Super Psychedelic Floydian Groove Backing Track - [E Aeolian - 6/8 - 67 bpm]

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Gary Livingston
is that pink Floyd's welcome to the Machine ? sounds awesome if that's it
Andrew Mars
This is one of if not the best channel to just jam too. Thank you sir.
Jon Abramczyk
best backing tracks and jam music....PERIOD!!!! WOW . I hope you get to do this for a living!!
Mark Doll
Really enjoy this! Keep coming back to it every time I pick up the guitar.
Man this was awesome!!! You really make the best tracks!
chris van allsburg
NowYouShred is my favorite. the long tracks of tuneage are so very peaceful and good
Brian Hart
The machine?
yo man I adore these tracks, they give me a great way to keep practicing. Any chance we might see some Joy Division style tracks soon?
Armin Mater
I never got so tripped tks
Max Rubio
Big respect man, you are teaching me all. If i get to play later , i will give you all my props.
Danny R
Okay. Am I tripping, but isn't this the G Major Scale all over the place???? Just the flat 3rd is the G? Because Em is the sixth degree of the G major Scale, I am thinking that all these notes are just G major scale focused on the E note as the me if I am wrong here. I am loving this channel.
Evan's Gate
You have the best tracks ever! As a noob, what do the symbols like p4 and p5 mean? Also would you happen to have any JJ Cale in the works?
Matthew Sapiano
I can't be the only person that thought for the first few seconds that floydian was some secret new mode that no one had ever taught me
Evan Biser
Throw a C# in every once in a while on the E chord it sounds great! Awesome channel by the way, I jam to your tracks everyday.
Reed Linger
Hell yeah. Good job.
Modal Backing Tracks
avoid the 6 b = C on E m but outline it on the two others , play the 9 = F # on the Em and try it on the A m and .... WELCOME TO THE MACHINE .... THUMBS UP AMIGO
Pablo Gomez
Great job!
Samuli Vaittinen
"Don't just wank" Aye sir. :D Love this channel.
Yamil Yamil
¿can i just go with E minor pentatonic?
Bruce Givens
Great to play with! Thjanks!
Hey, your channel is very useful dude!
Darío Rivas
E Aeolian = E natural minor?
Hi, cool to hear some new stuff from you, thanks
Paul martin
I learn a lot from your videos....Thanks!
Iron Greek
Don't just wank hahaha
Todd T Adams
I dont even know wtf chord is going on. It all sounds the same just diffrent octaves wtf
Emmanuel Garcia
Ive been playing electric for a while, but what I don't understand is what the symbols mean and what frets theyre on, but I love you channel man!
Hi love your videos and everyday I jamming with them, id like to ask to you if i can use your music and make a videos with them, id would like so much, saludos!
Lorenzo Sarli
It would be so nice if you made a "Eye in the sky" style backing track, my friend!
Gp Pa
Thank you!
Chris Surma
hell ya!!
Danny R
Back to the shed to work on some scales. Thanks...I am a bit confused on the exact or not exact science of it like you mentioned but I am far closer than I was just six months ago. I have been playing for years, never had a teacher, and it takes me forever to learn what others learn in a year or so, it sucks. I am getting there though. I am using CAGED method to move around and trying to connect those around the board but I get terribly lost.
Stefan Gruber
Another great one! thanks!