are claiming this video is fake despite not having evidence to prove that? This is a well known international org and wouldn't lie about this. Rachel Corrie who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer was with them. Where's the evidence that this video is fake? How's it fake if you saw one of the bullets hit the concrete. How's it fake the way the guy is breathing, he clearly seems to be terrified, you cannot act out something like that. There are pictures taken by other journalists of this man before and after he died. This isn't fake you Zionazi scum. But stay in denial, as your beloved Nazis were.
jow prel
3. Anyone think that the Israeli army is boring to your attacking Gaza? Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately to all the cities of Israel, and put more than five million innocent civilians into shelters, what was the reaction of artillery United Kingdom London (Hint: Dresden) ... and whether France had received calmly missiles at Paris?  Gaza residents that elected Hamas has a responsibility and instead of tears and shouts to handle their extreme Muslim leadership! Sit quietly - get quiet
RIP he was a good guy i got very very sad when i heard the news :( RIP All my condolences to Mr Shamaly for the lose of a family member
Isn't religion just lovely.
Bravo! Bravo! Well done! Great acting! 
Clearly edited at 2:22. No blood. Gunshots aren't sniper sounds. INCREDIBLY AND OBVIOUSLY FAKE
I am so, so sorry. Whether this is "okay" or not has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with being a human being. Please, Israel. Please show some compassion, we are begging you.
Hasnayn Ebrahim
This is beyond crazy, unbelievable.  Target practice.  I cannot fathom how anyone could potentially defend this
FAKE as hell. there is more blood on a Mac Abdulla burger than on this 3rd rate actor. 1st (double)shot is heavy and far away, 2nd/3rd is close....We see the smoke of the 3rd gunshot on the left... workers not ducking away when 3rd shot fired... free tip : you probably dont have money for fake blood but there are plenty of corpses out there that can give you real blood. c'mon Moefty Abdulla or whatever original name you made up, you gotta do alot better !
Bolo Rolo
Unarmed and murdered. Add this with the thousands of other pieces of evidence to submit to ICC.
So fake. There's an edit even at 2:23. One moment the guy in the green shirt is to the left of the guy. He rushes to the right but a less than a split second later he is twenty feet away and lying in the dirt. FAKE!!!
Wake up people! Don't watch BBC, CNN NBC or any other news channels. Stop listening to your MPs, all of these scumbags are terrorists. This is real! This is happening now. This is the holocaust for Palestine.
Fernando Moshe
fake total
i've seen many real war tapes and this one looks just fake.
Dr Dias
Truth or not! How do they know it is a IDF shooting? Could it not be a faction of one of the 15 or so misaligned terrorist groups shooting what they considered an intruder into their territory? The problem is this looks eerily similar to video of a shooting of a man in Aleppo, Syria by the Syrian Army two years ago! I am not an expert or pretend to be one!
If you get hit with anything over .22LR you can expect serious injury to be visible.  Needless to say, you never hear the muzzle report, so the purported shooter "must have been" at least a few miles away... The "sniper" would then have been using a high caliber round ( 308, 30-06) or for a few miles, a  50 caliber round.  ...but if you get struck by any of those rounds, death is almost always instantaneous, or you get a limb / body chunk blown off. Notice everyone else just standing around, looking at the camera man act like a fool? Usually, when bullets go past you, everyone drops to the floor. But those two guys are just standing there, looking confused. This video is very suspicious. The 'gun shots' sound like firecrackers within a few feet of the camera.
Connor Cline
Why are they speaking english? My dearest sympathies if this is true murder if a civilian, but i worry this is false propaganda.
Diego Pierini
YES this video might be fake. NO this possibility doesn't change anything. People are dying in a totally absurd way. This is enough for us all.  Fighting for determining who's right is like checking the finger, and not the moon. 
Mihai Nita
I haven't read any other comments, nor do I intend to, but here's what I observed: 1. How come there is no blood on his clothes or face? He was allegedly shot and killed and to my knowledge that would require a bullet to one of his vital organs or major blood vessels. I see no blood on his head, torso or thighs. The only blood I see is on his left arm. What's the deal with that? 2. How come when the first shot was fired nobody made a run for it? I mean, if you're being shot at, it's a fairly natural response to run for cover. Nobody moved an inch. They just stood there calmly. Not even after the next 2 shots did they move an inch. Who reacts like that when a person is shot less than 10 meters away from them? It's highly unlikely. 3. Why didn't they film the corpse from up close? I mean... If you're going to document the atrocities Israel is committing in Gaza, might as well do a good job and make sure the images are very graphic. I've seen footage from conflict areas before and it looked nothing like this. Why shy away from a dead, mutilated corpse, when filming it might actually help promote your cause? Maybe because there is no corpse to begin with? Maybe because it's all a poorly staged scene? I don't know. Maybe some of you can answer my questions.
uzi volman
Great acting. Wheres the acadamy when you need them.
OrpheusGrad7 the Puppyslayer
Definitely a fabrication. No way this is real and some really bad editing ,the script was poor as well. Perhaps they should use better actors next time.
You see him take out a tube of fake blood and apply it all over his hand... and butt. lol. the acting was pretty bad too.
True Facts
Palestinian ...sorry, Hamas (terrorists) supporters keep flagging this (having distorted conception of freedom of speech, and lacking the capacity to cope with listed facts): Notice the following : 1) It starts with bunch of guys carrying on a stretcher someone that seem to be calm and without any sign of blood or injury. A guy speaking English referring to an ambulance where there are supposed to be people killed earlier by Israel, but they show no evidence for this. 2) They keep moving freely in an area where there is no ongoing fighting (only distant noises of drowns and bombings). Israel is operating in Gaza with large armored forces. Not single snipers. 3) At some point, remarkably few seconds prior to the fabricated shooting, you hear "do they shoot" in English. They are clearly a group of Arabs given that they otherwise talked Arabic among themselves. Why do they use English in this specific instance? Did they expect this video to be distributed in public media before any "shooting" took place?? 4) A sort "confusion" and cut. Next shot (camera shot, not gunshot) we see the guy with green shirt (who was one of the people earlier carrying on a stretcher) laying in the middle of the street without any signs of injury or anything that prevents him from moving. He seems to be occupied with his cell phone ...Despite just being shot. When you are hit by a 0.5” sniper built, or even just by a 5.56mm M-4 built, you usually don’t care for your cell phone.  5) The apparent 'gunshots' not at all sounds like a sniper gunshot (which expected to be dim and distant with echoing/bouncing sounds) but more like a nearby firecracker.  Notice between 2:50 to 2:55, the timing between the emotional reaction of the guy behind the camera starting a second before the firecracker explode few meters behind the guy on the ground.  6) No sign of blood or injury prior to, or after the "shooting". 7) Why the guys standing few meters from the "injured" guy feel so comfortable standing there taking pictures and filming the video if the street is targeted by a sniper? 8) Why the two guys who at the later part of the film are in the front seem to be totally cool while the guys in the back are hysteric? Is it possible that they where manipulated into the deception?  9) Why don’t they help him? Just looking? Are they sociopaths? 10) I like to see the pictures taken by the guys in the yellow vests who stood on the other side of the green shirt guy. 11) I like to see an autopsy.  Quoting the last sentences being said CALMLY by the guys in the Yellow Vests: “I know I know but what the f*** we should do? Can you find a cable or a rope anything you can throw to him? If he can just grab it we can drag him” …Otherwise, there is nothing we can do. Is this how you act when a friend/colleague of yours is lying right there shot? I would have treated my dog better. A total, poorly executed, fabrication (the best you can expect from people that are too stupid to understand that there are actually smart people in this world).
Henke Ria
From Sweden with love, Free Palestine!
no words do justice to this horror. no reason can justify the worlds silence about it.
Carlos Anapaz Pereira
Who are the terrorists? What we saw is a terrorista act. Who supports them are also terrorists. It´s so clear...
Or Goldberg
Where is the bleeding hole on the body from the shooting ??  Good ACTING guys!
waiting for adolf netanyahu's explanation.
herry hermanto
Hmm..... why the shirt still green? if he was shoot by sniper, the shirt will not still green. don't u see that? there's the big question for me if that man really was shoot.
simon efroymson
Wow this is so fake. Pallywood at its finest!
Why are all the christian nations so blessed but the arab and jewish nations are so cursed?
mmirza halimi
This is so enough and so maximum! Allah will do the same at you Israeli!
Surely we belong to allah and to Him shall we return.... May Allah help them innocent souls and the victims of Palestine.... Shooting unarmed citizen's and they call it defending themselves!!! World is getting towards worse than blind by day!!
yossef salah
Israil is morder ..
Aron Lazarus
What a crock of shite. No blood. The 'victim' teleports himself forward 5 metres. People standing around watching looking distinctly unscared. Surely you guys could have put more effort into making this look real.
Unreal.... wtf is wrong with ppl? Someone trying to get to his family is shot in cold blood, no weapons on him, a threat to no one
Maryam Talakoob
Why is Youtube censoring this video?
Thank god this is fake, (at 2:22 you notice the same gentleman, that is lying down, stand in front of the camera), also the acting seems pretty scripted, plus the camera does a swipe to the supposed mother making dua to provide sensationalism, not realistic at all.
Fernanda Carrascal
Fake 1. Look between 2:23 and 2:24, how come the guy in green, being shot from his right side, ends up 3 meters behind 2. How come every shoot is off focus (Yeah, he got scared but he reacts as fast as sound? Incredible) 3. Filming while one of his friends is being killed and casually speaking in English? 4. IDF snipers don't need more than one shot to bring someone down. 5. 3 shots and no blood... 6. PallyWood!!!!!!!!!!
Adam the Third
Why are they speaking in English? Why did only that guy get shot and none of the other people in the background? How did the video make it to the web if the infrastructure is so thoroughly destroyed? How did the video make it to the web if a sniper was killing anyone who moved?
Christos Kinatidis
This is unbelievable! What is wrong with western governments??? Why do they close their eyes on this genocide??? Why the Arab world is not united against this dirty war???
Barak Elbaz
Fake...if our sniper want to shot that guy beleive me that he was doing that in one shot, beside you would see his head blowing like a water mellon... Beside all this, why the people in the video talking half arabic-half english? So fake...
melhal tZZ
We stand by the nation of Palestinians...May God protect you and your children and give you soon your beloved country...We pray for you from Greece!
War crimes brought to you live by the israelian army, with love.
Nuff Said
Obviously edited at 2:20
This is fake and staged. I'm not saying civilians aren't getting hurt. but this is another piece of fabricated ISM propaganda.
שגית רחימי
As is known to all Arabs speak Arabic  Unless you are directing a film designed to discredit  Also those in fear of snipers do not walk around with bright yellow outfit  Not reliable  Forget the Oscars
"Terra Santa" hahahaha. Nenhuma terra é santa ou mais santa que a outra. Enganação para judeus quanto para não judeus.
Jesus Enc
la factoria de paliwood vuelve al ataque . GO ISRAEL . 
Kurdistan Peshmerga
Obviously fake video
Joshua Perew
ISM what is your proof that this fire came from an Israeli sniper?
what a shame being european and our governments allowing this massacre, we will get the power and get rid of those zionists, sorry palestinians brothers
Mabruka Kassim
Shame on you..what is left of humanity when a human being is treated worse than an animal being brought down. Can obama and Cameroon explain this to the world. Cowards
Lior Cohen Z
That person is not even dead, a sniper rifle round impact leaves a huge hole in your body, this man wasn't even shot... And I'm pretty sure this was shot in Syria and not in Gaza!
Geralt of Rivia
Speaking English to each other in Gaza?? Naaaah that seems extra legitimate!!!
DegahbourCity heart goes to the brother.May Allah forgive you.
i still dont understand how in the world people can be pro-israel
Tomer Mor
Man, this is the most  fabricated movie i've ever seen! wurst than "Blair Witch Project"
No evidence of a wound? No pictures of the dead body? Video edited, inconsistent frames, conveniently shaky. Why would anyone believe this is real?
Harvey Freedman
How do we know that this was an Israeli sniper, there is no evidence of this
Ronald Yasay Baldove
I do support Israel's effort to stop terrorism and to disarm the hamas, however, this unfortunate incident is unforgivable and a grave violation of human rights. There is a clear distinction between the rebels and this civilian, anyone without a military training could ever decipher that this guy is a civilian. I hope justice will be served to him and to his family. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
mobeen smith
Share this far and wide. They may control the mainstream media, but we can still use our social networks.
uzi volman
Great acting. Wheres the acadamy when you need them.
Kevin Shotokan
What is everyone complaining about??? This kind IDF soldiers just liberated a poor Palestinian from his miserable life. Buch of antisemites!!!
This is fake you can see the guy who was "shot" next the to the camera as it spins and there is no blood from any of his wounds
Camera man warned the guy not to move
How can you sheep not tell this is fake??? you are all a bunch of sheep Bahh baah
d x
So HAPPY the guy didn't BLEED or anything after being SHOT THREE TIMES.... wouldn't want to ruin his shirt for the next take!
Mehmet durmaz
Die for siyonism and siyonist people
The thing i don't understand why there is no blood and how they know is an israeli sniper? It could had been any person shooting them.
Raul Rivero leo
Son hipocritas, muy hipocritas.
Abdullah Jaroosha
After I saw the comments I started crying because I have observed many people who don't know the truth and the people who are saying that Hammas are terrorist why they are terrorist because they are defending their land? Because they are trying to get their land back?!! Why why why you dont say to the Israelians that they are terrorist and they are attacking palestine and killing the small children the women the civilians why only Hammas terrorists and they are defending and taking revenge??!!! Before hundred years the jews and palestinians were living together but the jews decided to have a land (to take Palestine) and they have started to have friendship with the countries and started to be presidant assisters and then by having backup from United Kingdom and then they attacked the Palestinians and even Palestine was a peaceful country with no army The Israelis also committed massacres against the Palestinians and has denied these massacres and the un does not do anything because the un is under control of , America and America's ally Israel why there is no any arab country or muslim country in the un??! I will tell u why because if it is thier will be power to them to stop the war because palestine is an arab country I don't understand you don't have humanity I am a Palestinian and I cant enter my country imagine that u cant enter your country and when America attacked Afghanistan they are not terrorist and Afghan is??!! And when America attacked Iraq and killed millions of people only for oil and when Israel killed thousands of Lebananies for only disappearing of two of thier soldiers they are still not terrorist and I dont know by what right have Britain gave Palestine to Israel who is Britain to have control on our country Palestine ??!!! Imagine one they your country Is just gived to another country please think of it please I am a Palestinian boy of 14 years old
jovan ayoub
it's so easy to talk when you stay in the back of computer.
Ibraheem Tuqan
Allah yar hamu!!! May Allah give him junnah.
Israeli target practice.
Human shields
Fernando Moshe
Ruby Tuesday
he's just been bombed but not a spec of dust on his clothes, you have to do better than this
Fernando Moshe
Myriam Onyx
DEATH to zionists
Max Berg
Zionists child murderers