Lucio Fulci's Beatrice Cenci (1969)

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Clip from Fulci's drama constitutively based on Antonin Artaud's play. This is really among the most obscure and overlooked Fulci films you will find. And I'm sure that this flick of Fulci would be received well even by his most obtuse critics since it has a more conventional script and a genre which often is more approbated by the elite. Apart from that, there are no stylistical differences. It's the distinctive, extravagant Fulci-standard camerawork and direction which is often neglected by those who are too distracted by the blood 'n' guts and without adequate exculpations condemns Fulci's films as pure gore exploitation.

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She's cute. I liked watching her suffer.
Steve Zodiac
gorgeous witch!
Marco Raimondi
Reparem no sofrimento interno sendo projetado na arte de Antonin Artaud. É uma bela transição entre o análogo Artaud insano e Artaud lúcido para a projeção interna de toda sua arte e a fuga dos elementos "suicidários" da sociedade. Os Cenci fora uma obra pouco valorizada em sua estréia – inclusive toda a obra de Artaud, excetuando-se 'Van Gogh o suicida da sociedade', fora pouco valorizada em sua vida – porém, esta, especialmente, representa muito da arte artaudiana relacionada aos mais viscerais aspectos da doença e da morte.
Danielle Erica kalaw
I'd like to watch the whole movie. :/
jack man
type in Beatrice Cenci and have a read on wiki as this is a true story and is pretty grim and this film is a pretty good take on the real story this film kicked up a bit of a fuss in Italy and made fulci a pretty controversial director at the time
what secret?!
Adam Langfelder
The Italian justice system today
Bad Torture
I'd have like to see her whipped as well as stretched ...
Bad Torture
@ralphus44 Amen to that! :)