Usher 2012 | Trading Places - SEX MACHINE ON STAGE

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Hey,watch this special video about usher's OMG tour and his fun with his fans !!! He is an amazing singer and performer ! Song: Trading Places Girls : WTF best fans on earth :D

Anja Jensen
i just want my idol, to do this to me
Ohhhh I want my idol to do this too ouo But then he doesn't do sexual performances..... And my other idols are teenage girls, who are my age so I don't think that can happen either...
Winke Kindermans
so over the top
Brooke Vadala
Erica Larsson
Me like!!
I guess he should have kissed one of them to WOW the fans
Alexandria Gumbs
Wow =-O
belieber tbh.
i've never seen someone like him :D
Mapz Hmar Zate
Is it me or the video super gross..i find it so hard to swallow.
Austin graham
lol it was ight
Lauren jeanne
This needa be justin soon!
vany taty
Joshua Hanson
I'm using my brother acounit so this is a girl. Me like this
Ashely Tomberson
I mean women
Ashely Tomberson
Does this mean he's gonna have to babies from both wimen?