History Of Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat X

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“Mortal Kombat” Literally everyone gets revived lol
Jonathan Mark
I hated how the second movie tried to make Shao Khan & Raiden brothers & Shinok their dad -__-
Davidiah Wraith
Agreed, Shao Kahn IS one of the best video game bosses of all time! An icon in video game history.
I really want them to resurrect Onaga for any reason
Ganzo _
Who’s gonna pre order MK 11?
xD_ AmP
History behind Kotal Kahn plz
Jade Sarlonade
Actually Shao Khan is dead. Johnny Cage said so in the beginning of MKX. But its mortal kombat so...
Big theory guys! You all know in Mortal Kombat X in Quan Chi's lair there is that pit filled with that red liquid and there is a guy being reformed in it that pops out? What if that guy is Shao Kahn.
*shao kahn did nothing wrong* raiden : *TRIGGERED*
Michael Evans
I really wish shao Kahn was in mortal kombat XL!!!he is the best boss out of all the mk games
Josue Pina
Anyone in 2019?
Yes, Shao Kahn is the best fighting game boss of all time!
September Day
I'm married to the voice of Shao Kahn and never knew the history of the character. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :) <3
I hope to see shao kahn return, he is my favorite video game villain ever and really fits the boss in mortal kombat well.  He is such a badass, all the boss fights against him were memorable and challenging, he's the emperor of outworld who claimed armageddon and he sounds so badass and also the announcer of MK.  Bring shao kahn back!
Zokizzy Foshizzy
If I was an Elder God, I'd punish Shao Kahn by brainwashing him into being Outworld's protector, like Raiden. He must protect the realm he once ruled and wished to expand, but now he can't. Na na na na na.
Why MK9 Is A Reboot Explained Below: In the introduction when Shao Kahn has his foot placed upon the Thunder God/Raiden's chest, Raiden decides to send a message to his past self. That message is to stop Shao Kahn in some way, then the past Raiden does as the Future Raiden asks. They then change the course of history and the timeline is alternated in the future which makes the presence of MK9 possible. Easier Explanation: Raiden is dying, Shao Kahn is conquering. Raiden tells his past self to stop Shao Kahn in some way. Past self stops Shao Kahn or delays him. The history is changed. All past Mortal Kombats are alternated which result in the reboot of MK9. BOOM. Correct me if I'm wrong,
joey mann
when you realize shao kahn is coming backa s a playable cahracter in mk11
Joseph M.
The True Emperor of Outworld! R.I.P. Shao Kahn
Chris Ibarra
Nich Hodge
I always thought no wonder the Great Kung Lao lost against Goro as he must have been an old man since there is 50yrs in between Mortal Kombat tournaments (from when Goro won to the 10th MK tournament where Liu Kang won is 500yrs 10x50=500) so even if The Great Kung Lao became champion at 18yrs old he would have been 68 in the next tournament
Thanks for the history lesson👌🏻
Son of Darkness and the Lord of the Netherrealm
Can't wait for the intro dialogue between Shao Kahn and mad man Raiden in mk11
There is a XIA Dynasty Emperor named, SHAO KANG, whom some researchers believe to be the same man as Sargon of Akkad.
The soundtrack pls!!!!!
I imagine sha kho say "I'm John CENA!"
tizzle27 _
Can we talk about how literally nothing in MKX would’ve happend if Quan Chi didn’t save Shao Kahn
Tyson Hyatt
See this is proof that the growing man in Quan Chis's fortress isn't him he still alive and many things are diffrant like it's not a punch on his chest it's from some kind of sword it's a straght line 👍🏻
Kyros Droztamyr
The most chad conqueror. king of kings.
: 3
What realm did mr Kahn come from? I also feel so bad about sindel
Ernest Sierra
Kabal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prince Gray
Ahem. You mean one of the CHEAPEST video game bosses of all time
Daniel's Hot Topics
Shao Khan is Great but the Elder Gods destroyed his Body and his soul so he can't return although the Shao Khan from the previous Timeline who Destroyed and absorbed Blaze could return.
Honestly i didn't like the way they handled Shao Khan character in MK 11. He kinda seemed weak.
Leslie Borregard
It would be hilarious if they made a Super Mario/Mortal Kombat crossover where Shao Kahn is Bowser in human form lol.
He's my favorite boss. Nice video. I hope to see him again in MK11
Tubai Bhattacharjee
Anyone in 2018
Paul Curtis
do kotal kahn or takeda
Finally a good mk youtuber hell yeah ive been watching for a year my favorite is scorpion
just to add this: Quan Chi didn't heal Shao Kahn. Kahn says it himself: ''I'm not so easily killed, Quan Chi accelerated my recovery'' Shao Kahn is a god to Outworld much like how Raiden is to Earthrealm. the protector of the realm. and much like Raiden, he has the ability to reform his body after 'death' or heal 'lethal' injury.
brandon coulter
I'm excited for Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat 11
Dallas Murillo
are you really playing as shaq kahn
John Sorrows
The thing you missed is khan wasnt just an advisor he is outworlds god like the raiden/fujin of outworld making him on par if not stronger as a lesser realm god and also a conquering emperor
Th3 L3dg3ndary Apyr
He's the most RAGE inducing but most coolest video game boss ever
Fosko 74
Not only MKs best villain but one of the greatest ever.
Anyone ready to pre-order for SHAO-KAHN
Master Mewtwo
Why did you correct Shao Kahn as Shoa Kahn?
Am I the only one who heard Heihachi's voice in the background music 6:28
Shy Koopa
Shao Kahn remastered big hype
Do Barraka after quan chi
phillip bernal
whats the background music?
Spearin' Skittles
Goro's win streak lasted for 450 years, not 500, that's some sort of typo in the games.
Cesar Zamudio
What about part 2 of Scorpion
Him and Motaro are my all time favorite bosses of mk franchies , And i do wish Motaro returns as the final boss on future MK
Not Jellyfish
You got your wish mate shao Kahn is coming back in mk11
Perfect Cell
Shao Kahn is my favorite video game character of all time
All hail Shao Kahn
Dylan Nicholson
next video: history of jarek like if you agree
Marky Mark
Think hell come back?
Chloe McQueen
Big Theory Taven beat blaze Kahn took power but didn’t kill Taven he locked Taven up in a cave
Love your videos man. MK is my favourite fighting game. And you are the best MK youtuber mate.
Dylan S Plumley
It would be cool if shao kahn had returned to the game but beat the shit out of Kotal Kahn and reclaim his title as the emperor of out world and become once again one of the hardest and anoing bosses of all time.
davit lekiashvili
he will look f****** awsome if he comes back ,awsome!(i mean shao kahn)
Charles Parrish
Sindel or Baraka
Luke Price
Kind of nuts how the original timeline culminates in Shao Kahn just outright winning completely through luck and tenacity.
alex car
So they where undefeated for 500 years?? Doesn't this include the 10 mortal kombat tournaments needed to invade earth realm??
Shao Kahn: Has served Onaga, can strip souls from people, has only lost to Onaga and The Elder Gods Also Shao Kahn: *has lost to Kitana* *Spoilers ahead!* MK11 has been leaked heavily lately and it's hard to stay away from story mode leaks when they're everywhere, in the story mode Shao Kahn dies to Kitana but he defeats Kotal Kahn. Not to mention that D'vorah kills Scorpion and Noob has no plot in the story. Liu Kang becomes a God and Raiden is mortal again. Jacqui beats Cetrion. Cyrax, Sektor, and Sheeva all appear in the story mode as NPCs. And last but not least, everyone dies except Kitana and Liu Kang. NRS clearly don't know what they're doing.
Icarus the Archangel of Justice
Make a remastered of Shao kahn of history
Mohammad Elsayed
In early :D
please make a video on Goro pretty please
Benjamin Ruiz
....I just want my buff daddy to not die and lose all the time, why they make him a “bob sapp”......sigh hope 12 gives him justice....in 4 years....
Emil Sverrisson
Do Kabal!!!!
Kotal Kahn vs Shao Kahn who will win? KOTAL KAHN HISTORY!
Tim jim
Do ermac
Tru Emperahz Entertainment
Shao Kahn won Mortal Kombat Zero (Mortal Kombat Conquest) did you see the final episode? During the Pre-MK1 Saga which is what it Technically was...Shao Kahn had everyone in the Series Killed at the end Including Rayden (they mispelled his name in the Series instead of the correct spelling of Raiden) Shao Kahn's victory in MK: DA was inspired by Mortal Kombat Zero's Shao Kahn's Victory Ending.
Alexander Irigoyen
Only 8 dislikes vs over 1k. Great job on your hobby here, my friend! I love the good work!
noble belser
Baraka !!! 🤘🏽😂💯
Great series man you got me hooked! Even been watching the lets plays. I've been a big fan since snes mk 1 so you're very accurate since a lot is explained and read verbatim from story intros and endings. Great work to you and your team.
Achilles 1996
Plz make a video for kotal khan
I have an explanation for shao kahn killing onaga maybe his mk unchained ending is canon
anthony hernandez
Hey HBTW, can u look into sektor? if not can u do skarlet?
Bryant Pacheco
History of Stryker??
Renzor the Red
I heard "he poisoned the dragon king ... for taking his phone."
Johnny Boy
I miss shao Kahn so awesome easily the best villain in mk.
Ian Mega
wrong shao kahn is truly dead in mk9 when the elder gods took him away from earthrealm
Liam Dolan
You forgot about he is being recreated as a revenant in mkx
Your videos are awesome you should do some on King Of Fighters next
Correction for this video: Actually, Taven killed Blaze, not Shao Kahn.
Tanwant Nahar
I wonder what if ONAGA returns!!!? well thank you, you are really reliable for these info about the characters and all. keep up the good work
azazel 666
What realm is Shao Khan from originally???I've wondered that since I was younger
Oliver Cloezoff
I think the need to release 1 or maybe even 2 more MK installments before they even think about replacing or axeing Kotal Khan.
Traveon Williams
can you do one on Shinnok
Official Tru-Dru
Shao Kahn maube a fiction character still he could be considered the son of Nimrod he was as Menacing and his SIZE Both are Seeds of Ham..and "Nimrod became A Mighty one into the Earth" was a Towering Powerful Evil Tyrannical Ruler let's see anyone research this as FACT I Have.
1st comment
Zombie Kid
I love shao kahn he's my favorite video game boss
Digi Destined
Thank you, after Quan Chi can you do Shinnok?
Soundtrack name pls? The first one!
Dominic Manna
voice crack at end logo
Johnny Boy
and shao Kahn is dead in the intro of the story for mkx johnny Cage says so himself ermac even says in and intro that he has shao kahns soul
Shao Kahn was quite the intelligent warlord. He was the blend of brains and brawn as he had enough knowledge of black magic to match that of the two leading sorcerer(Quan Chi & Shang Tsung). He even created his own warriors. From the blood(Scarlet) and the souls(Ermac) of conquered warriors. Mileena(a human/Tarkatan hybrid) was cloned from science and sorcery.