OPEN AIR MODERN TINY HOUSE || The Sims 4: Speed Build

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Beth Bee
Such a cute house and so feel-good music :) Perfect way to start my day. Great job!
Gabi Adrião
Gosh, this video is soooooo relaxing <3 This house is so pretty, ur awesome *!!*
Shannon Berg
Oooooooh. I love this idea. I might give it a go on a build of my open. The open air is something I have done before, but not quite like this where it's a fully open front facade. :)
Amazing... creativity at highest level
Paige R. Hackett
Omg this might be my favourite house you've ever built. I wanna live here! I wish I had all the packs so I could download this.
Amanda Spacek
This is so cute! I can't even get sims 4 to run, I wish this was for game 3