Lonely cat needs food

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Lonely cat needs food. I met a lonely cat on the street and feed him fish. This cat lives alone on the street because all cats are afraid of he biting them all. Link annotation: /> Donation Link paypal:

This cat has a beautiful coat.
Advanced Penguin
Title perfectly describes me
Robin Redbreast
Robin because of what you do, there is a VERY SPECIAL PLACE in heaven for you, my friend.
Lavern Merriweather
Such a glorious human being!! I'm going to be learning Russian this summer hope I can go one day and meet you Robin!! I love kitties a great thing you are doing
matt carter
he would not be homeless long if he came around me
Josef Jiřík
Very hungry cat!
Jaxson Harris
ahh such a cute cat
How is he doing Robin?
Yass Bissh
should. have gave the kitty some water to wash it down .
Llwyd Antonius
I want to learn Beastmastery - and tame cats Big and small
sabrinalina 76
M Pence
Thank you
J with love
Robin please tell us about yourself... we fall in love with your work. R u student ?
Nicky Nicky
😯😯😯 oh so cute
Cecilia Steen
I like the extreme closeup. It’s a beautiful cat. 🤗 Thanks for feeding him! ❤️
You are awesome.
aww what a cutie 💜
ЛОЛ, облизывается хищник! Надеюсь хоть сказал Вам спасибо за такой вкусный обед...
this cat won a Buffet XD
My Name is JAFO
00:01 - Not sure if I trust you or not. _ksksksksksks_ 00:06 - Oh hai! Ur the one who feeds all my cat friendz!
Ernest Lucas
You are a great guy for taking care of all of these wonderful cats.
Sandy Santigo
Bless you😘
aisha sabrina aulia
he's not scary at all.. but he like to hissing..
Vertain and Jentayu
watching the cat eat made me happy!! ;D
omg in 3:12 I thought some car going to ruin his fish XD
Thank you Robin! All you do makes for hope in all of us!
Quartz Hyalos
The world needs more cats, and when it has more cats, it still needs more cats!🤯😬😻 Eat, my fluff, eat!
teresa johnson
God bless you
Nuno Soares
Wow Robin. Nice pieces of fish. Thanks for feeding him
velma D
He is so beautiful he resemble of my cat.
antony soros
merci beaucoup Robin
Animal lover
Great job dear robin i also uplod hunger cat vidio i like sem your work keep it up only some littel person select this work
Jargon Ellie
That was heartwarming watching that hungry little cat enjoying those little fish so much. Bless you Robin. XxX
Master Orion
you are good man!
Google Kullanıcısı
you are amazing i love your channel
Kyoto Chu
lonely? ohmygod that makes me sad
dolly l
Wow, the cat looked just like mine, i found him as a kitten on top of my wall, went i put him down he never left. Unfortunately he died at age 10
I bet he's very thankful
gail h
All I can say is thankgod robin helps these cats. When u think if how much cruelty there is in the world. Robin is a great person for being so kind. God bless u xxx
thank you. water please.
lol so cute. he's devouring those fish so fast
kkk mmm90
I love you
Adam Chief
Lucky cat.
Ooh free fish! Yay nomnomnom Oh... More free fish... Something isnt right here.
man even i cant eat a fish so fast wtf xD
i have trouble making the kss kss kss kss sound 😂
Destini Mitchell
I like that you take the time out of your day to help these cats survive. you are a true animal person 😊
Neal Frost
Damn that cat was hungry
I hope this cat is still okay and happy ~
Why people dislike this?
arthantar pujari
I do this also but will vediotapping it spread awareness ? Please guide me
James Levio
What, no milk too?....
eric scott
I am glad that you have fed this cat
Misakii Mako
I love what you do for the cats in your community! It warms my heart, but I have to ask do you keep track of the cats that roam or stay here and do they each have names or do they come and go?
i wish i could help stray cats like this but i barely see them. Where are they most commonly found?
Aww poor little fella. I love cats. Grew up with them
O Balls
Don't give him the food on that filthy tarmac. It's full of cancerous stuff which especially 'bleeds out' when the sun shines hard on it and also when it's raining and the small pieces of rubber from tyres. It's also the reason why more and more streets in suburbian area's (atleast in The Netherlands) are being paved again with stones instead of using tarmac around housing blocks.
utreger jup
torture cats..
Very muscular why they’re afraid of him
Cee Note
All cats like fish
J Tyler
Maybe he doesn't like the other cats but loves the fish
Lê Nguyên Khôi Hoàng
That is a feral cat not a lonely cat dummy
Maxi Winter
Nice! What kind of fish are you giving the cats? I'd like to try raw fish with my cat, too. But I'm not sure which one is best for cats. Can you give me some recommendations?
King Eric XV
Shame that my cats are picky eaters, one is moderately picky and the other is really picky. This made me want to go to the supermarket and buy some fresh fish for my kitties, at least I can give it a try with a small amount.
flat flat
cool cat
How can a cat eat fish like this with sharp bones in the fish ?
Bravo ,bonne action de faites . le chat avait tres faims ,il mange meme les petites miettes !
Froggy Xd
chacon huey
ao cute
Fadillatunnisa Dilla
cute cat....
I sure hope those are raw fish, and not cooked. As cooked fish bones could kill him. Uncooked fish bones are soft, digestible and safe to eat.