New Mercedes S-Class 2018 in-depth review - is it still the best? | carwow Reviews

The Mercedes S-Class is one of the most luxurious cars on sale and absolutely rammed with high-tech features that wouldn't seem out of place in NASA's mission control, but what's it like to live with and how does it compare to the likes of the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8? I take a detailed look around and get behind the wheel to give you my verdict on this supremely comfortable executive saloon. Subscribe – /> Save – /> Facebook – /> Insta – /> Twitter – /> Read our full Mercedes S-Class review – /> Mercedes S-Class infotainment and interior review – /> Mercedes S-Class practicality review – /> See the best Mercedes S-Class deals – /> Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal. Visit our site to save money on your new car –

Robin Roy
Cant even afford its tyres but still watching the review.....Hell ya.....😎
Sorry guys. I cocked up - the gearbox in this car has 9 speeds not 7 as I said. I just can't count...that's why I had to give up being a chartered accountant. Please forgive me for being such an idiot. It won't happen again (it probably will actually).
Sufiyan Malek
Who else watches all his videos but never watches the practicality videos?
Gorgeous interior color
I'm asking my barber to give me the S-Class haircut, 3 layers please!
Ali Raza
I've watched 50 videos of Mercedes S-Class reviews, but this is the video that satisfies me.
Devansh Royal
Can't wait for s class vs A8 2018 vs 7 series
5:40 Anyone find those bloody leaves in the grill annoying? Makes me want to pick them all off!
3 T
That's the definition of a benchmark
Matt please do a Panamera Review!!!!!!!!!!!!
yash Chandra
Nothing beats a Mercedes interior! 👌🏼
It has a 9 speed auto not 7 speed. Just a little correction
Thunder Killa
3:00 rich people drink water too mat. Not just champagne.
sponsor of head lights - adidas !!!
Get a refund the steering wheel is on the wrong side
Raller 2410
Those pictures in the beginning made me really uncomfortable...
I swear Mat makes every car review video unique and some how hilarious
Crazy Baker
OMG German homework for all car brands
The S-Class is still the best car in the world and is still better than the new A8 imo. This one also has a gorgeous interior color imo.
Dilafrose Bashir
"Come on Mercedes", "Come on Car" makes me laugh every time😂
T.Thaher 13
Do an SUV head to head! Merc GLC 43 vs BMW X3 vs Audi Q5
Ilija Petrovic
Still easily ahead of competiton. The industry standard.
Looks like a mid-aged mens car. Lol
To me best car in the world
That car is screaming out for curved screens. The flat screens jar.
Saga Bergen
This is the car audi a8 and bmw 7 series copyied the hell out from
Robbie Lyle's wife
Nice coat m8! The classiness goes well with the car.
Damn I just watched a review from Doug Demuro, made ma appreciate Mat's reviews so much more <3
Kutlwano Sesing
The best or nothing...
Audi and Tesla seem to have same idiots when it comes to interior funcionaility - that why they have everything on touch screen. It's like they dont want people to look on the road while driving.
Kuttapan Aalumoodu
I don't like these modern cars have no buttons inside only a big screen.
MHU 769
My favourite luxury car!
Honda civic 1.5T hatchback vs VW golf GTI vs BMW m1 please and another hatchback sport cars
Bandit Away
Do Audi A8 2018 vs Merc S class 2018
Aaron Ojala
How much IS this car,please?I SPEAK FINNISH AND ENGLISH
Maytham Nahi
We wait the compare A8 ✌️
Guess we need a new head to head with the new 7 series vs A8 vs S-class vs XJ And damn, this car is so high tech I can feel all that stuff breaking already
Are we going to have more 750 litre doorbins like the volvo s90/v90?
Pratap Verma
Do a head2head video Audi A8 2018 vs Mercedes S-Class 2018
Ridhwan Hussain
Can you do a Range Rover vogue review please
paulson thomas
You should comment on the Tesla roadster 2.0
4:41 Haha who's that??
Tomislav Zvonimir
This and the A8 are reigning kings since always.
those 5 negative points are really really bad though
Denis Sulovic
Next Mercedes s class coupe
Waleed Meer
The flat dashboard remind me of my Buick park Avenue, BMW all the way for me.
And it will be the fastest depreciating S-Class like all previous S-Class.
The dials screen is just so rubbish in Mercs, just woeful.
Artemis Fowl
can i pls mix BMW 7, Audi A8 and Mercedes SClass? .v
not new then redesign or facelift after new BMW 7 and now new Audi A8 come
S-Class still a cut above new 2018 Audi A8 and 2017 BMW 7 Series. Interior/dash also better than the competition.
I love that car
Alex Santos
Sonho de um verdadeiro hétero essa nave 😎😍😍😍
Rezky Sofyan
Hey @carwow i have a request for you. Can you review a mercedes benz maybach pullman cause i want to know the advantages of that car
Aaron Pashana
Hey mat pls make a comparison video between the BMW 7 series2018, Audi a8 2018 and the Mercedes s class 2018
DP ie
This new S-class is an overpriced E-class. Not too impressed.
Harry Goyal
Hey Matt, I work for Land Rover in USA, and I would love for you to do a review on the new Range Rover & Range Rover Sport for 2018.
The Gaming Lions
Which variant was this S450 or S500 or some other pls reply
Sister swag satanic salamanda
Omg this car is my dream 😍😍😍
Please higher sound on future videos. It is so low compared to other videos. Thanks!
SL7 Lulashi
Bentley Mulsanne is a lot better
i don't think is a 7 speed gearbox...
Diogo Diogo
7 speed gearbox? it´s 9 ;)
I Started Watching this Video By 129k Views But When it Completed It Was 131k Views. That's The Popularity Of MERCEDES 👍
Nasser Al-Ghadhban
The front 🤢🤮
Mat, you are my favorite british man!
I'll just wait until it depreciates by 30-40k in 2-3 years
I was literally watching your video and then this notification poped up
Arav Great
In India it's double the price
Karim Salloum
The new Mercedes have incredible looking interiors but 6 months in it's rattle and squeak city :(
John Agyei
He’s just soo good.
Can you do a Ford galaxy review?
Asyraf f
hahaha your eyebrows gain three sort of C,E and S class level ;)
Andrei Constantinov
Amazing review.. you should continue with bmw 6gt 😊
Oliver Saro
The Ultimate Driving Machine... oh..oh wait; that is BMW
Why 7 speeds?? Why there are not using the new one with 9 speed??
Just ordered my S63 Aventador Spider LWB!
Said Saleban
Mercedes S-Class is absolutely the best car in the world
Luco Zade
One of the very few Mercedes I actually like
Samson Okoro
Can't wait to see you do the new Ls 500 and 500h, that Lexus interior is incredible.
harsh vekaria
Plz compare 7series , s class 2018 & A8L 2018
You get a like for that photoshop itself. LOL Not that review is bad
Zainab Damji
S class is amazing
About £30,000 worth of things that can go wrong especially for the 2nd owner.
Yudha Bagaskara
First uk review. So lit
Srini Krish
Crystal clear voice of Matt for once even when he is whispering. Thanks Mercedes ;)
Luxury arranged Lifestyle
Top but we need and wish Really best camera 4K UHD resolution clarity 144 Hz and 240 fps videos and channels soon please
4:33 Perfectly assembled
Rear seat satisfaction expressed without thumbs up or thumbs down. His gestures tell something else, above and beyond I suppose.
I think you say 7 speed gear box. Isnt this 9g tronic gearbox?
Eric George
Is the S-Class still the class leader for new technology?
Maxwell Klein
The last generation looks bettering
2018 Mercedes Maybach S-Class please :)
this car vs the equivalent bmw 7 series.... which one would u choose and why
Ranju Pandey
Alto 800 is even more luxury than s class a 8 7 series
dini mueter
Audi ad on Merc S-Class review. Still, I can't even afford a new Hyundai. Oh well, one day.
Sebastian Shaw
The eyebrows analogy cracked me up 😂
The S class and nearly all new mercs comin out now have a 9 SPEED gearbox. a blooper there Matt..