ARION - Punish You (2018) // Official Lyric Video // AFM Records

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Ramon Casal
The singer is the same than before, since 2015. I think Arion has gained a lot with Lassi Vääränen. This is a band with a great and successfull future!!
Michael B
This band is so freaking versatile. Great stuff!
Runas Hardrock
I'm very happy to have met the band a week ago. the sound is incredible. Greetings from Argentina
Kinga Śleziak
Amazing band!! I love them with every beat of my heavy metal heart!!
Merrill Hawkins
I've listened to Aron since their first album and have been waiting years for their new music. SO happy they're finally releasing it! Love the new energy!
tater tot
This band is really awesome,especially as young as the band members are...
Thank you Spotify daily mix for putting in this song into the list :D
Cody Gore
Spotify gave me this in heavy metal, actually it gave me all power metal in my heavy metal playlist, but I ain't even mad
hupezz PvP
its beatiful
Слава Зовальнюк
Восхитетительные проигрышу,very cool
Atakan başoğlu
Joris Tollet
0:32 is that Ragnar Lothbrock ? =D
ai fm
Just killing it! \m/
Ian Hicks
Do the vocals seem buried?
Sami Savolainen
I kinda find some Disturbed vibes from this and this style really suits Lassi's voice, good song!
Maciek Klaja
there's metal or deth metal? I don't now, but i love it
The Manamal
pumped jam!
Petri Vuorinen
Korvamato👍😂😂. Hemnetin kova biisi!!
Paklur Svetlanovna
it's a nice song after all, but somehow the voice style is different than the last single? still a good song but I prefer previous releases more lol the font is annoying and unreadable, I wish they changed that
El canal de Reyes Manuel
Александр Скорба
Это точно Arion? Ну те самые, финские мелодик металлисты? или я что то путаю и это другая группа?
Lukas Halamíček
I prefered the voice of that singer before, Huolopainnen I quess was his name 🤔 it's not bad,it's really good,but the voice...
Enrique Rull
Voices sound even differnet that Unforgivable single...It is the same?? Seems more for a trash band, Arion music used to be super melodic , clear and cachty :/
The lyrical font is terrible. I have a slight throbbing behind my eyes now from that disaster.
I prefer the old vocalist, his vocal more unique and memorable. The new vocalist seems like trying hard to imitate typical power metal voice.
Feer J.
Frodo Hobit
Very great😈😯😱🙋🙌🙆🙃👍👌✌👋👏🤘🎆📈🎧🎵🎶🎼🎸🔥💥🔊
Well...I don't know how to say. But I like the vocal in the vid At The Break Of Dawn feat. Elize Ryd more. No matter the band is awesome...:)
Cool song and band. However, I don't get it why bands can't be more original in choosing their name. I mean, it's not like there are 5 other metal bands with this name on Metal Archives, but also that the metal world already has a very well known band with "this" name. Dutch project Ayreon. yes, I know it's spelled differently, but the pronunciation is very similar if not the same. It just seems so unimaginative to me.
power metal