I Bought A Stranger's Love Letters From Ebay

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Alice Dodds
This is kinda messed up, but I'd watch it again
I know it's kind of controversial whether or not reading someone's personal entries are ethical or not, but there's something really beautiful about the rawness/authenticity (or so I hope) of this series where she gets to read into a glimpse of other people's lives.
Worthless Ace
*thinks of The Great Comet of 1812 because I'm a broadway freak*
*Honey Boy O’ Mine* is so cute ?
Sabena Burkhart
Do you ever get weirded out by the fact that everyone around you is constantly within their own mind and thinking a million secret thoughts and battling internal struggles just like you and that you're not the only one who thinks these things and that people around you aren't just faces, they're individuals with their own story to them— I think this series is a good representation of that
mari 1998
Is it bad that I really want to watch more videos like these
Stephanie Rojas
*Honey, honey, honey girl* - immediately feels in love
Honestly find her series weird but I still love it LOLOL
Martina Škaljac
Imagine if someone 200 years from now finds your phone and starts reading your tinder messages...
Skys Wishes
I love this girl. She buys everything no one else will.
Sarah Sperber
"I'm not a blonde!" THE SHADE OMG
Gracy Danthi
Oho .. your videos are great .. i love watching them 😍😍😘
Ms Peach
The man sounds really, really romantic, he sounds like he knows what to say to his woman.
Sleepy Gnome
Turn around and sell them lol
random person
Wished the last letter would've been: My darlin' baby girl, this is my last letter to you because tomorrow I can leave the hospital and start our new life together in the house we have always dreamed of with our sweet little treasure. Excited to see you and loving you always, your darling Dan.
Okay but this is my favorite series ever
Evelina Dilytė
Love videos with her. Such a unique content. Need moooore!
Darth Danriea
Please, PLEASE, do further research on this and update us. I beg of you
Georgina Young
Lucy gets a three page, back to back reply from Daniel. And all I get from my bf is "K".
PLEASE look them up!!! try to find out what happened
Sarah Morrison
Why is everyone commenting how weird this is? This is so interesting and Its nice to hear people, being nice and in love with each other. Gives me hope and joy! :) Love this series, keep it going!!!:) Even if you do repeats and do part 2's or whatever. This is fun and a refreshing type of video. Very "original" type creativity.
You could say "Daniel" was writing like he was running out of time (Thumbs up if you get the Hamilton reference)
Cerena Leigh
You should see if you can find more information on "Daniel" and "Lucy". Maybe the addresses can help you get an identity so you can find information on them through records and see if they ever got married, had their baby, or if Daniel survived..
Back at it again, buying junk! 😂
Grace Albright
Izzy Bell
I adore you and these videos, I love being nosy and hearing peoples lives
hunny moons
Lucy: Dan: *ha what would you do if i was there* 😏💦
thepandashadow ninja
Here at 42 views 66 likes!! #earlysquad
Jordan Eby
I love the idea of this. This girl needs her own series!
Energy Music
Do another video of ''I bought a stranger's diary'' please!
kian alvares
I swear I love your videos and your quirkiness
Okay so you have their full names. WHY DON'T YOU GO AND DO SOME RESEARCH ON THEM TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM????????????? I think we need to know and deserve answers.
Jonathan Kragelund
Remember when i read my grandparents love letters from when my grandfather was in the military in 1948. My grandmother is very romantic but my grandfather is just complaining about how he needs ciggarets xD
Kenza M
well at least fuckboys in the 20th century were classy
Uncooked Fish
Knowing their child is still probably alive right now is crazy
Nikki Oclair
You have the female and male letters so they must have to got together right?!
Next episode: I brought someone's used dildo
1:16 Burn the letters = Hamilton reference. Just me...? okay...
Shad Smith
I feel I was left hanging. I want to know what happened. That said, I hope she buys more old love letters. Also, it kinda feels like a Ryan and Shane case of Unsolved.
Destiny Tyler
There were LOVEly letters
Eileen Bahena
when he says wifey and babygirl😁😥
Isabella Hough
claire braganza
she needs her own series urgently!!!!!!!!!
Abigail Herrera
Before 100 views
If you can, you should search for any living relatives to these two and find out if they know what happened to them
Ed Reid
Dan sounds so 21st century...
She could try investigating the names, see if she can dig something up on those people. That would be a cool follow up.
HikariToYou! InASec!
Anyone seen Hamilton and got that vibe from this video?
Natalie Storti
You should try to find them on ancestry.com, then you could give the letters to their daughter or grandchildren!
My mom was just complaining that her cousin just sold love letters from her grandparents! Could these be it???
10:20 he's 87 years ahead of his time lmao
haley diehl
Same...this is the only time id ever recieve love letters I make videos too!! Pop a peek?
Dan seems like such a sleazeball
Mehkie Donaldson
I love these kinds of videos tbh
CoCo MoNkEy
wow i just looked up buzzfeed, before 100 views
Melissa Rose
What protect their privacy what are the chances these people are still alive.
Siena Keswani
this is actually so cute i low key wish we still wrote letters like these
Marleina M
I'd look up census records with the woman's name and address. Seems like their family should have their letters.
Glenda Chong
Am i the only one that is obsessed with their handwriting?
Nikita Bush
Next up on Buzzfeed: 'I bought a stranger!'
Daisy xo
I get so invested in this girls videos, I wanna know more 😭
i found a kids diary at the thrift store and i felt so guilty reading it 😭
Une fille étrange
she loves stranger things doesn’t she
bricat saxton
can you buy more haunted things please
Dumbledore's Army
Is Eugene reading "Daniel's" side of the letters? XD
Rachel Allen
*is this Ned and Ariel*
Allison Machelle
OMG can you please find their baby and interview them!? I need to know what happened!
Athena Knows
You could find them! Or at least look them up and see if they're still alive
djihad e
i didnt like the background musique ,its like u r talkin abt smth hilarious ,infact it is really touching
Cindy Bui
Britney Garcia
Daniel and Lucy is a couple many people want to be
OMG this should not be sold..!🙄
Amber Massey
Goes from end of March to begging of Aug.... if she was preg she would have been prob 7 mnths along by the next time he wrote. Sounds like she was preg.
Cool Kitty's
This is awkward
TeaIncrease 512
If you ever get cold, stand in the corner of the room for a while It’s usually 90 degrees
Keely Okay._.
This and the diary vid are soo interesting wowww
Cookies N' Cream
Wifey? That's so cute 😆😆😆
Marta Kaminska
Soo this is Twitter in 1931
No Sabemosbailar
Before 50 views
Potato Shark
"Bone Zone"
Alice Disca
I love this series😍😍
H.A.S .A.R
whos here before 1500 views
Lindsay Hayes
their child is almost 90
hammyling ever after
199 almost 200
Nadine Allen
I love these buying videos
It went from Daniel to Dan... Kinda like Danisnotonfire but from Dan to Daniel
Omg the handwriting.💕
monalisa das
Why don't we write letters anymore 😭😭😭
caecilius est in hortō
Maybe the child sold the letters...
7:25 Hell yes you CAN get tuberculosis from kissing. Spending 1 hour in the same room next to a patient is enough to be contaminated...
zack games
in 50 I Bought A Stranger's Love screenshots From Ebay
Magdalene Gorospe
What if their actual names were daniel and Lucy but she said that they weren't so we believe that they weren't but in real life they were?!
Kiamatra TT
Needs her own series
Sikci Ghoul
Dan is a savage
This reminds me of letters from Juliet! ❤️
I want a Daniel 😭
Angelina Sanchez
I love Joanna's videos ❤