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Writen by Louis Prima in 1935, This is not much of a song from WW2 but it is one of the most famous songs from the Big Band era

randall williams
I'm only 16 and I like this music. I'm 14 and I like this music. I'm 4 and I like this music. I'm 3 months old and I like this music. I'm 2 days old and I like this music. I'm 2 hours old and I like this music. I'm still a fetus and I like this music. I'm an embryo and I like this music. I'm still an egg cell and I like this music. I'm a strand of DNA and I like this music. I'm a Carbon atom (not yet part of a DNA strand) and I like this music. I'm a Neutron (soon to be part of a Carbon atom) and I like this music. I'm still a Quark and I like this music.
Someone Someone
2019 anyone? Edit: Wow, this is the most likes I've ever gotten, thanks. Never thought a dumb comment like this would get me so many likes.
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The drummer must have been having the time of his life.
Nam Nguyen
Too much Saxual content
Nathan Roscoe
Sing sing sing... more like swing swing swing. Am I right fellas?
Messorem Mortis
Warning this song may cause uncontrollable leg movement.
From truth and other lies
Dislikes???? What is wrong with you people? The song is fantastic, and the sound quality is also fantastic. So why do people looking for something they don't like? Today everything is vise versa. Could our world getting weirder than that? It seems so.... :( Songs will stay as they are. I wish i could say something near about mankind. They have transformed into mindless meaningless zombies at the very end. They are not aware anymore. They visit the rockies, but they are not really there. They are already at Instagram or Facebook. Presenting selfies. Look where i am. How much likes i will get for these stupid photo? It is so sad.....we all could be bright as a star. But we are not. There is always somebody behind us, who makes decisions for us. Telli us what is right or wrong, what to think and what to feel...what a valid number...sorry..i mean slave...ooops again.......a person should do. Hard times...
The News Is Here
Doctor: You have 5:23 minutes left to live. Me:
Jane Sellman
Did you know Goodman's records were banned in Nazi Germany. Can there be a higher honor for such a supreme talent.
The original "banger". You know when this dropped, everyone went mental.
Agustín Ramires
Can you imagine dancing to this for 5 minutes straight lifting a woman every 2 seconds? Hahaha I would be dripping!
Hi! I had to cut poverty in the school gymnasium
Bring back swing for the 2020s!
"SING SING SING" *no vocals*
Furt-Mahoogany Ingleturt-shwoomph
This has got to be one of the greatest pieces of music ever composed, surely? The composition is incredible
NightOwl 64
I played this for my 93 y/o Grandmother this weekend, and she smiled instantly.
Alonzo Branson
Supposedly, Mr. Goodman lived for his clarinet so much, that when he and a lady were dancing he was unconsciously fingering the band's clarinet notes along her spine.
Anyone else gets goosebumps when the drummer hits the tom tom?
Blank Test
"SING, SING, SING" but no singing.
Buda crack07
2018 anyone?
Stacey Agens
70-80 years ago some annoyed mom was probably running upstairs to tell their teenage kid to turn THIS racket down.
I wasn't part of this era, but OMG, the musicianship is unparalleled to anything I have ever heard. I listen to this every morning and it gets me in the mood to accomplish my day!
От фонаря
— What is music? — This.
Marilyn Stevenson
Man..this little female cat can not control either leg..or her feet..or her shoulders..in fact, she's jazzing around her loungeroom..with her dog barking madly and remembering her childhood with a dad who played claro, alto and tenor saxes..mum who sang like Sarah Vaughan and 3 uncles who played drums and boogie woogie piano! What an upbringing I had. Man I was born in the wrong era and wrong country!! I have a 2 cd set of Goodman playing at Carnegie Hall..sound is solid...with cover notes that tell what muso's from other famous bands, like Ellington's, played with the Goodman sidemen in each particular track. Of course, when Mel Powell went to town towards the very end of the song. you can hear Benny's surprised comment and one of the guys saying "GO""...as you all know. Thanks for downloading this fine, fine track. And thanks for the terrific comments!!
"This is not much of a song..."?  Sure, nothing but a bunch of super awesome licks all strung together into an incredibly bopping melody.  Other than that, it's not much.
Nice how the name of the song is "Sing, sing, sing" when there are no lyrics in the entire piece.
you have to understand how wild this was
brony simpson
Chips Ahoy sent me here. years later, American Pop was the next thing sending me here.
El Chip the Beaver
My friend: When are they gonna sing Me: How should I know?! It's just instruments, not singing! My friend: Maybe they are singing so quietly, we can't hear them Me: OH MY GOD, THAT MIGHT BE TRUE!
Mary Lupo
The original Heavy Metal!!! Gene Krupa' at his best!!!
robyn mehrten
who likes this better then todays music
Miss Walton
Not all 16yr olds are corrupted in new music. I personally love this type of music, and I’m 16. It’s so beautiful 😍♥️
Firescout1968 Angel Beats
Better warning: This song is contagious do not listen if you are in class on marble floor
its funny that people only have one favorite genre and those people are the people who just like trap rap music, and it's not like i don't like trap rap music some of it is pretty good but when i am tapping my feet listening to this song in class and people ask what i'm listening too i show them and scowl, some people need some variety in their music tastes
Talk about Standing The Test Of Time!!!!
That Jazz Clarinet
Toni Bush
After much thought and consideration...I have to concede,this is one of the best songs of all time. End of story.
Carlos Ossa
dancing in my chair...
MISSed Bandwagon
How old are you? ....I remember when they used to use this for the Chips Ahoy commercial...🍪❗️
Leo O'Connor
Pardon me, is anyone a doctor? I appear to be having some sort of foot spasm.
Phil Nutter
Try staying still. Can't be done
Yehonatan Sofer
As the song started playing I recognized it from ''The Mask'' haha
Steven Suvia
I've listened to this a thousand times and it gets better each time. If you clicked on thumbs down on this then music is not for you. Sorry.
Dap Dne
Confession: About 1972 I saw Harry James with Tex Benike (not Dorsey) at the Hollywood Paladium (also with the Modernaires) and also accompanying my parents and brother. Well Benike was drunk and rude despite Harry James being about 30 feet from him and was refusing to sing lyrics from one of his big songs. I was tricked by my brother into walking up TO the stage (we were on the dance floor in front of it) and reading Tex a polite but stern "riot act". Harry James waved his arms in the air at me and said "I KNOW I TOLD HIM I TOLD HIM". Benike kind of sneered then smiled at me. He asked me what song I wanted to hear. I said Elmer's Tune as he was supposed to be singing that and that was Dad's favorite. He said to the crowd of people who had been dancing but were standing with arms accross their chests--who had been grimacing at Beneke: "I HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO SING ELMER'S TUNE" People applauded and I grimaced this time. But we all went back to dancing because he really sang "Elmers Tune." He finished being a jerk and sang the remainder too. I was 16 years old.
Lyrics [Instrumental]
Tom The Singing Marine
Oliver Kenneth Renteria Saucedo
Monster INC :v jajajaja
April Basuroy Biswas
Sing sing sing........dance dance dance
Slammed Miiata
Song is called “sing sing sing” and there’s no singing
today i showed this song to my grandfather who hasnt heard it in almost 40 years. He couldnt help but get up and start dancing haha
suzuki sinclair
this song is so upbeat it's MENTAL, i love it
Kuzey Tekinoğlu
Aşk dolu bebeğim..
Lupi Nuxxi
¡No me canso de escuchar esta obra maestra!
Atsuko Livernois
I have always hated this piece as a song with vocals....but I do enjoy this piece as an instrumental piece as the drum is so good & exciting! My mom was a professional jazz singer in Tokyo ( she turned down Toshiba , before they became EMI 3 times! Lol) used to sing g this one on her stage also hate this piece as a so g ! Lol ( she was an actress also...good that she doesn't go on u tube in English lol otherwise she'll kill me for mentioning these!) .I love this as an all instrumental piece! I wish if BIG BAND MUSIC WILL MAKE A COMEBACK!!!
Jake Baker
Wait what? What's up with all the 'I'm 14,15,16' etc stuff going on? I thought music was a matter of preference, not age... Sounds pretty stupid.
Fawks le fur
It's called "sing, sing, sing." Cause they just desperately needed someone with a quick enough tongue
스윙키즈 보고 온 사람?
george galici
ese es un rolon,, que me pone de buen humor, aun con los problemas economicos y demas cosas que no dejan disfrutar a veces tu dia
Jay Douglas
WOW....gets my blood pumping !! Timeless. Eternal. It's so good that it tricks me into thinking I can dance swing style..tossing a athletic dame in a skirt over , under and around with perfectly timed precision...all without breaking a sweat. Soon the boys go off to war and the world changes. What an era. The greatest generation....you betcha ! This was written someone born in the 60's. Our parents and grandparents were hard as nails. Compare them to today's crop of soft whiny, safe space needing, leftwing indoctrinated gender studies stooges. Heaven help us should our country face a global crisis . Thanks Mr Goodman , and to all those who served !
Oakville Center
1920's jazz era was great, but then 1930s-1940s swing era came to save the day!!
rodolfo garcia
Martina Demarco
Doug N
Big Band is the original Rock n Roll.
Mike Quasniac
That was 1 excellent era for music.
Colin Hardeman
How anyone (and I repeat) HOW ANYONE could vote this incredible piece of music with a thumbs down leaves me dumbfounded, amazed, bewildered, flabbergasted, floored . . .
1C3 CR34M
Sing, sing, sing, sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin' with a swing Sing sing sing, sing, everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin' with a swing. When the music goes around, Everybody's goes go to town. But here is one thing you should know Sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin with a swing Swing swing swing swing, listen to the trumpet swing Blow blow blow blow, listen to the trombones go! When the music goes around, Everybody's goes go to town. But here is one thing you should know Sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Everybody go! Sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin with a swing Sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin with a swing Swing swing swing, everybody start to swing Now your swingin while you sing When the music goes around, everybody goes to town Just relax and take is slow SIng sing Start singing, keep swinging Now you're singing with a swing!
Bob Potato
when a song called 'sing, sing, sing' is an instrumental
norahainy juarez
I love the song
alex anaya
Who the hell dislikes Benny Goodman?
Kane Dietz
Does anyone else think of the chase scene in Emperors New Groove?
Better lyrics then the songs out today
Imagine, getting a 1920 lap dance with this music and a cigar in your hand...
Poop Head
1945 anyone?
Dimas Naufal Pratama
My legs can't stop tapping and moving in class. HELP ME XD
Timbotot Wilkins
Nobody could touch Goodman in the 1930's on clarinet... check out some of his clarinet solos backing up Billy Holliday on some of her raucous recording dates, with "The Pres" Lester Young on tenor sax, Jo Jones on drums, and Teddy Wilson on piano. OK, Artie Shaw was good, but IMHO a close 2nd to Goodman in the 40's.
Swing kids took me here :v
Did not know Louis Prima composed this. Pull up any video of Louis and his wife Keely Smith much fun
riris rumintan
This so crazy!! My feet can't stop dancing... Love this song!!!!
Doesn't matter if youre like 100 years old or just a 12 year old kid, this is the music that will live on forever!
Steve Doe
Was a great time in music. Rhythms were actually from a tribal, African pedigree...although very much “Angloized” for Big Band. Nevertheless, this was a time of mixing cultures for music, and the result is this beautiful music. Late 1960’s and early -70’s also mixed a lot of culture, which is where a lot of the funk rhythms became mainstream. Not to get too political, but both of these eras were superseded by periods of strong ignorance in American social values, ultimately putting more separation back into American society and losing the progress for music too. Ironically, these two cases also made complicated rhythms to be appreciated and experimented with mainstream. (I’m just going to say it bluntly here...white people were just starting to get the rhythm. And it was being produced / distributed / accepted all over. How scary for the socially ignorant.)
FS Studio
cinescape? alguien?
Penny Enicks
This Baby Boomer loves Big Band music (thanks Mom and Dad). This one's my favorite.
Lonnie Paulson
I like the photography--shadows in the background. Looks great in black-and-white. My dad used to love this kind of music. He had a lot of 78s of these types of bands. I'm sure he had many Benny Goodman. I have to say these musicians made an art out of wind band or big band music and as what they called swing.
Tuti frutti
Gentlemen, this is music.
Mariano Espinosa
*Mumble rappers have left the chat*
Edward Dieffenbach
I bet all the dislikes are from people of today with their Pop music and rap songs.
lic. Jose Manuel Magaña Ledesma
El Rey del swing. Maestro de todos los directores de las Grandes Bandas.
Andrew Perlot
Other than, "big band," what class of music would you call this? Swing?
Sam Matthews
Still a million times better than most songs today.
Michel Fernandez
Tres belle musique sing sing sing solo de baterie
Timbotot Wilkins
Damn, now I know I screwed up, coulda been born in 1930 instead of 1940 and, as a kid, talked my parents into taking me to the Palomar Ballroom in L.A. where I grew up and watched Benny and the band, especially Gene Krupa on drums. Thank God we have this music preserved for all time.
Ore Ghost
Im looking at these type of videos because me and my friends are in a small challenge to see who can make the most successful game in the future. Im going to make one that KINDA NOT LOOKS....Like cuphead. Basically like batim and cuphead but different and with a different goal and story and characters. Lol my friend is searching how to make a game engine im like boy were barely in 7th grade XD.
John Calanchini
That is not Goodman. It is the studio band from the movie Swing Kids. Fantastic version.
Reminds of the same theme that played when Pacha and Kuzco were running away from Izma and Kronk.
H Stevens
This may not technically be rock-and-roll,but just the same...This rocks!
Oh sheet I remember this from when I was a racketeering mobster in New York City.
Ada F
Estes são os chamados "small groups" grupos inter-raciais de jazz da década de 40 :)
Сергей Ощепков
matt stadtler
But then again... Benny Goodman could make anything epic
Daniel Guerrero
This song woke me from a coma.