Phobia - Lifeless God full album stream

Vincent Volkostr
capitalism is modern enslavement eternal
Luca Hc
Music with a message. Thanks Phobia for taking a stand.
freeze to death
communism is modern enslavement eternal
Justin Oliver
Absolute junk!!!!!
Basie Settle
hard to tell what phobia thinks of all this huh
Moris Morozin
Pure hell! every new album-better.never let me out.this is a top tier grindcore!!!
boycotting this band why? because lame
eko grindcore
happy grindcore !!!
Luis C. Tomasini
Charles SWAG
Haze Ezah
Ryan Wequ
Was pleasantly surprised to see this album on sale today. Of course I had to pick it up!
Scottland B
Should’ve named the album “sound the trump-hits”
Scottland B
Make a song called “CNNemy - Anderson Pooper Jive”