Here's Why the Mercedes Metris is the Worst Minivan Ever Made

GO READ MY COLUMN! /> SIGN UP FOR TURO! /> The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a minivan -- just like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. But the Metris is a truly terrible minivan. Today I'm reviewing the Mercedes Metris Passenger to show you why the Metris is so bad. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - />Twitter - />Instagram - /> DOUGSCORE CHART:

Doug DeMuro
Angry Mercedes fans: "You're wrong! This is a commercial shuttle van! You misunderstood it!" Well, sweetie, it's nice that Mercedes-Benz marketing has convinced you of this -- but it's the same size as a Sienna/Odyssey, with the same price as a Sienna/Odyssey, and the same scope as a Sienna/Odyssey. If I were buying a "commercial shuttle van," I'd literally fall over laughing at the Metris ... annnnnd then I'd buy a Sienna/Odyssey. Which is what everyone does anyway.
Junky DIY guy
One thing Mercedes didn't realise when designing this van was that Doug will get to review this one day,
Oompa Loompa
Metris is secretly an experiment to see how high Mercedes can make their profit margins while still getting sheep to buy it.
6:36 How weird was it that the white car driving by matched up with the suv going by in the rear view mirror? Had to watch that a few times.
Samurai Spike
And now I'm in METRIS JAIL.
A 2017 Mercedes with less features than the 1996 ford windstar we had growing up, well done.
Nick Angelos
I said it last week and I'll say it again. Doug is the only cartuber that could get me through a minivan review
Birsan Horia Alexandru
"Can I film a vehicle with your cool car?"
Duhhh is used for porn
Zach Brown
Apollo Vuitton
They didn't even try
Hans Schmidt
The Metris was not made for Europe it was made for idiots
Account Abandoned
Cost of Manufacturing The Metris Itself: $18,475 Mercedes Benz Badge Cost: $24,825
I like Mercedes, but yeah this thing sucks
Henriko Magnifico
I thought this was a 90s model until you said it was the 2017 model. WTF
Morissa A. Wiz
i just reserved the Metris for a road trip, that would have been the worst road trip. My personal car is the infiniti QX60 so this would make me crazy. i will surely cancel the reservation today. thank you!
Jennifer Orvik
Mercedes-Benz branding costs $23K
No one: Doug: "Did I mention it was 43,000 thousand dollars?"
I got you all for subtitles: This is 43000 dollars, let me repeat this is 43000 DOLLARS. Did i forget to tell you that THIS IS 43000 DOLLARS. Your welcome
It's hanging out with the Mirage. Ouch! 😂
Milaad Rohi
This minivan was designed for idiots who pay for the "emblem".
Manfred Von Richthofen
Can't wait for the AMG Package
Happy Gamezz
The mercedes benz Metris is in Europe called "Mercedes Ben Vito"
It's genuinly fascinating how much car manufacturers are screwing over the US market.
Isaak Welch
When buying a work van for hauling around beer kegs, I considered a metris because it was cheap (closer to 30k, if I remember), had great cargo capacity, and had a powerful engine. All the rear seats would come out and never be put back in meaning no terrible seats to screw with. Yes it is a terrible passenger minivan and idk why anyone would want one for a passenger van. We ended up buying a Ford Transit.
Ben Craig
“Mercedes Would Like to Know Your Location”
So it has shifting paddles and nothing else. It's pretty much a race car.
Dimitri Roegiers
I'm european but wouldn't consider this hot steaming pile of plant feed.
No one: Doug: "And it gets even WORSE!!!"
Leonardo Cucchiara
Man... the used Mitsubishi Minivan my parents bought in the mid 90's had more convenience features than a 2017 Mercedes. Who would've guessed that...
You have to drive the mercedes V-Class V250d
Jason X
Mercedes Logo = $30000
NithiSh JVJ
Thought you would start this video like “Ttttthhhhiiisss is a”
Mr. Mustache
3.8k owners of metris disliked the video
A covered wagon is more luxurious than this.
Abron Hawkins
The Metris is never a LUXURY minivan . If you want a real Mercedes minivan look at the V Class
Luis ruis
Your truly just paying 45,000$ for the brand 😐
Jimmy Jackson
"The headlights are halogen, like a 1984 vw rabbit." Lol!
I've noticed a lot of these for sale with less than 2k miles on them. My guess is unsuspecting soccer moms sell them when they learn the details.
Will Mauer
43 Thousand? I wouldn't pay 43 hundred.
Actually driving one of these as a loaner car right now. It’s unbelievably bad.
Count Olaf
Maybe it was meant to be a prison bus
The Mercedes logo costs $20,000 to manufacture, obviously!
Justus Peine
In Germany the Metris is called Vito or V-Class
Bennett Chason
My moms 2004 Honda Odyssey had vent windows.
EVEN the cheapest Sienna van has mag wheels and carpeting What a joke, Doug you are right!
Cuore Sportivo
fun fact: metris is the name of the most famous jail in turkey.
Before watching this i recieved a Mercedes Ad for their new ME Nav System
Abay Amangali
Doug the type of guy to give a Doug score to a minivan
محمد الحسنا _المري
1:59 "can i film a vehicle with your cool car?" 😂😂😂😂😂
"Born to run" the best feature of the metris in the same price of a full speced luxury like honda.
That is a Mercedes Benz Vito.. a gargo van, with extra seats...
Random Brown Guy
Tyre pressure looks a bit suspicious
K Black
My 2009 Grand Caravan SXT is 8 years older but so much more modern and convenient. My vehicle was also $42k new, and of course I wouldn't have paid that. I bought it for $8k cash and it's been the most enjoyable vehicle I've ever driven. How this Mercedes is a 2017 and is missing almost every basic convenience is just mind-blowing to me.
Michael Nguyen
Doug's $1,100 iPhone X has more features than a $43K vans.
Crazy Legend
This car feels like a shipping cabin with seats
Evan DiPietro
I agree Doug the metris is bad!
My parents have a Kia rondo and it seats 7 more comfortably than this.
Rob Bird
Mercedes deserves every sentence of this review...what a way to flush a brand down the toilet.
Doug I love it when you trash bad cars.
Nick Tria
This thing is such a rip-off, I'm surprised that it doesn't have an Apple logo on it.
Superstargamer 4400
I think a Chinese rip off is better than that
Well, it's an Minibus not a Minivan, yes that's a thing here in Germany. VW has one too
Doug's the type of guy to have no children but still own a station wagon.
Slabodan Kazlakovich
I'm European and Metris sucks period!
Did Mercedes Benz fire the designer(s) of this vehicle? I certainly hope they got some sort of reprimand.
Mpho Ramudzwagi
Come to South Africa, they love them
The best thing about a minivan is they are practical, roomy, comfortable, and can carry many passengers. In the Metris it’s like they looked at the things that are good about a minivan and just threw them out the window.
Luis Calvo Mayo
@1:56 "Can I film a vehicle with your cool car?" that request doesn't make any sense, unless you request a cool car to drive and film another cool car 🤔
This is the most pathetic Mercedes Benz ever!! And this is a 2017!!!
Alex Purnell
mercedes is a luxury company, and the seats aren't giving out much luxury
Paul Hite
09:41 - Telephony is not a misspelling of telephone, it's just a less-used noun to describe the working of telephone systems. The van still sucks.
IlluminAadhi S
I’m waiting for the AMG version of this.
For the price, I understand why he’s comparing it to the odyssey. But that isn’t the class of van the metris is intended to compete in. Compare it to the ford transit connect or the ram promaster city. It’ll still lose and be overpriced, but I think that comparing a commercial van to a consumer van is unfair.
This van would be worth its price if it was designed with Citroën’s hydropneumatic suspension.
8:20 same or lower priced volkswagen van has this and its facelift will get a giant touchscreen aswell.
Solid Satoshi
I wasn't expecting to laugh so hard while watching a minivan review.
Tristan Grutter
Maybe it's just better for college students and not children, otherwise it's just simple
Damn Mercedes.. WTF 😯
Criss Reznor
I was actually thinking about getting one of these Mercedes because I am in the market for a new minivan .... nope. Not anymore. Thank you for the review 👍
Kārlis Vorslavs
But where is Chrysler Voyager/ Dodge Caravan?
Drew H
Roast of the century. Doug is an artist
Lol My family were using this mercedes and we did’t had any problems...
Funny Man
I would take out the head rest and get whiplash 👍
S Shaver
My favorite Doug review. Right up there with the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet.
Ashmeet Singh
Mercedes has successfully pranked Doug
Fun fact: There is actually a prison in Turkey called Metris. 6:50
Lewis 27
“Can I film a vehicle with your cool car?”
Honest M'aiq
Fun fact : There is , in fact , a prison in Turkey called Metris. So...
Martin Jowsey
In black it looks like an oversized hearse!
RIP TruckBois06
Do a review on the Mazda RX-8
rabbit uchiha
“Worst minivan” seems to be an understatement!
Giordan Diodato
I'd rather get a Sprinter. 10x more practical and 10,000 dollars less.
Joe Yablonski
"Another cheap-feeling piece of the Metris?" *gestures to entire Metris*
Oskar Suchanek
A 2004 Mercedes Vito/Viano (sold in EU) is better
You are what stupsid
My grandfather's $15000 Toyota has more features than this Lmao
Doug just single handedly dropped the resale value by 30-40 percent
Pure Stress
I feel like someone should adjust this stuff per the point of the vehicle class. That way it's more like g-factor(I.Q. score) and shows quality relative to both competitors and non-competitors alike.
Alexia Is On Fire
wtf was Merc thinking sheesh