10 Superhero Actors Who Took It Too Far On Screen

Check out THE RICHEST ESPAGNOL: /> These are our top 10 Superhero/Villain Actors Who Took It Too Far On Screen. What do you think? Did they take it too far or could they have gone even further? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! For more amazing videos, Subscribe to our channel: /> Try out ThePremium Network for free: /> Superhero movies have been coming out for decades now. You can trace Superman all the way back to Christopher Reeve. Batman got his cinematic debut with Michael Keaton as the caped crusader. Marvel was busy trying their hand with Ben Affleck’s Daredevil. With a long an overflowing history of superhero movies for audiences to pick from, that means there are always going to be a few that take it a little too far. Which is understandable if you consider superheroes are all about the fantastical. A few actors and films are bound to take certain aspects of their characters to that extreme. Take for example everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool. Deadpool’s film got an R rating, which we already know means we should expect some crazy shenanigans. However, what we got was way more extreme. Reynolds blasted through the film with all the foul language, violence, and insanity he could muster. Hugh Jackman took Logan in a different direction. He upped the berserker rage Wolverine is famous for and brought it right to the screen with their R rating. Jackman muscled up and slashed his way through everyone in the film. Heath Ledger and Jared Leto each played The Joker in different DC movies. They took their roles so seriously they prepared for weeks. They immersed themselves in the character and sometimes it was hard to tell where each of them ended and the character began. Then actors like Halle Berry, Danny DeVito and Margot Robbie take their characters quirks and insanity and turn it all the way up. Imagine, this is only the beginning. We have all the actors who have taken their superhero roles too far in this video for you. Script by: Courtney Antonioli Voice Over by: Michael Neeb Edited by: Jamie Lightfoot For more videos and articles visit:

' should have been titled: "10 Superhero Actors Who 'GOT IT JUST RIGHT' On Screen."
Colin Solomon
Ummm Batman is a Master Martial Artist, knows over hundred kinds, I thought you guys actually did a bit of research.
TJ Lynch
Batman isn't a hand to hand fighter? Have you read a Batman comic before?
Tanner Heslet
This is a stupid list. Most of them you don't even say what the actors did that are apparently "too far." And did you just say "Batman is rarely considered a hand to hand fighter?" What? How can you be so misinformed? Batman is one of the best hand to hand fighters in all of the DC universe.
Andrew Randell
Too far?! Have you read a Deadpool comic before? Deadpool personifies "too far" and that's one of the reasons why fans love him so much!
Kelly Coleman
batman has mastered every single fighting style so he us always fighting do your research before you talk about comic book characters
Bearded Nerd
another stupid list made by people that dont understand the source material, unsubbed
Abhishek Tarafdar
Rarely is Batman a hand to hand fighter? Lol wtf are you talking about?
Dilpreetsingh Rihal
Not a bad narrator, but bad bad REALLY REALLY BAD EVERYTHING ELSE... EVERYTHING. "Too Far" seriously? Nothing in the list has any contextual relation to the term "Too Far". I generally keep all the hate to myself but I guess you took it too far.
Jonathan Liston
This was basically just "actors who acted pretty well"
So close 198 days left (Infinity War) 11 days left (+8 days US)(Ragnarok) 125 days left (Black Panther) 34 days left (Justice League)
crystal spakowski
catwoman wasnt a superhero, she is an antihero, like deadpool
if deadpool wasn't taken to far it wouldn't be as good
Darius Loera
Willem Dafoe would be an amazing Joker. Jared Leto isn't believable at all.
Ozzy Laguna
they really don't know what their talking about how cute.
Henrique Henriques
09:27 "Rarely is Batman considered a hand-to-hand fighter" That's where I stopped watching. I Agree with the Guy Below. Stupid List made by people that know nothing of what they are talking about.
Joel Wright
How is Christian bale not on this list.. mad.
Mr.Mask Maker
this says batman isn't known as a fighter but Batmans main thing is his fighting skill. and "we've never seen him fight up into BvS"? obvously you havnt watch batman begins or the dark knight or the dark night rises then or any of the batman films for that matter
Tixodioktis Deviant
Did not really understand what the list was about... Characters acting weird on screen? Weird acting method by the actors behind the camera? Weird charatcers in general?
Savage Swag123
Joker can use as much weapons he want i will unsubscribe
How can a supposed comic book channel know so little about their videos source material?
Playboi_jay 514
Who was the robin in sucide squad universe because he was killed by joker and Harley 4:27
Radu Naruruto
you re actually not doin your research thats why i ll unsubscribe now:)
Mike, from Texas
"Rarely is Batman considered a hand-to-hand fighter though." *WHAT???*
Tsukiko Suzuki
Iron man isn't Robert Downey jr., Robert Downey jr. is iron man Same with Ryan Reynolds and deadpool And Hugh jackman, with Wolverine
Sachin Kharabanda
Deadpool unicorn scene
Code Vlog
Logan was released in 2017 not 2016
The second I heard them say “Jared Leto Suicide Squad” I left the video
nic cage is missing...for which movie? - pick one! there are enough...maybe he deserves a top 10 of "nic-cage-moments" i love that actor!
at least wolverine made sense. passed out on set, thats going too far yes, thats just about it.
Daniel Burns
What person would run towards the cell bars? Mallory Knox
Marcio Escorcio
Heath ledger was the best Joker by far
Alexandra Hefnerová
That line: "Who'd you guessed?" I was like: "Ghostbust... um ok Chris Pratt" Lol
Yoshiki G
Heath Ledger is the best joker on screen ever. He was just perfect for the role.
P. Sparrow
I don't care what anyone says, I enjoyed Halle Berry's Catwoman and I'm fine with that.
Gerry Coeckelbergs
Batman is actually a very skilled fighter. Why isn't Nic Cage on this list? He went pretty overboard with Ghost Rider
DOOM Marine
who needs that many wapons ? ask skallagrim or DOOMguy or metatron or anyone who is into weapons
And Ryan Reynolds is amazing <3
Am i the only one who got an awasome wolverine vs hulk sculpture as ad
Shizz McClout
The comedian from the watchman is undoubtedly no 1.
Shaun White
Wait... Hugh Jackman brings Wolverine from the pages onto the big screen unlike any actor has done with any comic book character AND that's "too far", WHAT? You guys need to think more about you source material.
D Hawthorne
Thank goodness RDJr makes health conscious snack choices just like Tony when he was trying to counter the paladium poisoning.
Chase Listorti
Literally the worst lists I've heard ever
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He may be Super, But He's no Hero Deadpool
Thedark One
With Heath Ledger...this explains how he took his role as the Joker too far, how exactly?
Inability to pronounce common words like melee seems to be a constant in these videos.
Bryce McBride
Did you just say Batman is not a hand to hand fighter?
took it too far and then he say candy and then he say drinking milk and then he say an actor doing some gym the be come fit for the role WOW waste of time
Colin Robbins
Extremely second curve last tide picture influence actually.
this should be titled comic book, or superhero/villains.
Somber Stricken
I think RDJ's constant snacking is probably copeing mechanisms for being an recovering addict.
Sayplease Corporation
Correction: Batman takes on scores of bad guys all the time he mastered 127 different martial arts and a gang of heavily armed thugs is a walk in the park for him!
Brain Draws
Hugh jake men plays wolverine about a year later he plays a famous showman
Joel Herbert
3 thounsend more subs
Cody Muller
"Michael Keaton took it too far when it murdered both his parents in order to identify with Bruce Wayne"
Ali Raza
3:59 to 4:03 I haven't watched suicide squad yet but I might now, lol.
Kelly Thornton
Terrible list, pretty much takes some of the best performances in comic book movies and says they took it to far. Heath Ledgers Joker is one of the greatest villains of all time, and one an Oscar for it. How did he take it to far?
david downey
Absolutely no respect for the audience. Hire better writers and researchers or quit.
"Batman is rarely considered a hand to hand fighter" Except he trained in like every martial arts style under the sun... yeah, not a hand to hand fighter.
Hugh jackman passed out because he said he was tired because was sleepy through out
Mr. Ditkovich
Idk if anyone would care.. but I love Robert Downey Jr.
Can't turn on ball icon (404)???why???
Jackson in the house
Heath was still pretty good though
Critter Cosner
Jared Leto is a tool.
Not a best list! Where does Chris Evans go while making this list. eating blueberry's ??🤔🤔😂😂
Samael The Blindness of God
9:29 rarely is Batman considered a hand to hand fighter??? Batman is one of the best martial artists in the DC universe lmao
the penguin man sounds like a description of gollum.
Joe Taylor
Heath ledger as joker was one of the best characters ever in the film industry u morons
I Have a crush on Harley Quinn SO BIG!
Ahmed Ram Ridwan
batman can just throw superman of his feet and ledger is the joker
Daniel Mansur
Why are Joker Actors always so how to explain that ähm Crazy
I wonder what will be cooking in you're next video
T33 Grizz
I used a pencil as a weapon so...
If you love your fans you have to pin this comment
Amun Tutana
Um What? Batman does that on the regular. So yall say you saw Dark Knight? Def never read the comic.
Nick Henrich
Hugh Jackman said he'd appear in deadpool as wolverine if they asked him.
Batman is known for his combative knowledge and application of that knowledge.
Maroon Plasma
Sa dude
Love Lind
Sean Field
Jared Leto should get his own movie as the joker
lordraz m
Man you are terribly wrong about batman .. go read some comics before you talk about them.. start with the detective comics from 1938 ..
Curtis Wolf
A lot of these are due to the writers rather than the actors themselves...
Jack Skellington
Ledger was farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr far far far far far better than Leto
Jason V
Steven Cook
if you're not taking it too far, you're not doing your job right.
avery baxter
But that’s exactly who dead pool is he’s literally the merk with a mouth and I personally loved Ryan’s portrayal of the iconic character
monaca morgan
None of them took it too far
Mikey Peelmore
soo Batman and Robin weren't fighting rooms of gangs on tv in the 60s? Research, people, research. Also, it may be a bit misleading to say the actor took it too far. The character the actor portrays may have taken it too far, not the actors themselves.
Jesus wtf dude seriously batman...... You done goofed if I were you I'd edit that out.... Have you ever watched a batman movie??? Or read a comic?
Unholy Soul
2016! 2016! Did I hear that right?
I love how days of futures past was made in a way to erase all their failures.
Naryx Vellar
So.... so how did these actors take any of these roles too far? CBR please explain this to me. You have just described actors... acting.
Hurdylyn Woods
Such a bad list with very horrible explanations. Obviously the narrator has zero knowledge of the characters or enough knowledge of what the actors did to take it there.
2 jokers one crap one is the best hieth fleger is the best Jerid alto bad bad bad bad baaaaaaad
Um, I guess someone hasn't played any Batman:Arkham games.
I dont care if Deadpool went too far. Deadpool was awesome and I LOVED IT
luka skhirtladze
we have seen Logan's rage in x2 x-men united when the school is attacked
Chidera Okey-Nwosu
The whole Ben Affleck part is just wrong
Looks like CBR don't read comics