Slick K
"Don't look back in anger" Sang by Noel, not Liam. Twat.
"previous liam victim"
The Not Real Jesus Christ
actually the pap said to liam"you'd be nothing without us".so he was asking for it.not just an innocent photo
hahahaha, this is gold. man...who wouldn't have done the same thing, he only gave him a knock on the nose. he didn't stab him and then rape his dead corpse
dave williams
they are all nosey bastards. ruin peoples lives
another commentor
problem is, Noel sang Don't Look Back in Anger.
Sean O' Brien - 'Previous Liam Victim' LOL
Slick K
"Don't look back in anger" Dang by Noel, not Liam. Twat.
The Paparazzi are scum not our Liam.
lancashire bomber
ave it, liam!
Raven Van Daal
Don't look back in anger he sang.... Pardon? Noel sang it, bitch.
Nice, impartial journalism there! Fucking wankers!
"thuggery" 😂😂😂😂
Liam Douglass
'Previous Liam Victim'
Steve BB
The worlds last ever rock star
Lyrical Squirel
He can't even pronounce his name properly
Massimiliano Colambumbo
gooD [email protected]°
Windson Alves
Liam Gallagher wins
He deserves it.
Nathan Barraclough
Could he of handled it better? Maybe. Was he right though? Yer Defo... Get in Liam
Aaaah I love our Liam
Steve Grant
well deserved,
Oasis Man
If the papparazi do go right in your face, you're not gonna like it are you?
eL doyloz
liam vossen
Thomas O'Titty
Keir Simmons is not on the TV enough. We don't see enough of people named Keir...
Jac S
Hahahaha bem feito paparazzi idiota!
kevin murphy
Dead fucking right liam was, bunch a cunts.
James Skingley
Bolivian prince
nice one
Alex Lewis
Swearing profusely (as opposed to mildly, moderately and/or excessively) He attacks a photographer. . ." and continues "His little boy was watching as His Dad unleashed this thuggery!" Lot of big words used to really get across how serious of an assault this was by Mr Gallagher on the poor Photographer, He was almost killed in the altercation said one by-stander who witnessed the attempt. murder worrying whether Liam would set upon Him next in an attempt to eliminate the witnesses! Objection your honor! Everything that that narrator just said is bull shit, thank you. What the evidence shows is a rock star taking one swing, a photographer duck, and the offending right arm of Gallagher sail harmlessly by over head of elusive face/head of press reporting photographer! So, the charge may well be one of GBH with intent, but in this circumstance GBH = Gallagher's Belittled Himself, with intent! "Come on en Knob-Ed. . . . I'll swing me farrkin arm rite over ya Ed ya little gay boy, arr-rite.... anytime ya wan it knob-ed, Arrr-rite?"
Tita Ayala
no reconocen que los paparazzi son molestos y metiches por eso les pasa lo que les pasa a ver si asi aprenden
Conor Wheeler
Papparazi are a bunch of wankers
Jair Callejas
HhAHAH FUCKING FAGs! Id love to see my dad kicking some idiot's ass anytime!
dicky Muhammad