T-Mobile myTouch Review

PhoneArena reviews the T-Mobile myTouch. Over the past two years, T-Mobile has introduced a variety of Android based smartphones under their "myTouch" label. Now it's LG's turn with the newest version simply being called the T-Mobile myTouch, which is basically a US variant of the LG Optimus Sol. This new myTouch smartphone has a contract price of $80... For more details, check out our web site:

If you only want to use a phone for calling, texting, and listening to music, then this phone is great. It's definitely not made to do anything else.
Jalyn Smith
Worst phone ever
Keenen McCord
I had this phone for two year's it sucks get the gs4 way better
Kiki Kelly
Just got the phone yesterday
Barisha Deardorff
Can it screenshot
Tori Izag
Fuck this phone my doesnt turn on anymore!!
oh my god some one tell me where is the radio they say it has fm radio with rds on the phone page but i can't find it at all help me please !
oh my god Who Da Hell CARES !!
Waste of money...
I have it and it sucks
Michael Peralta
if any one knows how to fix it please help
Michael Peralta
on mine, idk if anyone else has had this problem but my power/screen saver button has stop working and this is the second one I've bought
Power button also is known to have issues (mine included)
This phone is a POS. My sister had it and had nothing but problems.
kenya cochrane
what is the little hole beside the headphone jack?
i think i remember somewhere around 50, but certainly not worth that. I'm happy back on my 3gs for a while.
Well, how much does it coast, without a two year contract ?
How much does it cost without a two year contract ?
this is worst phone i have ever used! It is so slowwwwww. I can't stress how slow it is right out of the box. When someone calls me, I have to call them back because it freezes and I can't answer the call. If your phone can't even answer a call, what kind of phone is it?
Loading Name
This is hy everyone roots and mods this phone and all other phones! overclock your device, then say if it sucks =P
willie green
I am a true mytouch fan. What the fuck???. Give it back to htc, good way to go backwards you fuck heads. I had the 3g, 3g slide, and now 4g side. Now what am I suppose to do. Need a keyboard. Somebody pickup where htc left off and create a good compatible phone with a keyboard. samsungs galaxy with a keyboard us too cheap.
This phone is no faster than my mytouch 3g lol
carol Barela
i have a mytouch,,, i hate it . always dropping calls and freezing... worst phone service ever
There is no certain time to hold it ...
what you do is press and hold the itll say add to pl,ay list delet edit ect...
Carlos Mejia
I will sell mines for 50$ lmao
frank pykor
how do take a screen shot with the my touch?
this is working for me, do i have to hold it for a certain period
thankyou soooo much!!!
You takee screen shots by holding the power button (to turn phonee on) and then press the home key .
Geneva Lee
i have this phone. DO NOT BUY. it sucks.
probably done for consistency so you can see differences in the displays of the different phones
Clark Everett
LG screwed the MyTouch line big time!
how do you screen shot help please??
UT Grant
Screen is amoled bitch.... Better than the q
How do u take screen shots
Kaitlyn Needles
Oh man.. I have to do that on my phone now and I nearly break it because it doesn't go where I want it. If that is the only way of changing something, I'm going to pass big time on this phone.
Kaitlyn Needles
How is texting on the q? I mean, there is no way to go back and fix a mistake without erasing everything after the mistake.
wat the latest firmware update 4 it??
meg a tron
It is 79.99 with two year contract. Or it is 279.99 with out contract at the t-mobile store
Ola Talaat
@123456792141 how much its price plz
Arun Reddy
lol @ how he says QWERTY
I have this phone and its great but I wish there was a flash :(
so the video says nothing about the camera? and the missing LED flash? and what about video capture? could be a better review...
Corey S
@GREATEST808CHICK he says .39 inches thick, not 3.9 inches thick.,
meg a tron
I have this phone. And heres the deal. The amoled screen on this is amazing. Yes, better than mytouch 4g. The phones are comperable but this one is a better price. Plus, the mytouch 4g is heavy heavy heavy! My mytouch by lg is rooted and running adw launcher ex so it is much faster than the stock functions. Smoother, faster and no lag. This is a great phone you just have to know what to do with it
Vinicius Correia
tomorrow i'll going to buy this phone ! oh yeah
Ezra Lauren
so what is the new feature?
@moemoe121000 yep, wifi calling nd data
Reginald Simpson
@SkyPirate600 actually he chooses the wallpaper, every single phone he reviews has that wallpaper. there is no way, that its the default wallpaper on every phone he reviews, seeing as how they are from different carriers, and different manufacturers.
hey! If I root the phone will the lag lessen?
@MrMegabored Probably easier to compare the screen quality?
Jaime Delgado
nice to see you're using different wallpaper.
so basically the mytouch 4g is better. okay? why release this phone in the first place? ffs
why is this guy obsessed with this wallpaper! Every freakin phone he reviews has the same wallpaper
I will upgrade it with winmo 6.5
Jules Mares
@shashoo16 the one on the left
janelle kaye
how can I unlock because I don't remember my gmail information
Jules Mares
@shashoo the one on the left
la mujer en cuera Montero
Como puedo resolver cuando me da error con google talk