Kiss - Deuce ( Alive! 1975)

Get up And get your grandma outta here Pick up Old jim is workin hard this year And baby Do the things he says to do Baby, if youre feeling good And baby if youre feeling nice You know your man is workin hard Hes worth a deuce Honey Dont put your man behind his years And baby Stop cryin all your tears Baby Do the things he says to do Do it Baby, if youre feeling good And baby if youre feeling nice You know your man is workin hard Hes worth a deuce And baby, if youre feeling good Yes baby if youre feeling nice You know your man is workin hard Yeah

Justin Smith
The first time I heard this I was hooked. Best version of the song, don't care if they say it was over produced or whatever. Peter hittin the drums and ace with the solo the tempo of the song. Just straight up rock n roll
Jimmy Tee Rex
Tommy Thayer is a good guitarist. But against Ace here; no contest.
Wrath Upon Eden
Best LIVE album ever!
Stewart Sanders
Peter and ace are fkin awesome 😎 on this 👌
This changed my life. Four years old in 1980...wondering if I was weird for not caring about sports and this made it ok. Music was for me right then and there. And at 41, I'm still doing it.
Best KISS song, best version ever... Hats off to Gene on this one...and ACE, Petey, and Paul
Get up&get your grandma outta here!!
Juan Berrio
this song influenced so many heavier bands I don't think people realize the pace of the song is heavy
Wade Hutchinson
12 years old when this came out on King Bisket Flower Hour
Ace is Kiss..without ACE there is no Kiss
Michael Matthews
I completely LOVE the KISS Alive album! "Duece" included. . .
are been 31 years so far that I listen to this song almost every day !!!!! God, Ace makes me goose bumps all the way ever... when I was 20, listen to this song before go make motocross and enduro with my bike...pure excitement!
One of the best riffs ever
Formative music for me! I was a little kid in the mid-70's and all the "Big Kids" and older brothers were listening to this, so naturally we did too. One of the best from the generation of music that sounded better the louder you played it.
School Bus Mechanic
This song got me hooked on this band and ACE of course!
hans silva astudillo
Ace the best ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Firing on ALL cylinders! 
I LOVE the guitar hook on this song:-)! I am lucky to work in a place that allows us to whatever music we want out loud. My work station buddy is in his mid 50's, and was graduating high school about the time I was born in 75'. I grew up from a very young age as a member of the KISS army, my Aunt (now in her 50's) and my sister LOVED KISS. At work, it's not a complete week unless we've played this album at least once or twice. He and I pretty much like the same music, right down to the occasional Zappa album that gets played to mess with the front office squares, haha:-)
anders lindberg
I am 52 nowand still love this song, the best opening song kiss has. And I can play it on guitar too, if I was in a coverband, we would for sure open the set with Duece.
Phillip Vogler
My absolute favorite!
Ricky Bobby
Saw them around this time in Nashville-Bob Seger warmed up...
Rando Gattagio
Peter Criss is the best drummer of KISS
Denis Ryan
I'm a guy from NYC this album has NY attitude...
J.J Lavey
greatest album ever made
Errol Waguespack
Damn Good Live Album.
The UFO Experience
Still can't imagine a situation where you would have to tell someone to "Get up and get your Grandma out of here.".
Jordan Lewandowski
I have this whole album for my record player and I play it everyday 🤘
Cary Sledge
The First Album I ever bought
Bili Warren
heard this on metal evolution, fucking cracking tune!
mark swishersweets
if it wasnt for this song i wouldnt of got inspired to try to play guitar.. here is me watch?v=GRk9FxTAzok trying to do the studio. no pro but a fan trying :Op
Araya Noe
Yes! Deuce is one of my favorite songs by KISS. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley are my favorite. GO KISS!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX!!!!
I first heard it 35 years ago and it still kicks ass
tyson unger
you wanted the best you got the best the hottest band in the world and always will be KISS
efrain roman
36 4 me and still luv it
efrain roman
ME 2
the part from 2:38 to 2:51 is the reason I decided to play guitar!
Hail Ace. That solo was full of vibrato
Eddie Mullett
24 years ago today I heard this album for the 1st time.....and I still love it!!!
Listen up ladies. You know your man is working hard.........Give him a deuce!!!!!!!!
efrain roman
That was the intro in the early days and it changed to the hottest band in the world. I wonder why they change it and who did the early intro.
hottest band in da land ..... KISS ! ! !
fer daneri
Showbiz masters!
Calvin Edmonson
1976 my friends wanted to go see Bob Seger in Oakland California. When we bought the tickets we see the Name KISS in large cap letters. What? Bob Seger is the opener!? For a ban called KISS? Who is this KISS that we have never heard of? OMG!!!! They blew the roof off of that place!!!!
Richard anguiano
Don kirshner's show had kiss a couple of times back in the early days stayed up all nite 👍🏼👍🏼 !!
Leo Stone
I like the explosion in the beginning..think its made in the studio.
Tracy Abernathy
Saw their show for the first time last night it was awesome.
Raul youngblood
get up and get your grandma OUT HERE !!!!!!!
Anders Lindberg
Half of this album was overdubbed in the studio, nut its one of the best live albums ever anyway.
Diego Barbagelata
Ace is best element of this band doubtless, i bet dozens of people agree.
swainson southern hot mess
Ummm loving old school KISS.... my God how I miss these guys...the original members.that is.
After seeing them on the Midnight Special in 1975, I knew this would be the start of something good!.. Kiss Army...
Bitch's younger brother(Stones)
Gene Simmons sings this like a God , this was when kiss was at their very best ! Even the album cover has a certain magic !!
Gédéon Laperrière
S'ai* en show
Giusepp Metallic
Kether H.
Ivan Fortier
I still have this on LP from the roaring 70;s complete with all the scratches it got at the beer drinking parties as a teen. I remember an interview with Paul Stanley where he said Ace showed up for the audition and he was wearing 2 different sides of shoes, came a long way from then.
Vincent Nichols
Ronald Holmes
Does anyone know what the show date was for the album Alive I?
Tony Houle
Ace is a God in this one!
Sagi Vaitzman