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Can u make gta4 video again
keir reid
CPR? For a gunshot wound? Lol wtf
Uncle Stevens
-Gets shot- "You wanna Band-Aid?!"
47 Yungin
I miss the gta iv videos
A$AP Videos
I think GTA 6 is going to be in Vice City
Swag Ty'jule
CPR for a bullet wound? lol
DeVan Hooker
You got the juice now! LOL
Kassan b i need dat instrumental @16:13 b
Lol 16:05 look at the car at the background lol so bounce
Morrin Ampadu
if you have gta 5 kasaantv you make gta 5 school life
Zachary Smith
kasaan is awesome
Jacob Canady
Punchanella gucci mane That's the Jam
Elijah G
Add me on that 360 tho, R4INM4N93
Ya vice city
Franklyn Clinton
wat is dat song in 0:00 2 0:17
tion titus
I Wondering Whats Da Name Tooo Dat Shidd Crank
Gamertag is ButtaMcLoud
can i play sik wit it 69 cousin
Kelton Whittington
Hey kassan continue this this is my favorite vid that u made it would be pretty cool if you continued it like a story line
[email protected] "You got the Juice now!" 31:11
If you haven't already played gta v then yes it's in San Andreas.
What's that song at 16:00
SoSickEnt CBE
@KasaanTv what was the song called at 3:28
Callum Sanderson
Yo do a vid when you get a plane on gta5
Callum Sanderson
Do yall beed yygdddfhhbvcdsswertghjbbv rhe gamr
patricia harmon
do yall need the game
patricia harmon
patricia harmon
how yall get online for tht shit
vince macshate
vince macshate
Yo kasaan let me join yo crew for gta 5
Tae Marques
When u doin part 2
Tyler Collins
@Natasha Hershey that is lol wayne pussy money weed
Flow IntoMotion
Goodbye Liberty City hello Los Santos!!
Tyler Collins
I want that beginning beat
Tht9OsBaby •
Where this nigga from? DC?
Tee Christine
At 18:30 what song is that? I dig the vibe it has
Tae Marques
When u doin part 2
shanee zahmir
add me on xbox
Elmer Barcenas
For xbox
Elmer Barcenas
Was his gamer tag?
Ps3. : ksmoove_jr
shaqwan carter
Online is finally out cant wait for gta v in the hood vids
Deezy Savage
Put me in a episode on that GTA 5 Ima hype shit up..
No the song in the video
Puchanella gucci mane ft. Young thug
Lwandile Ngcobo
im hoping that when they say that they going to California,they mean San Andreas,and they continue it from here in gta V
Ry Diddy
This is hilarious my nigga, add me on ps3 RyanXOasis93
Wharl that song?
Jade Crockran
7:00 dats mah niggah lackin lmaoooo rollin and shit
Jakob Miller
Ass and titties
Jay 2x
Shit funny asf add me on ps3 JADEN_ THE_ YOUNG
Durodes Duvo
You better do this stuff this October in GTA5.
x Legion x
Lmao aye i wanna be yo body guard in gta 5 haha like , the dad on everybody hate chris
John Grimshaw
Yo kasaan friend me on ps3 MachineGunNJB. Xbox 360 snakecobra27
Chris Clark
Man wassup with dat gta the movie
Bone x General
Brother kasaanntv see u in low suntos boss laugh hahahahahah
red Banga
now it'a been fye if fa kasaans last gta4 vid dey flew ta San F, or where eva da fuck gta5 take place, and dey landed and ended da vid in gta5
Dre Harris
It's gta 4 you stupid bitch
Los Bino
add me on ps3 if you tryna make a crew lightning12349
you no how to do it ?
dequeris burke
Fuck nigga
jimmy sager
yea fuck ass nigga
when multiplayer comes out
Elijah Bellinger
I u got that poster of u
Vaibhav Mhasalkar
@lyetkpj yeah man i know what you mean also! man im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >>\p5XC
Dez Nix
What was that first song ?
Donnie Bravo
Vincent Hernandez
Was Kasaan wearing blue?
When gta 5 in tha hood gonna drop
Choppa ChoppChopp
Kasaan videos be wild af.
no i live in newport news VA they released it monday Jefferson commons gamestop
that black guy
Gta5 gta5 gta5 gta5 gta5 gta5 gta5 gta5 gta5
therealchamp 24
who has ps3 and gta 4 add me at mikuh24
We ready GTA
Saint Louis GamingTV
Aye Man I just subscribed to you bro, your video are stupid funny!!!!
izaiah Shaw
When the screen blacked out I thot my phone died
Christian Holmes
Now we gotta wait 2more weeks n shit
Tre g
All about blue @ watts BSC
Quanito aka VuittonQuan
It's gonna start in gta5
jamon scott
add me go-_-hard-_-kid
Aight ima add you bra
jamon scott
add me go-_-hard-_-kid
jamon scott
what is your name online
Jamal Greenfield
6hours xD
jamon scott
add me ps3 go-_-hard-_-kid
jamon scott
me my ps3 name is go-_-hard-_-kid
jamon scott
me go-_-hard-_-kid
Who got ps3
David Swaringen
who trying to this on ps3 with GTA5
Mortal Killer
This might be for gta v!
He was talking bout gta v tht they going to Cali
Xzavion Green
How does he get his own music in the car n shit
King Soap
34 minute video, damn nigga you need your own show. also whats the song at 12 minute mark.
Aamauri Allen
whats the beat called in 16:28?
Bruh kasaan how can join rng my nigga
yinka majeed
i got gta v on da 16th. best game ever
Ron Powe
Man your videos are off the chain. I watch them like sitcoms. My nephew and I be rollin! Can't wait till you post from Gta 5! You're BRILLIANT!