Writen by Louis Prima in 1935, This is not much of a song from WW2 but it is one of the most famous songs from the Big Band era

Leo O'Connor
Pardon me, is anyone a doctor? I appear to be having some sort of foot spasm.
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The drummer must have been having the time of his life.
The original "banger". You know when this dropped, everyone went mental.
"SING SING SING" *no vocals*
Jane Sellman
Did you know Goodman's records were banned in Nazi Germany. Can there be a higher honor for such a supreme talent.
Messorem Mortis
Warning this song may cause uncontrollable leg movement.
Tim Kauk
Can't imagine how exciting it would have been as a young teenager back in the 30s to hear this when it first came out. No way you could have sit still...would have been completely possessed by a need to jump up and move!
Nam Nguyen
Too much Saxual content
The News Is Here
Doctor: You have 5:23 minutes left to live. Me:
Keithdrew 6
The picture is just like "Alright guys I'm ready to play jazz" "No, bad clarinet. Woodwinds aren't allowed in jazz, now go stand in the corner of shame." "But you let the sax-" "Yeah cause they're at least made of brass, now go to the corner."
Fuze’s the hostage
No 👏 one 👏 cares 👏 what 👏 year 👏 you’re 👏 watching 👏 this 👏 in
when you spill your martini on a mafia member
Alonzo Branson
Supposedly, Mr. Goodman lived for his clarinet so much, that when he and a lady were dancing he was unconsciously fingering the band's clarinet notes along her spine.
Germán Fernández
You're cordially invited to a party! At the Tip-Top Club, on Hollywood Tower Hotel's 13th floor. 31st of October, 1939.
Mr. Friendly
Lyrics [Instrumental]
Anyone else gets goosebumps when the drummer hits the tom tom?
Firescout1968 Angel Beats
Better warning: This song is contagious do not listen if you are in class on marble floor
Tis reminds me of curious George
Someone Someone
2019 anyone? Edit: Wow, this is the most likes I've ever gotten, thanks. Never thought a dumb comment like this would get me so many likes. Edit 2: Why is this meme comment still getting likes?
Nice how the name of the song is "Sing, sing, sing" when there are no lyrics in the entire piece.
you have to understand how wild this was
От фонаря
— What is music? — This.
crystal so sweet
One of the best nights of my life dancing with my dog 😂🐾
Blank Test
"SING, SING, SING" but no singing.
randall williams
I'm only 16 and I like this music. I'm 14 and I like this music. I'm 4 and I like this music. I'm 3 months old and I like this music. I'm 2 days old and I like this music. I'm 2 hours old and I like this music. I'm still a fetus and I like this music. I'm an embryo and I like this music. I'm still an egg cell and I like this music. I'm a strand of DNA and I like this music. I'm a Carbon atom (not yet part of a DNA strand) and I like this music. I'm a Neutron (soon to be part of a Carbon atom) and I like this music. I'm still a Quark and I like this music.
MISSed Bandwagon
How old are you? ....I remember when they used to use this for the Chips Ahoy commercial...🍪❗️
Flayflay Calbit
The second roaring twenties?
Doug N
Big Band is the original Rock n Roll.
Eric Hernandez
35 year's old and if I had docs delorean I would definitely travel to this era first. Damn I love this big band music. That's for this.
eks oh
i get why they dance like they did
Brandon BillTheCat
Wow, I mean wow, this is one of those timeless great music that anyone no matter when born can get into it. This is a classic. I keep it on my Car's USB stick with all my other favorites and I just feel like dancing when it comes on.. It's great. That Benny dude was a genius.
Toni Bush
After much thought and consideration...I have to concede,this is one of the best songs of all time. End of story.
NightOwl 64
I played this for my 93 y/o Grandmother this weekend, and she smiled instantly.
Ok, any ideas what to call my channle now?
My friend: When are they gonna sing Me: How should I know?! It's just instruments, not singing! My friend: Maybe they are singing so quietly, we can't hear them Me: OH MY GOD, THAT MIGHT BE TRUE!
Mary Lupo
The original Heavy Metal!!! Gene Krupa' at his best!!!
Yehonatan Sofer
As the song started playing I recognized it from ''The Mask'' haha
One of the absolutely legendary jazz recordings.
Hi! I had to cut poverty in the school gymnasium
Bring back swing for the 2020s!
James Monroe
Gene Krupa on Drums-GENIUS!Nuffsaid!No ifs ands or buts!🥁🎼🎧
TheFrench Waffel
Oh the swing era How great it must've been.
I’m boutta E
I wanna play this with my school band so bad
Vanilla Jester
Think I know where Royal Crown Revue got their inspiration for Hey Pachuco from.
Junior G
Man! I wish those days of music and fashion would came back again in style
2019 and still sounds amazing! Can't help but get the feet moving.
Steven Suvia
I've listened to this a thousand times and it gets better each time. If you clicked on thumbs down on this then music is not for you. Sorry.
Ken Wong
I can use this as a defibrillator
try watching kyoto tachibana sing sing sing version :))
suzuki sinclair
this song is so upbeat it's MENTAL, i love it
Dap Dne
Confession: About 1972 I saw Harry James with Tex Benike (not Dorsey) at the Hollywood Paladium (also with the Modernaires) and also accompanying my parents and brother. Well Benike was drunk and rude despite Harry James being about 30 feet from him and was refusing to sing lyrics from one of his big songs. I was tricked by my brother into walking up TO the stage (we were on the dance floor in front of it) and reading Tex a polite but stern "riot act". Harry James waved his arms in the air at me and said "I KNOW I TOLD HIM I TOLD HIM". Benike kind of sneered then smiled at me. He asked me what song I wanted to hear. I said Elmer's Tune as he was supposed to be singing that and that was Dad's favorite. He said to the crowd of people who had been dancing but were standing with arms accross their chests--who had been grimacing at Beneke: "I HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO SING ELMER'S TUNE" People applauded and I grimaced this time. But we all went back to dancing because he really sang "Elmers Tune." He finished being a jerk and sang the remainder too. I was 16 years old.
Leorey Paglumotan
Is it normal that you are now start getting the vibes, and my grandpa's groove? Ohdear.. (After few elusive situation) Pardon my sacreligious sefa.
Stacey Agens
70-80 years ago some annoyed mom was probably running upstairs to tell their teenage kid to turn THIS racket down.
Carlee Maurier
One of my favorite jazz compositions of all time
tom burns
Give me a dancehall and a good partner.
D Tutkey
I'm not dancing but my feet couldn't stop moving. Thanks for uploading. Nice music! 😁👍
puffball255 AJ
me: *raves over clarinet player*
Kate McClintock
Listen to other bands playing this...they just don't have the drive that Krupa and Harry James had.
Bob Moser
This is the greatest song ever recorded.
Joule Mku
Like, if you came due Tachibana SHS band
Nathan Roscoe
Sing sing sing... more like swing swing swing. Am I right fellas?
Костя Ефимов
From to Russian Programm: "Что? Где? Когда?"
ReX TreX
0:00 you can set yourself on fire P!atd reference if you know what i mean
Anton Erjavec
I am watching this while I am eating sheep milk. while in a cave full of wild boars, they are doing the conga now, this is epic.
Jay Minasi
best version is by Gene Krupa and 9 minutes long. i do not recall who played clarinet in his version. I have the LP album
H Stevens
This may not technically be rock-and-roll,but just the same...This rocks!
Bella Sleep with me
R.I.P. “The King of Swing” 1909-1986 (77)
A. Thomas Finney II
"Allied" (end credits) with Brad Pitt brought me here! :)
f p
kyoto tachibana hs plays this song so well, and i found this song by them, this is my favortite song of theirs now! i cant stop watching them.
The Nevada Desert Rat
We have a guy here in town in a wheelchair, first name Sandy. He was as good a drummer as Gene. Crushed his leg in a motorcycle accident and that was the end of his drumming. He has about 35 albums to his name. I am in NV, Boulder City.
Villarin Celina
Wow. I came here after watching the anime "Ballroom" hehe. It's really nice. The main character of the anime loves this song for the category Quickstep.
custom toggle
I just came from wu tang to this Isn't music great?
Tom The Singing Marine
Boris S.
I'm a trombone player who played this in jazz band. Here's a description of my part. Easy quarter and eight notes. Rests BWABWABWABBWAWAWABABWBWABAABBWABWABWA! rest Easy quarter and eight notes.
Did not know Louis Prima composed this. Pull up any video of Louis and his wife Keely Smith much fun
Erik Vogels
This song reminds me of the ‘fairly odd parents’ theme song haha
Chris Ramsbottom Isherwood
The music went with the madness happening in the mid 1930s.....a perfect fit! Japan was in Manchuria and about to experience a coup....Germany was....well......you know.....
Donna Shinall
I may not be able to twerk or do a lot of today's dances but you put this song on and I'll show off for you.
Lucas Glenn
Sounds like something from cuphead.
Ruple Thaker
Love this. Such a Classic. x (Those drums & brass section- sublime).
3.6 thousand people don't like this? OMG, there are some people out there that scare me...
Elena Pietrantonio
With Gene Krupa on drums...Divine.
robyn mehrten
who likes this better then todays music
Neagle Sasquatch
Sounds like something from cup head
1C3 CR34M
Sing, sing, sing, sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin' with a swing Sing sing sing, sing, everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin' with a swing. When the music goes around, Everybody's goes go to town. But here is one thing you should know Sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin with a swing Swing swing swing swing, listen to the trumpet swing Blow blow blow blow, listen to the trombones go! When the music goes around, Everybody's goes go to town. But here is one thing you should know Sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Everybody go! Sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin with a swing Sing sing sing sing everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah Now you're singin with a swing Swing swing swing, everybody start to swing Now your swingin while you sing When the music goes around, everybody goes to town Just relax and take is slow SIng sing Start singing, keep swinging Now you're singing with a swing!
old school wally
this is amazing. swing music....a lost art...needs to be brought back asap. krupa is the best of all time drummer. listen to the sextet stuff.
alex anaya
Who the hell dislikes Benny Goodman?
Bella Sleep with me
Mr. Goodman is 10% like Squidward
John Rapp
possibly one of the best pieces of music of the century.,,,John Rapp
What ever happened to us? This is brilliant z
Well cuphead and his pal mugman
Tuti frutti
Gentlemen, this is music.
I'm a drummer for my school band and this song is so fun to do
Connor Watkins
When Benny Goodman and his band first played this in Carnegie Hall, the people got up and were dancing in the aisles. That was unheard of and blasphemous. All the formalites who went there in black tie and heard concertos were appalled. Go you for writing something uncontrollable, Benny.
Fairly sure this was in Prisoner of Azkaban while they fought the boggart!
Pierson Holt
I love how the name of the channel is "WorldWar2Music" ... That is just great
today i showed this song to my grandfather who hasnt heard it in almost 40 years. He couldnt help but get up and start dancing haha
Sound quality: Good. Music quality: Excellent. Life is good.
matt stadtler
But then again... Benny Goodman could make anything epic
John Burkhardt
Gene Krupa & Benny Goodman a swing classic - maybe the best