Soldiers Coming Home Surprise (Their Reunion is so Touching) *Awesome Life*

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Melissa Redish
Tears, every damn time!
marley the greatest husky ever
My dd214 hugged me with open arms and tears as well. Lol along with divorce papers.. these men and women including their families are super hero's. Real champions
Srinivas Pillai
God's protection be on all these soldiers and their family, this kind of video keeps one grounded, no place for haughtiness, keeps the heart light, peaceful and joyous, God bless.
Hassen Ben Sober
A person puts on the uniform and leaves, not knowing if they're coming back. I bet it was hell for the families. Those thoughts ran thru my mind on those many air vehicle rides into the unknown. Thank you to the families that help put us back together as best they could when we came back for good. God bless you.
Madison Greenwall
Me and my hubs in the second clip :)
There is still too much verticalitis in this world.
Jeff Miracle
A lot of laugh in tears 😂
Yankee's fan 99 & little yanks 10
I love all of these video's they are so awesome
hans mair
As Austrian Thank you all USA soilder thet fight for OUR FREEDOM God Bless you all+ my prayer with + for you
Scotty 490
U.S.A ARMY panda 2310
I relly want to be a solder💂💂💂💂🙏💂👍
Jenalyse Malley
4 and a half months till my husband comes home from a 9 month deployment 💪🏽 I’m just here to get a good cry in 🤦🏻‍♀️
Pat McCaffery
Nice video...just a shame we're only seeing a third of the screen..!!
Carmelo Florio
Semper fi Bro.
I have some sort of salty discharge coming from my eyes
a p
There's a difference between soldier sailer marine airman, we all love them. Get it right.
Mike Danner
Thank you for your service welcome home very much
virginia hiatt
Looks like a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!
Debbie Kent
Maximum Beaufort
Very nice... but... Vertical videos are SO bad, many reactions are missed... FFS turn your phones people!
Wao its really amazing feeling I can't stop watching even i get tear in my eyes. ..👍👍💕💟💔💞💓💝💜👄💋💙💝💚💝💞👍👍
these will never get old ... always a joy to watch them
Thermicset 24343
Was shocked to see the second video is of my son!
ninja zvrleski
ooo sou swit
That Mancunian
shout out to the 2 little girls who spotted the girls father before she did and didnt say anything
Mr C U
the chick in the maroon shirt has a very low vocabulary ,,,what a sorry excuse for the profanity !
It's good to see something like this.
Jackisue Hale
Stupid woman using the f-word really classy🤬
it is so great to be together on holidays even better with ones that serve the country
Michael Howard
Guy in the secpnd reaction bottom right has a 5 Finger Death Punch shirt on
Zoeller Zoeller
Who is chopping onions in my house again?
Mary Keith
im glad my brothers came back i was scared they would kick the bucket
Max Ghezzi
How hard is it to turn the damn phone 90 degrees?
Ken Elliott
ابن الرافدين
نرجو من الحكومه الأمريكيه لايبعثوهم الينا لكي لايروهم في نعوش تحمل على لاكتاف
Ali Alshawi
افراح وسعاده انشاء الله
marley the greatest husky ever
Kids reactions always get me .... damn onion slicing ninjas
Martin Spång
Don't 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Orin Vaughn
5:15 dude I go to that school, it’s a really small world huh?
Thermicset 24343
Cole World
I heard a HUGE hater in the clip with the plaid shirt. “God, like really?” Yea. Like. Really.
Armani McKenzie
The girl at 2:19 is so me
Екатерина Фильшина
Трогательно! 😢
Kloak-n- Dagr
Mine never gave two shits, just as long as I got paid. Longest 23 years of my life and numerous high risk assignments, so glad to be free from her, kids didn’t turn out any better.
michaela bennett
So cute
michaela bennett
So cute
Noelia ramos hidalgo
Que bonito
Jacob LeCouve
Do you take submissions? I have a great video!
Brianna. Demarco
Это вам не Россия... Круто!
America 81
Wow Memories for life also U.S. Navy Disabled Veteran Served 8 Years 2007-2015 Name is Paul age 37 from TX 🇺🇸😎 !!!!!
บานานา ไอมีฟ
I like military uniforms. I like military uniforms
Jim Holland
All of these are awesome. I do wish people would learn to turn their phones to landscape when taking video!!!
Nice video but when will people learn take videos the right way....just saying
Tessy D.
one thing is sadly true even tough america did good things in the world almost nobody like's to confront americans on their past history and the bad things they did in the past present and future.writting history down belongs to the victor and the way they write it down to suit them anyway they's not a hate comment like i say america did do good things in the world but not always
Michael Naisbitt
A man really appreciates his muscles when the girl/woman he loves spends so much time in the aie encompassed by his arms just love it god bless to those who serve in the milarity services :}
Juan Carlos Saavedra
Soldiers are suppose to defend their countries, Not to offend others
Mr, Private
The mom saying the f,word was not good very stupid
Rhonda Steward
Instead of saying "what r u doing here" let's say "I'm so happy to see u"!
Black Buick
OMG 4:25 ! That chick in the striped pants.......Mmmmmm!
Gerald Bobbitt
And I love it when Maury says, "You are not the father! "
Caradam Caradam
No soldiers, no wars!
I love this country, it's all the beautiful families that make us great.
David Royal
He is not a soldier. He is a Marine, a MARINE!
MoB 传说7K
This was super gay lmao
Gloria Koch
Please learn to hold your phone horizontally.
AP 2610
0:46 guy with 5FDP on his back🤘
None of us like these type of videos. It is like those videos were the guys asked the girl to marry them. Why? To draw attention to themselves. In fact, I saw a movie where the guy asks his girl to marry him in a crowded room. She turns him down. Said it was stupid and compare it to those idiots that do so at the ball games etc..
Omar Sohail
So when the husbands are away at war the wives bedding with other man?? I guess that’s really common sad many men would never discover this in their life time.
Anon Imous
Thumbs Down? There really are some sad sacks in the world. Get Happy already !!
Will Rogers
Low class, what a shame!!
Lame one! 👎🏼
Pablo Garcia
Asesinos invasores volviendo a casa
memelord gord
Disliked because of the outro song
Тимсон Ф
Returned after the destruction of another sovereign country?