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Reillyjay Morningwolf
Amv was better than the anime
William Bibens
I saw the name of the video and said to my self how could i not click on this.
495. Scharfschützenteam
Mindless Self Indulgence :3
Jacob Ramz
This AMV is so accurate. He doesn't get anything for all the effort and pain he puts in. Blitches man... Blitches.
Anime is Nyan Koi. 
I don't appreciate that meme
Hah hah! DAT face at 2:40!
I will never understand why this Anime have no season 2..
Arvind rus
забавное AMV) И анимешка просто супер=)
Genius! 2:48 was an amazing fit xD
i dont rly care for the song that much, but damn this is catchy
Brian Godlewski
amazing amv. i have watched it around 200 times.
that [Bitch] Stamp makes the video a lot funnier for me xD
Spiderwave Aesthetic
@Zeek Rozalind, I was going to give you a thumbs up for saying the coolest thing I've heard all day, but google+ hates you, and me, and the world.
Viktor Vikeyev
i love those twins <3
Poor Poor Guy! xD Awesome video! :)
mario san anto nio
Tio NECESITO ver esa serie
Brutalknight 15
cartoons are made for little kids while anime is more for teens or people who are 40 and still live with their mother.
Alyctro official
what is this anime :3 ?
OvK WolfyDeHD
Please Season 2 on this anime ;(
Celtic Wind
God this show was simply hilarious, i'd advise anyone who hasent seen it to do so! Awesome amv btw!
Anna Diezz
did anyone else notice that the twins have the same uniforms as students from Yandere Simulator?
Squishy Axolotl
that face do at 2:39 oh god 😐😐
Ben Wright
every time he says be nice to sounds like bring eggs to me
AnimeYuno Fanperson
ok does anyone else think 2:35 looks wrong? Cuz like... Ya know!!!!!!!
phoebe xo
Id ask for the animie but it looks like way too much fan service for my taste..
Mythicc 7
I can already tell this anime is going to have a very complex *plot* :-)
janos Szilvasi
i love this anime and amv
Neko Nominyan
insanity+tones=insanitoned music
lol awesome amv but the anime is all about cats :D not bitches
2:40 oh sweet mother of god, kill it with fire
Leonardo Alves
this anime looks funny
destructor de mundos
la música buena la animación lo mejor es el AMV que e escuchado (^o^)
Kinichi Tohyama
never wanted to dance =]
xD Good job. I watched the anime a while ago and liked it, this made me wanna watch it again
Justin Demma
Hilarious AMV, thanks for this xD
Victor Ahlberg
this anime, its a kinda funny anime :D 
one of the best amv i have seen...and its much better after u allrdy watch the anime imo xD(anime is very good also) and...i <3 MSI ^^
Valkyrie Valkyre
Excellent amp, nyan koi is one of my fave anime
florian MC donald
NYAn KOI <3 it's a good anime :p
Music Better then Anime is a rare case xD Music > Anime At least the amv is very good actually enjoyable more then anime xD
" WTF " is my reaction during all this amv.
Oh wow, i wasn't expecting to hear msi
zilia hui
PLay the speed 1.25 guys nice
what anime is this?
May I ask the name of the anime? Thanks! :D
hentai senpai
hmmm it seems it was remade, cause I remember it was different anyway great amv, love all bitches but pervy twins are love, pervy twins are life :3
anime please?
Dmitriy Gutyahr
Если б можно было - два лайка бы поставил) круть!
Mixed Martial Anime
Anime: nyan koi Song: never wanted to dance by mindless self indulgence
Totally feeling with this guy :D
Hey can you tell me the name of the anime ?
Camren Bellow
I love the fact that he looks like the bad ass anime character stereotype then the next second he's getting knocked back and fourth by these chicks.
AzTheSpaz ThePirateMod
MSI xD oh the nostalgia of this band
Rebecca Diaz
LOL one of the best (:
Amy Bunse
How is this top comment? I can't even understand what it means.
Mateusz Kowalski
nyan koi
What anime is this?
Nicolai Frederiksen
Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted To Dance
This video reminds me of that beautiful week I spend in Chile watching anime and jagging all the time, I miss those nostalgic days
victor hernandez
what is the song?or group?
Hayder Saad
Well there is a SE amv with this song so that's probaply(I CAN'Y SPELL)why
If anything, I would say this is Echii, hope I'm spelling that right. Didn't read the comment you replied to because it was deleted, but you did a good job, mate.
not yet
Drunkelf Elf
I just watched this show!
Tay Brandt
When I hear this song I think of black star for some reason
There's no second season sorry
is there a second season? if there is could someone put the link in comments?
Marshal Poitevint
after the first time i saw this i went and watched the anime and loved it, it ended to soon tho left me empty and thus a flow of never ending anime had to fill the emptiness
this clip remember me on my owen life.
Nyan Koi :3
Axel Sundquist
I'm seriously in love with the song...
Nyan Koi
And it's actualy good ^^
Nyan Koi
anime name please
Aussie Manny
Someone needs to break Kosaka Junpei's illusion and get him a good girlfriend.
ruth abbott
he forgot a girl
Liquid nitrogen is cool, really cool... Literally.
juan uchiha
que anime sale en el video xD
Hikaru Hitachiin
You did a Scientifically correct C.I.A Glasses bit, AND you have a profile pic of Hetalia Russia. I think I love you.
Nyan koi season 2 pls :((
i love the twins they are so cute xD
GReview GLG
2:48 LOL
Kit Lick
How about liquid air, if I remember... It has.... (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) shattering awesomeness.
OMG this anime... *p*
Nicole S
I wish that Nyan Koi got a 2nd season. It never got a proper ending...
Brandt Wyatt
hey u guys cant hate on him too bad i mean look at those 245 subs gotta give him those props
yoga alvarez
Lucy Baskerville
I'd like to date him too x)
Ionut C.
lol :)) thanks
You're missing out :(
Kanade Tachibana
We're inside man, there's no need to look like a hipster douche...
Why is this anime rated Everyone on Animefreak? xD By the looks of this video it should not be xD
Sir. Jaffa-Cake
Wait..... what ?
Sir. Jaffa-Cake
Wait..... what ?
I can see a serious love hate relationship when I decide to watch this XD