ᴴᴰ Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal ALL VERSIONS (The Da Vinci Code), (Angels & Demons)

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★The Da Vinci Code (Chevaliers de Sangreal) 0:02 , ★ Angels and Demons (503) 4:08 , ★ Inferno (Life Must Have Its Mysteries) 6:20

★The Da Vinci Code (Chevaliers de Sangreal) 0:02, ★ Angels and Demons (503) 4:08, ★ Inferno (Life Must Have Its Mysteries) 6:20
Angelica Harris
I am an Arthurian Folklore Historian. I have written four novels about the sword Excalibur and the Holy Grail. Each time I write, I listen to these wonderous instrumentals. The melodies and the symphonics just raise my soul to the higher depths of my being. I write what my soul wants me to write and I take the lead with the help of God and his Angels. Thank you Hans Zimmer!
Tom Forbes
The Holy Grail ‘neath ancient Roslin waits. The blade and chalice guarding o’er Her gates. Adorned in masters’ loving art, She lies. She rests at last beneath the starry skies….
Rob Ferguson
My wife and I think that Hans Zimmer's " Chevaliers de Sangreal" is an absolutely beautiful piece of music. Hans Zimmer is one of the best film score composers for cello and the soaring violins on this piece are so emotive. We danced to it at our wedding vow renewal last year. Everyone asked us what was that beautiful piece of music. Rob Ferguson
Paris (Da vinci code) , Rome (Angels and Demons), Florence Venice and Istanbul (Inferno) are WONDERFUL CITIES <3
Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget
I love how he slowly builds up, then pulls back, then a bit higher, pulls back, slowly building a higher and higher climax. Fascinating to listen to.
You've not lived until you've heard this composition played by a full orchestra, LIVE, right in front of you. I did! Watershed moment of my existence. Hollywood in Vienna, I salute you. 😍
Kevin Chambers
AS for if Dan Brown's book makes claims - well that is legend. But it's an interesting legend ! It doesn't matter if Jesus was mortal - if you believe, God made him mortal anyway in order to show mortals His message. If Christ had, or didn't have human descendants - it doesn't matter. What matters is Jesus' message to the world ! You can believe or disbelieve, all of it, or none - we have free will. But you can't deny basic decency - be nice to everybody ! And God ( or whatever you believe in !) - bless you all!
francisco javier escribano lax
Ferruccio Guicciardi
"She rests at last beneath the starry skies ..." - Professor Robert Langdon, Da Vinci Code
82 thumbs down... these are 82 unfortunate people to not enjoy the best of music..
Kevin Chambers
Inferno was probably not as good a movie as the first two - but all credit to Tom Hanks !
sotiris kapsomanis
I am a grown man and when l listen to this epic music,my soul wants to fly high!!!Thanks Hans Zimmer.You are genious!
Hans Zimmer is my favorite music composer. And this is his greatest piece of work. From the moment I heard Chevaliers de Sangreal I said that is the song I want to hear before my end. I will die I happy man.
Ahmet Akif Baldiş
272 dislike the member's of vatican😜
Would love to hear this played live at St. Peter's Basilica, imagine!
Sara H
You get a spiritual experience
Ridley Kashyap
is it only me or everyone feels like God listening to this music.
Close your eyes, listen and feel the emotions !!! This takes my breath away.
Matthias Brösamle
This Soundtrack is still perfect.
success maharjan
When I listen to this music, I feel all emotional inside me but does not find any words to explain.
Guilio McEwan's Space
This is one of a fair few tunes I can never get bored with. Hats of to Hans Zimmer. 🎩
Andy Boyd
have to say the extended version of the 'Angels and Demons' soundtrack is one of the best modern day soundtracks ever :)
Odraude Sajec Allieparat
Odraude Sajec: Es muy preocupante que 12.000 personas hayan señalado "no me gusta" esta maravillosa melodía. Ya no se trata de la falta de gusto, se trata de la carencia de sensibilidad. No quiero juzgar a nadie, pero que un ser humano nacido de madre no sienta nada con esta melodía, creo que es algo mucho más serio de lo que parece. Si Dios tuviera que hablarnos con música, pienso que lo haría con temas como este, o por lo menos creados por Zimmer. Buenas tardes a todos.
The compisition captures the essence of the book and the movie and the knights templar in their essence. It opens the gate to the heavens. Divine.
Michael Ferri
this music can lift your soul
Frank Houttave
Epic. Like all his themes.
mattis holgersson
The quality of the songs in this video are amazing! I have never heard better!
mojo es
Every morning rutine!!! This masterpiece makes me feel that I can fly!!!
Just unbelievable wow outstanding composition i m so move by this incredible music.
Julio Angelino
....el poderoso In crescendo que parece no terminar y cuando lo hace.....magico.....!!!
If you're still looking for the holy grail then stop! You have found it in this pice of music
Paris, Rome and Florence......3 wonderful cities ! <3
Nelson Candia
maravillosa, especialmente elevadora, profunda y cálida, atesorar los sentidos para disfrutar de tan bella Melodía. gracias
Damián Rafael D'Estuardo
Es algo Excelsior, algo increíble está sinfonía.
Markes lopez
mentes con un don maravilloso,,, el de despertar los sentimientos de las personas...increible musica, pelos de punta
Just Supra
Un chef d'oeuvre du maître hans zimmer
Best compositions ever. Made me cry more than once
Maciej lukas
Code Da Vinci the best part !
why so many dislikes?omg some people are really empty
Joel Astorga
This song means a lot to me, it has a simple melody, yet it feels so important and complex :) I love it
Maria Cozzi
Una trilogia bellissima che ha lasciato in me il mistero delle arti e del loro apparire ai miei occhi
Osvanildo Zavitoski
Essa musica,toca fundo em minha alma!
one melody.... three stages of epicness
I am with u holy trinity ❤️
Toni Tuhkanen
The books, the movies... yeah, they werer some kind of crap. But this music... Oh man.
Francisco Samuel Rocha Silva Silva
Hans Zimmer is master to song😆😍🎻🎼🎵
hans zimmer genio
Georg Gross
A decade of Dan Brown inspired films... I still liked them, especislly the music.
jo o
superbe composition ,ça donne des frissons et de belle émotion , je me lasse pas d'écouter les musique de Hans Zimmer .
angel wings
Beneath a stary sky she rests...atonement foretold a solar lunar crest.
Tesla Einstein Space-Time
Joarez Fiuza
fantástico sem palavras !!!!!!
Luis Mendes
Hans Zimmer MESTRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jorge Santiago
Sem palavras. Melodicamente lindo. Que poder de nos transportar aos nossos sentimentos mais profundos e adormecidos.
rnnbcn 01
Simplesmente genial, é que podemos definir Hans Zimmer ( Hans Zimmer, TheSimply great, we can define!)
🇧🇷 👍👍👍 ❤ GOSTEI. ❤ Obrigada por compartilhar. 👏👏👏👏👏 ( cinco )
Anna Lipari
Straordinario Hans Zimmer!!!! Fantastica trilogia!!
Alex Baron
almost half of million views in almost half a year ! CONGRATULATIONS PCMR !
Hamphield D. Phoenix
the best that Dan Brown's books could happen is that the maestro Hans Zimmer damn this scores are like orgasm... it goes high and high until climax then it ends... I'm tearing...
# knights of the Templar world 🌎
Geoff Garner
Absolutely fantastic piece of music, well done PCMR, well done 👍❤️
Rafael Cirillo
Esse hans zimmer sabe fazer musica👏👏👏
A masterpiece!
Rosa Tosso
Extraordinario ... me lleva al Cielo ...Gracias !
Rosane Hippmann Gauer
Marrylou Lulu
Yrma Quesada
Increíble. Ayer viendo "Inferno" me pareció que la música era la misma que en el final de "El Código Da Vinci".(De los mejores finales de la historia del cine). Excelente combinación, gracias por subirla.
nano mckay
Thanks for these i love this chevaliers sequence is brilliant as hans is genius.
stéphane cordier
très bon livres, mauvais film , mais la musique est extraordinaire !! hans zimmer est un génie comme était mozar a son époque !! je suis devenus quelqu'un d'autre grace à lui !!! merci hans !!!!!
Avvocato Nicola Di Bitonto
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taringa taringa
Beyond spectacular...AWESOME talent!!:)
Pedro Alexandre Fragoso Barata
Não tenho palavras para descrever a melodia desta musica...deste som...do chamamento dos nossos sentimentos...do alvoroço de sentimentos q provoca...da inspiração q nos chama...da luz q nos abre diante desta melodia...simplesmente...OUVIR...e deixar voar a nossa imaginação!!! Lindo de mais!!
Angel de los Santos
Excelente realización
I don’t allow evil in my life I and gods child # holy trinity Christ
kvelayadhan prasanth
The legend, will be always legend.
Rosario De Los Reyes Murguia
Erik Schultz
Third comment! Lucky number for me! But main thing I wanted to say. *Takes deep breath* THANK YOU!!!!! This is awesome and I personally enjoy the music so thank you for combining the main themes of these movies into one video.
Gabriela Zytek
Das konzert von hans zimmer ein erlebnis
Maria Knoops
I cannot get over how beautiful this is.
vernice lorenzo
Sotto la roseline il santo graal attende Che adorna le opere di artisti incantati Il calice e la lama sorvegliano l’eletta Giace infine sotto cieli stellati
Ajinkya Kulkarni
Can there be a metal version for this that will be epic too
Rosane Hippmann Gauer
jose mari Arrazubi
Genial compositor. ..su musica te transporta a un Universo de Sensaciones.
The Vatican really made up very good stories. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not the son of God. Christians should know this well. read the koran kerim and the bible well.
Avvocato Nicola Di Bitonto
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Eduardo Estuardo
Es muy bella la musica y un gran conpositor como muchos de nuestra epoca la musica deberia ser nuestro lenguaje Universal
Thanks for posting such wonderful versions.
Avvocato Nicola Di Bitonto
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Baldur Haisl
Maria Magdalena ! Nur Gott kennt seine eigene Frau !
Angela Nanci Hayashida
Mestre das sinfonias!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💞💞💞💞💞
Halil Demir
Just awesome
Anshul Jain
This song makes it so hard to be an atheist...
Mirtha Gómez
Extraordinario. Muchas gracias por publicar
Ирина Москва
Glynis Oldmeadow
Brilliant the last ones the best
GrazerJäger Meister
cette musique est un rendez-vous avec, mon dieu, oui une rendezvous avec dieu
Sublissime. Merci.
Excelent music and very nice video.