Fight Club (You're Going Down)

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Update: Wow over 19K? Thanks everyone I don't if it suck or not but thanks a ton. Makes me so happy :D Video Project Entertainment only, Not Claiming any material in the video, it all goes to their rightful owners Film: Fight Club - Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, etc. Song: You're Going Down by Sick Puppies Enjoy, comment, rate

Tyler Durden
Sorry to disappoint, I'm not the one that went down.
Ectoo Plazmm
Best Film EVER !!! FIGHT CLUB 
Viktor Stoune
Save me Tyler! I hate ikea!
I am Jack's nipple
mazen abraham
We will really need soon to demolish this filthycivilization and build new one from the zero !!
Define your meaning of war To me it's what we do when we're bored I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop And it makes me want it more Because I'm hyped up out of control If it's a fight, I'm ready to go I wouldn't put my money on the other guy If you know what I know that I know It's been a long time coming And the table's turned around 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down I'm not running, It's a little different now 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down Define your meaning of fun Is it fuckin', druggin' or guns I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop So get ready for another one Let's take a trip down memory lane (Do you remember me?) The words circling in my brain (And what you did to me) You can treat this like another all the same But don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain It's been a long time coming And the table's turned around 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down I'm not running, It's a little different now 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down This is hardly worth fighting for But it's the little petty shit that I can't ignore With my fist in your face, and your face on the floor [The explicit version: "When my fist hits your face and your face hits the floor"] It'll be a long time coming But you got the message now 'Cause I was never going Yeah, you're the one that's going down One of us is going down I'm not running, It's a little different now 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down One of us is going down
Onur Akbulut
günlük doz
Andrea Fomasi
This video is a masterpiece
Smackdown vs Raw 2010
Luiz Gustavo
Big fan of this pic. Fight Club rules!!!
Wesley Mitchell
"you want to make an omlet, that's your problem. people do it everyday, they break some eggs and just run with it, they don't have the courage you have, to make an omlet, you need to forget about omlets, and especially about breaking eggs." Tyler in trust we.
Soap Soap
Destroy The Feministic Gynocentric society.
Kozmik Radyasyon
Hepinizden nefret ediyorum!
Mr. Jaw Line You mad
His Jaw line is just perect.Not to wide yet  so unique if anyone understands wtf im talking about XD
Иван Иванов
2017-та година
Risky Mincz
where is my original you're going down video? :/
Emre Öztaş
TylerDurden <3
Vigi Mungan
first rule..
1,25, guys, that would be fcking awesome)
Konoba Mijo
i love this movie.
Ege Gulcan
İ am jacks smirking revenge
Deniz Saat
1.25 albert camus appearing for a sec
Amused Outsider
Make " Toxic Masculinity " Great Again !!
βєlgiαи Ŧeмρlαя
Great editing
IDealyse Rider
un des meilleurs film de l’époque de combat avec un scénario de fou .
blond guy :'<
awesome song
charles flatter
my girl friend she loves this song
Tim Allen Musse
Simply beyond the scope of words
Mr. Thompson
i think,it is the best film ever
Ali Abi
Bir filme bir müzik en fazla bu kadar gidebilirdi. Efsane ya
top secret
haha the type of anarcho-fascism that many love. Bring back the warlords!! People seem to love in movies what they hate in reality
Luciano Flog
What a perfect movie!!!
Lori Caldwell
i lnoe my roots i Remember
Igor Boldysh
This is great!
Juan José Fuentes Villegas
Smackdown vs raw :"v
Wicke 2D
Damn, where's the other music video for this song? There was one with another fighting movie, it had like 10 mil views.
Lori Caldwell
and i fufnt gucl who they say :)
Sefa A
Sırf ben 1000 kere izlemişimdir video yu amk :D
Dalek Loko De Café
I love this movie !
Domain Admin
Wow, what a edit
Huge Flea
This is not a movie about fighting and winning. Whoever made that video doesn't understand that. Don't mean that the video is bad, it's just that author got the idea of the movie wrong
Wesley Mitchell
" little by little your just letting yourself become, "and then Tyler was gone"Jack" "Tyler
gusti sok
im impressed by the editing
D. B.
Excellent video! I love this song, and it goes really well here with the grimy atmosphere that both it and Fight Club share. :) Also, the song goes really well with Tyler Durden and the Narrator and their relationship in its lyrics! :) Also, I never noticed all those spliced-clips of Tyler throughout the film until I watched this!! :)
михаил щербаков
hubba bubba
Best Edit <3
Nicely done :D
Mathilda 1994
in Tyler we trust
Azrael ben abraha
good job man,it hits the point xD
gg ez
Maka Gogitidze
OMG Cool
Insanely well done!
Ερασιτέχνης & Χομπίστας
SamuelX Literotica
The  definitive  movie  of  my  generation.  Thanks. :)
You are not your job or how much money you have there!!! The best movie
Oğuzhan BARAN
Punchin Jared Leto like a boss
Jo Mo