MINDLY ROTTEN - Primordial Absence (Official Video)

MINDLY ROTTEN - Primordial Absence .Taken from the album "Proliferation Of Disaster" Coyote records 2011 />e-mail: [email protected]

I am a fan of death metal, and this is boring, obnoxious, and stupid. Sounds like they are trying to be Origin, but none of them have any sense of rythm. I am disgusted, and I shall go back to my Necrophagist before I get sick.
Giovana Campanella
This made my head hurt. In the best possible way.
juan masgren
@necronomigore666 Saludos Parceros las mejores para ustedes...haber cuando volvemos a compartir escenario en Bogota.
julian rios
asperos!!!!!saludos de parte de los suppuration
juan masgren
@Surgicalshred Thanks man is great to know you think in such a way...keep in touch with MINDLY ROTTEN.
Another crisp video, with great production to this genre of death metal in much need of refreshment! I'm glad to see that there is still extreme metal musicians that are pushing the fucking barrier when it comes to legitimate speed and technicality! Cheers from a fan in California, USA!
Dixit Dominus
@ivandbt Brutal Death Metal seria, pero si, tiene mucho tecnico en la forma de tocar. Si lo queres meter en un genero seria Brutal Technical Death Metal
Davidvisection Tv
Muchachos yo he escuchado muchas bandas colombianas así parecidas y siempre he tenido la misma duda, esto qué género es, Brutal Technical?
@jukarcas because metal was all about taking yourself seriously from the start
Adam Ludlow
Easily one of the most innovative BDM bands right now
Carlos Mario Fisgativa
@EndlessPain1101 Thanx bro!!!!
Daniel Lara
So fucking great, I cant wait to buy this disc!! you rule in this motherfucking world of shitty music!
alejandro bothon sanchez
so fucking brutal cheers guys!!!! i need this disc!!!
Pio Trek
Wyjebany techniczny brutal death,szkoda że tak rzadko wydają płyty kolumbiasy