3 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners - Part 3 (Hip Hop Dance Moves Tutorial) | Mihran Kirakosian

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Part 3 of my hip hop dance tutorial for beginners on how to do 3 simple dance moves. SUBSCRIBE: /> TRY IT WITH MUSIC NOW - Watch more of my 3 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners videos: /> Here are a few songs you can try the grooves to: 1. The Weeknd - “Starboy”: />2. AD - “Juice”: /> Slightly faster tracks: 1. Sage the Gemini - “Now and Later”: />2. Bruno Mars - “24K Magic”: /> Intro Music link (FREE DOWNLOAD) - I took my time with this video, so please let me know if this was too slow or was a great pace to teach. This pace is slow for me, but I'm here for you all. I understand that every person is different, and picks up on different levels. Please leave your comments below! ▶ New videos every WEDNESDAY + FRIDAY ▶ Sign-up for a class: /> FOLLOW: /> /> /> /> /> The Official Mihran Kirakosian YouTube Channel

Акжибек Камалбеккызы
Mihran thank you! I can dancing.I watch you video in Kazakhstan!(If i have mistake that sorry i learn English)
J.R. Smith
I would love to see all the moves in normal motion with music at the end.
N-Silva Brazil
I always admired street dance but it seems so complex. Now you broke it in small pieces and made it possible to learn. It's like you decoded its alphabet. Thanks.
Cal Keith
Wow.  I thought I had this in the bag until you hit me with the third step.  Then my brain and my body stopped all communication.  Definitely will need to go back for more practice.  Thanks for doing these tutorials.  Always wanted to learn hip hop.
Dragos Willy
at third step i was sweating like after a training:) thank u
Fathi Abdi
cool moves frm a cool teacher
Awesome tutorial, wonderfully explained, great moves and you're so cool thank you soo much
Yuki Hiro
I'm an introvert but I love to move.... Im loving your tutorials. Thank you!
Awesome videos man. I like how you do everything slowly and really go over it again and again. Most tutorials move too fast for me :D
Poisson Rouge À Paris
You are really a good teacher, I looked some of videos, you teach really well! Could you please teach basic and advanced shuffle dances 🙏 Thank you again and again
Diana Brigida Frasiloaia
I got the moves but I just look so stupid when I'm doing them. It makes me feel uncofortable cause I really like to dance and finally you got me learning a lot of steps. But when I watch myself dancing I just look like a stupid puppet. Thanks a million anyway Mihran
rubyx xox
Urs are so simple and on the point thanx for the best tutorial nd ur gold choreo was awesome
Maria Korb
Yep, the speed and repetition is great. Its much easier to speed up a good video once the moves are mastered rather than try to slow down a fast video because you cannot keep up. The latter is very difficult. Moreover you speed up after a few reptitions anyway. Great work Mihran !!
Surbhi Surbhi
First step is a little hard coz of movement of hands nd leg should match but mine is not matching... but i'll do it daily so may be i'll be able to do it... by the way thank u so much..
Love from India... Lots of things learning from your videos.... Awesome tutorials
Mike Johnston
Seriously, you're the best dance teacher on the web. Thank you. Thank you also for repeating the entire movement a few times slowly over and over; it helps uncoordinated people like me to grasp the move.
William H. Bonney
9:30 Don't worry about it Mihran-- my toes grow on the back of my foot so it made sense to me . Great vids btw
Tori Egy
I'm in middle school and trying to put together a dance team, I'm self taught and not sure how to teach other people any tips?
I look like I'm doing an Irish jig or something on the first dance move. you are a really good teacher though your videos help me a lot :)
Cathy Kamau
you are a good teacher now will try all ..thanks alot
Luisa Allman
I love it !!! Great teacher !!!
Luisa Allman
Fantastic!!! I am watching them alll
Mohan Shrestha
Thank you Mihran. Really you are a good trainer, teaching with concise, clear and understandable wordings and the moves.
Sylpa shrestha
how perfectly you teach 🤗
Inspired Tv by Jamie
Your a really good instructor. New subscriber:)
Amos Ka
you're a very good dance teacher. You teach step by step that's very good. Thank you to you.
Christine BC
I'm learning hip hop and your tutorials are the best I've seen, thanks so much for sharing this for free, peace!
Marshall F Blabli
Can I say I'm almost like you, bcuz I've watched and learned almost all of your videos. Thx bro you're the best.
Sai Mai
AHHHHHHHHHHH My Kneeeeeee!!!
Raquel Fernandez
That was really fun! And I was dying of sweat afterwards lol but you made it seem so easy and it was easy to learn from you 💜 I still look a bit awkward but with more of your videos I should look more like I can somewhat dance lol
I've watched the previous videos to get me feeling comfortable dancing at a club, I've practiced but I'm having trouble with a dance transition.. How do I go from the 1-2-3 drop into a slide 1-2-3 into getting laid that night?
Desie Surachman
having much interest in dancing since junior high school especially in hip hop. never done and learned dancing in class. here i am thingking of learning dancing by my own and the first thing i want to know is the basic moves in Hip hop. i found your tutorial. really love it. :)
Zahirul Hoque
Wow sir nice step dance...n u know what I'm watching every day...and I'm follw the step in fact Ur very helpful to me
MyAwkward Life
Taking me a while to get the arm movement for that first move. My arms keep want to match my feet. I'll keep practicing!
amir scud
Finally I got some moves. I used to dance a little similar like this in some moves but now I know how to make new moves now and not stuck to the same a few moves I had. I wish I could've download your videos so that I can train anywhere. Can't have access to Youtube all the time. Thanks.
Thank you so much! Was easily able to do remember all of this including the first two. Since I have an acting competition and I have to learn hip hop at least 8 moves and this REALLY helped. Now I feel more confident that I might make it and become a star! Thanks -Galaxy aka Laila
Jingjing Yang
that hold drop just too sexy ...but so hard for me t t
June Zhang
8:33 You also said step out with the right leg to the right side, but it's you left, mirrored?
Rikke Kühlmeier
Amazing :-) I teach PE and your videos are perfect for me to learn from and use in classes. Best tutorial I have ever seen. PLEASE keep them coming :-) And maybe music suggestions?
Could you do it with music in the end next time.. ?
Denise & John Kaiser
good job, I'm of age like 65>  I don't want to be tweaking,  lol, but these moves won't make my grandchildren hide their faces,  this golden grandma, she's gonna get down Thanks, I'm passing you along with my SR's.
zineb word
love it
Don Dontoya
just finding your channel. i hope youre still posting as of lately. im starting from the beginning all the way through, something to do when im not studying thats fun
Victoria AB
Your tutorials are fire!!! Usually they are not as in depth as yours. Your an amazing dancer! :-) Do you have a FB page. I am a dancer myself..starting teaching. Have a few questions for you.
Deborah Horne
As part of my studies I have to do some thing I haven't done before...I have always wanted to dance, but too shy these days to give it a go. I found you man, thank you! I find your tutorials easy to follow and try the moves to music my kids listen to...yep, hip-hop. Thanks again!
Stephanie R Sipe
So fun!! I am a 53 year old college professor and I want to surprise next semester's classes with some off the wall dancing!
Margaret Ambler
While watching this my friend and I started to think of how we are taking dance and could suggest the moves for a pep rally. I asked what song would go great with it. Her response was to pull up another YouTube tab and play Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner. It goes amazing with the beat of the moves. If you read this please listen to it and try the dance moves. It is amazing.
shima boromand
Thanks for your great tutorial.So much love from Iran
Ilusi Digital
I was practicing the first move in naked feet and my heels were hurt a little bit, then I found it's easier to follow if you're wearing shoes or have carpet beneath your feet. The last move was so difficult to do, couldn't get my arms and feet in symphony. Now I'm sweating like a duck.
Pia Schmidt
I always wanted to learn hip hop, but there's no possibility near my home. I searched YouTube videos, but never found any tutorials, where I could actually follow the steps, because they always made it to fast. And then I found your channel. Thank you for this great tutorials.
Odette Valera
So amazing .. I'd been watching mihran's video tutorial and I'd learned a lot ..
Lila Podungge
Thank you very much with the video. Been practicing the first and second moves. when I see the third, i think I'm gonna forget the first and second moves. LOL.
Jesse Kay
Damn seriously this third move aint easy especially with gettin together with the feed steps... but i love ur learning videos. Jus started with it n ill use them to learn frm you. Thank you so much for ur work, time n offering to us. ♡
spalusa derick
best video ever i love it cause i get to learn easily thanks man
Poonim lalala
The third step look at you so easy but when i start to do it, I have to sprit mybrain for learning.
Kanchan singhrajpoot
Komosami King
Need instruction with you in front backing your audience. Your audience in the back seeing your back.
Phonpan Chaiyarak
cool 😎
Flora Gabriel
I really love ur simple dance moves. AMAZING!!!
Chiru Boya
Hii sir good eving I am Indian sir I am dally practice sir your steps soo amzing sir part 2 .3.over sir I am your calls trying two weeks your support my imprint sir plzzz support sirrr...my name is c.v.chiranjeevi sir
Humayoun Ashraf
you are awesome bro... and a good teacher... thanks for your efforts..
Manh-Hai Müller
Oh my GULAI! This is getting better and better! 😱 BTW good cardio! Btw 9:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 God I Love ur tutorials! THIS IS THE THIRD DAY AND I CAN DANCE NOW TO THE MUSIC! DAMN THAT BOOSTS MY CONFIDENCE AT THE DISCO!! This is dope! Smash that LAIKE button guys
Philipines Toona
Thanks I learnd to dance 😀
Planet Shannon
I started hip hop classes and it seemed so difficult but now you have made it so much easier 👌
Suman Devi
Thanks sir , now I think I can perform in my annual function all coz of ur help
Ելենա Մարտիրոսյան
you are Armenian???
Jeanine Ross
I jt found ur tutorials, thanks so much , ur teaching style has made this no-moves girl have a Lil bit of step lol I'm getting married in Feb 23 2019 & I wanted 2 surprise my fiance that knows all 2 well I can't dance w a Lil somethin we'll c what happens Thanks again for sharing! Any choreograph ideas id love to hear them blessing 2 u!
sameera hewanayake
akash kumer bhargava
Anushka Sati
These video episodes are really helpful to me🤘you are a good teacher.
Jayna McClellan
i love how you slowly get more complicated it gives me a challenge and motivates me
John Paolo Castin Clenista
im from the phillppines so great to learn thank you bro .
Hey! I'm from India. I likes your all dance tutorials.
Mary Kingston
Anyone that teaches like this in the Philadelphia. PA area?
raju sumitthakur
My dancing star u r the man of my life confidences in my dancing moves I m from India love u dude thanks
Grace Paddington
Thanks for uploading the video, you are a great teacher and totally understand beginner's learning difficulties. I really enjoyed these lessons.
Gurvinder Kaur
Thankyou Mehran. You explain every move with utter deepness, so that nobody gets deprived of your cool moves👌.
Sabrina A.
I LOVEEEEEED! Mihran you're the beeest!
tamjid Ahmad
nice steps for biggeners
Sreyass Shaji kapata
I have learnt 3 simply steps for Dance for beginners Part 1&2
Lena Meyer
I'm not a beginner but I still love ur videos because they make me work on cleaning my moves and finding my own Grove and style. But maybe at the end of the video u could go through all the moves with a little of music, so people can imagine the moves with music instead if just numbers 😊and also everything is more fun with music😂
Samuel Kgwele
Big think you to u
Jesse Kay
So happy that i found ypur tutorial!
Mukesh Shaw
u r very nice
Sarita Pande
You teach so well.. I never thought I could follow the steps so easily and can dance.... Thank you so much...loved it! 😀
Minh Triet Bui
Oh my god I thought my laptop had been hacked for a second when you did your pause lol
Kent mate
Nice and simple! Well done!
Jayna McClellan
I learned a lot i appreciate it
Trizzie zie
I got the part 1 and 2 but this is kinda hard
Grettelle Rivera
Nyc videos i m from india
Sagar Adc
Thanks sir, Ur tutorials are the best &u explain everything very easily, i had learnt so many things from u, thanku so much 💓💓🙏😘😘
noel gilvero
Thanks. ♥️♥️
Yoonha Hur
good tutorial for beginners. thank you!
Sunar Paarash
very helpful foh meee i like it
Rishi kumar Rawat
Love you from. India
wahid gul
May yoy live long... God bless you.
Wiley Bright
all the way from Kenya Africa the pace just up to speed🙌🙌
Mai Le
Thank You!
Sreyass Shaji kapata
This one of the best YouTube channel were I can learn dance easily