DECLARE GOD'S FAITHFULNESS!!! | TB Joshua Viewers Prayer

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Declare the unfailing faithfulness of our faithful God as you join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this short yet powerful time of prayer for healing and deliverance! "Right now, open your lips and begin to declare God's faithfulness! He has made a way for your healing and deliverance! No matter what you are going through - declare God's faithfulness!" - T.B. Joshua

Honon Ebewele
thandiwe muyuni
Thank-you Jesus! It is well. Amen.
Ashma Kumari
I get healed will you r praying, praise the lord. Hallyuha
ingabire flavia
Amen I receive all the blessings and healing, prophet TB Joshua pray for me I really need money to pay my kid's school fees and All my debts I'm jobless I'm a single mother please holy spirit fall a fresh on me satisfy all my needs, send me helpers let them locate me, I pray for sponsorship for my daughters holy spirit help me with your power your the only one who can make me grow, TB Joshua I'm in Dubai but I have no Job let the God you serve surprise me with a good well paying job in a prominent big company, I'm not qualified but I can do what other people who are qualified can do it's only certificates which I don't have, I stand in God's word there's anything impossible before God he's a God of impossibilities, he will qualify me in in Jesus name I pray that you guide me to good people anoint my forehead and footsteps locate me divine connection and a divine soulmate holy spirit . proudly scoun.
Rita Day
Thank u Lord for ur faithfulness. I receive in the name of Jesus Christ. God bless you daddy
Gladys Nakeni Sibanda
Amen, for You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, Your promises are yes and amen
Cartel Nounez
Amen I am healed 🙇🙏🙏
Angel Music
First first like too
Anita Gift
Amen thank you lord
Goitseone Majaye
Amen for my healing, deliverance in Jesus name
Kiara Crystal
Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness. I received my healing and blessings in Jesus Christ name amen.✨✝️✨
Daniel Luckyman
man of God am a student trying to survive i lost my job so hopeless in a foreign land but this prayer boost up my spirit i strongly believe that i will get a good job this week
Goitseone Majaye
man of God pray for my son he is asthmatic for 11years now please he can't live without spray please please. From BOTSWANA
Ashma Kumari
Praise the lord
Kebalepile Dinake
Barbs Dove
Faithful is HE🙌🙌🙌🙌
Sedirilwe Morwakwena
Aichata Keita
Yoloo Mcbair
God is so faithful. There is no need to be upset with the devil anymore. He is definitely defeated. SEALED.
Yoloo Mcbair
Thank you God. Thank you his great Prophet.
Angela Philip
Angela Philip
Angela Philip
Angela Philip
C C Stm
I declared God's faithfulness upon my life, deliverance, blessing, breakthrough, healing, and freedom in my life, in the name of Jesus! Amen
Angela Philip
Angela Philip
Blessed Forever
Thankyou Heavenly Father for your faithfulness, your Grace, your mercies that are New everyday, in JESUS NAME. Amen. THANK YOU KING OF GLORY. GOD BLESS YOU Prophet T.B Joshua.Emmanuel, Emmanuel OUR GOD IS WITH US.Hallelujah
Nellie Phalula
Thank you Father for my healing
Kheisaõ Hlôma
Maki Ndrodza
Thank you jesus Christ for making a way for my healing and my deliverance in jesus mighty name Amen. thank you prophet tb josua.
Selma Toyanna
Deliver me from the spirit of lies Lord in Jesus Christ name
Joshua Campbell
Thank you Jesus for your healing power and to setting me free from bondage of satan in Jesus name amen ..
Agnès Epelé
Amen. Thank you Lord for giving me faith to believe that I am delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ. Emmanuel!
patsy patsz
my uncle is release from kidnappers in jesus name amen
bongiwe bongi
thank you God for giving me faith to believe that I'm healed, delivered free, blessed in Jesus Name
VIVIAN Akhaluola VIVIAN Akhaluola
I cover my family in d blood of Jesus Amen evils will before me and family in Jesus Name Amen
Samir Perez
I declare God's faithfulness in my life every day. Amen.
Joyce Kabwe
Thanks Lord Jesus for being part of Emmanuel TV partners, my favourite TV station 24/7, Amen
Angel Mukonde
I receive my blessing in Jesus Christ name.
Namisango Sarah
Thank you Jesus Christ for your faithfulness upon my life n family
rupesh tambe
Amen, thank you lord jesus, praise the lord
Alfred Hagono
I receive in the name of Jesus Christ
tiyane zimba
Amen Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness.Am healed Jesus is healer.
Terry Shikanga
Amen am free in Jesus name
Love you Emmanuel
Joyce Mashabela
Amen and Amen
Benjamin Onu
Thanks you Jesus for my healing
Ogbahci Divine
i receive receive receive receive receive r
tina obioma
Amen and thank you Jesus.
ntumba carole
glory to god
Mwape mutanuka
lovelle november
I declare Gods faithfulness over my life in Jesus name I pray,Amen!Let every evil plan of the evil one over my life,over my children,over my household be destroyed,be cancelled,be broken,in Jesus name I pray,let this giant wicked spiritual husband that is tormenting my life at the point of breakthrough be completely cast out of my life,be destroyed,be send back to hell in Jesus name I pray,Amen!Happy new beginnings to me,it is a new dawn!Emmanuel!!!thank You God of Prophet TBJoshua for delivering me,Amen!im going to testify Jesus is alive!Amen!!!
Sosu Ernest Copperfield
Amen oooooooo
Taye Kainde
Amen and Amen
Jane Ogechi anosike
Daddy thank you for your prayers for us daddy I went to ask my father in heaven our heavenly father to forgive me and husband must in me the sin of our single days daddy you always Say's we have not com : an in forgiveness sin that HE is always reading to for give us I my father in heaven to give us children I went to be pragniht like my follow women when ever we should meet as husband and wife one thing will come up that is we well be come week or our body we be hot more all things ples daddy help us in parts we want to give test money in JESUS
paulo castigo
Oh Lord...
Julia Mwangi Mwangi
Archiemae Canonigo
Amen we love you from Philippines 🇵🇭
Ugochukwu Nwanna
Amen. thank u jesus 4 my life today
Flora Flora
Amen am free
Georgina Omondi
Ogbahci Divine
thank you Jesus
Edegbe tracysoft
Amen thank u lord
Kenneth Gitonga
Lord God of senior prophet tb Joshua thank you father for faithfulness thank you for all blessings thank you Jesus Emmanuel
Kiara Crystal
Brother TB Joshua please pray for my cousin her both kidneys are failing and she need healing. Thank you mybrother, and may our Lord Jesus bless you all the time amen. ✨✨✝️✝️✝️✨✨
James Danny
For His lovingkindness is greattoward us, And the truth of the LORD is everlasting.Praise the LORD!!!
Raheel Ghouri
GIFTY Jef999
albertina mvula
Thank u Jesus I m healed in Jesus name. Senior Prophet TB Joshua may God liftup u to the Maximum level in Jesus name . I m your Child .Albertina Mvula from Namibia. We need u to Come to Namibia MOG.
Pastor Satish
Praise the lord sir .today did you send pastor (phillip morris cojocaru ) India .....after coming new Delhi he is asking 25000 rupees plz tell me sir
Otega Ikoroje
I recieve it in jesus name ..
colman roja
Amen thank you Jesus
lovelle november
I declare Gods faithfulness over my life in Jesus name I pray,Amen!I declare breakthrough over my life,career breakthrough,financial breakthrough,marital breakthrough in Jesus name I pray,Happy New Beginnings to me,it is a new dawn!Emmanuel!!!
Blessing James Mercy
Thank you lord jesus
lorato mokonoono
i declare God's faithfulness over my life... Thank you God for giving me faith because i know i'm healed, delivered, blessed, favoured in Jesus's name and i know u are real GOD ..THANK YOU
Edegbe tracysoft
Amen sir thank u
Queen Joseph
Amen amen amen
H Lotha
Amen, God is faithful and l trust in His loving kindness and tender mercies, hallelujah!
ashok yalagada
Lydia Daniel
Thank You God of T.B.Joshua, thank You Holy Spirit, thank You Jesus Christ!!!
Gladys Goho
Flo uw
I declare God's faithfulness upon my family ,my life !Amen!!
Redemta Kiwori
Man of God pray for spirit of diabetes and highblood pressure
Maridel Ortez
Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord! thank you Jesus for my deliverance, freedom and healing. Thank you Lord for your blessings. In Jesus name. Amen!
rani tip
Amen i need your prayer and healing In the mighty Name of Jesus Amen and Amen
Susan Faith
Irecieve deliverance and faithfullness in the mighty name Jesus.God bless u man of God prophet TB Jeshual amen thank u Jesus.
I'm free IJN, I'm healed IJN, I'm delivered Ijn
Heidi Frid
Amen I received my deliverance, breakthroughs and healing documents Amen
Alex Bomani
Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness. Thank you Jesus for the favors. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Sir.
Tambe Mambu
I believe I'm free from the ancestral spirit in Jesus mighty name amen
Simon Simon
Thank you Lord for healing my family,thank you Lord for delivered my family in Jesus name amen.
Gillian Fisher
Deliver David and is sick and healing freedom I received in the name of Jesus Christ
Aina Iipinge
I declare God faithfulness for my healing in the name of Jesus Christ
ام طلال الصقري
Amen thank u Lord Jesus 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Helga Ruahupurua Mbingeneeko
I receive it in the name of our Almighty God. Amen
Felistus Sakala
Freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom
Angela Philip
mirabelle ameck