Giant Silva x Choi Mu Bae - PRIDE 2004 - (Full Fight - Luta Inteira)

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Giant Silva x Choi Mu Bae Pride 2004 // Shockwave em Saitama super arena no Japão. AS MELHORES LUTAS DO PRIDE COM NARRATIVAS ORIGINAIS E TRADUZIDAS VOCÊ SO ENCONTRA AQUI INSCREVA - SE !!

Rodrigo Silva
I'm Brazilian, but please... this Giant Silva was an awful fighter! He's so heavy and big that seems he cannot move at all!!
That giant was playing with him, he could snap that guys arm in a second for sure.
Jean IF
Gigant Silva luta todo amalucado
Cristos Palabras
I'll spare you the pain. At 7:56 they both put on tutus and fairy wings and fly away.
If Giant Silva had even white to blue belt level jujitsu experience this fight would have gone the other way. How is he this inexperienced on his back? Other guy capitalized on his lack of skill.
Вадим Попов
Gigant silva 135 what????????? 200
Daniel Alves
Pqp com toda aquela altura perdeu a luta
canal do biel bi
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