Here's Why the Mercedes Metris is the Worst Minivan Ever Made

GO READ MY COLUMN! /> SIGN UP FOR TURO! /> The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a minivan -- just like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. But the Metris is a truly terrible minivan. Today I'm reviewing the Mercedes Metris Passenger to show you why the Metris is so bad. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - />Twitter - />Instagram - /> DOUGSCORE CHART:

Doug DeMuro
Angry Mercedes fans: "You're wrong! This is a commercial shuttle van! You misunderstood it!" Well, sweetie, it's nice that Mercedes-Benz marketing has convinced you of this -- but it's the same size as a Sienna/Odyssey, with the same price as a Sienna/Odyssey, and the same scope as a Sienna/Odyssey. If I were buying a "commercial shuttle van," I'd literally fall over laughing at the Metris ... annnnnd then I'd buy a Sienna/Odyssey. Which is what everyone does anyway.
Nick Angelos
I said it last week and I'll say it again. Doug is the only cartuber that could get me through a minivan review
Oompa Loompa
Metris is secretly an experiment to see how high Mercedes can make their profit margins while still getting sheep to buy it.
6:36 How weird was it that the white car driving by matched up with the suv going by in the rear view mirror? Had to watch that a few times.
Account Abandoned
Cost of Manufacturing The Metris Itself: $18,475 Mercedes Benz Badge Cost: $24,825
It’s embarrassing that Mercedes decided to sell this here rather than the European V-Class
Junky DIY guy
One thing Mercedes didn't realise when designing this van was that Doug will get to review this one day,
Duhhh is used for porn
Zach Brown
Henriko Magnifico
I thought this was a 90s model until you said it was the 2017 model. WTF
EJ Tech
This "minivan" reminds me of a Toyota Hiace Commuter van used in public transportation and shuttle services. But the Hiace is only $20k.
Hans Schmidt
The Metris was not made for Europe it was made for idiots
Tad Greenwald
7:07 That's pretty generous calling those cupholders. Children would destroy those flimsy things.
Mom: Kids we're getting a new Minivan!!! Kids: YAY! What is it? Mom: A Mercedes Metris. Kids: Awwwwwww
Leonardo Cucchiara
Man... the used Mitsubishi Minivan my parents bought in the mid 90's had more convenience features than a 2017 Mercedes. Who would've guessed that...
Birsan Horia Alexandru
"Can I film a vehicle with your cool car?"
Jennifer Orvik
Mercedes-Benz branding costs $23K
Scotty Kilmer must love you
I like Mercedes, but yeah this thing sucks
Seems like it was designed for America, it's big, and badly made!
Rob Bird
Mercedes deserves every sentence of this review...what a way to flush a brand down the toilet.
Manfred Von Richthofen
Can't wait for the AMG Package
It's hanging out with the Mirage. Ouch! 😂
You have to drive the mercedes V-Class V250d
Morissa A. Wiz
i just reserved the Metris for a road trip, that would have been the worst road trip. My personal car is the infiniti QX60 so this would make me crazy. i will surely cancel the reservation today. thank you!
jonath joby
telephony:the working or use of telephones.
Count Olaf
Maybe it was meant to be a prison bus
A covered wagon is more luxurious than this.
Trond Clemensen
"And yet it still gets worse..." I haven't laughed so hard from a car review ever!
I got you all for subtitles: This is 43000 dollars, let me repeat this is 43000 DOLLARS. Did i forget to tell you that THIS IS 43000 DOLLARS. Your welcome
Bennett Chason
My moms 2004 Honda Odyssey had vent windows.
Doug's the type of guy to have no children but still own a station wagon.
That's just... exceptionally poor value for money.
Samurai Spike
And now I'm in METRIS JAIL.
EVEN the cheapest Sienna van has mag wheels and carpeting What a joke, Doug you are right!
Benjamin Wallace
Doug be the type of car to tell the person in the drive through at chick fil a Hey, does your car have foot moisturizers, cause mine does
Michael Nguyen
Doug's $1,100 iPhone X has more features than a $43K vans.
A 2017 Mercedes with less features than the 1996 ford windstar we had growing up, well done.
Apollo Vuitton
They didn't even try
Rusty Black
This is an example of people thinking this is a good vehicle just because they say it’s a Mercedes
Bloo Loo
Somehow I don't think Quagmire is getting a Christmas card from Mercedes
Poor americans... Instead of a V-Class they get a Vito with leather seats
arturo j guzman
😂 I love your UNIQUE style !!!!
Mercedes Benz...the pinnacle of German engineering *The Metris...the pinnacle of German engineering...on drugs*
EnderSam DGAT
The metris (I think) is called the Vito in Europe.
Carlos auditts
Why you doing a review of a 2017 van that was build 4 years ago? Why you complain when the interior center dash look better than 2019’s sienna...!? ;)
Fake News Serpents
It's a Turbo, which means you have to buy Premium Fuel
Yeah, greetings from Germany. That car doesn‘t even exist over here😂
Tony V Pessolano
My 2007 Cadillac DTS for the same price has a working touch screen.
Now that... is one heck of a terrible minivan.. FIRST, NO FREAKING POWER SLIDING DOORS. CHEAP PLASTIC. THE BACK SEATS RATTLE. YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY SEE OUT THE BACK WINDOW. And finally, that thing is terrible for a Mercedes-Benz... I’m very disappointed. Edit: o wow I managed to get 2 likes. AND MY COMMENT IS HIGHLIGHTED?! HALLELUJAH!!
Cuore Sportivo
fun fact: metris is the name of the most famous jail in turkey.
Alexa Gorgonio Jacobo
You better make this Doug approved because then Doug will expose it and no one will buy it;)
te·leph·o·ny /təˈlefənē,ˈteləˌfōnē/ noun the working or use of telephones
Ben Craig
“Mercedes Would Like to Know Your Location”
MB standard options are always bad. They want you to pay more for extras.
So it has shifting paddles and nothing else. It's pretty much a race car.
محمد الحسنا _المري
1:59 "can i film a vehicle with your cool car?" 😂😂😂😂😂
Crazy Legend
This car feels like a shipping cabin with seats
dan parish
You know what you do get? The Mercedes logo.
Criss Reznor
I was actually thinking about getting one of these Mercedes because I am in the market for a new minivan .... nope. Not anymore. Thank you for the review 👍
Performance Josh
There is a V-class in Europe wich is better. But the Metris is truly terrible
Justus Peine
In Germany the Metris is called Vito or V-Class
Imran Ahmed
Mercedes Benz doesn't care about it. Do you know why cause it's a Mercedes.
Drew H
Roast of the century. Doug is an artist
Doug! Where are your shorts! I'm truly shocked :)
Mr. Mustache
3.8k owners of metris disliked the video
Goldfish Crackers
This thing was irritatingly awful for that price tag, hell it was awful for any price really... wow
Alexia Is On Fire
wtf was Merc thinking sheesh
Jason X
Mercedes Logo = $30000
Ashmeet Singh
Mercedes has successfully pranked Doug
1:59 "Can I film a VEHICLE with your cool car?" ... Sure.
Mahid Haque
The v class is way better than the Metris
No one: Doug: "Did I mention it was 43,000 thousand dollars?"
Doug I love it when you trash bad cars.
For that much money I'll just buy a Honda or toyota minivan
cambs 01
No I am European and don't understand the Metris. Infact I don't even think they sell this in UK/Europe, we have the Mercedes Vito, I haven't seen a Metris on the road!
Ze Crayo
I wasn't expecting to laugh so hard while watching a minivan review.
Kittycat Gamz1079
The metris key is cheap looking
IlluminAadhi S
I’m waiting for the AMG version of this.
Matthew Macinnis
Mercedes bens is garbage and it always will be
Metangy PlaysRB
Mercedes: let's make a minivan Buyer: this is trash I want a *REFUND* Mercedes: this was a bad idea Me: 43k for a small minivan?? Me: you could buy a Ford cause it better Mercedes: no buy my minivan Me: no you made a small minivan ain't no body got time for that
Michael Hinz
And here I thought Mercedes had finally left the practice of calling just about everything an "extra". Like foldable seats, power steering (which was an extra until at least the end of the 90s), cupholders for every seat and kinda normal headlights. Guess I was wrong. Also, I wonder if they made the "leg space" for the driver a bit better in this one than in the Viano, there you had to fold your knees to the left and then had the pedals in a really awkward position... No, they don't sell this car in Europe, but I doubt their european offering is much better.
You missed a point. There is also V-class in EU
Doug just single handedly dropped the resale value by 30-40 percent
S Shaver
My favorite Doug review. Right up there with the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet.
Lewis 27
“Can I film a vehicle with your cool car?”
Mercedes needs to remove this vehicle from their lineup A.S.A.P.
James Gonzales
Yayy for back seats that'll smash and cut off your toes in sandals!!
Chris Surgent
good report doug! subscribed
Metris? In Germany this think got other name and is high quality. 🤷‍♂️😂
Mehmet Yilmaz
That’s the basic version......these are popular in London with Taxi 🚖 drivers
Esteban Esteban
Call me back when you checked ford tourneo custom
Alex Deng
It’s much more entertaining to see Doug review bad vehicles than good...
The only good thing of that car is... mhm... it looks good i guess.
Vladimír Růžička
Well, M-B doesn't even sell the Metris in europe
Sebastian Yeong
My 2008 Lexus IS250 is better lol 10 YEARS AHEAD MERCEDES
Nga'Nga Wa Kioi
Thing with Mercedes is that they have a big following of keep up with the Joneses sheeple as it stands if they slapped their 3 point star on a lame donkey it would still sell
Massive Mercedes fanboi here... I rode in this very model of van, and can confirm it's much worse than a Kia. Terrible.
Alan Blanes
Hi Doug, ...scathing much?
"It rides well... Obviously it's a little louder because of those tires, but I suspect without them it would be just fine" DDM 2018