Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Sniper kills 173 ISIS fighters - Abu Tahseen 5 war veteran

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Abu Tahseen joined the Popular Mobilization Units as a volunteer to defend Iraq from ISIS. He as born in 1953. He is a sniper veteran of 5 armed conflicts. The Yom Kippur war, Iran-Iraq war, Invasion of Kuwait, Gulf War and today fights against ISIS. He is currently stationed at Makhoul Mountains in North Baiji. Since May 2015 he has killed 173 ISIS fighters.

Meet the Sniper Iraq edition
Yung Lord Dagger Dick
How many wins you have
He died in September 29, 2017 with 350 confirmed kills meaning he was literally one of the best snipers of all time, may he rest in paradise knowing he served his people
eljune arazo
Foreign language is russian.. Davai Davai
DirtyQwerty Official
i love this guy 1st he fights on the good side( for peace) 2nd he loves his country and would die to defend it, 3th at his age most men would, let me say, retire and watch the whole show, this guy doesnt, keeps on fighting instead
Zaween Exists
Imagine being a terrorist, and walk in a squad. In an open field. Suddenly, one of your teammates get's his head blown off. Entire squad is looking for shooter. Suddenly, another one gets shot in chest and falls on the ground, and you didn't even see from where did that come from. Woulda be completely terrifying
rohit kumar
*Power of 15X scope.*
Harry McCartney
173 is a really good kd hes a pro
Meme BoiSquarepants
I hope allah will grant u jannah for fighting against the people who are a disgrace to our religion
Jake Tapley
Stay low Move fast Kill first Die last One shot One kill No luck All skill May this hero rest in peace
1:36 "yeeaa....... cold water!!!!" Iraqis are badass warriors thats for sure. Regards to all Iraqi brave fighters.
RIP ended at 341
The Sad Plague
Rest in Peace Abu... Your service will be remembered by your country and the countries that have dealt with the isis threat... Hopefully.. But I will remember...
Big Chungus
Is that a heavy sniper
Stunnaman Nick
*Just imagine sitting down with your friend and see his head explodes right next to you* 😳🤭
Nassear Ahmed
prayers to prophet Mohamed peace be upon him and and his and his family
Unfortunately, Abu Tahseen has died today. God bless you and thanks for what you did for Iraq 🇮🇶 😔
Bharat Singh Rana
I don't care abt countries or religions But this guy is a Bad-ass 😎😎 *respect* 😊😊😊
الرسام الرسام
ابو تحسين البطل افضل قناص بلعالم الله يرحمه
جعفر الذهبي
انت أسد من اسود الله على الارض (رحمك الله يا رفعة راس العراق )
Reaktro YT
A legend. R. I. P. Respect from Germany to your Squad!
الله يرحمك يا بطل
The can
Most of the dislikes are from the bloody isis
أوسكار العراقي oscar-aleiraqi
الله يرحمه
Richard Löwenherz
Isis is weaker than milk lol
علوش ميديا__ Alloush Media
ابو #تحسين💔😭
TheCommentator AB
Wtf they were talking Russian on the radio.
Thee Crenubyx
Yo he has a sick K/D ratio! I'm sorry RIP
ihaveebloa A
This guy deserves a nobel prize nomination
Kristijan Kice
173 ISIS fighters killed from this good man.I love him,he defends his country nothing more
مصعب القحطاني
ياكفو ياعربي الله الله على الاسلام عاشت قحطان ودام وجه الله الله يسدد رميك ويوفق يمينك
الله يرحمك ابو تحسين البطل
ترانيم الورده
الف رحمه لروحك يابطل
New heavy sniper is awesome
he died few days ago and the final number was 350
shekh Hapzpoz
الله يرحمك يا أبا تحسين
Chaman Chutiya
'Prayers to Muhammad and his family' Kills a man in war, prays for him. LEGEND.
حسين ماجد_ Hussein Majid
*الله يرحمه القناص ابو **#تحسين** 😭*
leon scott
This is why America should mind it's own business. It's common war knowledge that no one fighters better and harder and more effectively than the people that call that place home..... All we do is carpet bomb the place and call it a success... But we've just destroyed the homes of innocent people who live and love their homes.... America doesn't care about humanitarianism. We just care about power. If we actually did care... We'd supply AID and maybe weapons, and maybe training. But we'd leave our politics and our special units out of the equation because the last thing you want is for another country to become reliant upon you or for another country to become enraged by your obnoxious and power. Its sad that here in the states people are scared of people from the opposite side of the globe. Meanwhile the people that actually here a bomb go off everyday are actually fighting to protect their home and family while we vote in favor of destroying whats left of those people's livelihoods
0:56 - russian language is on the radio. chechens.
كرار كريزمان
No 350 kills
كلاشنكوف الجنوب
الله يرحمك ابو تحسين العراقي البطل
Abas Abas
الشهيد ابو تحسين الصالحي افضل قناص بلا منازع اول واحد قناص بغداد وثاني واحد ابو تحسين
سجاد اسماعيل
الله يرحمك يا بطل يا هيبه يا تاريخ 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
علي ال بحر
الُلُُه يَرَحُمٌكِ بّرَحُمٌتُْه الُوَاسِْعُه
I Polaris I
This looks like a fun game, release date?
علي السماوي نقين
الله يرحمه يبطل بحق محمد وال محمد يبطل
Asell Asola
وكفو منك يا بطل الله يرحمك ويجعل مثواك الجنه
Unfortunately this brave man was killed only yesterday by the filthy ISIS scum. May he rest in peace...
علي العلوي
رحمه الله لقد تعاون الامريكان والدواعش اذناب اسرائيل لقتل ابو تحسين البطل
مـಿـصدق آل عبـಿـاس
الله يرحمك
باقر الباشا
الف رحمه على روحك صكار الدواعش
باقر الباشا
الف رحمه على روحك صكار الدواعش
Ivo Steinmann
The old men are fighting, while the young man run a way towards Europe to sponge in its health and welfare system.
علاوي الازيرجاوي
الله يرحمك ابا تحسين الا يئتي بعد قناص عند العرب تحيت حب وحترام إلى الحشد الشعبي الابطال
علي الناصري
الله يرحمه ويسكنه فسيح جناته ويلهم أهله الصبر والسلوان أنا إلى ألله وأنا إليه راجعون البقاء إلى الله
Rest in peace... But 350 down... That's more than impressive. I'd love to think that if he was still alive till this day, he'd have at least gotten 430+ kills. One by one.
xx ultra123
I wish i have a granpa like this
علي الناصري
ألف رحمه على روح الشهيد البطل الشريف الشجاع أبو تحسين الصالحي أسمه علي جياد عبئد الذي اخزى الدواعش الأنذال
حسين ناظم
المجد لك أيها الشهيد البطل
علي السماوي نقين
الله يرحمه بحق محمد وال محمد
Ganja Claus
Fight for what is yours! Shame on the refugees! الله خليك
عباس الامير
عاش عراق دومي منصوره دومج يا بغداد
حسون [FM]
فخر العراق ابو تحسين الصالحي الله يرحمك يافخر العراق
حيدر مؤيد
الله يرحمك ابو تحسين
Mohamed el Amine Boulahia
RIP Abu Tahseen you will ever stay i our hearts
أبو مؤمل
عراق أسمك هيبه 😍✌
Boby NcBob
I like when he shoots the guy and just says "sweet"
If he was white and American he would have his own movie and be treated like a hero despite how much of a scumbag he may be.
Michael VPS
Most men Abu's age relax on lawns or sit behind a desk. He's still working Pest-control though.
So is he global by now?
James Doakes
Counter terrorists win
M Kler
Sniper Ghost iraqi!!
Vaibhav RK
مروان ابن البصرة
hero 😚
That rigger discipline makes me shake.
Foreign language??? Bull... It's Russian
i like how he was respectful when he killed him and said prayers to mohammad and his family
They Need Simo häyhä
h̲̅u̲̅m̲̅a̲̅m̲̅ a̲̅l̲̅i̲̅
اللة يرحمة
Died protecting his people. Rip.
ثقف نفسك
I love Irak
احمد العامري
RIP Abu tahseen we well love you 😢💔
What an AWP god
Son of Gondor
Fooken legend!
Abhijit panda
Winner winner Chicken Dinner...!.!
tonza 22
When you find awm in pubg
Mikey Twomey
FaZe Abu Teehsan
1,000 subs without vids???
that weapon looks like P90 modified with muzzle brake and a 6Z scope
The new dr.lupo
Hollywood should make a movie about this brave man movie name : the old Hunter Robert de niro play the character
0mziy Yt
Tfue is better 😂
Blast A
But hes not a terrorist, ya know?
Rip Keep killing ISIS
Boy is insane with that sniper