Top 10 Craziest Duck Hunt Plays - Super Smash Bros for Wii U

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Top 10 Most Disrespectful Smash 4 Moments #6: /> Clips are from: 10. />9. />8. />7. />6. />5. />4. />3. />2. />1. /> Outro Music is the Duck Hunt medley from super smash bros for wii u Top 10 Duck Hunt Dog Plays - Smash 4

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Patrick Herbert
1:54 Wow... ok... someone looks up to Etika a biiiiit too much
1:55 w h a t
Doğan Kürşat Aktaş
If Pacman players are from Mars, Duck Hunt mains are from Pluto.
It's Neko64
ok I was making sure wasn't the only one curious about 1:54
Remmert Benique
1:55 keepin' it esports
“Stupid dog. You make me look bad.”
Supah Sayian Cena
I wonder what's the meta going to be like in Smash 5
OK «Gappy»
I CAN not believe these setups.
Adaly Debest
1:54 OK dude you're not Etika. We don't want you to eat a nutsack sandwich my boy
As a proud Duck Hunt main, this video makes me happy. I've been waiting a while for a video like this to appear.
People say Pacman players are wizards... If that’s the case then Duck Hunt mains are Harry Potter and Pac players are Neville
Slobertooth 13
Top 10 Shulk plays when?
Everyone's saying "As a duck hunt main" so I think I should do the same to stay hip and cool and so that people know i'm a duck hunt main lmao. As I duck hunt main, I love raito <3~
Max Phillips
This video must be why Vinnie has Duck Hunt so high on his tier list. lmao
Chris The Chocolate Donut
I jus hope he doesn't get cut from 5mash tho.
#7 was soooooooo beautiful.
Uriel Lopez
Lmao a lot of these are vs Cloud players
Mr Bones X
I was binging your videos yesterday and I thought "When is he going to make a Duck Hunt video?"
Conn Toons
those trick shots tho....
Craig P
DH is a really good character, I just wish its recovery was better.
Duck hunt theme is best troll song!
Angel Steele
People talk bad about these "low-tier" characters, but I get nervous every time I face one.
Duck Hunt is fun to watch and Raito is awesome
Eddie Reyes
These guys impress me more than Pac-Man mains. This shit actually takes skill & timing. Pac-Man mains just hope something works most of the time
Spyro 23
Nothing I haven’t seen.
Nico Heard
PkSlime 201
Who let the dogs out? * BOOOOMMMM * * BOOOMMM *
frank unodostres
one of the most unique and fun characters to play/watch. i hope he stays for smash 5
That last clip was too perfect.
Erik H
Imagine what smash would be like if Duck-hunt, Pac-man, Wii fit and Megaman dominated the meta
danteplaygames 2
dragon smash tengo una queja falto alguna jugada de sekai doggo pero like
Smash 5
It's a shame that Duck Hunt Duo seems unlikely to return in the new game. Rare as they are to see in games, they are like an alternative version of Pac Man :)
C Dub
1:55 Damn, man. It's just a good Duck Hunt play. Show a little bit of chill.
Daniel Biggins
SC smash repping super hard in this video!
Blake: The Nerd
THE Best of Duck Hunt here!
My best friend is a Duck Hunt player. I should show this video to him, as I'm sure he'd be pleased.
do you know wich countdown would be cool? top ten setups
Shadow Kryzis
So..Duck hunt is Cloud's counterpick meta confirmed?
0h. scar
1:54 Lmao 😂
As someone who likes playing as Duck Hunt, I approve.
#3 is so OLD LOL still nice
Francisco Zagal
For some reason I always forget Duck Hunt is a playable character.
Golden Champ
Patrick D
Love how most of them are Vs Cloud
Steve Murdock
That no 2, tho. "Eh, that looked ok, I guess?" *Slomo replay "Pttttttbpbpbpbp!!! O. M. G."
Raito is Duck Hunt God!!
Eh. Not enough clay pigeons.
That thumbnail though
Daniel 896
Shouldn't Ducks Hunt get broken XD
Did this dude just say, on commentary that he was going to tear his junk off and consume it?
Justin Y. blatantly uses like bots
Upload. In. 60. FPS. PLEASE.
The scream at 0:38 is priceless xD
fuck etika
Nazul X
0:50 DI up again! I dare you!
Please rename this video to "top 10 projectile plays". Thank you
I guess that is one bad dog! XD
Jared Williams (Retro)
1:54 WTH
ADeadlyChildpon 19
In number 2, is that OHKO, the smash youtuber?
Erick Gamers 1456
Duck hunt is still a annoying character to fight against
Sebastian Holguin
First :v
Jarrett Powers
Ahmed Falahy
I guess you could say... *Everyone in the video got CANNED!*
Cvo 777
1:55 you already know what happens here
Taylor Galloway
Raito op
Ooof not notification squad as heck
Flaming Basketball Club
Duck Hunt finally getting the spotlight!
Nerf Irelia
Any video where Rosalina gets bodied is a good video
Leo Spencer without a scooter
Seeing Duck Hunt win against so many high tier characters made my day. Mad respect for you Duck Hunt mains out there.
Top 10 projectile plays that's why I thought this should be #2
Cadmus Rhodium
Yup! Thats my little buddy. He is a good character. But really good for those that spend the time to learn him inside and out. Raito, you genius. Loved the second to last one. Thanks for the upload there. I loved it! :)