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keir reid
CPR? For a gunshot wound? Lol wtf
Can u make gta4 video again
Uncle Stevens
-Gets shot- "You wanna Band-Aid?!"
A$AP Videos
I think GTA 6 is going to be in Vice City
DeVan Hooker
You got the juice now! LOL
47 Yungin
I miss the gta iv videos
Kassan b i need dat instrumental @16:13 b
Swag Ty'jule
CPR for a bullet wound? lol
Morrin Ampadu
if you have gta 5 kasaantv you make gta 5 school life
Lol 16:05 look at the car at the background lol so bounce
Cam Wainwright
Don't touch yo nuts while to talkin to me dats gay 😂😂
Elijah G
Add me on that 360 tho, R4INM4N93
Franklyn Clinton
wat is dat song in 0:00 2 0:17
The Real Paidd Jayy
i like the intro
Toney so cool
Get a faster car that way u not driving in that beat up van and see a cute chick and u ask her out and she say no cause yo car messed uo
Rhonda Thompson
Will do some old videos like that joke was so heartbroken do some more videos I gave you a whole bunch of lies well do some of the year old but I like it lol GTG but let me look it up Sudoku Ballia please give us a funny videos
jesse gallimore
SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASSSSEEEEEEE PLEASSSEE (what is the instrumental at 18:30 -19:20
what system do u play on and If it's xbox can we play sometime my gamertags is Amercers
Lakeia Dunn
Did anybody notice the girl got hit and landed on her feet and started running @ 17:20 watch from there
Jashaun Barker
U be running like a lil girl
Denis Mezencev
there's no part 2. his gta 5 vids are based in cali.
Max West
Y is everybody tryin to do videos like u now lol so lame
King K.C
What dat instrumental at 17:30?
Turkessa Jackson
They know dey cant take a bullet out det just makin it more moving funnier
Mixed.Kid.Gamer Smith
Thay girl who got hit on the 1st shooting scene git hit bad and rolled of
ShameasDa SunnyHurricane
that gray car was jumping
(three underscores )
Philly P Too Brazy
I saw this vid a long time ago n I barely noticed that was young thug
Shauna Collins
What is the instrumental that starts at 10:53 ?! Pleasee let me know
Ayo Ghost
32:02 it keeps happenin
The Third One
Bro nice gang
Liberty Killzz
i thought my phone died in the beginning cx
Jacob Canady
Punchanella gucci mane That's the Jam
Demar Jackson
This nicca is a fool frfr
C D Smither
When u gone release the 2nd one?
Brent Robinson
you got the juice now lol
LaTreiell Scott
oso is my brother
Nakia Smith
What happened to pt 2
Master p I'm bout I see u kassan lol
PS3 Saan
Famous ProductionsTV
I'm about to start watching all your videos....#kasaan🎮🔥GANG.......🆙❗❗❗oh you the boss in this video ⛽
funny tho
Joey Gunnz
Soo no body tried to find out that instrumental at 5:11 ? smh.
fasd more
why you  always running
Zachary Smith
kasaan is awesome
Philly P Too Brazy
Is tht young thug rapping 2:55
Ya vice city
Cedvariae Dotson
Kasaantv im a fan
D Dawson
Yo what's that young thug and gucci mane song 😪
Whats the name of the song used at 4:50??? PLS Reply!!!
Devonta Henry
The beat doe
Wolf Yeezy
Is this pc or Xbox
marshon Green
rip sick
Bryan Santiago
on 16 16 what is the song
Almightycj 300
It was hella bikes
CJ Jhonson Plays
What song is that at 18:29
Jin Sumo
Kfresh 26
Tyler Jurek
dita greene
tion titus
I Wondering Whats Da Name Tooo Dat Shidd Crank
Gamertag is ButtaMcLoud
can i play sik wit it 69 cousin
Kelton Whittington
Hey kassan continue this this is my favorite vid that u made it would be pretty cool if you continued it like a story line
[email protected] "You got the Juice now!" 31:11
If you haven't already played gta v then yes it's in San Andreas.
What's that song at 16:00
SoSickEnt CBE
@KasaanTv what was the song called at 3:28
Callum Sanderson
Yo do a vid when you get a plane on gta5
Callum Sanderson
Do yall beed yygdddfhhbvcdsswertghjbbv rhe gamr
patricia harmon
do yall need the game
patricia harmon
patricia harmon
how yall get online for tht shit
vince macshate
vince macshate
Yo kasaan let me join yo crew for gta 5
Tae Marques
When u doin part 2
Tyler Collins
@Natasha Hershey that is lol wayne pussy money weed
Tyler Collins
I want that beginning beat
Tht9OsBaby •
Where this nigga from? DC?
Tee Christine
At 18:30 what song is that? I dig the vibe it has
Tae Marques
When u doin part 2
shanee zahmir
add me on xbox
Elmer Barcenas
For xbox
Elmer Barcenas
Was his gamer tag?
Ps3. : ksmoove_jr
shaqwan carter
Online is finally out cant wait for gta v in the hood vids
Deezy Savage
Put me in a episode on that GTA 5 Ima hype shit up..
No the song in the video
Puchanella gucci mane ft. Young thug
Lwandile Ngcobo
im hoping that when they say that they going to California,they mean San Andreas,and they continue it from here in gta V
Ry Diddy
This is hilarious my nigga, add me on ps3 RyanXOasis93
Wharl that song?
Jade Crockran
7:00 dats mah niggah lackin lmaoooo rollin and shit
Jakob Miller
Ass and titties
Jay 2x
Shit funny asf add me on ps3 JADEN_ THE_ YOUNG
Durodes Duvo
You better do this stuff this October in GTA5.
Camoflauge Raw
Lmao aye i wanna be yo body guard in gta 5 haha like , the dad on everybody hate chris