DANDELION HEALTH BENEFITS ~ Wildfood Foraging and Identification #399

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mapuche x8
Thanx for sharing bro, keep the vids coming im new subscriber, peace be with you! From Sweden Btw i made soup today with dandelion, white mans foot & sea weed and some other herbs very nice :)
brian kelly
be careful of deer ticks!
Lee Ann Steinmetz
I've just subbed last year. I'm trying to grow weeds this year -- miner's lettuce, stinging nettle. I'm so excited about the nettle. The babies are stinging already!
Those you are mentioning in 10 minute they are indeed wild lettuce and eatable
Chuck Correll
Good vid, and I'm now a sub to your channel. It's good to see people sorta re-recognizing the benefits of wild edibles. Luckily for me, I've got dandelions as well as red clover all around my house. If you've never eaten the flower of red clover, they're great! Also known to help ward of certain cancers. It was important that you said not to clear out anything all at once or in one place, but with clover it's even more important because honey bees love 'em, and those lil guys are havin' a rough time everywhere. Can't wait to see more of what you've got! Btw, Happy New Year!
The plant at 9:33 looks like it could be Shepherd's Purse Zak. If it is, it's edible just like dandelions. It's a member of the mustard family, we pick in the spring along with dandelions. My Grandmother always called it field salad.
Thanks for your answer. Indeed all vegetables contain toxins, since I'm not overeating on dandelion it's no problem. I heard people who magicly healed cavities doing a 'water-cleanse' combined with dandelion, grass, etc. for like 3 days. I thinking to do this too while it's summer now and there are still dandelions leafs to harvest.
Secrets of Longevity
The leaves are considered food, so naturally you can overeat any food and that is extremely subjective so an exact amount can't be given. You'll get sick long before you could accumulate enough of the extremely trace toxins which are present in it (same with any green leafy food).
Zak, what is the max daily dose in gram of dandelion leaves?
thanks for the great vid..:))) i had an awesome dandelion salad today, i used nutritional yeast to take the edge off the bitter taste but i like bitter, just little nicer with the yeast/ flax seed oil and i used an organic orange juice on it too soo good. anyways, great info thanks again, peace and light.;)))
Is it good to heal cavities?
Lia Emet-Katzman
Dried dandelion root is good detoxifying herb tea.
tyler marshall
there is nothing poisonous that resembles dandelion, there is a true and false dandelion, the true dandelion spine is hollow.
Isn't the central red vein on the bitter side? Is that desirable or to be avoided?
Your neatly combed hair seems strangely out of place...
At 2:40 you say it's strong and bitter so not to use it daily for long stretches of time, but why not, what is it about it being strong and bitter that makes it not good daily for long stretches.
look into a camera stabilizer
Edwin Danilo
Secrets of Longevity
The roots are the best thing to go for in the fall.
I wish more men allowed their eyebrows to look so gorgeous! :D Thick is beautiful - kinda like with cocks. :D~
I recall Michael Pollan pointing out that dandelion (as most leafy greens), has a higher ratio of omega-3 fats to omega-6 fats which of course, is important for rebalancing the EFA ratio in your body.
Secrets of Longevity
No radioactive fallout radiation. Grounding is the solution to EMFs.
Secrets of Longevity
I covered some of them on a video I put out shortly after the fukishima disaster which you can search for. I will do a more general and updated one at some point.
J.M. Dorman
One of my favorite things about dandelion is how its deemed a "pest" or even an "invasive species" by the mainstream morons, and thus so many herbicides target it. Little do people know that one of natures finest tonic plant foods is right at their disposal! Then again, perhaps even if they knew of its edibility and medicinality they would cringe at the bitter taste. Me personally, I have come to appreciate, even 'like' bitter tasting herbs and superfoods. Then, I know what 'bitter' means.
J.M. Dorman
IF you can handle the bitter flavor, an excellent vegetable/herbal choice. For some reason, 'bitter' seems to equal 'more active' throughout nature, I'm noticing. Dandelion is better than going crazy with the brassica family or mega-loads of spinach. All fine choices of course, in moderation; but I know some people that go a little overboard with the broccoli, kale, spinach, etc. Healthy animal foods are definitely important, but some of us do thrive on a more plant-based diet. Good info Zak!
in ten years its gonna be delightful to see that you havnt aged atall
Secrets of Longevity
Come at me bro!
GTL man!
Secrets of Longevity
Not sure why you think my teeth are yellow, they look fine to me. If you're referring to the section where I'm talking later on I have a different setting on the camera that counteracts the full spectrum light in my room that everyone was complaining about making me look pale.
Hey Zac, nice video. I regularly eat dandelions as they grow in my garden. My experiences...the leaves are OK, the flowers are good eaten raw in salads or thrown into a sandwich, fluffy texture, slight bitterness. The roots are spectacular cooked japanese style: saute cleaned chopped roots in oil in a pan, then add a cup of water & soy sauce, cover and turn down heat until soft and slightly browned. Amazing!
Why are your teeth so yellow? Did you eat the flower or are you a pack a day smoker?
The amish make dandelion wine every year. It's not bad.
Louis Bothma
Thank you !
Robin Conkel-hAnnan
There are many different dandelions varieties and variations in color and leaf shape.. When I moved I noted which plants had the right flowers so I knew which they were next spring.. The leaves vary with the season.. I dry or freeze wild greens so I'll have them all winter.. ..... Don't eat any one green every day, you know, too much of a good thing.. Space them out to once every few days.. There are enough different wild greens that you can eat a different one every day of the week..
it grows in my yard .I mow them down.but now I think I may try some.may wait till they go to seed and plant some in a pot
Pao Ze Yang
this flower is healthy
such a difficult time finding dandelions in the video, and then i go outside where i live, and they basically make up my whole lawn. 
Maria Torres
i wish we had more people like you
Sooo, Which type dandelion are poisonous?
Celestea Deanes
can you recommend seed companies?
Erin Plourde-Bragg
whatever you put up in the beginning killed any joy I had No thank you. Source is important for me.
genalyn francisco
dandelion just like a daisy plant flower?i thinks its not familliar to me this plant...
Jay H
5:30 you should have said "yeah" and made a bad face but kept chewing and said "it has a bitter taste" continue chewing "and I can taste a bit of dog piss" keeps chewing "but it's not too bad".
Jay H
Something I have learned about identifying species, is that the slightest variation that doesn't 100.00000000% match, may be a different species. Never assume a species is "deformed" or "mutated" or "discolored" or "fall color" or "larger (or more of any feature) because it must be healthier" or "must have started to grow thorns as a new adaption to environment" and so on. Never assume when it comes to touching or consuming a potentially poisonous species of anything.
Arctic Circle
Michael Nowak
GREAT GREAT VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're cute