Phobia - Lifeless God full album stream

Luca Hc
Music with a message. Thanks Phobia for taking a stand.
eko grindcore
happy grindcore !!!
Vincent Volkostr
capitalism is modern enslavement eternal
communism is modern enslavement eternal
Moris Morozin
Pure hell! every new album-better.never let me out.this is a top tier grindcore!!!
Basie Settle
hard to tell what phobia thinks of all this huh
Justin Oliver
Absolute junk!!!!!
Charles SWAG
Scottland B
Should’ve named the album “sound the trump-hits”
Scottland B
Make a song called “CNNemy - Anderson Pooper Jive”
Ryan Wequ
Was pleasantly surprised to see this album on sale today. Of course I had to pick it up!
Luis C. Tomasini
Haze Ezah
boycotting this band why? because lame