Liam Gallagher fighting in a club

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Old video of Oasis singer Liam Gallagher caught in a club fighting with strangers

Oasis Liam Gallagher fighting club

What pixel is Liam?
Liam is one of the biggest idiots Britain has ever produced, minus Tony Blair.
so hang on... Liam got banned after being attacked basically? Where's the logic in that?
Alereato Alereato
he's all talk, and hides behind his security, TOSSER grwat music tho LOL
Martin Geldart
Any less pixels it would be called radio.
Kieran Dobby
hahah, smashing up the gaff
40 Gin & Tonics is never going to end well. Bless him
Boom Shank
Liam is a twat....and never really got the hype about oasis either..emporors new clothes!
Liam is a fanny
Just cuz someone has a pony tail dosent make them soft n you lot don't even know if liam is hard or not, you lot are the loud mouths. I'm sure Liam can handle himself it's just he come up against the wrong guy.
The last bit is just comedy gold :D
I agree creep and Street spirit are very depressing but i like the pure music that they can make with each other. They are are a very good band. Also i love Rock Music it is my favorite kind bands like AC/DC And also I like some of Oasis' songs.
tincan tincan
it was me that beat him.. yeah I said to him get up hard man.. he refused.. so I grabbed his hair and smashed him 7 times that's when he run away screaming for his mate
I love hearing about these mancuntian twats having their teeth kicked out.....or being smashed up. What  shites they both are.  scum to the bone.
Hicory Dock
Liam got the shit kicked out of him that day I always thought he was a hard nut
Liam is a tit, big man threatening to smack Peter Kay, the knobhead wouldn't dream of trying to smack anyone who can actually handle themselves!
Bill Bear
This are lies, we all know Liam doesn't drink alcohol.
Be Awesome Tonight
its from 1994. It's on the Definitely Maybe DVD.
yes I agree, I have seen him up close, a fart would knock him over, didn't he chicken out of a charity boxing match with Robbie Williams?
holo matt
seems that liam takes more of one punch in his face
Fog812 8
I didn't cause that hair is too long.
Fog812 8
What year could this be?
Stone roses.
ติ่ง blackpink&Oasis Channel.
What happened to Liam.
ENK 64
a ha hah ha, that womans got a weird voice.
Eesnimi Perenimi
Avarage teenager can kick this addicts teeth in
What an arse
DAMN LIAM IS SO F***IN HOT !!! The narrator sounds like a f***in hobbit lol !! I mean really ppl ? ITS LIAM GALLAGHAR !!! OF COURSE HES GONNA GET HIGH OR DRUNK, OR BOTH ND END UP in a FIGHT!!! The footage was of Liam being TAKEN OUT of the bar, his 'mate' was the one goin crazy !! Oh wat a good joke Frodo (hobbit like narrator)!! Fuck the Blur, fuckin creep me out, esp in their 'universal' vid.
jackson1982 (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam 0 Poor comment Good comment (Reply) (Spam) Do you know some of the things that Axl Rose did? Ok lets look at other REAL rockstars... tell me you think Liam Hallagher is more hardcore than Nikki Sixx. but the rolling stones take it to the next level
Robert Smith
one more agreeing person here
The Ejaculator
What a complete load of shit. I've seen better fights between a couple of queers.
LOL absolutely lovely.
Thanks ,it's always a pleasure know what I mean ;)
that was their 1st tv performance
don't be surprised that he can't sing nowadays
Euchrid Eucrow
"i can decide which is most embarassing, being an ignorant prick on youtube. " Uhmm...there should a second option.
The English are out allie,so I say lets all grab a beer somewhere and avoid getting 7 uppercuts to the nose like ol Liam.
Dave Holt
why don't you piss off knobhead!!! He is a shithouse and all mouth. I'd knock his fuckin city boy head off if I ever met him and do the same to you as well if we ever met and you shouted your mouth off!
Vladimir Makarov
Rock'n'Roll mate...)
that´s because you are thick enough mate. Im not a muppet I have far more knowledge about music than you do. That´s why Im not a muppet but someone withthe ability to compare and opinate. I don´t follow industry and marketing idols such as the Gallaghertwats
Sorry Mr.Campbell (have you got anything to do with the tomato soup?)...but I´m not American. Oasis are a bunch of twats with no flavour, style or music in them...just marketing,business behind the stage and the puppet brothers with their silly actitud. G&R have a few songs aceptable. LedZep more of the same a few talented tunes. Best band easy and simple:Rolling Stones...I dont care if they are from England, second after them U2.But dont forget R&Roll or Pop are recent music with not history
sorry but I have nothing against UK as a whole I have been living there for 6 years and I dont regret it. But Liam GAllagher is an English cunt as he was born in England
You play dick sucking league? Is that what you meant?
well, he was nearly all the time drunked so...
Emmy Niinistö
Eh...Americans don't consider British to be "Eurotrash." That's a term reserved for continental Europeans.
Yes, Manchester's a truly awful place to live for you can't collect the milk from your doorstep without a few bullet's whizzing past your head. God knows why it's the UK's 2nd city :)
Dean Scott
doubt the lads in the east end of glasgow would agree matey. still trying to figure out whether your statements is meant to be an insult or a view from a personal experience.
it wasn't a fight liam got a hidin from the other lad by the sounds of it
stavros flatley
liam gallagher=knobhead
Dave Holt
Liam Gallagher is the biggest f**kin cock that there's ever been born and the guy is a s**thouse as well, all mouth!!!!!!
Bailey Williamson
Bop star?
baz 64
he can do the talk....but cant do the walk.....unless you class that chav walk he does as doin the walk....hard man indeed pmsl
Cunt couldnae fight sleep.
Thiago Peduzzi
well, whatever.
@MorningGlory1997 Could not agree more, idiotic choice picking that.
sounds like Cornelia Francis
of fuck off sharpish,.this happends every fucking weekend in the whole world,.why is it a 'scandal' when Liam does it..he's just a lad as everyone else.. those 40 gin and tonics is probably how much he bought yeah,,not how much he drank..fuckin media
hence the quotes the word scandal is in between of ;)
Lee R
What a fucking legend I dont even what to think how bad life would be without that guy
fuck liam harbuclkel or w.e i just read an interview on ultimate-guitar and said bloc party is shit. and says scruffy looking musicians look like bums...he then went on to bitch about how they dont wash their clothes.....ugh fucking limeys
Fern Tate
@TheMrbollox still is.
it dont atualy say liam did nout sept say summut bout some blokes girl friend it were is mate causin the truble an the other bloke smaked liam fer sayin sumit wich is outa order
This should be title God's brother fighting
Andrew Ness Macleod
so what if he is a tosser? big deal, nd noel aint overated as a guitar player cause oasis fans nd himself know that he aint the best guitar player in the world....he comes up with the best tunes tho
Angel Vargas
Ohhhh I get it, you are doing the "mom" thing...that's so clever! I never felt so offended in my life. Congrats!
Angel Vargas
Guess you're already doing it!
parasite god
should have killed him
err sorry mate but u wouldent last 5 mins in manchester
Ima great Oasis fan, but youre right. I mean, he is a great song player, but he's not a great guitar player. Sure, he's good, but overrated.
How weird is that voice? Anyway Liam is a legend.
Liam is fucking amazing, we love you !
Liams fukin toppp
Mario Quinn
corpsegrinder vs liam.
Hooch YT
only just
@C17H21NO4ful and i didn't say that YOU did,im saying others are.It doesn't bother me that it's about Liam, it's the fact that people say it in a place where they can't be hurt by the person they're chatting shit about. At least Liam does something about a thing he doesn't like, and i can honestly say i know few people today that do that because of the society we live in today. I agree with you that Liam won't do shit when he see's Noel though, he wrote a song about it saying he forgives him.
nice you joined the youtube community, forrest gump ;)
mark lewis
Liam Gallagher fighting in a club? FUCK OFF!! Liam Gallagher getting bitch slapped in a club more like..that cunt can only fight paparazi and they seldom hit back
america...FUCK YA!.....came to save the motherfuckin day YA! hahaha drink a fuckin guinness and get over it
frank molloy
Liam Tadger
hmm the US military > all.
Jorge Francisco Yunes Gómez
Stuart Thomson
is it me or does the women sound like a witch?? lmao
John Hume
He was being a cunt around the wrong people and got a couple of digs for his troubles.
Everybody thinks that Liam Gallagher is an absolute wanker.On his own this cretin is a coward but like kingazzaman said,he's got security with him all the time to stop anyone flattening him.Grow up,you ugly,mono-eyebrowed,boss-eyed twat.
Martin Reynoso
amen tell em m8
its all a bit of a blur? oh fuck you cunt
Anthony O'Neill
Liam !!! what is the media trying to prove all the time that hes a bad boy woow get over ittt everyone one know liam doesn't care and hes abit madd but guess what that half the things that make him cool and his voice lol
Is that a man or woman commentating!? WOW! some kicking bar, I counted like 15 people total! hahahahahaha!!
Paul Johnson
The guy should have glassed the twat in the neck, never mind punch him. and watched him bleed out....
Why does every Oasis video turn into Britain vs America? Just enjoy the music. And who really cares what Liam Gallagher gets up to in a pub?
its funny as out when people do that lol
Everyone in that CCTV vid had shockin' barnets. Manchester for u eh...
Johnny Romana
thats a shame because i love you!,but what about those beer glasses?
Kacey Jones
He's a twat! Get a life Liam!!!!
Johnny Romana
your all banging on about Liam etc,but what about the real victims here?,yes those innocent but expensive beer glasses?,did they survive?,are there some grieving lady glasses out there that we dont know about?
Johnny Romana
im sure it isnt Zoe tho' she's similar,i too like wannamake her!
Alberto Beristain
Yeah ese si es un rock-star y no pedazos... Me pongo de píe
well one of the albums sold 22m, so...