Dance Gavin Dance - Strawberry Swisher pt. III (Official Music Video)

Merch: />iTunes: /> I was raised to believe All that I read Fall in line with meIt's all, all that I see Got a box of lies Gonna get you high With the words of wisdom that you need to hear Got a big ass book And I'm not a crook But ill take your guilt in the form of dollars Fall in line with meIt's all that seeWhat I believe Its all that Keep my fingers crossed I wanna be somewhere that I belong Never fold under pressure Keep my fingers crossed I wanna be somewhere that belong Never mind how I got there

Clairine Baharrizki
Matthew Stevens
I think this is the band's best lineup and the band's best sound, I love the technicality and structures of their songs. The music videos are also fantastic.
Campbell Louden
I worship Jon Mess.
Thx Wanderer
I've listened to every album and I can honestly say that each and every singer brought something new and interesting to DGD, whether it's intonation, voice structure, and pitch. Would I pick one over another? No. Would I bash on the current singer? No. Because at the end of the day, DGD is still amazing and talented. Spread good vibes.
Moses F
I wasn't fond of this song when I first listened to when it game out, but damn idk. Tillian's voice grew on me, and now it's one of my favorite DGD songs. 
I see that the artist is trying to find a soul to represent an actual unique personality but has all his hopes in the wrong people. The people who he thinks can fulfill his painting are the regular people who follow the standards of society; the people who are accepted and considered proper. That's shown when he cups the first girl and leads her; acceptance. Everyone doesn't realize that they all lack the substance that he desires because they are all the same and all accept the same standards that they all meet. When he see's the girl in the red dress he has no hope because he is blinded by humanity's standards of what is an honest unique personality. By the standards that he knows he cannot help but reject the actual unique person because he has no hope. The girl knows she is completely substance and goes to show him despite the artist's expectations. To his surprise, he finds what he is looking for. Theme of the video: to not neglect the people who are not considered acceptable or right because they are not like you, you might be surprised. Instead give them a chance to prove that they are what they claim. Basically. Do not shun anyone because they're different, accept each other for who we are.
Cassie White
Mingus is such a great drummer
Roivas Castaway
Got a box of lies Gonna get you high With the words of wisdom that you need to hear Got a big-ass book And I'm not a crook But I'll take your guilt in the form of dollars Bold lyrics, Jon Mess.
Tillian's smooth dance moves though....
Chris Doucet
Why is no one talking about the music video? Personally, I think the music video is about an artist who is looking for a pure soul, and is trying to use it through his art. Most of everyone comes out an all black splotch because they aren't 'pure' so nothing is preserved and everything comes out black. But there's one girl who is pure enough to have her purity remain on the painting. Idk, just what I think.
Sergio Martinez
Dance Gavin Dance turns me on tbh.
Nizzi Woods
Forever in love with Jon Mess. No homo. Or maybe yes.
Jong-Jong Slownely
I was typing a comment in facebook when this played, and when Tillian did the intro, my fingers lost power.
Devon Goping
While the 1 percent argue over how amazing Jonny/Kurt/Tilian is and how terrible Jonny/Kurt/Tilian is, can I just say that OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO JON MESS AND WHEN DID HE BECOME SO GOOD AT SCREAMING?!
rising samael
ahh this was a suggestion a dude in a bus gave to me and i love it :)
Hansel Franco
DGD they know how to pick singers. Jonny, Kurt and Tilian, they really knew how to make great music with this band. I think these guys are amazing also because they made an awesome job in the other bands they are and were. Even working alone they do a great job. Great singers, and great choice by DGD. This band never disappoints.
Shelby Lamp
this has been stuck in my head for three days now. it will /not/ go away, i mean, i woke up this morning and it was literally the first thing that came to mind. That's okay though, it's pretty amazing
Chris Marroquin
Johnny Craig, Kurt Travis, TIllian Pearson, Dance Gavin Dance has been blessed with 3 amazing vocalist, the sounds is different by all three yet it still is perfect Dance Gavin Dance from Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean to Acceptance Speech....
Sonia Blade
even with out jonny this band is amazing!
Monique T.
The singer has a higher voice than me haha
At first I didn't like this new album. Probably because I was still use to Kurt and Johnny. Then, it definitely grew on me. Now, this has become one of my favorite albums along side Happiness. My only criticism...I wish they made more songs like Powder to the People. :P     
Bunku's Mixes
this is the first dgd song I've ever listened to I only came because of tilians work in tides and material me at first I was like meh but now dgd is my favorate band that wasn't even a year ago...
So, uh, the way i see it the point of this video would be something-something-like obsession will only lead you to a obscured self. The shy woman in a red dress, whose picture happened to be different, obviously wasn't really into all the fuzz, unlike her predecessors. Also, the artist never guided her into her final path, she made her own way. Probably way away from all of this. Too bad she ran into a wall. SO FOLLOW YOUR BLISS KIDS, JUST DONT RUN INTO A WALL, LULZ.
Brett Williams
my theory is this song is like talking about how some people blindly follow religion (i was raised to believe all that i read) Got a big ass book (bible) and i'm not a crook but i'll take your guilt in the form of dollars (offerings). Fall in line with me, it's all that i see ( follow the faith and accept it)  just a theory lol a GAME theory ;)
Still love this band... blah blah jonnys left blah blah.. get the fuck over it. Tillian adds a new dimension to the band. Its awesome....
Margaretta Cruz
It's exactly the same without Jonny. How about you all just stop complaining and just enjoy the music. They're AMAZING with tilian. I love it. I loved all the vocalist because they were all kickass brilliant. Jonny, Kurt, and Tilian are really good singers. Stop complaining. If you don't like it anymore then your loss.
kristian vega
This is my favorite song by them Hardest choice to declare in my life... Bless this mess
Tom Martin
Really was expecting the vocalists to be the other way round !
I have loved DGD since Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean and my love has grown more and more for the band once each album was released. Their progression has been quite remarkable. Jonny, Kurt, and Tilian are all amazing but there's no need to differentiate and convey favoritism when they can all be your favorite and already be aware of their differences
Tilian Pearson is better than Jonny Craig. #fact  
It's almost been a year since they released Acceptance Speech and this album still sounds as good and even better than I remember. Tillian fits this album so fucking well, like Its really hard to imagine Jonny or kurt singing these songs. Maybe kurt but Jonny definitely would've not fit the rhythm or the style
oh god not another food video, after the one in the donut shop i think i'll pass
Andrew Oransky
Everyone is talking about the vocalists, but honesty I would be happy with them just being an instrumental band. The drums and guitar are so groovy and amazing!
The high pitched vocalist sounds like claudio from coheed and cambria.
Max Stavro
There is a deep meaning behind this song. Just cant put my finger on it.
Angel Garcia
I've been a DGD fan for years and i love there tunes... They really should make a video for "Jesus H. Macy" I think it has the most heart in the album and there's so many ideas that can go with that song!
Tim Mayer
this album reminds me of happiness
Tbh I loved Johnny, but only the ep. I liked it a lot more when Kurt was in the band, happiness and their self titles were amazing. But Tillian is a great vocalist and he is a good a addition for DgD, plus he is amazing live and can sing their old stuff great. 
Should be called Dance Tilian Dance, did you see those moves he was busting out?! 0:45
Sean David
Jonny Kurt Tillan all are great
Ragtime Dandy
I think Happiness and this one are my favorite albums of them all. And I'll be honest, Jonny Craig is pretty overrated. I mean, he's alright but still
Warrior Tha Witt
Wow this sounds really unique
Allan Tober
Everything with the new stuff sounds good, but I can't get over the effect that's constantly on Tillian's voice. Why is that even necessary? I know I'm not the only one that can hear the "spaciness" of it.
i loved Kurt but Tilian is amazing!
andy arief
dude the guitar playing on this track is funky as hell tho
Karol Gacek
I'm crushing on those girls in the video <3 and I can't stop listening to the song, it's perfect.
Jonathan Engelbart
I can't stop watching this video because of Jon Mess
Mr. Steal Your Padawan
Johnny was a douche but had the best vocals in my opinion, tillians good for the bands image but his voice can be a bit much sometimes, but Kurt was just the heart and soul of this band dude I miss him
travis snipes
Tillian is the man!
I really liked Tides of Man when Tillian was there and it came to my surprise that he joined DGD and wow he didn't disappoint me!
I love when Jon at 00:53 Joins in singing Tillian's part an does a little dance haha.
J theJust
I feel that Dance Gavin Dance is simply evolving the way their music is structured and I think its a good thing rather than a bad thing. Honestly, DGD has had three amazing singers so far, I envy the singing abilities of all three but I do agree that some are better than others, both skill and for the band.  I think Kurt Travis was best for what the band's soul and meaning was about. The album Happiness contained my best memories was an absolute immerse for me. Happiness, to me, embodied pure randomness and simply....even though maybe cliche, authentic happiness. When I listen to Happiness I feel a surging emotion of glee and upbeat vibrations that helped me stay smiling through chasing and being rejected by a girl. Kurt Travis' vocals alongside the band effectively changed the way they played as the band changes their style to conform to the singers voice to project it more strongly in my opinion. Jonny Craig is an AMAZING singer and although he was a very good singer for the band, he failed to represent what Dance Gavin Dance was truly about. I think the style of Jonny's singing sounded amazing when playing alongside the band but it sounded out of place at the same time.  Tillian's position as vocals for DGD is outstanding, it really is, but it seems that he makes the band closer to the "Post-hardcore stereotype" when it comes to singing; high pitched, wavering flavor. Tillian represents more of the band than Jonny as Jonny gave a more sensual vibe to the band but he isn't the best pick for the vocals as he comes between Jonny and Kurt is his place in the band.  But sadly bands move forward to appeal to new crowds and change their style of play to represent what they mean at different angles which may indeed be natural. I have to say that I like all of DGD's albums and hopefully will continue to like many more if they do not break up; please don't break up until I can attend a concert! That's just my lowly opinion on a band that I will admit, I am infatuated about. :) DGD FTW!
this guy sounds way better than Johnny
Hauntsy Wauntsy
Tillian Pearson was raised to believe all that he reads. Fall in line with him, it's all that he sees.
Sourav Chakraborty
The day this video was uploaded,I bought my first playstation 3. 31 October,2013
goddamn. that two guitar attack. great instrumental arrangement throughout.
To the person trying to say Sleeping with Sirens is better then DGD, you do know Jesse, the person who wrote all the SWS songs quit the band? Kellin can't write to save his life.
OP Gaming
these guys where amazing in concert
Tyler Adelman
This song just gave me goosebumps.
epic tune here, hits home.
Bryan H Rodriguez
what SPC is this??? Do the foundation know of this !X?!
Kya- Ken! Art
Seeing how Matt smiles playing the drums brings a smile to my face. It's like pure passion!
Kaya Vialva
This song is really good, I have no idea what it is about it but it's hypnotizing.
Angelo Miller
I really love this song. it has everything, great vocals, screams, food, art, and its such a great song. It gets a 10 out of 10 from me
capresse olijizz
ear orgasm....
Elliott Rivera
Saw this guys two days ago and Tillian was great man, he's actually able to keep those high notes very well, also met him, not such a bad dude. I think they're doing just great.
Henri L.
2:29 Me when I'm using shampoo
Atalas Rawr
It's not bad, it's actually pretty awesome. Just not very memorable. Anyone else feel the same?
I love jonny forever he started the band with swan but tillians is wierd with them im starting to like it i hear this album all day
Dante LAN-I-ER
This was almost three years ago. Damn....This song still brings me so much joy, though. I needed this when it first came out.
Lorena Paixão
Me lembra o começo do ano passado,eu ia pra escola escutando o album dessa Msc DGD
Adi balaram
duck from son of robot Come to here
agrail Ivanovna
im not crying, you re crying :c
ixora adilia
0:19 Is my favorite part of the video (like look how cute Mess looks while awkwardly dancing)
Razor X
Although I like this song and I give Tilian props, I hate how many scene kids the new DGD is attracting... one the reasons I liked them so much when JC was with em is that they had a unique style. I'm not into any of that screamo crap like SWS or A Day to Remember, but I've always loved DGD cause of their style. Now with the way they are now, all these annoying scene kids are coming on board...
the great and mighty cheese wheel
will will swan swan?
Jimmy DeLaney
When it comes to diversity and originality Dance Gavin Dance > Every other band in the genre
Am I the only person that likes this newest album the most?
Roman Torchwick
Just putting down the idea before I forget it, I think it's about a guy who has really unrealistic expectations for relationships, and either ends up losing the people he cares about or taking a part of them away
0:00-0:32 <3
Schyler Johnson
"I was raised to believe All that I read." Is speaking of religion. "Got a box of lies that's gonna get you high" Sub context for religion getting you "high on Jesus" I could be wrong but it sounds like blatant discussion of how religion is brainwashing and how we are raised to think a certain way. The video definitely pertains to finding the 'pure soul' in a person to display humanity. Just my perspective.
Eduardo Martinez
I Like the New lineup!! DGD is great!
Mr. Eighty
wow 1 mil views Im glade people are starting to like complex music
rickandmorty 666
I pretty much like them now:3 even though I knew who they were lol
Tyler Dunning
I'm sorry but this album and happiness are the best albums ever produced by this band. And I've been a fan from the start. Everyone only notices that Tilian voice is high, listen to How he sings. How his voice flowed with the instruments, it felt as if it was an exciting roller coaster ride in my mind, Not to mention the meaning in the lyrics and how the screams are placed in the song. It's all perfectly together, Every song is different, doesn't blend and has their own atmosphere. Instrumentally its a fucking piece of art. And the album is a masterpiece. They never disappoint. Six perfect albums (well one EP and then their was also the decent DBT2 albumm)
George Washington
stopped it 20 seconds in. i'm glad jonny left. 
Jerel Eubanks
Silversunpickups core
Personally I prefer Jonny, he has more impact in his voice.
Saw them play this tonight. It was amaaaazing.
Akkita Neru
Lyrics had me thinking I was supposed to be hearing melt lmao but it’s me it😂😂 I needa stop smokin😂
Hunter McMillin
Why can't I hit the like button more than once? :c
Sean Thompson
Sick melodic grooves!
Arissa Butler
They just keep getting better and better.
Lindsey Bentley
This song, man.
I honestly really like the new clean vocalist..
So pumped. Finally get to see them on the 19th
Austin Thomas
I love the clean vocals but the screamer's are too contrasted if that makes sense
Justin Ranous
Dance Tilian Dance