MINDLY ROTTEN "Utopian Images" Official Video 2014

MINDLY ROTTEN "Utopian Images" (Official Video) 2014 Video from the album 'Effacing the Origin' Produced by: /> Producer/Director:fabian Lopez himcompletos Animación experimental: Youtube/himcompletos Facebook/himcompletos Official links: /> /> />[email protected] Lyrics: Human beings disappeared when Earth was devastated by colossal wars that rational men began against themselves. Their end came with violence as had born in this egocentric being the desire to enslave and destroy other ones to satisfy the commandments of reason. For all those whom agonized among the ruins of civilization the chance was to create the always imagined utopia, utopia which is now more real than death the place where post-humans will inhabit. Utopian images allowed us to scape out of death making it impossible. Taking us to spaces where post-human species dwells and inhabit the unreal.

Excelentemente!!!... Mejor no les pudo haber quedado!!!... Una chimba parceros!...
Alra Ramadhan
Superb! I love this video, especially when it's stopped for a while in the middle... cool!
Ivan Espinosa
Esoo hijuemadre!! Algo innovador, muy diferente a trabajos anteriores que bueno que se note eso y lo mas importante, que no pierdan la linea musical. Exitos
Daniel Campillo
Cada vez mejores, una chimba de trabajo, son Grandes  Mindly!!!
johnny fabian
brutal........ buen video.. exitos parceros
Dimitri von zhagk
ni realmente tecnico, ni brutal
Juan Pablo Bedoya Morales
Excelente, un influencia muy chévere de Brain Drill
gustavo adolfo moreno camargo
no entiendo nada de ingles pero chevere
Gerges Sparta Spartano
excelente banda muy técnicos
Luar Ojtre
uffffffffffff que tecnico parceros saludos desde venezuela