Heroes 3 how to install HD mod and Horn Of The Abyss (GoG version)

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Heroes 3 how to install HD mod and Horn Of The Abyss (GoG version) HD MOD - /> Horn of the Abyss is an unofficial add-on to Heroes of Might and Magic III. It's created as a whole by game fans. Therefore, it can bring to mind another unofficial fan add-on - In the Wake of Gods - or one of many its modifications, but the difference is in project's nature. Unlikely to above, Horn of the Abyss is to be a classic add-on, recalling original works of game creators, that is Armageddon's Blade and Shadow of Death. Instead of many news, changing game to a large degree and giving fans loads of modding functions as scripts language, HotA relies mainly on further game development, that is new units, artifacts or towns with minimal effect on game's mechanics. In contrast to the vast majority of fan projects, in HotA Crew - a team involved in the project - occur people which are experts with their field. Instead of graphics from other games or found on the Internet, we have completely new works made by artists by theirselves. Instead of parts of various monsters put together, we have units which are made in whole 3D techniques. Plot is deliberated by the series experts, the mapmakers have a big experience in their job and the coders do their best to erase all errors which appear by interfering directly into the game code. What's interesting is that nobody pays those people for that - they do a good job only as their passion.

The Professor
it tells me "selected folder does not contain requred HoMM 3 files, so installation is impossible" Can someone help?
John Aldrin Co
thanks, the hd mod is working but the hota is not installing and i kept having the "Sync Parameter Error" message :(
Ari Bakke
There is no 'install horn of the abyss' button.
It would be cool if someone could make a hd mod for Dark Reign! This game really needs a restoration! Unfortunately I'm no programmer.
AleX Shayers
i need some help, the hota doesnt have the setup automatically
Kelziox ̄\_ツ_/ ̄
where i can get my saved maps please? when i install Hd3 mod , i cant see my saved maps :(
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Vik Vajking
Thx man great tutorial!
Cami Gomez
i got thanks bro
Toasty Poptartz
cant make custom games/maps or do multiplayer.
Richard Bell
McAfee keeps quarantining h3hota.exe as a trojan.
The Solution for: "selected folder does not contain required HoMM 3 files, so installation is impossible". Go in the folder of HoMM 3, find the launcher icon, right click, properties, copy the file route and paste it in the folder installation of HOTA.
Hey guys, a comment for whoever wonders - take the GOG version. Install the Hd mod with hota as described in this video. Everything works smooth. You have a game lobby like as if the game was released only in the recent years. AMAZING. Huge community there. LOTS of maps. Balance fixes for factions. You can also save your progress with friends online and come back to it another day. I'm just so glad I went for this version evetually and not for the steam one. Don't worry about the HD here - it's not as smooth and clean as the steam one, but it is smooth and clean enough, you have enough options in the mod launcher to adjust the game to your screen. I would also advise to donate this guys for their incredible work, and for keeping the community alive still in 2019 with updates, fixes and maintence.