Liam Gallagher fighting in a club

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Old video of Oasis singer Liam Gallagher caught in a club fighting with strangers

Martin Geldart
Any less pixels it would be called radio.
40 Gin & Tonics is never going to end well. Bless him
Kieran Dobby
hahah, smashing up the gaff
4K quality
so hang on... Liam got banned after being attacked basically? Where's the logic in that?
Fog812 8
What year could this be?
Fog812 8
I didn't cause that hair is too long.
Hooch YT
only just
Liam is a fanny
Boom Shank
Liam is a twat....and never really got the hype about oasis either..emporors new clothes!
I agree
I agree creep and Street spirit are very depressing but i like the pure music that they can make with each other. They are are a very good band. Also i love Rock Music it is my favorite kind bands like AC/DC And also I like some of Oasis' songs.
Thom Yorke is amazing.
Am Scottish man, Liam would fit it with us no bother, just a working class lad having it!
it wasn't a fight liam got a hidin from the other lad by the sounds of it
Liams fukin toppp
Liam is a tit, big man threatening to smack Peter Kay, the knobhead wouldn't dream of trying to smack anyone who can actually handle themselves!
@C17H21NO4ful and i didn't say that YOU did,im saying others are.It doesn't bother me that it's about Liam, it's the fact that people say it in a place where they can't be hurt by the person they're chatting shit about. At least Liam does something about a thing he doesn't like, and i can honestly say i know few people today that do that because of the society we live in today. I agree with you that Liam won't do shit when he see's Noel though, he wrote a song about it saying he forgives him.
@C17H21NO4ful Did i say at any point that im scared of Liam, or that i think Liam is scary? i'm making the point that you all say he's a soft cunt and that all of you would kick the shit out of him if you met him, when actually if you saw him in the street, you'd do fuck all. I said that Liam is a cocky bastard, and most of the time he probably deserved his head being kicked in, but you all speak as if your the hardest fuckers in the country.
Liam could speak big because at the time he knew his band was amazing, and they were. yes he's got a big mouth, yes he's a cocky bastard, but i know for a fact that all of you cunts writing comments about him wouldn't dare say any of this to his face cause you'd shit your pants if he went near you.
Just cuz someone has a pony tail dosent make them soft n you lot don't even know if liam is hard or not, you lot are the loud mouths. I'm sure Liam can handle himself it's just he come up against the wrong guy.
Michael Seymour
They wernt uppercuts ! ..hitting gallagher -its more like 6 "uppercunts " ha !!
What a total dribble of piss Gallagher is. He fights even worse than he sings. He'd shit himself if he didn't take minders with him wherever he goes. I don't like violence but I'd make an exception for him. I'd love to paste the shite out of the little pansy.
John Hume
He was being a cunt around the wrong people and got a couple of digs for his troubles.
parasite god
should have killed him
Hicory Dock
Liam got the shit kicked out of him that day I always thought he was a hard nut
Daniel Elsegood
@RickyGums just coz your probably one of those wankers
@innit27 Have I wound you up?
@innit27 Actually the story of Liam's life is being an instrumental part of one of the greatest bands of all time and performing to sell out crowds for the last 15 years and living in a mansion with millions in the bank. Story of your life = trolling youtube. Who's winning? ;)
Martin Reynoso
Alereato Alereato
he's all talk, and hides behind his security, TOSSER grwat music tho LOL
sounds like Cornelia Francis
liam is fucked up, i hate him, i feel sorry for Noel, i love him.
Vladimir Makarov
Rock'n'Roll mate...)
Ariel Tur
jajaja, pelotudo ¡¡¡ cuanto pagaste tus dientes (Stupid dronk Liam ¡ , how much pay at your dentist ? )
I love hearing about these mancuntian twats having their teeth kicked out.....or being smashed up. What  shites they both are.  scum to the bone.
srt tyd
6 uppercuts? sound like he thrashed liam good...
Liam kinda looks like Nick Stahl
Alberto Beristain
Yeah ese si es un rock-star y no pedazos... Me pongo de píe
Big Jordie86
@xxZyklonBxx what is the pub called and where is it?
@Sdrumer14 The fight isnt shown here. All u say is Liam getting pushed from the right side of the camera. I didnt see Liam fight anyone here
@modernmod89 German mafia knocked out whose teeth and when?
@Shenannigan101 Who isn't Noel or Liam?
@igg73 Liam said this?? So now rock stars have to be prissy clean and prepped up?
@125possom Yeah, he took an L
Sounds like Liam got his ass kicked. Said he was giving Liam "uppercuts to the face about six times"
Fern Tate
@TheMrbollox still is.
Bailey Williamson
Bop star?
JF Yunes
Stone roses.
Liam is a fucking kook..without his brother he would of been a talent except for the front pages..he's got nothing on any fucking member of the Clash or the Pistols..or the Beatles for that matter..he's propped up by the media...just like Brittany Spears..ha!
fuck liam harbuclkel or w.e i just read an interview on ultimate-guitar and said bloc party is shit. and says scruffy looking musicians look like bums...he then went on to bitch about how they dont wash their clothes.....ugh fucking limeys
stavros flatley
liam gallagher=knobhead
Everybody thinks that Liam Gallagher is an absolute wanker.On his own this cretin is a coward but like kingazzaman said,he's got security with him all the time to stop anyone flattening him.Grow up,you ugly,mono-eyebrowed,boss-eyed twat.
Paul Johnson
The guy should have glassed the twat in the neck, never mind punch him. and watched him bleed out....
Joel robertson
thats what its about, he should of gone back over, windmilling in!
What a toss pot the Liam knob
Chip Holton
Haha gay Scots. Thats funny.
Dean Scott
doubt the lads in the east end of glasgow would agree matey. still trying to figure out whether your statements is meant to be an insult or a view from a personal experience.
@MorningGlory1997 Could not agree more, idiotic choice picking that.
"a good musician borrows from others, a great one steals". Paul McCartney said that. People are naive in thinking anything is actually original. the beatles were basically just a massive rip off of everyone gonig around, and they are one of the best bands of all time. Jimi Hendrix, guitar with teeth? T Bone Walker anyone? sex pistols, punk? appropriatation of the whos riffs, the who-cant explain-the kinks? T. Rex- rolling stones.rolling stones-american blues bands.your an idiot, all greats steal
mark lewis
haha! he got done by a pony tailed poof!! that's what happens to big mouths
I agree, thats what killed metal off. Still better than listening to this whiney shit band. Couldn't give a fuck what you think of me, you're the one glorifying rip-off music and shit lyrics. Get back to filling that skip, you dumb fuck.
that is quite possibly the worst anallagy ive ever heard. Nah 7 studio albums mate, 70 million albums. I dont believe the hype, i just think it sounds alot better than a bunch of fucking metal shitheads thrashing out shit. Thats what metal is, a bunch of ugly people playing ugly music to ugly fans. end of.
Ima great Oasis fan, but youre right. I mean, he is a great song player, but he's not a great guitar player. Sure, he's good, but overrated.
Andrew Ness Macleod
so what if he is a tosser? big deal, nd noel aint overated as a guitar player cause oasis fans nd himself know that he aint the best guitar player in the world....he comes up with the best tunes tho
Which one?
Check the figures, they haven't sold that much. 70 million total sales of all music, album and single. 9 albums, the numbers dont add up. You believe the hype, thats what make you like them, you think you are part of something. a bit like the Special Olympics.
well one of the albums sold 22m, so...
That would be nine albums to the same 6 million people then?
ha yep true, least he's not sitting on t4 or something..
yeah, he never seems to turn out well does he. noel broke his foot, german mafia knock out his teeth. mind, i reckon hed do most other pop stars
only 6 million? 275,000 people watch this. id say 80% of them are fans. 2m see noel get pushed, id say around 75% of them would be fans. 70 million people have bought oasis albums.
200,000 wanna see Liam fighting, nearly 2 million people wanna see Noel get faceplanted. Glad to see that more people hate them than like them. Thats why they only sell 6 million copies of albums worldwide to the same 6 million people.
well, he was nearly all the time drunked so...
Everyone in that CCTV vid had shockin' barnets. Manchester for u eh...
liam is well gay when he fights
ha he is a great frontman n rock star but he def aint no fighter...
gallaghers 2 of them could not beat my gran
The Ejaculator
What a complete load of shit. I've seen better fights between a couple of queers.
Thanks ,it's always a pleasure know what I mean ;)
Angel Vargas
Ohhhh I get it, you are doing the "mom" thing...that's so clever! I never felt so offended in my life. Congrats!
Angel Vargas
Guess you're already doing it!
holo matt
seems that liam takes more of one punch in his face
This is shit. There is no fight. How can it be Liam fighting when there is no fight? Snoooooozefest.
Thank god there are still some rockers in the world who can access their trashy side. The thing about Liam is he hates posers while he himself is kind of one. don't get me wrong he's badass but he said so himself he doesn't care about rock and roll he just wanted the sex and drugs and Noel is the brains behind the music and lyrics. Liam must have some very densely layered hatred for himself and the proof is in his behavior...still love him though, crazy douche bag.
why would i put a second option?
Euchrid Eucrow
"i can decide which is most embarassing, being an ignorant prick on youtube. " Uhmm...there should a second option.
i can decide which is most embarassing, being an ignorant prick on youtube.
neither is particularly embarrassing tbh
I don't think it's a fake.but I'm fan of Oasis since I was still 4th grade because my big brother influence.But i admitt it. Liam is a trouble maker.He's even give punch in the face to a male fan in the concert (except hottie female).
joe duncan
oasis are shite
Anthony O'Neill
Liam !!! what is the media trying to prove all the time that hes a bad boy woow get over ittt everyone one know liam doesn't care and hes abit madd but guess what that half the things that make him cool and his voice lol
that was their 1st tv performance
Be Awesome Tonight
its from 1994. It's on the Definitely Maybe DVD.
Liam is fucking amazing, we love you !
Mario Quinn
corpsegrinder vs liam.
How weird is that voice? Anyway Liam is a legend.
i thought it was a dude rofl