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The boys face the ultimate African challenge... a muddy puddle. Luckily some reserves from the Ugandan army are on hand to help out. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: /> Top Gear YouTube channel: />TopGear.com website:  /> Top Gear Facebook:  />Top Gear Twitter:  /> This is a channel from BBC Worldwide, trading as BBC Studios, who help fund new BBC programmes.

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Subaru Power ! :D
Man this is like the Subaru's natural habitat!
ravindra nabiel
For once, Hammond got the right car
Clayton Whitacre
That song choice was on point.
Kevin Lumoindong
7:27    MAY!!! lololololol...
5:46 he was so proud, he dabbed
I laughed so hard when Jeremy said MAY
Shane Fell
And Clarkson says that the Subaru is 'needlessly complicated'. If it hadn't been for Hammond and his Daktari trousers and Subaru, the journey would have ended right here. 
Invective Menace
If you wanna go on dirt in a sedan, no questions go with Subaru
British guy comes to Africa with a car, makes Africans pull him out when hes stuck. Oh the irony
man Africans are so cool and nice
Agent Washington
" Speed and Power ! " Best philosophy to follow while driving.
lol "I assume he's never got it wrong cus he's still got an entire right foot"
Killer Memestar
5:47 - Right side of the screen, the guy dabs
nuclear football
thumbs up for subaru
Top Gear  2002-2015 R.I.P  "Thank you for a wonderful 13 years"
Subaru always wins! :D
Aidan Sweeney
A lot of the comments are Subaru is awesome. I am one of those people who agree. ANYONE who says Subarus are not good, shall be stuck in Jeremy and James' tire tracks.
Alfonso Rivera
The subaru was obviously the best choice.
As a Subaru driver, I was grinning like an idiot for the whole episode.
Milenko Martinez
Doriane Francis
I know without watching - Subaru
Edge Mcsnob
Africans are such friendly "give you the shirt off my back" kinda people.
Justin Joseph
"Oh Cock!!"
5:47 the dab was invented
Damn, that rally pedigree on the Subaru really shows. What a wagon.
Marco Pollo
Africa is really beautiful.
Who saw the person in the bush at 6:39? xD
Except the subaru, the audi a6 allroad would have been also a good choice for this road
Poor People :( but they are Nice
Daniel YZF
Subaru is insane car, it goes through everything, best off road person car !
Daniel Clark
6:58 to 7:02: THIS is how I'd feel if I was 0.001 seconds away from getting gold on the Red Bull X Challenge in Gran Turismo 5!!!!
Daniel Martin
Can you give me a tow" NO!!
Edgaras ee
James should have taken Volvo xc70
Couldn't they have just used the Subaru to tow the BMW out?
Cedric Cansino
Completely unrelated but that mud is the most beautiful hue of brown I've ever seen
subie at the best
I wish the guy with the subie would get 50 bucks everytime he has to save the volvo and the bmw he would be millionare
Agent Washington
It would be fun to sit in that chair on top the Subaru
Spintires 2
Matias Korpela
subaru is best off-road car.
ryan calhoun
Did they mirror something? Cause the muffler of the wrx switches sides at 7:05. It's on the left and switches to the right. 2nd car maybe? While the 1st was broken or something...
Matt Bolt
that shot at 1:31 was incredible as the boy came into focus like that. Honestly, the top gear film crew are one of the best.
Those locals were extremely kind and helpful. Proves that people in less fortunate areas have different values in life.
Ahmed Hussein
this was epic, i bought a subaru because of this special
Subi's beat everything
Hammond is actually a pretty good off-road driver
Chloe TV
The song from toto was just perfect.
William Boer
beautiful song from Toto called 'Africa' with it, than it's all good
The Activist
Filmed in Uganda where i come from. The place is beautiful but not developed. I agree we are still backward on development but the leaders make it worse. We pay our taxes but they all end up in secret bank accounts of the leaders. Thats why we have bad roads like these. In Uganda the riches people are politicians. Its now a business to go into politics. This video proves the people are strong and hard-working but they are let down when all the hard work is taken up by politicians.
Quintavious Scoozi Jackson
Thumbs up for the brilliant use of Africa by Toto :)
I will miss Top Gear and Clarkson. R.I.P
6:11 I thought the windshield had a crack in it...
That green E39 is a legend, love it :)
Caelan Reeves
Can someone please tell me the song at the end, I've heard it before and even though it was the very beginning someone has to know it
AllGear Motoring
Poor Subaru hurts to see them ruin it. Check out my Subaru and how we are treating it. Its going to be beautiful one day.
Mohamed Mahgoub
if it wasn't for the mighty Subaru this trip would have ended before it even begins, well done Hammond choosing the right car.
josh santana
dam was the Subru pulling
Adrian Nygård
To be honest, the thing James did to Jeremy's car actually wasn't fair. It's not Jeremy's fault that James chose the wrong car...
I like how Richard's Subaru just drags along James's Volvo like it was a toy or something. Seriously, Impreza is the best!!
Who would want to be up for some African trip like this some day aye???
Subaru rocks !
RipJawsX 95
The Ugandan army know da wae
Patrick Richter
I like the way how the heavily pigmented guys say "yeees" xD
africans are such hard working people!
makes me so proud of my 03 wrx wagon
S J Rayner (Cars)
We sold you the Ford Scorpio Back up car!!! Ha Ended up in the River RIP
Richard so brought the best car. 
mimi kwisha
Subaru for life
Le Derp
Ugandan army? Ugandan Warriors?? THEY KNO DE WAE
Cristian Gissara
Having worked in some African countries I must say this is a veritable picture of the people living there. Nice bunch.
Top Gear
Я тута))
Impreza is a beast. Devours all in its way.
"And here you can see, the Subaru driving around in it's natural habitat.."
The subaru is awesome!
Patricia Vargas
" ... ¡go FASTER..!" " ... speed and power doesn't work..." " ... I wouldn't do that barefeet, I can't watch... ¡arggh..!" " ... I'm assuming he's never got it wrong, 'cause he still got an entire right foot..." ¡LOL! I just love those three.
Sumair Bawa
what does may say at 0:23?
Marco Pollo
" I'm king in the forest" loooool
Ruben Andre
Ok this is wierd question but what is the name of the song at 7:50 ? u only hear the start of it
Kwan Linus
Jezza doesn't know da wae to rally. #UgandanKnuckles
Hei Wut Wong
5:47 did the men in the right just dabbed?
John Howe
Shamus ilsley
Gotta love Subaru!
На чём ездят за Уралом
SUBARU!!!! Japan cars are best!!! :)))
Nasir Almughanni
6:58 gooooooooooooooo!😂😂😂
Remy Gijsbers
They know da wea
do u kno de wei
masaharu aiba
subaru always pull something everywhere.....
This was the absolute gold height of Top Gear. They did things which some of us dreamed of doing but no one actually ever did.
This has only made me want a subaru (maybe even a wagon) even more than I already do!
Aberdeen Vlogs
I really want an old lump of volvo estate
Small Moustache Man
"Power and speed solves many things" "Yes, yes"
in this type of land you ether pick Crusier or Rover.
Ron N.
The moment Hammond drove in with the Subaru, I knew he had the right choice.
Jakeria 64
7:25 reality TV show