Broncolor 'How To' shoot High Speed Sync flash with a DSLR

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In this 'How To' video Karl & Urs demonstrate the new High Speed Sync capabilities of the Siros Lights with the new RFS2.2 trigger, allowing to sync your flash up to 1/8000th of a second on a DSLR. Check this video to see the cool effects possible with this feature. --------------------------------------------------------- This series on broncolor "How To" training videos includes: ONE SHOT SEQUENCE: />AGAINST BACKLIGHTING: />HORSE PORTRAIT: />HIGH SPEED SYNC FLASH: />MISSION IMPOSSIBLE MODEL: />URBAN LOCATION SHOOT: />STILL LIFE BUDDHA: /> --------------------------------------------------------- Previous broncolor "How To" videos. If you're new to my blog then don't forget to check out our previous broncolor "How To" professional photography videos. UV LIGHT & UNDERWEAR: />MOTION BLUR WITH DETAIL: />SHAPE LIGHT: />3 LIGHT PORTRAIT: />DESIGNER SHOE: />RED WINE: />SPORTS MOTION: />NECKLACE & BEAUTY PORTRAITS: />FLASH PAINTING & BOTTLE: />EDGE & RIM LIGHTING: />SHINY OBJECTS: /> ********************* Don't miss the next LIVE online photography workshop:

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Harald Kylin
KARL... Stop just showing the back of the screen when you say "look at that image". I've been watching you for the past five years and I bout five of your DVDs and the same problem is plagues both your YouTube videos and dvds. Show the images in full screen or at least show them down in the corner somewhere so that the viewer actually know what you are talking about. You loose the viewer. Other than that, great demonstration :)
Hugo Da Palma
Was it just me that noticed that this was not a "how to"... but more... "buy these".... sorry of my honest review of your video.
Bader Alwazeer
Please tell me it works smoothly with Broncolor Move 1200, that I bought around two years ago
Jason Beaver
Nice system, that Para is gorgeous. Godox has done well with that hss trigger, especially if Broncolor is putting their name on it.
spiros litsas
sorry for my bad english,i ve learned lots from you but this time this video isnt that need a little more punch light from your flash because model seems flat.also your flash angle is like you have it on camera,this makes the picture more flat.i am sure you know all that and maybe is a purpose behind.
Felipe Henao
Anthony Henri Oftana
I contacted Broncolor support and they said their Siros L supports HyperSync not HighSpeed Sync?
JR-Like It to Believe It
Adore you man 💟
which Lens you used ?
Dimitris Manolopoulos
Hello Karl, thanks for another nice video! Well i find it very nice from you to spend time for answering at so many questions and opinions at the comments section. Keep up the good work, i like your simple & instructive videos. Kind regards from Greece! Jim...
Too bad that many of us who are not rich cant afford a same system. Unfortunately. Great shoots but of course thousands of dollars are used to produced this shot.
Daniel Lopez
what kind of stand were you using?
James Aston
Great video Karl, 14 dislikes are they for real, what's not to like, your using a Canon lol
D.H.T. Media
God I wish I had one of Karl's hand me down flashes and modifiers.. 😳 One of the best photographers on the planet, absolutely adore your work and have since the fashion videos that you did. Thank you for continuing to do what you do! - Damon
Mr Pokiesmeister
My fav tog! Love your work!
Richard Crowe
Can you measure HSS flash with a flash meter?
You can also take a cheap Manual speed light set it at full power output, an also shoot at 1/8000 second with any camera. The reason why this works is simply because when the Manual speed light is set at full power output you have the longest flash duration time typically around one 250th to one 500th of a second and so the flash is on longer than the shutter is open.
Edwardo Hawil
thank you for the amazing question is the new RFS2.2 trigger compatible with profoto b1?
Hi Karl, Great video as usual. I'm interested in this system now that it has HSS and can compete with the ProFoto B1's. Looking forward to seeing some videos showing off the motion freezing capabilities of this system. Totally subjective I know but I thought that in the final image, the subject was a little under exposed compared to the background? I'm guessing you're going for the most natural look possible on a sunny backlit afternoon but I'd love to see what that 800W puppy can really do from that distance. Do you recall what power setting you had the Siros set to? I also noticed that your website is the same theme as mine and that we have both been to the same waterfall in Iceland! You shot it better though mate. We got rubbish weather when we were flew there last year from Australia. Love the video Karl, keep up the great work. :) James Allan
Ahmed Cruz Juarez
What lens did you use?
I like that open aperture with just the model and a thin line of plants in focus on either side, it gives a great effect. By the way Karl, are you still using the Mark III when shooting DSLR?
Why is this not working with a normal flash trigger? Would the camera sync at the end of the first curtain opening (which is obviously too late for the second one on exposure below x-sync)?
Uriah Graves
I clenched my jaw when the Canon was handed over.
looks amazing love it! i would expected a more dramatic look with HSS
Ok, slightly Broncolor-geeky question: I noticed you're using a Para 133 focusing tube in the Para 88... why? So you can fit the whole assembly in just one bag, or is there a different reason? ;-)
Walt 2D2
Thanks for taking time to make these videos . They are really helpful . Hey I got the first comment . Yay for me !! P.S. I want all these toys =)
Jeffkiennth Villaruel
Great karl
Hi Karl love your videos. What lens did you use for that shoot? Thank you!
Murugesh M
great things
Andrea Pecchiari
Karl, have you been using Pocket Wizard gear? (i use it on my elinchrom ranger rx) If so, how much of an improvement is the broncolor hi-sync? You still getting black bands from the camera curtains on high speed shots? Or broncolor somehow solve this problem? Thank you
Richard Faulkner
Great piece of Kit.
Gabre Cameron
Nice to see you shoot HSS Karl ... I have one question. What brand was that long camera bag you had?
Karl, how did you balance the natural and flash light to get proper exposure? Please could you explain how you found the right power setting on the flash and what was the distance to the subject, thanks
Karl If you set your flash exposure to F/5.6 you would then set your aperture to F/1.4 when using a - 4/f Stop Neutral Density Filter therefore the exposure did not change, Therefore the light level in the viewfinder will be exactly the same it will not be dimmer, but you will have significantly less depth of field.
Gareth Bradley
Nice video - I understand this is about using fill flashes and in particular the Broncolor, but in terms of the high speed trigger...could the same effect be possible by using an ND filter? (e.g. bring the aperture to a more pleasing f1.8/f2.8)
Eugene Cartwright
I love Karl's enthusiasm in this one. This was great karl. Did you not need to adjust the white balance or find that the flash added in a little bluishish/colder light compared to the hair light (sun)?
In this video you didn't say anything about which ISO you were using.  If you want to open up the aperture for a shallow depth of field, couldn't you just use a low ISO setting with a stronger flash?
Dante Grey
Hi Karl, great video! Everything was very informative! Just wish we could have seen what your shots looked like at 4:47 when you were shooting at a high speed, large aperture and without the flash.
Jeff Balbalosa Photography
Karl, what Broncolor can do that other lighting equipment couldn't?
Daedric Royalty
Awesome shoot, but the profoto B1 and air remote trigger has these feature for a couple of years now, love the broncolor para though, absolutely stunning quality of light
Photone Photography
How does it work with the HSS capability if you have a medium format camera such as Hasselblad, PhaseOne or the new upcoming Fujifilm?
Dede Xyz
Karl- enjoy the vids but I was just wondering....could the same effect be had using ND filters....forcing one to open up the aperture more for the desired effect of shallow DOF? (the goal in this case) I know that wouldn't work if shooting subject matter requiring a fast shutter speed w/ flash fill- but the model in the field is a different situation altogether. Thx!
This Is
Awesome demonstration. I must say though I I personally found it a little misleading to say "high speed sync" in the title, when this is a different method being used althogether
Kunal Rajput
why dont you take meter readings with a light meter when you're working with strobes?
Wait, why couldn't you just shoot at 1/200 of a second with the flash and just drop a nice inexpensive but still sharp ND filter on the camera?
Juan Lopez
Taylor, i believe you don't need a special toy to get the camera above their native sync speed. the flash or the light sources needs to be able to sync at high speek. Also, I though that by adding anything to the hot shoe, it will trigger the camera to sync above the native 250, or 350, in the Nikon is the case, i use it in my D7100. Can you clarify if i am incorrect or missing something. thanks, love you video
Rod Field
Have Broncolor ever thought to make the trigger for Sony cameras?
xiaofei zhang
where do i find the music? both the intro and during the video?
Gavin Doran
Karl, can I use the RFS 2.2 at 1/8000 with a MoveL pack and MobiLED light set up?
Vybrant Images
Looks good! How much will the RFS 2.2 C Transmitter cost?
Brent Drafts
I mostly shoot medium format film. Just recently added a FF dslr and lenses. How does using ND filters compare to HSS? Advantage or disadvantages?
better call Saul
are you really in the need to do commercials with that fake demeanor? lol I do respect you as the great photographer as you are but not as doing commercials
where in switzerland is this exactly?
What did he say at 6:58? haha
Reno Picasso
You forgot to show us the camera settings on the final compositions. It was an impressive and entertaining video but for visual learners like myself not very helpful. Especially if we can't afford your kind of professional expensive equipment.
Hi I'm getting Gh5 and i looking for good light with trigger for outdoors for this body for HSS any suggestions??
Eyeroc Media
I have a Canon 7d and I'm not able to access my HSS mode on the camera with Siros 800, It's there but not accessible unless I have a speedlight for the top. Does anyone know the way around , why it is happening? How do I get HSS mode activated on the camera as well as the lighting system?
what was it he said at the 7:00 mark?
Andrew David
@Karl Taylor This maybe a silly Q to ask but since i never really done portraits and since I'm trying to get into portrait photography i just like to know can this HS Trigger be used with all speedlites also?
Louis Amore
I really want to buy that Para, but just seen to make it to work you have to invest in another 3 things!
Habito Kun
is it coming for the siros 800s as well?
Sundaram Kumarappan
hi Karl when using high speed sync the flash power is set manually or is it in ETTL mode? what was the flash power in it?
Could you get the same effect using a ND filter?
Xavier Lille
Hello ! Very Good ! What's the title of music ??!!! Thanks Xavier
Some people aren't pro. We don't have the money to buy this equipment.
Jamie L.
what size lens are you using ? specs?
Miguel Aquino
Did you take those shots in TTL mode or M? Thanks.
Vijay Kumar
it's awesome
shamal subhee
What does the other guy says that made you laugh and remind him that it's recording ? Cause his accent is so weird !
my dream to be like u and have nice life but that's just a dream and I'm sure that will never come true 😔💔
Amila Roshan
Verry good job