Mindly Rotten - Animal Faith

Mindly Rotten - Animal Faith Lyrics: the most harmful of your absurd behaviors is to believe faithfully in old and foolish contradictions its your fucking faith what don't let human race become more than a herd's animal more than a really stupid non thinking being. infested is all your offspring they have born among your meek herd all you are blinded by faith slept into unconsciousness. your no reflection makes you be the worthless being. all other animals seem to be less ingenuous than you your coward fear will be the cause of your self extinction, and is the reason avoiding the awakening of human consciousness blinded by idols your lying kneel down like is your behavior you are rotten kneel down.

It's like I'm in a hurricane in hell, and the instruments are whirling around at 7,000 MPH, being played by the chaotic winds and swirling debris
Randy Lahey
This should be in guitar hero
Love it
lml brutal lml
Carlos Mario Fisgativa
muy bueno.....
Colombia 's got the best Brutal Death Bands!
Matt Finn
eh, meant devourment. But you get my point, the pig squealing bands that have one groove riff detuned really low over and over again. Slam death that is.
Matt Finn
This is REAL brutal death. Intense, complex and heavy. They don't need to hide under piles and piles of distortion and screw around one one string like aborted.