Dion & The Belmonts I Wonder Why 1958

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Dion & The Belmonts I Wonder Why 1958 Rare Full Footage

Jay Igaboo
I love the shot at 1:16 of the little Chinese chick grooving along, happy as, with not a care in the world, then she notices the camera on her gives a shy smile and looks away. It was different, less vulgar age. I wonder how life treated her and all the the other young people in this clip?
Oscar Robinson
Man, I was 9 years-old when I first heard this on the radio. They don't make 'em like this anymore.
Nick Tester
I wish music nowadays could be more like this
person Peterson
usually people who listen to this are usually older golks, but im not old, this is from 1954 and im crom 2003, id rather listen to this then ariana grande or justin bieber .
Jack Schitz
If I had a time machine, I'd go back there and buy a new 1958 Plymouth Fury (a red one with the 350 V8 and dual carbs) then I'd find a decent girl, play this song and drive away forever.
Brian Powers
Thanks Dad for introducing the 50's music to me, he is 79 yrs old now and I bless him for the music he grew up with and passed it to me and my for brothers....:)
charlesthomas cybulski
WOW! This is when the majority of us finished high school, or dropped out, got a job, got married , had kids, and all at an early age. When music, clothing, cars, and design were at its best. We were a modest, not too smart lot back then. We sure had a lot of growing up to do, and for the better. One thing we were really good at back then, that I miss today, was keeping up appearances! The clothes people wear, and tattoos I see today are just awful.
Wow, I'm a teenager again, if only for a few minutes.
Thomas De Lello
Dick Clark's Tuesday night TV show advertising "Flavor-IFIC" chewing gum... I remember it well. ( I'm old... as durt...! ) Whop... Whop... WhopWhopWhop...! ( I'm one too...)
brad Kennett
The Best of times.. Remember the Saturday night Drive in, how about the Record Hop? Never forget the back seat of my 57 Chevy
Malaquias Alfaro
I don't know what I like about Dion so much but he just has that swagger and confidence that's really captivating.
Joakim H
Anyone have a time machine left over somewhere?
Rip : Carlo Mastrangelo (5 October 1938 – April 4 2016)
I remember this song - it got me into trouble !!!! Between my 7th. to 8th grade, about '57-'58, from elementary school to junior high I spent much of the summer,every Friday night, learnig how to dance on the front porch of a neighbor's home. The girl across the street taught me us how to dance. It was fun.... I was really prepared at the first "sock hop' in junior high. It was called a sock hop because we had to take off our shoes before entering the gym. I was dancing the newest step when a teacher, Mr. Pitts, grabbed me on the shoulder and said: "BOY - YOUR OTTA HERE !!!!!' He kicked me out of the gym, accusing me of doing the "Dirty Bop". That is when you move your feet and body at the same time - it was later called the "Twist" and became popular. Well, I received a lot of attention and over a dozen class mates followed me out of the gym wanting to learn this new dance. Looking back, it was an age of innocence and simplicity, which may never return.
Jo Shmo
I love it when the camera pan to the audience...I like to see how they look like and style back then...
Everybody focuses (with good reason) on how much better music was back then, but lets not forget them dance moves :D
R.I.P. Carlo Mastrangelo (October 5, 1938 - April 4, 2016) ~ He sang the great opening to this song. R.I.P. Fred Milano, second tenor (August 22, 1939 – January 1, 2012).
So is every girl in the audience chewing gum or whatever or is it just me
This music is both wonderful and timeless. To this day it can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you're 10 years old or 90 years old.
p weaver
This music is so good it gives me chills
Fred Ward
poor guy "singing"  bass   DA DA DA DA DADADADA DUN DUND  DUN DADADADA over  and over and over...
peter .farias
1958....."I Wonder Why" Dont' know why I love you like I do Don't know why I do Don't know why I love you Don't know why I care I just want your love to share I wonder why I love you like I do Is it because I think you love me too I wonder why I love you like I do Like I do I told my friends That we would never part They often said That you would break my heart I wonder why they think that we will part We will part When you're with me I'm sure you're always true When I'm away I wonder what you do I wonder why I'm sure you're always true Always true Don't know why I do
John Smith
Anyone noticed that there aren't many fat teens in the audience?....I loved those days....men were men and women were women...
robert schwam
MAY CARLO MASTRANGELO OF "THE BELMONTS" REST IN PEACE. HE PASSED AWAY ON APRIL 4, 2016. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very sad time. Carlo Mastrangelo (October 5, 1938 - April 4, 2016) was an American doo-wop and progressive rock singer. Born and raised in the Bronx. He was an original member of The Belmonts (with or without Dion DiMucci), a popular singing group of the late 1950s and early 1960s. He also led the progressive rock/jazz ensemble, "Pulse", during the 1970s
R.E. Lopez
If Kennedy would have lived and dismantled the Federal Reserve we would be living in such great times. Love this song!
Tango Bango
Dion is one of the greats from this era of Do Wop! He has been so underrated it's criminal. But, he's kicked the drugs & is still out there singing at 77 I believe!
Robert Reynolds
Classic Rock & Roll, It does not get any better than this
Hal Bennett
Maybe my favorite thing he ever did.  I like the harmony above the base, the way the thing moves along and never lets up.  Aren't those what we used to call "white bucks"?
Kev EighteenSixFive
My Lord....dear Lord.  Look closely at this video.  Look at the audience. Look at the group (in this case, the famous Belmonts).  But regardless, the kids. Girls wearing dresses, little necklaces with simple charms on them, maybe a hair ribbon.  Guys wearing slacks, sports coats with dress shirts, and (gasp) a tie....just standard fare when going to a public venue for any kind of event.  No tattoos up the neck or faces riddled with piercings.  No...NO, what is considered "acceptable" these days is NOT "just a different generation"....something is wrong...something is Very wrong. I weep for this country.
At least to me no song defines that era better than this one.
This is the epitome of Doo Wop harmonizing......Pure Classic.
Nickygino 1964
Rest in Peace Carlo Mastrangelo and Fred Milano, both loved and will be sorely missed. Thank you for all the great music and memories. The best from the Bronx, NYC. Then, now and always. God must have some singing group up there!....................
Gerry Nightingale
This is the very definition of "Doo-Wop" harmonies!  (unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember when this was 'new' even though I was kid listening to it on "WCHB" and "WKNR" in Detroit..."I Wonder Why" was a monster hit that got airplay for a year!) Of all the "Bobbys" and "Richies" of the Fifties..."Dion" and "Darrin" were two that had successful careers post-Beatles in the Sixties, usually charting in the "Top Ten" when others could not even get a booking, never mind a 'Hit'. ******' The funny thing? This song still holds up after more than 55 years!
0:24 that slide out tho lol
I think Dion DiMucci most have owned the world in 1958.
amani mango
A Bronx tale brought me here
Thomas LaMar
I miss the fifties, it was the best.
Mary Rawson
I love the way the men look smart, and looked like men.  My friends and I wouldn't go out with a chap unless he wore a suit!!! those days have long gone.
Earl Dwire
At the end when theyre all walking backwards, Angelo (on the right) looks like he's the only one who is really into it. This was one of their first gigs. What a great group, imo.
Robert Last
For those us who remember the early rock&roll days what an era never to be repeated.
I'm feeling ANCIENT...I remember this when it was NEW !
Jared Fekete
I make it a point to watch this video every six months. It makes me feel good and reminds me that there was a time when people were fun loving and innocent. Too bad we can't re- capture those memories/feelings. Our children will never know what they missed.
Robert Phillifent
One of the best white  doo wop groups of the 1950s. I think they are much under rated!
Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beads
Way before my time but....Love this old music..
Dennis Fontana
I was  raised on Belmont Ave. in da' Bronx NY when they were right down the block.....what great times.....Theodore Roosevelt High Skool...stickball.... and Rock 'n Roll....you still rock Dion 55 years later.....
Douglas Fulmer
He was 19 when he recorded this. It blows my mind.
I wish this was still popular today
Doowop at it's best!!
Jojo Rock'allNations
wow. italian boys hey,, goo doo wop.
Frankie Leon
Who else gots this stuck in their head my freinds listening to mumble rap and here i am clicking rhe replay button on this song lol😂 also why so many comments 2 years ago
ahh christine, My dream car. Sod the lambo's etc I'd take a 57 plymouth fury over any car.
I feel like I'm there when I watch this and it even made my heart race !
Grant Freeman
Having been born in 1990 it is hard to listen to this music with people my age. What a beautiful time this must have been. America seemed so right then and was expressed in the music. Thank you
Those Italians were good doing doo wop, great times.
Ronald Herrera
Da da da da ra da ra da .... Dont' know why I love you like I do, don't know why I do. Don't know why I love you, don't know why I care I just want your love to share I wonder why, I love you like I do ..... Is it because I think you love me too, I wonder why, I love you like I do, like I do ....... I told my friends that we would never part .... They often said that you would break my heart I wonder why they think that we will part ... we will part When you're with me, I'm sure you're always true When I'm away, I wonder what you do I wonder why I'm sure you're always true ... always true .. I wonder why, I love you like I do ..... Is it because I think you love me too, I wonder why, I love you like I do, like I do .......   Da da da da da  ...
The epitome of 1958 cool !!
Joe Yosso
As good as it gets. I grew up with this music. Thanks for posting it.
Maurice H Bank
One of the all time groups and doo-wop songs!
Israel Centre
So Cool!!! I'm a sixties generation and remember listening to these songs way back when - will probably listen to them forever more
Michael White
It's so entertaining to read all of the crap generated by people who weren't even alive in 1955. It's true...hindsight really does come out of people's rear ends.
Count Lovula
A class act...clapping little girl in the audience, very cute!
Andy C
Far superior harmonies than the Beach Boys.
Robert Zdrojewski
It is sad people no longer make doo-wop ;(
Todd Larson
This may be my favorite '50s song of all time. The Belmonts really nailed it with the vocal layering and nuances. No one will ever sing like this again. Rest in peace, Carlo and Fred.
Robby Bonter
If this isn't the best doo wop performance of the best doo wop song, I will eat my 10-gallon hat.
I'm 16 and I listen to anything from the 40s-70s and I think it's a trait more millennials like me should have. I don't think enough people appreciate this, and I idolize dion not just as a musician but as a person as well. I can say with full confidence that culture and music back then is as real as it gets! If they ever develop time machines... All I can say is know where I'm going.
Steven Ford
Cool.This is what i call music.
That girl at :55 should have drank another Coke before the show.
Keith Albachten
What a great video. Dion and the Belmonts were outstanding. They created the term we now know as "doo wop"
Nate Peace
Style, talent and class........Brilliant!! This music was out before my mum and dad were even born (only by a couple years though) and yet its still amazing. Great music never dies!!
Marla Hlavac
I LUV DION AND THE Belmonts They where only a few streets from my home in the Bronx ..... i'm still only a few stops away from Little Italy of the bus ...
Patrick Kay
what kind of miserable un American jerk would unlike this..
thomas ridner
love the shots of the young women in the crowd--a huge moment for each of them; and if  you don't love Dion and the Belmonts, get off my sand dune......
Lucia Braithwaite
The best !!!
Orginized Mind Family
I listen to this loud in my car like Christine 2017-2018
Ace Greaser
Dion is still alive !
Josephine Desanto
Love the song and the dance moves!
1958! I'm afraid to blink. I'm 63. I guess it did go by like a flash. I am so glad I was there.
clown dreams
0:24 me when i ask a girl she is single and she says i have a boyfriend
Robert Reynolds
I want to dress like that again, In 1964 I was in a R&R Band we wore red V neck sweaters and tight black Levis with Beatle Boots, played this music. What time is was.
Jeremy Soule
Jesus, that just made me so happy.
Kat35 Lulu
Man they sure loved their chewing gum....... personally I'd rather love Dion........
Brandon Shawver
Who could hate this song it’s pure gold!
Ianrel Barbosa
Loren Johnson
This has got to be the best doo-wop ever, I love it
Paola Marie Fuchs Stitelmann
Love this era -
Ryan West
RIP Carlo Mastrangelo 1937-2016 RIP Fred Milano 1939-2012
I remember the spearmint gum it was FLAVOR IFIC!
60 years old... wow.
Cyrus Budd
Insanely cool stuff...
The fifties were difficult growing in if you were gay, but these songs made it livable.
Lubos Pavelka
Isaiah Estrada
I find this more appealing than that Beyonce shit tbh
My 05 Impala will randomly start playing this. I think my car is possessed.
blah blah
i heard this song from the movie A Bronx Tale and i fell in love with it and now im in love with Dion DiMucci
Tom Marum
If I'm not mistaken the only accompaniment in this song is a bass and a drum. The rest is all their harmony. It's terrific.
Right from the beginning I loved the Dion. I got to see him in 1961 in an amusement park in Mass.
Best doo wop song ever. After this one we have songs like Book of Love, Remember Then, At the hop.
S A Vasquez
They have mad skills 🎶