Evanescence 'Studio Footage'

Evanescence in the studio hard at work at just released album 'Evanescence'.

Tim is so cute my goodness 😍
That was troy lol. Dont all drummers kinda learn by ear?.. I didnt know there was an exact science for drumming like their can be for other instruments. Well no music has to be exact science but im talking sheet wise.
Dawdy Drums
Which on is troy?
well my mistake
OMG yes!!! Will hunt learns by ear! so do I hehhe
Same place where stone sour recorded audio secrecy!
George Tsirogiannis
I know that Ev used Pro Tools for The Open Door, maybe that's the case for this album as well.
Ryan Borja
Awesome. I hope they make another DVD like they did for their frist album. They showed a concert and than like an hour of behind the scene footage. It was awesome.
Is no one going to question that there's songs named "Orange" and "Kraken"
Gilson Riberto
Lindíssima Amy Lee
Sarah Castro
Rob D
Awesome video!!! Never saw this before?
Márcia Qrozz
Minha linda😘💕
Sarah Castro
7:08 you can tell Amy is lying. She might be smiling or laughing about it, but I think most fans will realize just how unhappy and dissatisfied she was with Evanescence and their music. The Synthesis era proves how much Amy hated most of their own metal songs. And how come Amy "loved" Terry so much but turned out to fire him few years after this footage came out? She's so fake!