Why You Need To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

We're all told that in order to live a healthy life, we should eat right and engage in physical activity. But is diet and exercise enough? Anthony explains why you should take 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy. Read More: How many steps/day are enough? Preliminary pedometer indices for public health "Pedometers are simple and inexpensive body-worn motion sensors that are readily being used by researchers and practitioners to assess and motivate physical activity behaviours." The Truth About '10,000 Steps' a Day "If you buy a smart pedometer or fitness tracker like a Fitbit, chances are the device will encourage you to take 10,000 steps a day. But do you really have to walk this much to be healthy?" 10,000 Steps Plus Trips To The Gym, It'll Make You And The Boss Happy "Employees who walk 10,000 steps a day and work out in the gym three times a week can give their employers an extra $2500 worth of productivity a year, an Australian clinical trial has found." Hard Math: Adding Up Just How Little We Actually Move "Working out at the gym might not be enough to stay fit if you spend much of the rest of the day sitting down." WalkingWorks: Why 10,000 steps "In my previous article about the WalkingWorks challenge program taking place here in Columbia SC from September 27 - December 3, I states that 10,000 steps per day is the goal for individuals participating in the program." Trends over 5 Decades in U.S. Occupation-Related Physical Activity and Their Associations with Obesity "The true causes of the obesity epidemic are not well understood and there are few longitudinal population-based data published examining this issue." Patterns and Trends in Physical Activity, Occupation, Transportation, Land Use, and Sedentary Behaviors "It is now well-established that regular physical activity reduces the risk of premature death and disability from a variety of conditions including coronary heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis." Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity "During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States and, although there has been some leveling off in recent years, rates remain at historically high levels." Get Up! Sitting Less Can Add Years to Your Life "Whether you exercise every day or not, you still need to cut down the time you spend sitting in a chair." Sitting for hours can shave years off life "That might sound ridiculous -- or obvious -- depending on your perspective, but the findings don't come from a fringe study." More time spent sitting linked to higher risk of death; Risk found to be independent of physical activity level "A new study finds it's not just how much physical activity you get, but how much time you spend sitting that can affect your risk of death." Watch More: Shivering to Lose Weight />TestTube Wild Card />Exercise Is Better Than Meds /> ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube /> Subscribe now! /> DNews on Twitter /> Anthony Carboni on Twitter /> Laci Green on Twitter /> Trace Dominguez on Twitter /> DNews on Facebook /> DNews on Google+ /> Discovery News /> Download the TestTube App:

But, but but....the outside place........it scares me :(
Take the stairs instead of the elevator, it helps 
Jordan Ivey
i lost 30 pounds walking about 12,000 steps a day in 3 months. 198 pounds to 168 pounds as a male. So about 10 pounds a month or 2.5 pounds a week. I also east clean so im sure that helped.
Mitch Rogoff
I get about 10 steps a day form my bed to computer and back
Ain't nobody got time fo that between school , gym and videogames >:c
Abraham Hernandez
Great information. I lost 200lbs + over 5 years walking at least 4 days a week for 35 minutes. I use the 10k walking a day to maintain that weight. Walk America!
I do Stepbet and it always pushes me to keep going. My goals constantly change, but after a year of walking I lost 56 pounds with diet and hour walks daily
Shawn Ravenfire
I suspect that this may be part of the reason why obesity rates are higher in rural areas.  There are fewer places in walking distance, so people drive more.
Jimmie Holmes Jr.
I've been walking 10k a day for two months... so I'm a newbie... but my results are crazy...lost 40 Lbs and 3-5 ins of waist...I also walk on my posture and walk backwards to strengthen all the front muscles from walking all day...great start for newbies...
Ten thousand? pfffft.... ten is more than enough for me c:
Calico C
While watching this video I got up from my chair and I started marching in place.  XD
Harmon Atri
My mom and I have recently started walking 10,000 steps every day (as often as we can, our work schedules tend to get in the way sometimes) and we have cut out unnecessary carbs, fats, and sugars and we don't eat wheat (even whole wheat) anymore. I have never felt so good in my life :)
my wife and I started doing this a couple of months ago and also made slight changes to our diet. The results have been very pleasing I've lost about 15lbs and she has lost almost the same. Ive actually started walking in the 14-15k range just to keep the weight loss momentum up. Trust me folks it works.
Alex Agius
Real men do 10000 reps a day....
I get about 4,000 steps walking back and forth my school campus getting to class.
Park your car further away from where you work or better still get the train and walk to work from the train station. On your Lunch break take a walk, when you catch a lift take the stairs instead. Instead of getting in your car to go to the shops down the street walk instead. Stop being lazy and move more!!!
Regardless of the research, my personal health has increased drastically since using the S Health app on my Samsung phone to track my steps. With a goal of 10,000 and meeting it on a daily basis with few exceptions, I've lost 50 pounds in one year (330 in January, 279.4 when I weighed myself this morning). This is, of course, coupled with better portion control- eating until I begin to feel full rather than shoveling everything in- and choosing lower calorie, less-processed foods. Psychologically, setting a goal and reaching it has improved my moods and boosted self esteem coupled with the weight loss. So yes, 10,000 has worked well for me.
Brick Tamland
how far does 10,000 steps translate to roughly?
The ten Thousand steps to High Hrothgar!
Shawn H Corey
Avoid escalators and elevators; take the stairs. Problem solved.
I started taking walks around my city every now and then. It's been very enlightening and it's helping me get over heartbreak. There's a lot of cool stuff to see, so definitely go for it. You might meet someone interesting or find an alley you didn't know was there. For me, it's less about the walk and more about the scenery.
Swaganomics 101: Jimmy Rustles
I can bet most people get their walking done at the mall..
Winters of -30 celsius weather makes this difficult.
Will Ireland
I started walking half marathons a year ago, my osteoporosis is almost completely reversed.
Jonty Levine
I prefer to set my target at 9001 steps, just because, you know...
Aaron Lowry
I do 20,000 steps a day
Paul Rumelhart
I started using the pedometer app that came with my phone, and readjusted a few things to work more steps into my day because of it.  Parking farther away, going for a quick walk on breaks, that sort of thing.  It does help.
I work in a warehouse and do quite a bit of walking. I now want to buy a pedometer just to see how much I walk in an average day.
Discovery Life
Good thing we can watch DNews on our mobile devices!
Preston Smith
Well, now 40 (I still call that young) and still without a drivers licence I walk everywhere. My typical day is going to be an average of 10 thousand steps a day, just doing family stuff (getting kids to school, cleaning the house, managing my home business). Walking around town is either the long haul (4-8 kilometer walk) or bus. I also own a bike, but have a preference for walking if getting to wherever takes less than an hour. For those that are not used to walking but want to add it into your mix of daily activity, nothing will help you more than good shoes. Cheap shoes are a terrible idea. I have lots of energy (more than my children), walking can be very very tiring if you have been sedentary for even a short while...spring has finally arrived. Always carry some water.
Drake Santiago
Actually, if you want to lower your blood pressure and improve glucose control, the best form of exercise, which will induce both of these benefits and much more, is resistance training. The same results that you would produce in walking 10,000 steps a day, which is roughly 5 miles (depending on stride length), and is therefore over an hour of walking, can be done in far less time with resistance training. Resistance training increases your muscles' insulin sensitivity. This allows for your muscles to quickly and more efficiently use glucose in your blood , because greater insulin sensitivity allows insulin to do its job of getting glucose into cells where they can be used for energy, thus maintaining great glucose control. The greater the insulin sensitivity of muscles, the less insulin your pancreas has to secrete to get glucose into your cells. The lower the insulin level, the less magnesium you excrete through urine. The more magnesium you retain, the more your blood vessels relax, since magnesium relaxes your blood vessels, thus lowering your blood pressure. Finally, increasing ones muscle mass, via resistance training, allows you to perform all physical tasks with greater ease. Hence, your entire cardiovascular system is taxed less when the body is stronger.    
I usually do 30 minute walks at a fast pace and it greatly increases my energy level and I feel really good after doing it. I get an even bigger high if I do 40-50 mins.
So my retail job is good for something.  I'm always walking.
Danica DeCosto
Okay okay...I will put on my walking meter thingie and see if I can take that many steps.
Oh please. This isnt wrong but it sounds like worthless pseudo-science. Just friggin exercise. Walk, jog. End of story. I know nothing more than i knew before watching this video..
Connor Waugh
walk 10.000 steps a day? no thanks, I think I'll laugh 100 times instead, after all Scishow said that if you laugh 100 times, it can burn as much fat as a 10-15 minute bike ride somehow.
I have severely flat feet. My feet hurt after walking for an extended period of time A LOT faster than the average person. So much for being healthy. =/
That Sodding Gamer
Captions were off sync again.  I think they're forgetting to account for the ad and maybe the intro too.  The voice and caption went closer to being in sync as the video went on.
David Stephens
I get about 3,500-7,000 daily. I'm working my way to 10K adding 500 every week or two
99 views and dnews is fun!
Renzo C. Diaz
In Peru, I used to study in a School and as my family didn't have any car, I used to walk a lot to get around, and I noticed I was much healthier there than right now here in USA. I should stop using the cars and start walking again.
Food for thought. I tend to have very busy days and then total sloth days. The notion that my sloth days render my busy days useless is depressing. I could try walking away from home for 15 minutes then walk back, twice a day. That's about 6-9k steps depending on speed.
I spend 90% of my day sitting, sitting at the computer, sitting in my car, sitting at college, I'm too busy sitting to exercise, plus I'm lazy
What if you go over 10k steps? Is it healthier?
Jay Wilkins
When I carried my Nintendo 3DS around with me it registered about 10k steps just walking to school and back. 10k steps is far easier than one might think.
Youtube Policemen
long periods of sitting is terrible for so many reasons I have been doing it myself gotta stop
Bishop Blood
Don't worry, soon we will evolve into only requiring 100 steps a day. Soon...
Rogelio Perea
Let's see here...I walk back and forth from my kitchen to the couch about 5 times per hour. How many steps do I walk if I'm awake for 12 hours a day?
I walk like 200-300 steps a day, is that enough?
Jeff pyrotek
grew up as an athlete (sport scholarships thru school, amateur cycling and middle-distance running & cross country) and kept the fitness just because it was habit until about ten years ago when i had a car accident and broke my neck and had to give up all physical exertion for a while .. holy HELL did i feel unfit until about a year ago when the pain dropped enough to be able to train again .. and all the illnesses and stuff? horrible! it's all going away again now tho .. all i'm really doing are basic stretches in the morning and evening as well as a 30 to 60 minute walk about two days out of every three .. fitness FTW :)
just stop laying around and move. lol
Germo Gen
All i have to say is: /watch?v=bFEoMO0pc7k
I am on the treadmill right now walking while watching this on my phone. Its not that bad just need to find the time for it.
Mark Philpott
It's a small part of a bigger picture. I generally do 100,000 steps a week, individual days vary. It does work :)
So what you're saying is: exercise is good... for... you?
alexa olsen
really like these videos about improving health, thank you :)
Super walking newbie here. Started walking 10K daily since 3/25/19. Bp @ start of walking 135/85. By today 4/12/19 is 117/72. Yeah, I'd say it works.
C Stuart Hardwick
Since using a treadmill desk, I've lost 45 lbs and lowered my cholesterol and BP back to where it was in my 30s. In fairness, I also started tracking calories.
Rui Constantino
And me walking 5km, plus running other 5km per day plus the gym from Monday to Friday. Waste of time LOOOL. XP
Tempted to count my steps when I walk to class every day..
"long term consistency trumps short term intensity" bruce lee
I walk a lot at college and according to my Jawbone UP band, I get anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 steps a day, depending on what classes I have that day and whether or not I go to the gym. The massive amount of steps I take has definitely helped ward off the freshmen fifteen. In addition, when I sit around all day and don't reach 10,000 steps, I feel more sluggish and find it harder to sleep. I'm on break now and I've been walking my dog and offering to do errands for the fam as a way to get out of the house and reach my goal.
i don't think i do 250 steps a day.
What distance are 10k Steps?
I've been sitting and sleeping in the same place for three days (I'm sick)
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
2:24 Be careful with that stats! It may be obesity that CAUSES this 2000 step gap and that other factors are responsible for this high obesity rate.
So pretty much, all of these studies have concluded that exercise is good for you? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW who would have thought. 
I walk over 10,000 steps a day thanks to my new job. I also meet some pretty interesting people going door to door.
James Mc Closkey
It's over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
according to my 3ds i only walk arround 5-6k . -.steps
Rawan Rahwan
I walk 15k steps a day. I feel amazing
i get about 1000 steps if i counted manually. from my college school to my house
Forte Astro
Jiujitsu/grappling and structural lifts help me enough.... And for those who really train cant refuse jiujitsu. It is a drug.
I have tried this and it does nothing. HIIT is the way to go.
I have time to do about 30 minutes on weekdays, no more. I guess I'll catch up on weekends.
Nikola Kacar
Can you freeze fire and/or lightning?
Crap 4 Brains
Breaking News: After years of study most scientists agree: Walking might be good for you.
TIL: Exercise is good for you.
Akhil Raman
I've noticed results. I'm averaging around 8500-9000 steps per day and have lost 10 pounds in the last two months. HOWEVER, walking alone hasn't been the reason, I still keep track of my calories and macros. I also make sure to lift weights 3 x week to maintain my strength and muscle. I also add in some interval sprints 2 x week (on 2 of my lifting days) to get my metabolism spiked up.
Warrior Kitty
How do you know how may steps you've made in a day?
i would walk a thousand miles just to see you
Nazik Malak
i did walk 8000 per day for about 45 days .. and lost 10 kg .. i did reduce my dinner food but never was on a diet .. just shrink the portions
i have bought a fitbit flex (one of these pseudo-smart step counters) a few months ago, and according to what it says i get the average 10k steps per day (sometimes less, sometimes more) what i think was interesting is that i get most of the steps when i am at work (desk job) cause every cigarette i smoke earns me about 500 to 1000 steps ;) so is smoking actually more healthy than everyone tells me?
Joshua Jones
the argument about Colorado versus Tennessee and Arkansas confuses correlation and causation! just because the walking rates are lower in those states that have high obesity rates doesn't imply that the walking rates are the cause of the obesity rates. BOO! 
I'm a runner who does 4:46 in the 1600m and 56-57 seconds in the 400m, but I don't walk for shit. I live in an environment where I have to drive everywhere I go
Moses Jonson
Wait wow LoL ten thousand steps jeeze this is long
Kitty Fox
sadly most works make it impossible to keep a healthy lifestyle :/
Isn't the PokeWalker the most accurate pedometer in the world?
Austin Awalt
When VR games come out that use treadmills I feel like the situation could improve dramatically. XD
John Doe
10K steps? Yeah I don't think that is going to happen right now perhaps in like 6 months.
Although I agree that regular activity is healthy, I'll just bring up what we all know but need constant reminding of-- {{Correlation does not equal causation}}
Zezo Ana
i am walking in morning 6 am 12000 and my life is it change it and i lose my wight and lose 60 kg in 6 month i am happy
Elliot McQueen
what if you have a physical dissablilty
I work from home and use a treadmill desk. Great way to walk all day long and not even realize how much youve done
Caravan of Noobs
damnet i only walk 10,001 steps a day.
Walking? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
Ilija Jorgačević
i take a 50 minute walk from school to my home every day, is that good enough?
J -united
i have a shepherd dog he keeps me in shape hahaha that's my trick
thank you for the video :)
Michael C.
In other news, I like my water wet and my ice cream cold. I guess this is just fluffer to pay der bills.