Heroes III WoG - new upgrades

And here is something a bit old, but impressive - thanks to fabfabfab69 who gave me the link to it: And I`d like to dedicate this video to my newest subscriber, oare555. ^_^

Gnoll. Gnoll Marauder. Human Rogue WAT Minotaur KING -> Blood minotaur  (3:14 it's Feraless.  You mean fearless? Good job.) Ghost Dragon -> BLOOD DRAGON YEAH BADASS WRITING Wight. WRAITH! ghost
"How to break game's stability with one expansion"
Gabriela Satárena Satáren
horned demon to werewolf? wTF
Heroes 3 WOG Bulgarian channel
1:01 I think you meant Hydra ,Chaos Hydra and HAIL HYDRA XD
Xuse Fans
From my memory, Ogre Magi is stronger than Troll..........
Hidden Jitsu
I always heard how much people love this mod, and this guy named Salamander rammed it through one of the major fan forums and such, I never saw what was good about it. What turned me off significantly, was the overwhelming usage of artwork from other Heroes games, and what it looks to be, other peoples random artwork that doesn't have any synchronized, consistent art theme in the mod. If you look at all the various pictures, they never "fit in", never look similar to the next one. Its like shoving Heroes 1/2 graphics into 3, which I bet they did too. Nothing is explained lore-wise, to fit in, and WoG storytells in the sense of continuation of the world, (like explain Santa Gremlins). The upgrades to units like in this video, like Horned Demon to Werewolf... Ogre Magi, to Troll??? I heard the Ghost Behemoth was god awfully unbalanced long ago, along with the rest of the Lvl-8 units - and Santa Gremlins? Everything seems so anti-lore. This mod might seem like an enhancement to Heroes III for everyone, extending the love of the game, and this dedicated fan work; the many visions contrast each other in it, and it makes the mod look ugly. The mods always needed some criticism, because New World Computing would never consider this a faithful continuation of content for this treasure, but a hefty mod of exhausting work.
Ben Price
Looks a little overboard to me. (eg Santa Gremlin?) Providing further upgrades to established level 7 creatures is also somewhat against HOMM tradition. Why not provide some alternative upgrade paths within a creature generator to allow a castle to subtly alter either class or tactics (might/magic or melee/flyer/shooter)?  Thanks for sharing though, it's great to see HOMM3 is still being tinkered with. Everything that has officially come since is very poor imo.
@necromaster35 Diamond Golem was already in this. Btw anyone who's thinking why something like santa gremlin is in WoG, it's because WoG is fan made.
These upgrades are complete and utter crap.
Stef Verdonk
Many of te upgrades feel a bit cheaply done. just photoshops of originals or upgrades to established creatures that do not make sense like the nomads. Also HOTA > WOG.
Santa Gremlin? :D
Silica Gel
hey, what's the music used for this vid?
What music did you use?
velichka nikolova
Instead Sacred phoenix can be Gold phoenix because him colour is gold or almost so
when i try to open the game  it says it has stopped working what should i do
john mcrib
this song sucks damn
What..what is the musim ?
herry Craft
hey santa gremlin, could you give me a gift from santa?
Ivan Božić
I don't know what the hell are all of you talking about, I like everything about WoG!
Hopy Hoe
pegasus>silver pegasus>sarah jessica parker xD
thanks bro
Leon SavedWong
Song Like 1732 Years
lol forget what I said, I've been playing it quite alot for the past week and it DOES crash occasionally, usually when opening a town. The mod I'm using is Hero Of Light 3.2 (you can find it in the Heroes community forums) and I don't think it is supposed to crash as much as it does for me (even though it's not enough to make me stop playing since there's auto saves each turn and the game boots up very quickly). And yes, I'm using Windows 7 64 bit.
qweqweqwe wqrrweterty
you must enable the new updates from the options menu. (wog options when you chose a map BEFORE startng it.)
What's the name of song?
I'll be interested to try your last version if you can remember where you found it ! Are you on windows 7 ?
Not to me, there are tons of different variations of the mod that can be found at HOMM communities, the last one i downloaded works fine, it also has extra stuff since its a mod for the mod itself, and it really does make the game better, especially since, like you said, each feature can be enabled and disabled to your liking.
i downloaded it 2 months ago :D
Kill illuminati
It's a mod
Alpha Haze
Best Game 4 ever.
Red Dragon->Black Dragon->Rebecca Black
Problem is that it just desyncs in multiplayer all the time...so simply it can't be played
It's true that some aspects ruin the original heroes 3, but you can play anytime the original one because wog doesn't replace it, you play can play them both when you want so there is no harm in having it. :D
i dont have these buildings
I tried WOG. I love the fact that you can chose which features you want or not (except for the trees animation that I hate). It can be really good if you just "Wogify" a few stuff (cause lots of it is pure crap). Unfortunatly, it crashes quite sometimes and even with auto-saving you will not be able to get your game back which is really frustrating.Thats a good enough reason for me not to use it. Does it happen to you guys aswell?
wtf? WoG is nice, i also like the "general" idea, i once won a battle and was only left that ONE unit, but my hero still died... anyway, Fortress is now over-powered because the groniches or w/e the name are insanely strong, and now they fly as wel? :P P.S. haleberdiers -> nomads is acceptable, but how do gnolls turn into humans, i don't get it XD
You can customise what is modified and what isn't, so short answer- yes.
which names the justin bieber stuff or the new wog names? and it is a matter of taste indeed but maps can be made far harder even played empire of the world IV? you should try it en then rethink your statement
y but i cant find how to change language on win7
You talk of better balance with this mod, why then bring back the most overpowered unit of all Heroes games: the ghost? Seriously, as soon as you get them you know it´s always auto win...
Son Goku
Yo0u can change iut later
Here's how it should be Gog -› Van Gogh Magog -› Demagogue
i love/hate wog and why? i love it because its epic & gives some new life to epic old heroes 3 but i hate it because the shitty fact you must have your OS language set to english or you just wont install it...
Demon to werewolf just doesn't feel right. Going from a flesh manifested paranormal entity to a flea ridden dog. meh
Nikola Mutavdzic
Can some1 ask me how to build a Towers for update?
santa gremlin special attack: throws squeaky toys at enemies
Jan Kamstra
santa gremlin lool
Speaking of which, can you install the thing without the creature/town changes, just the balance ones?
Evangelion gave funny names, that made me to laugh. In the other hand, I disagree - at that time, this patch was like a fresh air for many WoG players - finally something new! And if someone don't like WoG, that usually means that he don't know it. No matter, we're free to choose our favorite HoMM 3 version =)
Иво Георгиев
WOG is the best. Makes the game a lot more fun. 7th level creatures upgraded to 8th is the best usage of WOG !
some of the upgrades are really stupid..... like ogre to troll...... different creatures
Ballista isn't that bad, because you can controll your towers in a battle, which can bring the turn! but you're right, eagle eye, learning, scholar and mysticsm are never used^^
SchwedenMein Heimatland
3:10 i belive is a spelling misstake other then that this is a great video
Gremlin And Devil Are Pretty Funny
Sure I see it, you're clear enough :) Still, I cant agree about WoG - it's a matter of taste and experience with using it. WoG could fix the HoMM game balance... But could also make it worst!
K9 Beowulf
how do you make the buildings
War Zealots I really like too. ;)
Supreme Archangels ftw! o.O' :O :O :O
Mineral Elementals. Meh, they are cool, statwise and all that, doesn't look too bad, but, the name is kind of sucky. But, it's a cool elemental though ^^. I really dig the Hell Baron ^^. 'tis funny that is was once called Antichrist ^^. I understand why they renamed it, since I've read that people didn't like the idea of Christ running around in Erathia hehe. Besides, Hell Baron just sounds so much cooler and better.
Ooops, meant Efreet Rajah.* X)
Lieutenant Nikola
Seriously, I just wish people stuck with the original 3DO game instead of wasting their time to this nonsense. The upgraded Halberdier becomes a Nomad? An undead creature (Ghost Behemoth) in the middle of Stronghold? The Titan's upgrade is a "Lord of Thunder" - then whatever the hell is the Titan lord of, anyway? Don't even get me started on how cheap and overpowered most 7 lvl upgrades are!
Gold Golem>Diamond Golem and Hell Steed>Nightmare are nice as well :). I guess the Ancient Basilisk is kind of cool too, but it looks too much like a raptor. That shouldn't be the case, according to my. I like the Medusa Empress alot. :) A better name for ''Blood Minotaur'' would be ''Blood Lord Minotaur''. ''Electricity Elemental'' should be ''Lightning Elemental'' really. It sounds much better than ''Electricity''. I love the Efreet Rahja though ^^. Really cool and cool stats.
I really like the Boar Rider upgrade for Hobgoblins though :). But Ogre Magi's upgrade to Trolls is a dissapointment, since, well, Trolls are more stupid than Ogres. Especialy Ogre Magi. Though they are tougher, bc of their regeneration ability, they're still more stupid. Regarding Tower though: I REALLY like their upgrades, bc all of them makes sense, and looks cool, are cool and sounds cool. But to be honest, the Santa Gremlins are just plain hilarious XD.
Not everything is wrong with WoG ofc, but just saying, that the names and upgrades could have been much better. Ghost Behemoths would've been better with the name ''Ghostly Behemoth'' instead.
And wth regarding the upgrades for the Halberdiers: Nomad and the Gnoll Marauders: Rogue??? o.O' Ok, the upgrade for Halberdiers is kind of sucky, but not too far fetched, but the Gnoll Marauder upgrade one?! ;o What's up with that? Lack of imagination. From humanoid beasts, to a human(elven?) rogue. Sucks. Also, the upgrade for Horned Demons would fit more for Cerberuses, rather than the Horned Demons. And from Pegasus to Sorceress? Wtf? Doens't make sense. Not the Sylvan Centaurs either.
Heroes 3 WOG Bulgarian channel
Red dragon - Black dragon - DARKNESS DRAGON = DRACCAGEDON FOREVER !!!
A better name for the ''Darkness Dragon'' would be ''Shadow Dragon'' :/. Darkness Dragon just doesn't sound very good.
The soundtrack is beautiful....what is it?
Thumbs up for Santa gremlin
santa gremlin? which castle is the best to use with this mod ill prolly never try unfortunatly
some of these new upgrade names for creatures are really dumb
in web download NEW UBGRADE and uptade WOG
Obvious troll is obvious xD!!!
Sonnura Arkenthal
Wow! Can you please tell me what the song you used for this is? It is amazing!
Wog is like the last community that heroes has... Honestly its amazing... People working hard making maps and paches for free on a game that has long since past
Comic Kit
oh man way back in the day. play with Dan the peasant.
Google can suck my dick, I won't be using your fucking G+. GTFO
I lol'd at Santa Gremlin :D
you forget: Angel > Arch Angel > Jerk angel Giant > Titan > Abnormal Oversize Earth Elemental > Magma Elemental > Greenhouse Elemetal Devil > Arch Devil > Regan Nagas > Naga Queens > Your Mum Efreeti > Efreeti Sultan > Saddam Hussein
I have Wog... but i dont know how to get this units without battle in special zones... Can I have this creatures in my castle?
Hahahaha, that would be a kick-ass mode!! :))))
You're partly right, because you can use WoG as an absurd modifier, by changing the game into something crap. But still, with a prudent usage, WoG lets you to improve original game's balance... Do you use secondary skills as Eagle Eye, Learning, Ballista, Misticism?... Me, I don't. But in WoG it's quite rewarding to have them, without crushing the balance, therefore the pleasure ^_^
... What to say? Do you understand the installation instructions?
If you have good ideas, you can share them on heroescommunity . com The people who make mods can be found there =)
So Medusa Empresses' are basically slightly weaker Sharpshooters that don't have melee penalty? Also sad to see even with a 2nd upgrade, Earth Elementals still suck
How about Angel > Archangel > Seraph ?
To all jokers - while making fun of it don't forget, that this was a FINISHED project, after a long silence from all Heroes III developers. So it deserves respect. Also, I hope that you first played it, before to criticize :)
@FluffyFooFookins chuck norris fits in somewhere, not sure where exactly
I like the original Heroes III and its expansions more than this WoG. I know people credit WoG for a substantial part of Heroes III's playability, but I prefer games in their original form.
Vladmir Stepanov
Holy crap I am lovin the song... jesus I love this game XD
Lajos Cumeláger
Here are some other ideas: Gremlin > Master Gremlin > Grandma Armed with Shopping Bags Mage > Archmage > Voldemort Black Knight > Death Knight > KIT (Knight Rider) Earth Elemental > Magma Elemental > Natrium-Hydrocarbonate Elemental Pikeman > Halberdier > Security Personnel Minotaur > Minotaur King > Milka Cow Gog > Magog > Demagogue Devil > Archdevil > Justin Bieber
Martin Grigorov
i like the classical heroes 3
AGlassOf Whine
u cant get a sorceress from a pegasus ._.
elf into centaur, ogre into troll .. wtf
Xemopoga Spike
Yes! Where do i get the upgrade ?
Rupert Notøy
Where do I get this upgrade?
qweqweqwe wqrrweterty
@xion61 wake of gods
what are WoG stand for?
half of these upgrades are lame, that's why i have learned how to edit the original h3 myself and make the best of units
Reinar Lokk
EVRYBODY! Download tunngle and play it online! Keep this game living!