10 Superhero Actors Who Took It Too Far On Screen

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Check out THE RICHEST ESPAGNOL: /> These are our top 10 Superhero/Villain Actors Who Took It Too Far On Screen. What do you think? Did they take it too far or could they have gone even further? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! For more amazing videos, Subscribe to our channel: /> Try out ThePremium Network for free: /> Superhero movies have been coming out for decades now. You can trace Superman all the way back to Christopher Reeve. Batman got his cinematic debut with Michael Keaton as the caped crusader. Marvel was busy trying their hand with Ben Affleck’s Daredevil. With a long an overflowing history of superhero movies for audiences to pick from, that means there are always going to be a few that take it a little too far. Which is understandable if you consider superheroes are all about the fantastical. A few actors and films are bound to take certain aspects of their characters to that extreme. Take for example everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool. Deadpool’s film got an R rating, which we already know means we should expect some crazy shenanigans. However, what we got was way more extreme. Reynolds blasted through the film with all the foul language, violence, and insanity he could muster. Hugh Jackman took Logan in a different direction. He upped the berserker rage Wolverine is famous for and brought it right to the screen with their R rating. Jackman muscled up and slashed his way through everyone in the film. Heath Ledger and Jared Leto each played The Joker in different DC movies. They took their roles so seriously they prepared for weeks. They immersed themselves in the character and sometimes it was hard to tell where each of them ended and the character began. Then actors like Halle Berry, Danny DeVito and Margot Robbie take their characters quirks and insanity and turn it all the way up. Imagine, this is only the beginning. We have all the actors who have taken their superhero roles too far in this video for you. Script by: Courtney Antonioli Voice Over by: Michael Neeb Edited by: Jamie Lightfoot For more videos and articles visit:

Tanner Heslet
This is a stupid list. Most of them you don't even say what the actors did that are apparently "too far." And did you just say "Batman is rarely considered a hand to hand fighter?" What? How can you be so misinformed? Batman is one of the best hand to hand fighters in all of the DC universe.
TJ Lynch
Batman isn't a hand to hand fighter? Have you read a Batman comic before?
Colin Solomon
Ummm Batman is a Master Martial Artist, knows over hundred kinds, I thought you guys actually did a bit of research.
' should have been titled: "10 Superhero Actors Who 'GOT IT JUST RIGHT' On Screen."
Andrew Randell
Too far?! Have you read a Deadpool comic before? Deadpool personifies "too far" and that's one of the reasons why fans love him so much!
Kelly Coleman
batman has mastered every single fighting style so he us always fighting do your research before you talk about comic book characters
Bearded Nerd
another stupid list made by people that dont understand the source material, unsubbed
Henrique Henriques
09:27 "Rarely is Batman considered a hand-to-hand fighter" That's where I stopped watching. I Agree with the Guy Below. Stupid List made by people that know nothing of what they are talking about.
Abhishek Tarafdar
Rarely is Batman a hand to hand fighter? Lol wtf are you talking about?
Dilpreetsingh Rihal
Not a bad narrator, but bad bad REALLY REALLY BAD EVERYTHING ELSE... EVERYTHING. "Too Far" seriously? Nothing in the list has any contextual relation to the term "Too Far". I generally keep all the hate to myself but I guess you took it too far.
Tsukiko Suzuki
Iron man isn't Robert Downey jr., Robert Downey jr. is iron man Same with Ryan Reynolds and deadpool And Hugh jackman, with Wolverine
crystal spakowski
catwoman wasnt a superhero, she is an antihero, like deadpool
So close 198 days left (Infinity War) 11 days left (+8 days US)(Ragnarok) 125 days left (Black Panther) 34 days left (Justice League)
Jonathan Liston
This was basically just "actors who acted pretty well"
Mr.Mask Maker
this says batman isn't known as a fighter but Batmans main thing is his fighting skill. and "we've never seen him fight up into BvS"? obvously you havnt watch batman begins or the dark knight or the dark night rises then or any of the batman films for that matter
if deadpool wasn't taken to far it wouldn't be as good
Naryx Vellar
So.... so how did these actors take any of these roles too far? CBR please explain this to me. You have just described actors... acting.
Joel Wright
How is Christian bale not on this list.. mad.
Tixodioktis Deviant
Did not really understand what the list was about... Characters acting weird on screen? Weird acting method by the actors behind the camera? Weird charatcers in general?
Ozzy Laguna
they really don't know what their talking about how cute.
Jason V
Darius Loera
Willem Dafoe would be an amazing Joker. Jared Leto isn't believable at all.
Radu Naruruto
you re actually not doin your research thats why i ll unsubscribe now:)
Kelly Thornton
Terrible list, pretty much takes some of the best performances in comic book movies and says they took it to far. Heath Ledgers Joker is one of the greatest villains of all time, and one an Oscar for it. How did he take it to far?
How can a supposed comic book channel know so little about their videos source material?
Am i the only one who got an awasome wolverine vs hulk sculpture as ad
Shaun White
Wait... Hugh Jackman brings Wolverine from the pages onto the big screen unlike any actor has done with any comic book character AND that's "too far", WHAT? You guys need to think more about you source material.
Max Nero
deadpool is meant to be rated r.... it aint taken too far it is what it is so deal with it.
Daniel Burns
What person would run towards the cell bars? Mallory Knox
at least wolverine made sense. passed out on set, thats going too far yes, thats just about it.
Curtis Wolf
A lot of these are due to the writers rather than the actors themselves...
Bryce McBride
Did you just say Batman is not a hand to hand fighter?
Chase Listorti
Literally the worst lists I've heard ever
Nithin C
No.1 should be sunny leone
Daniel-Logan MOHAMMED
This video is all BS, especially the Logan part. That was all a part of the movie he was supposed to act like that. And for the Hail bar thing for harley, have you heard about acting?
Ty Vids
Logan was released in 2017 not 2016
DârKñîght _Gmr
0:12 lucky you FU-2
Sachin Kharabanda
Deadpool unicorn scene
Kent Clark
About to flag your video for misleading information...smh lmao adults made this list?
T33 Grizz
I used a pencil as a weapon so...
cody muller
"Michael Keaton took it too far when it murdered both his parents in order to identify with Bruce Wayne"
Brainz Rooney
Batman vs superman is way better than batman forever
Savage Swag123
This list is stupid
Love Lind
Rudolf Evangelista
Have a great day!!
The Brick City Productions
El gamer De guegos
That’s kool
Maroon Plasma
Sa dude
El gamer De guegos
That koll
Lilly Beckham
I personally think a Batman movie what Batman is actually fighting is a lot better because in the comic books that's how it is he fights he doesn't just strategize he only plans when he has to go and face an enemy ahead of time and he has the time to plan but long time he doesn't when he's patrolling Gotham he sometimes comes across a group of bad guys or gets world that there is a big deal going down he has to act on the Fly and Batman supposed to be a master of martial arts spending most of his life training in the martial arts and training in combat lock-picking he decided to become a hero to Gotham when he was a kid and he devoted his entire life to being able to have any skill heating it possibly need I mean I don't like the TV show Gotham because it shows him only getting some fighting lessons from his butt law so it's not actually being truthful to Bruce Wayne becoming Batman but the other movies on the list I don't have a problem with Deadpool the comic is already didn't you have to have an ID to buy it they kept that truthful the other movies I say I'll good Actos do better in the movie when they overdo it but the one about Iron Man I think they should have just stopped writing that in and just let him snack between sayings cuz it really did not make so much sense that have him eating constantly and not gain a lot of weight mail if they wrote it in the condition to the soldiery to have the reactor in his chest removed or I mean still had the Arc Reactor in his chest had it was a side effect in being hungry all the time but anything an actor that's doing a movie based on something else to get in the character I'd say it's alright because Wolverine having the rage is truthful to the story I like the character Wolverine I just didn't like the fact that all the characters in the X-Men movies kept describing him as a beast they just kept losing his Temple yet you never saw him lose his Temple he was always calling the most you ever got him losing his temper was being up a bunch of people but he didn't leave corpses all around Ben the movie Logan he did he actually through the forest you saw him actually show the temple from the comic books the only other time you see it is in Xmen apocalypse which in that time he's not even himself like I said if they're basing playing a character off of comic books if I say that's good cuz it just makes it better more believable especially if the put people fans of the books will Comics or whatever I like the Twilight books but I start reading the Twilight books after I saw the movies and once I read the books the movies. Like trash to me now the actors had the right personalities for those characters the Third Field to cast with actors who actually did what the actors on your list did the Twilight movies would have been solid gold instead they feel that movie with people who put in half-ass performances who didn't even fulfill the minor requirements for the characters emotional development I mean the one who played Bella made Bella sound look like a statue who had no emotional expressions she supposed to fall head over heels in love with this vampire yet she has the emotional carving of a statue with the plain face getting smiles and stuff on the mouth but the eyes showing as if nothing she was and all the characters for the same some got some of the scenes right but 9 times out of 10 they had it wrong if they had filled the cast with character actors like on your list Twilight movies would have been a lot better though I'd rather go overboard with the character development in a film then do under and just say the lines you want the characters believable and if it's based on another material being turned into a movie or show the actors should try to live up to the character they're playing and not just do their style of acting if they can't do the character my opinion they should get out of the movie industry like my opinion on the characters in The Twilight Saga they should quit acting cuz a lot of them have tried this continue acting and they haven't got success the Twilight movies only succeeded because of the fan base of the books without the books the Twilight movies would have never made it to the Theodore
darth revan
For being a big Channel your facts are very ignorant. Batman is not only a master tactician he was trained by the League of Assassins and also train in multiple martial arts. Before you make a video on such a large Channel perhaps you should get your facts straight. He's also responsible for being the only person to beat Superman in the comics and the movies. See you around Looper
JR Maxwell
*Batman isn't just a technician the dude is a mixed martial artist he knows almost every single fighting style in the freaking world and hes even taken out Superman and even developed a plan to destroy the entire Justice League. He may be a brainiac, but that do will punch you in the face....and turn it to dust....even steel😎*
For a lot of these you don't even talk about the steps they took to make their role over the top. A lot of them you just say that they did a lot of method acting and never go into detail about what they did as a method. The only one i saw where you sctually said what they did as a method acting technique was leto. And you only gave two details: he sent a rat to a fellow actor; and he stayed in character during the whole duration of making the film. If you guy want to do some lists to generate views, thats fine. A good list with a ddcent amount of interesting details and research is fun to watch. But a list that everyone can tell that there was barely any research done and very few interesting details is incredibly boring to watch. Especially when the information is often wrong. The only thing I can honestly say I like about your videos is the narrator. He has a good narrating voice but its tainted by the misinformation and the lack of details.
batjosh hacks
You do realize that Batman is the most skilled hand to hand fighter in that universe and deadpool is all about swears and sex puns and gruesome kills
Ryan Dougherty
Nope. All these top 10's are because of a director's vision, exec producers' notes, or just the proclivities of the written characters. Maybe RDJ's snacking, but that's more of a well known factoid of MCU behind-the-scenes lore rather than an actor who "Took It Too Far On Screen!" Pretty sure everyone watching this hates themselves a little more for getting baited once again by these terrible top 10's. I do.
WTF??....If anything, Batman hasn't been taken far enough. He's a master of 120+ forms of Martial Arts (iirc) and has been in countless hand-to-hand fights. I won't disagree with his affinity for technology, but, put in a situation where he has to fight his way out, he's going to leave the area littered with unconscious bodies like Affleck did in that warehouse.
Jesus wtf dude seriously batman...... You done goofed if I were you I'd edit that out.... Have you ever watched a batman movie??? Or read a comic?
vincent allen
wow   batman does not fight hand to hand much?   fighting skills are like 80% of what he does. batman may be in the top 5 of most skilled fighters in comics ever. so eat my ass    ...hell im not even a big batman fan so kiss my balls too       gee wiz  what a gooof
2 jokers one crap one is the best hieth fleger is the best Jerid alto bad bad bad bad baaaaaaad
avery baxter
I disagree with Batman he was trained by rash al ghoul and has defeated him in battle, he is one if not they greatest fighter in the dc universe, he is so good that super man asked him to train him in fighting so that if he was without his powers he wouldn’t be defenceless
Mar Speedsman
This is silly. Most of what you mentioned doesn't even involve effort on the actor's part at all. The character was just well written. As far as I could tell at least. So if I'm wrong, then you were very unclear, which is even worse.
Batman is known for his combative knowledge and application of that knowledge.
Mitchell DiTusa
Deadpool takes it to far that's what he does honestly the only thing that was anything to me which is nothing really but iron man and the food thing it's whatever
Hurdylyn Woods
Such a bad list with very horrible explanations. Obviously the narrator has zero knowledge of the characters or enough knowledge of what the actors did to take it there.
"Batman is rarely considered a hand to hand fighter" Except he trained in like every martial arts style under the sun... yeah, not a hand to hand fighter.
Anton A.
What the heck Ben Affleck, the actor, had to do with the aforementioned fight scene? It was all done by a stuntman. Maybe you meant the characters in the movies, not actors?
Mikey Peelmore
soo Batman and Robin weren't fighting rooms of gangs on tv in the 60s? Research, people, research. Also, it may be a bit misleading to say the actor took it too far. The character the actor portrays may have taken it too far, not the actors themselves.
david downey
Absolutely no respect for the audience. Hire better writers and researchers or quit.
Jay Jay Rodriguez Hill
What the hell do you freaking mean The Bat Isn't a Hand to Hand fighter What galaxy, time space and or alternate reality do you live in that you dont know that Batman Has learned nearly every Martial Art in the DCU ?!
Nova Prime
What a lot of people don’t mention is the guns Deadpool is using are fifty caliber (desert eagles). Those would have made all three of those guys heads explode
Gerry Coeckelbergs
Batman is actually a very skilled fighter. Why isn't Nic Cage on this list? He went pretty overboard with Ghost Rider
avery baxter
But that’s exactly who dead pool is he’s literally the merk with a mouth and I personally loved Ryan’s portrayal of the iconic character
Julius Krüger
Vin Diesel took it too far... he just said his line "I am groot" in a few languages iand n different moods and was paid a stupid amount of money over three movies up to date. Can that even be explained as acting skills?
Sayplease Corporation
Correction: Batman takes on scores of bad guys all the time he mastered 127 different martial arts and a gang of heavily armed thugs is a walk in the park for him!
Not a best list! Where does Chris Evans go while making this list. eating blueberry's ??🤔🤔😂😂
Chemichael Traces
Wait, did I just hear batman is not a hand to hand fighter? Obviously you don't watch batman movies
nic cage is missing...for which movie? - pick one! there are enough...maybe he deserves a top 10 of "nic-cage-moments" i love that actor!
took it too far and then he say candy and then he say drinking milk and then he say an actor doing some gym the be come fit for the role WOW waste of time
Ok when you play as joker and ur a damn good actor then youre gonna so it......
lordraz m
Man you are terribly wrong about batman .. go read some comics before you talk about them.. start with the detective comics from 1938 ..
Amun Tutana
Um What? Batman does that on the regular. So yall say you saw Dark Knight? Def never read the comic.
Can't turn on ball icon (404)???why???
Ahmed Ram Ridwan
batman can just throw superman of his feet and ledger is the joker
Stefan Irgan
make mr.keanu reeves be a BATMAN cause i think he is the most deserve be great hero with his history
Cinema Knight
Batman can literally master any form of martial arts, and has created a completely unique fighting style to himself...how is he not a hand-to-hand fighter?
shawn lee tan
Logan is on 2017 not 2016
Chidera Okey-Nwosu
The whole Ben Affleck part is just wrong
Mike, from Texas
"Rarely is Batman considered a hand-to-hand fighter though." *WHAT???*
Jack Skellington
Ledger was farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr far far far far far better than Leto
Mohaimeen Hassan Razeen
Somber Stricken
I think RDJ's constant snacking is probably copeing mechanisms for being an recovering addict.
sorry, Jared Letto is an utter disgrace to the character of Joker. Joker causes chaos just to cause chaos
Ty McGee
Batman literally trained for a decade on his hand to hand. Why would he not be a hand to hand combatant?
I dont care if Deadpool went too far. Deadpool was awesome and I LOVED IT
Um, I guess someone hasn't played any Batman:Arkham games.
D Hawthorne
Thank goodness RDJr makes health conscious snack choices just like Tony when he was trying to counter the paladium poisoning.
Tyson Delacy
The list talks about taking things too far. Brings up Jared Leto but doesn't say how he went so crazy he killed himself. What is this list?
Voltaic Fire
Did you let a feminist write this or something? Citation needed.