What About Bob Movie Trailer Bill Murray

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One of my FAVORITE movies of Bill Murray - Hilarious :)

Erik Krueger
This trailer hits all the highlights: 1. GETOUTATHACAAAA 2. I'm ON vacation! 3. He's not gone. He's never gone! ... Is this some kind of radical new therapy? ... YOU SEE!!!
Jason Alexander Golly
Isla Edmonson-Brown
One my favorite films! Thanks so much big sis for introducing me too What about Bob years ago! He's not gone! Hes never gone! I have seen this movie so many time that I can act out every characters lines. This movie got me through a lot of rough years! Laugh therapy is the best medicine!
doug wert
Death therapy! Awesome
Paul O'Reilly
funniest movie i've ever seen!
Roxa Arch
1.51 the way he knew he was standing there without even looking kills me every time 🤣
Kelley Edwards
My favourite comedy of ALL Time!! Murray & Dreyfuss are awesome together! I saw it in the theatre when it first came out more than once, bought the DVD & have kept watching it all these years! :) Love It! :)
Dom Trussardi
Gives away too much of the movie.  Anyways, Bill is a must watch in this, Ghostbusters, and Groundhog Day.  I honestly feel sorry for anybody who has not seen those three.
I sail - I'm a sailor - ahoy!
Jason Hillstrom
I sympathize with Bob. I've never been a mental patient but I've been the 3rd wheel. In my defence, I was a single guy living away from home and desperately trying to make new friends. Last month I finally moved back home when my "Leo" cut me out of his life.
Mike D
They need to make a What About Bob 2. I can definitely see Richard Dreyfus and Bill Murray coming back for a sequel.
The shot with Leo hitting his car with the crowbar is not in the film.
Baby steps.......untie your knots.
Abby Robertson
love this movie!
Steve Dupree
Don't hassle me I'm local
When Bob is doing that at the dinner table, it is like he is having an orgasm with the food.
Hitman 22
vegan4 life
the ending was a joke ruined the whole movie.
The movie is better then the trailer, the trailer doesn't show much
Alex Fowl
Deleted Scene 1:23
Kristin Crumpler
Hilarious movie :))
ThisGuy Here
"What About Bob?" is truly one of the funniest movies I have ever seen!
Siona Doyle-McLaughlin
I have this movie on VHS, but I've got to get it on DVD.  It's hilarious!!!!!!
Favorite line: "Take a vacation!" "IM ON VACATION!!!"
Derek Potts
Top Movie excellent laughter Therapy in itself.
John Booker's Full spectrum
aaron homa
Wish they put 1:34-1:36 in the movie
Andy Myers
i love this move andy
Will Scott Smith
That laugh at the end 😂😂😂
African Drone Rookie
Can't stop hearing Garfield.
Donna Wilson
Death therapy should have been in, what about Bob that line made me laugh hysterically!!!
Rex II ForSure
I was in my 30s when this came out. I was so proud my name was Bob, since people, would think of me because, of the movie
Roses are red violets are blue I'm a schizophrenic and so am I 😂😂😂
"Death therapy, Bob. It's a guaranteed cure." XD
Jackie Bush
Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss make a great pair!
Rex Holes
I'm taking a VACATION! from my PROBLEMS!!!
The Guy from High Maintenance brought me here.
Steve R
One of my favorite films, love it :D
One of my favourite comedies!!! Lmao!!!
Great Movie! Loveeee it🤗
John Jones
Bob would make a great batman villain. Would drive The Dark Knight str8 to Arkham.
Also, Leo throwing down the tire iron.
Fish buddy
Watched this in health class. Hilarious.
baby girl
Best movie ever! xD
Same with the shot at about 1:40 (Marvin throwing the tools down).
this yer parts pulb policy.
Marcelo Painter
Ed Love
Sheer genius!
The shot at 1:25 is not in the film.
No, I dont get angry  1:19 GEODDACA!!!
Mike Rumsey
Death therapy wasn't in the movie...
E.B. Stalter
Great movie,  but this trailer is horrible
BiG JuiCe
Love this movie! Very funny!
What About Bob Movie Trailer Bill Murray  (Funny Movie, Find It On Youtube Lol
"No. I don't get angry." "GETOUABADABAH!" Richard Dreyfus (spelling?) is funny as hell when he want's to be, remember the scene from Jaws when the old sea dog finishes his beer then crushes the can with one hand, and in response Richard finishes his coffee and crushes his Styrofoam cup! He made it funny!
Karen Boo
seen it too many times to count! this movie never gets old...all the actors were great! funny funny funny!
Two people need therapy!!!! :-)
but you can also look at imdb.com, type in one of those actors names and then you have all the movies that he played in. If you have suggestions which you like, please tell them to me, because i like comedy very much, and we have Hot Shot 1 and 2, i havent seen them but watch a trailer, i love that kinda comedy. But if you have questions please ask them, i will be delighted to answer them.
Well if you are looking for also comedys with Bill Murray, then Ghostbusters of course, but stripes is also a good one, or Caddyshack of Groundhog day. My other favourite comedian is Leslie Nielsen with the Naked Gun, Spy Hard, wrongfully accused and Camouflage and my last favourite comedian is John Cleese, he has Fawlty Towers, a fish called wanda, fierce creatures, the search for the holy grail, the meaning of life, life of brian, jabberwocky, and of course monty python flying circus.
Jerry Villarreal
Could you please recommend me any other movies like this!?
Jerry Villarreal
Can you recommend me any other films like this?
Do you know, I don't have anything with those comedy films these day, they are so bad. This is real humor. Unfortunately these movies are not made anymore D:
I agree, big time. I have owned it for years. Just watched it again recently. Murry and Dreyfuss, both do an awesome job. Its a laugh out loud comedy with no sex stuff. Can you believe it?.. Brilliant.
Possibly the greatest movie ever made! Murray and Dreyfuss never played better roles.
shucayb lacle
you should go on vacation. leo BUT AM ON VACATION!!!!!! LMAO
i heared in this trailer the roses are red song, is this where it comes from?
Your death therapy cured me you ggggenius
if i was hermrafrodite id get myself preggers.
One of my favorite films ever
Hunter Mann
Truly a classic!
I watched this in health this past year, one of my favorite memories of that class :)
M. L.
Is this corn hand shucked? Mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmm mmm mm mmm!
Paul W
Bob was probably afriad that Dr. Leo Marvin will not come back. Also I remember when Bill MUrray was in Caddyshack.
A classic!
@118Herbert - I have a feeling Bob would get around that somehow, too! LOL
"All I want is some peace and quiet! I'll be quiet. I'll be peace. *does peace sign* Lol
Richard Peterson
Leo: Bob, where did you put those bags i put around your neck? Bob: I put them in the house. *House explodes* LOL
Tsvika Ronen
@hnjnukemsheridan hmm i'm watching the trailer it doesn't look so good :/
Bob .Grant
Hilarious movie with Bill on top form and Dreyfuss boiling over brilliantly.
marrisa smelscer
"Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a schizophrenic, and so am I"
My favorite line in this movie: Bob: if you shoot me, then are therapy will be over! Leo: oh no bob i am not going to shoot you i dont think i could shoot anybody, but i am going to blow you up! Great movie
Just Once
Bob: What are you doin' with the rifle? Dr Leo Marvin: death therapy, bob! It's a guranteed cure! Muhahaheeheheheheheee!!!! xD
abx landry
richerd dryfuss is just so good see kripendorfs tribe now!
Angelica Dimick
Why did you have to keep Bob out of the house? He's not gone! That's the whole point! He's never gone! "opens door" Is this some radical new therapy? You see! LOL
this is one my all time favourite films, dreyfus and murray are priceless
Ryan H
I love this movie, i thought it be PG-13 but it's PG not that there's anything wrong with that
hahahahahaah i must watch this :D
Jordan Gagliardi
Finally! The real trailer! Thank you so much!!!
Richard Dreyfuss is such a fucking prick in this movie.  I can't stand the guy.  I guess that is what makes the move really funny.