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Writen by Louis Prima in 1935, This is not much of a song from WW2 but it is one of the most famous songs from the Big Band era

Messorem Mortis
Warning this song may cause uncontrollable leg movement.
Lyrics [Instrumental]
Jane Sellman
Did you know Goodman's records were banned in Nazi Germany. Can there be a higher honor for such a supreme talent.
Tuti frutti
Gentlemen, this is music.
Agustín Ramires
Can you imagine dancing to this for 5 minutes straight lifting a woman every 2 seconds? Hahaha I would be dripping!
Nice how the name of the song is "Sing, sing, sing" when there are no lyrics in the entire piece.
Nathan Roscoe
Sing sing sing... more like swing swing swing. Am I right fellas?
From truth and other lies
Dislikes???? What is wrong with you people? The song is fantastic, and the sound quality is also fantastic. So why do people looking for something they don't like? Today everything is vise versa. Could our world getting weirder than that? It seems so.... :( Songs will stay as they are. I wish i could say something near about mankind. They have transformed into mindless meaningless zombies at the very end. They are not aware anymore. They visit the rockies, but they are not really there. They are already at Instagram or Facebook. Presenting selfies. Look where i am. How much likes i will get for these stupid photo? It is so sad.....we all could be bright as a star. But we are not. There is always somebody behind us, who makes decisions for us. Telli us what is right or wrong, what to think and what to feel...what a valid number...sorry..i mean slave...ooops again.......a person should do. Hard times...
Hi! I had to cut poverty in the school gymnasium
Bring back swing for the 2020s!
Deborra Ortiz
If this song doesn't makes you want to tap your feet or wiggle your fingers or do anything. Then I don't know what does! Great Song! God bless Benny GOODman.
NightOwl 64
I played this for my 93 y/o Grandmother this weekend, and she smiled instantly.
"SING SING SING" *no vocals*
Buda crack07
2018 anyone?
I wasn't part of this era, but OMG, the musicianship is unparalleled to anything I have ever heard. I listen to this every morning and it gets me in the mood to accomplish my day!
Anyone else gets goosebumps when the drummer hits the tom tom?
robyn mehrten
who likes this better then todays music
Blank Test
"SING, SING, SING" but no singing.
you have to understand how wild this was
Furt-Mahoogany Ingleturt-shwoomph
This has got to be one of the greatest pieces of music ever composed, surely? The composition is incredible
its funny that people only have one favorite genre and those people are the people who just like trap rap music, and it's not like i don't like trap rap music some of it is pretty good but when i am tapping my feet listening to this song in class and people ask what i'm listening too i show them and scowl, some people need some variety in their music tastes
today i showed this song to my grandfather who hasnt heard it in almost 40 years. He couldnt help but get up and start dancing haha
Javier Ignacio Rago
¿Pero cómo puede haber gente tan estúpida que marca negativamente esta extraordinaria pieza de jazz ?
Nam Nguyen
Too much Saxual content
The original "banger". You know when this dropped, everyone went mental.
this song should be in fallout
Stacey Agens
70-80 years ago some annoyed mom was probably running upstairs to tell their teenage kid to turn THIS racket down.
That Jazz Clarinet
Kevin Mills
Golden age classic
Phil Nutter
Try staying still. Can't be done
Sole Borja
One question, What is the name of this music style? ty people!!
Oakville Center
1920's jazz era was great, but then 1930s-1940s swing era came to save the day!!
Miss Walton
Not all 16yr olds are corrupted in new music. I personally love this type of music, and I’m 16. It’s so beautiful 😍♥️
El Chip the Beaver
My friend: When are they gonna sing Me: How should I know?! It's just instruments, not singing! My friend: Maybe they are singing so quietly, we can't hear them Me: OH MY GOD, THAT MIGHT BE TRUE!
Kuzey Tekinoğlu
Aşk dolu bebeğim..
Oliver Kenneth Renteria Saucedo
Monster INC :v jajajaja
Leo O'Connor
Pardon me, is anyone a doctor? I appear to be having some sort of foot spasm.
Talk about Standing The Test Of Time!!!!
shain park
Korean lyrics. 51years before. I remember. 씽씽씽씽. 아빠바지 찢어서 맘보바지 만들자.^^.
My Grandson's high school band did this song.....and much to my surprise they damn near nailed it...…..
Yehonatan Sofer
As the song started playing I recognized it from ''The Mask'' haha
Pix The Glitch Queen
Set the speed to 1.25x. You’re welcome.
Carlos Ossa
dancing in my chair...
ReX TreX
0:00 you can set yourself on fire P!atd reference if you know what i mean
Esdeath Artcore 546
Reminds me of Mr. Burns dancing :D
Jake Baker
Wait what? What's up with all the 'I'm 14,15,16' etc stuff going on? I thought music was a matter of preference, not age... Sounds pretty stupid.
Charlene Wray
Who are the 3.1k people who don't like this. I guarantee they're not old enough to have a parent or grandparent that lived through the War or if they do they're 3rd generation and are more concerned with the Kardashians , Beyonce, Kanye, Justin Beiber or the next untalented lip-sync that can jump around a stage but couldn't play an instrument if their life depended on it
Harry Davies
I'm one of the few 14 year olds who actually listen to MUSIC!
Steve Mohamad Alfahdawi
Music for all years listen to the drams
Michael Page
Forget the Cubs, the best thing outta Chicago was Benny. Sorry. Next, in deference to the Cubs, Sox & Blawkhawks, is Krupa🥁
I feel like just dancin with some chick, skirt flying in the air n shit... lmao..
Comrade Romano
When music wasn't utterly worthless .
Something about this song just gets me every time I hear it!
Manuel Enrique
The Simpsons, anyone?
Dimas Naufal Pratama
My legs can't stop tapping and moving in class. HELP ME XD
Michael Harpe
Bad Ass Drumming.
Lyrics Chips ahoy! Chips ahoy! A Thousand chips delicious! Nabisco!
Nevaeh The Maverick
Reminds me of Monsters INC...
Fawks le fur
It's called "sing, sing, sing." Cause they just desperately needed someone with a quick enough tongue
Mike Quasniac
That was 1 excellent era for music.
Lupi Nuxxi
¡No me canso de escuchar esta obra maestra!
dance dance dance
MISSed Bandwagon
How old are you? ....I remember when they used to use this for the Chips Ahoy commercial...🍪❗️
Doesn't matter if youre like 100 years old or just a 12 year old kid, this is the music that will live on forever!
. ..,,,,, 2018 ..... ,,,,,
April Basuroy Biswas
Sing sing sing........dance dance dance
Firescout1968 Angel Beats
Better warning: This song is contagious do not listen if you are in class on marble floor
Slammed Miiata
Song is called “sing sing sing” and there’s no singing
Joaquín Ortega
Those days where people wear hats
yokoso minna san
Judit Esquivel
Iniciamos 7w7. Sing, sing, sing!!! ... Pero "Quieren callarnos"
rhett duffy
Even if you got no legs you can still tap your stubs to this song
Ore Ghost
Im looking at these type of videos because me and my friends are in a small challenge to see who can make the most successful game in the future. Im going to make one that KINDA NOT LOOKS....Like cuphead. Basically like batim and cuphead but different and with a different goal and story and characters. Lol my friend is searching how to make a game engine im like boy were barely in 7th grade XD.
Ada F
Estes são os chamados "small groups" grupos inter-raciais de jazz da década de 40 :)
William Walters
Love 1:28
Ziv MH
Michael Sketches
Anyone else come here because Captain America: The First Avenger takes place in the 1940s?
xViral Legend
im black and i like this music
Pedro Perez
I love this music, respect for Benny and the United States.
Caco Iglesias
Sounds like the "Boggart lesson" song in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Mary Lupo
The original Heavy Metal!!! Gene Krupa' at his best!!!
Steve Doe
Was a great time in music. Rhythms were actually from a tribal, African pedigree...although very much “Angloized” for Big Band. Nevertheless, this was a time of mixing cultures for music, and the result is this beautiful music. Late 1960’s and early -70’s also mixed a lot of culture, which is where a lot of the funk rhythms became mainstream. Not to get too political, but both of these eras were superseded by periods of strong ignorance in American social values, ultimately putting more separation back into American society and losing the progress for music too. Ironically, these two cases also made complicated rhythms to be appreciated and experimented with mainstream. (I’m just going to say it bluntly here...white people were just starting to get the rhythm. And it was being produced / distributed / accepted all over. How scary for the socially ignorant.)
Its too bad that there is noting much like this being made today. I do love the swing band era.
Purple Moon477
I think I'm one of the first 12 year-old who actually listens to music 0_o I miss this kind of music ;-;
Crazy Steve
Super high quality era of American music, maybe the best
Need to change my pants
Kirsten I. Russell
What a recording! It sounds like the sun getting up to dance!
Maike W.
ladies and gentlemen this is music
My great grandad was old enough that this song reminded him of his childhood and I remember when I'd put it on my sister going absolutely crazy dancing lol wonder if it still works
sharon Gower
Absolutely amazing for all time xxx
ali strand
Damn the clarinet solo at 1:11 😍😍😍
i feel so ashamed i didn't know this song until i saw the kyoto tachibana green band performance
Bad Idea
oh so thats where thats from
norahainy juarez
I love the song
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Mike Shirk
Just for the sake of accuracy, this recording is not Benny Goodman.  This was the recording made for the soundtrack of the 1993 movie, Swing Kids.  This explains why the quality is so good.  Nevertheless, it was arranged to sound approximately the way Benny's band played it.  Incidentally, Benny wasn't the first to record it.  It's a Louis Prima song.  (Louis Prima is the voice of King Louie in the Jungle Book.)  The Benny Goodman version is close to Fletcher Henderson's earlier rendition.  Search YouTube for Benny's 1938 performance at Carnegie Hall.  That's the really famous recording, which was lost for a long time until Benny's daughter found the record in his closet, if I'm remembering the story correctly.  All that said, this Swing Kids recording is one of my favorites for its clarity and it's the one I usually play for my band students when introducing the song to them.
Ira Mercer
Life goes on
Why Tommy dorsey , Benny Goodman and Glenn miller has same face :)
I was searching this one for hours